Ferreira Fest 134 is now online!

Welcome to our second Ferreira Fest on the new website – Ferreira Fest 134! Hopefully you’ve had a chance to roam a bit and check things out. The site is still very much in transition, with the older newsletters and many of our guest pages and new artwork and headers still missing, but over time they will be back, so keep checking for news! In the meantime, if you need anything from a newsletter or other page that’s not quite there yet, please send an email and we’ll figure it out!

As in every February, this Ferreira Fest is a special one, because it’s Louis Ferreira’s birthday! We’re checking in with Louis’ friends and chosen charities, we have the last three episodes of Urban Angel, new photos, our exclusive Reading Series and so much more! Our COVID-19 Support Page has also been updated, so grab a wedge of birthday cake and an age-appropriate pineapple cocktail at our virtual bar and come on in!