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Published July 2013
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Hi everybody – it’s time for Ferreira Fest, the big celebration of the acting career of Louis Ferreira (Justin Louis)! Come on in for news, photos, screencaps, a Q&A and our exclusive Reading Series! Grab a free pineapple drink at the bar and join us!


It’s about as official as it gets! Louis will attend Dragon*Con in September on Labor Day weekend. The first official announcement was posted on Twitter on Sunday night, so feel free to make your travel arrangements and membership purchases now. Go to the Dragon*Con website for more info. This is your best chance to meet Louis in person, get an autograph, take pictures and hang out with him and Ferreira Fest! Stay tuned for more info and special plans as they develop. Please remember, however, that no guest is guaranteed at Dragon*Con until they are actually physically there. The entertainment industry is fast-paced, and work schedules can change very quickly. Hope to see you all there!


Don’t miss the second big Louis double-header on ABC on Thursday July 18, starting at 9pm. First on is MOTIVE, episode 106 “Detour”: A mortgage broker found strangled in his office parking lot leads Flynn to a man who’ll stop at nothing to conceal his motive for murder. Then we have episode 405 of ROOKIE BLUE, “Poison Pill” – Detective Jacob Blackstone rides again: When an arrest reveals that drugs contaminated with a deadly bacteria have hit the street, the squad rushes to control the situation.

MOTIVE is trending heavily on GetGlue, an entertainment microblogging site. Check out the MOTIVE threads at GetGlue.

If statistics and numbers are what gets you out of bed in the morning, you should make the Wikipedia page view statistics a daily stop.

You can always tell when MOTIVE was on TV – even if it was a new episode or a rerun. Wanna bet the July 18th double-header with ROOKIE BLUE will make those numbers skyrocket?

Here’s what it looked like last weekend:


MOTIVE TV has posted a great behind the scenes photo of Louis, Kristin Lehman and Brendan Penny on the way to a shooting location on what looks like a perfectly miserable day.

Nobody can say these actors have it easy! Add to that the insane hours of night or dawn shoots and you have to admire their stamina and dedication! Click on the thumbnail for a link to the original Twitter post.

MOTIVE TV also posted another photo from between takes of episode 105 “Against all odds”. Louis can be seen next to Kristin Lehman left of center with his back to the camera. Looks like it was a really cold day in the Vancouver area – again, kudos to the cast and crew for braving the elements to bring us this show to our TV screens, while we sit here warm and dry. Click on the thumbnail for the original post. Thanks for those two pictures, MOTIVE TV! Please follow them on Twitter at @MotiveTV.



CreativeCOW.net has posted a great interview with Breaking Bad’s DP (Director of Photography) Michael Slovis. Find out more about the show’s signature look! The last remaining episodes of the hit series will start airing on August 11 on AMC – stay tuned for news!


It’s the cancelled show that just won’t quit!

tvbythenumbers reports that The L.A. Complex is coming to Netflix, so if you’ve missed the show it will now be easy to access! Read the press release here.

And vulture.com has included The L.A. Complex on its list of “The 10 Best Shows You’ve Missed“.

And here’s a Happy Belated Birthday wish for showrunner Martin Gero!


For those of you who are into Cosplay, you can now purchase a decent copy of Colonel Young’s uniform made to fit you personally. Visit the listing on eBay for all the details. (Note: the listing has been removed)


This month we have a special treat for you – an episode of the woefully short-lived sitcom “Public Morals” where Louis played Detective Mickey Crawford.  The image quality isn’t the best but the caps were pulled off an old VHS tape. Please join me in thanking Louis for making these caps available to Ferreira Fest from his personal video collection. Here is a direct link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RlAUbChxUg1eXX1SEyQ9vI6VnRhZZKHG?usp=drive_link


Bradley Stryker, writer and actor in “A Weekend to Remember” has kindly agreed to give Ferreira Fest access to a Vimeo file.
Click on the embedded file to watch!

Thanks, Bradley!

Louis’ co-star in MOTIVE Kristin Lehman is on Facebook. Check out her page, which includes some nice pictures of Louis!


coffeegirluk sent this photo of a bottle of coke that a friend gave to her (click on the thumbnail for a large version).

Thanks for sharing!

Who else has stood in front of those large bins at the store digging around and trying to find their own name?

Louis’ BFF David DeLuise posted this photo of himself and Louis on Twitter to celebrate Louis’ double-header on Thursday July 18th on ABC.

Click on the thumbnail for the original post.

Thanks, David!


Louis posted this photo on Twitter:

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 During the shooting of Stargate Universe Louis did a short interview series with SGU producer Joseph Mallozzi called The Pineapple Diaries and a video series of Q&As. One of Louis’ answers was given in Portuguese. Mr. Mallozzi has given his permission for his video clips and photos of Louis to be reposted here on Ferreira Fest (Thanks again, Joe!!), and our expert translator Anisio S. has kindly provided the following translation.

