Meet Mr. Mugs

A childhood favorite of his, Louis credits the Mr. Mugs book series with helping him learn to read.

Mr. Mugs is the title character in a series of children’s books written by Martha Kambeitz and Carol Roth and published by Ginn and Company (now part of Prentice Hall). Mr. Mugs was an Old English Sheepdog who lived with two children, Pat and Cathy. These readers were used in Canadian elementary schools in the 1970s and early 1980s to teach reading. There were 3 different series (with seven levels within each series) of Mr. Mugs books: Ginn Integrated Language Program; Light and Life Reading Series; and Sharing Points in Language Arts. While two titles were published in hardcover, the rest of the Mr. Mugs titles were published in softcover.

All of the Mr. Mugs books have been out of print for quite some time but you can occasionally find individual issues on eBay, Amazon or other antique book dealers.

The first book in the Light and Life Reading Series was Meet Mr. Mugs. (Meet Mr. Mugs (1966) BCDEFG-0698 Level 1 – Book 1 C-64100).

The following reading was recorded for Ferreira Fest by Louis Ferreira in Los Angeles in June 2012. The scanned book pages were added during the post production process.

Louis Ferreira records a dramatic reading of Meet Mr. Mugs