Birthday Project

The 2024 Birthday Project is now concluded!

We have fulfilled our pledge to gather 1000 birthday wishes for Louis this year! With our sponsorship of $.10 for every wish this adds up to exactly $100 (about CDN $135) which will be donated to Haven Toronto on Louis’ birthday. Thanks to Cindy for sponsoring the project and to everyone who participated!

We managed to cover two lawn bags with flower-embellished wishes for the “Lawn Bag to Lunch Bag” challenge, and two bags with quilt pattern decorated wishes for the “Lawn Bag to Sleeping Bag” challenge. There were enough stickers to even cover the bottom of two of the bags!

The 2023 Birthday Project was a Recipe Box!

Inspired by Jackie’s fabulous recipes we collected recipe cards last year. The cards were be put into this antique hand-carved recipe box and shipped to Louis!

Click on the cap to watch the video!

Here is Louis with some of his birthday projects from the last few years…