[Scroll to the end of Joe’s post to watch the video clip]

…agora, estás a me perguntar aqui uma pergunta que é muito interessante pra mim: what genre que eu gosto mais, eu penso por mim que a coisa que gosto mais é foreign film por causa que quando a gente tá na (cama) is too sexy (laughter).

Translation (literal):
…now, you are asking me a question that is very interesting: “what genre I like most”, I think to myself that what I like most is foreign film (laughter) because when we are in (bed) is too sexy.
(Translator’s Note: the word “cama” (bed) is implied in this context),


Last year Louis participated in Patrick Gilmore‘s interview series “Laptop Chats“. Louis’ episode of “Touch” had just aired, and so he included a brief commentary in Portuguese in the chat. You can read a full transcript here: Laptop Chat #5 with Patrick Gilmore (both the video and the transcript are rated R – adult viewers and readers only, please). Here is the excerpt with the Portuguese passage (obviously Patrick made the subtitles up, but you have to admit they’re hilarious!)

“Eu falo só em português com o Kiefer Southerland, só em português com as pessoas que falam português sch sch zsa zsa as cantigas são portuguesas.”

“I only speak Portuguese with Kiefer Southerland, only in Portuguese, with people who speak Portuguese. The songs are Portuguese.”


In episode 3-07 of the hit series “Missing” (also known as 1-800-Missing) Louis speaks Portuguese at the very end of the episode. There are English subtitles for the general gist of the conversation but I decided to include it here anyway so all the Portuguese excerpts are together in one place. A million thanks to Agi for her invaluable help with the video clips and up/ downloads!

Literal translation:
Hi General, you can ask that guy anything you want, buddy, I really don’t care. It’s nothing for him. Meanwhile you will be sending back the guy, who is waiting (yes, yes.. I did not hear from him yet). I’ll let you know when they are close.

Translator’s Note: What they call “father” in the subtitles is in fact a different way to call a “guy” or a “dude”. “pa” is a short form of “rapaz” (young guy) and “compadre” is the relationship you have with the father of your godson or goddaughter (the female equivalent is “comadre”). Compadre here is used as “buddy”, when you want to show someone is close to you.

Please join me in thanking Anisio for his kind assistance in translating the above passages. More Portuguese Mysteries will be revealed (and solved!) in Ferreira Fest 44 next month!



Listen to the sound clip here:

FF – What were your inspirations and thoughts for the role of Duke in Fallen Arches? You were so convincing as an older brother. How much of your personal experience ends up in your roles? So that’s kind of, I guess, related to…

LF – That’s so funny because I don’t even remember that role! It’s kind of like, it’s weird, I’m getting like… in years, I mean… Carmine (Giovinazzo) was doing an independent (film) with a buddy, they couldn’t find Duke. Then he… we had met… he had come out, I was doing a sitcom, he said, “Come read for it.” I ended up doing it. I remember doing, loving the scene in the alley with Carmine.

FF – Yes, yes. That big confrontation with the…

LF – That scene was great, and, as far as the inspiration, I think what I wanted more than anything is just that sort of… guy who was not the greatest with skills as himself but does love him genuinely and authentically and they’re just blood brothers. You know? It just, that literally, beyond brothers, is actually just, just the ties of family, that culture, how Italians, Portuguese, inherently, if you’re family, you’re family and you’re gonna love regardless.

FF – Yeah.

LF – And it’s just sort of that brother who wanted to be… who, I was forced to sort of be the parent, in that dynamic.

FF – Yeah.

LF – So, I think… does that make sense?

FF – Yes, yes it does.

LF – Yeah, I think, I think that’s what it was, a lot of it was just… it was a kind of a dynamic that I had with Carmine. He was a lot younger, and I was just sort of always had this… not guardian angels thing, but there’s that… no matter what happened to him, if he got in trouble, he knew that I’d be there at the drop of a hat. And that was very much a part of our older brother/ younger brother love.


Here is this month’s installment of the reading series of “Are you as happy as your dog?” by Alan Cohen.

Click on the thumbnail to purchase a copy of the book. As always, our thanks go to Mr. Cohen for giving us permission to publish this reading series. Please visit his website to learn more about his work.

We have two versions of chapter 5. First up – just the plain reading of the text as it is in the book.

Quit hiding. When we go to the beach the only creatures without bathing suits are little children and Munchie. He is not ashamed of his body. At social gatherings he goes to sleep on his back with his underbelly and private parts showing. When Munchie passes doggie gas, he doesn’t blame it on invisible animals or “trouser ghosts”. When he sees a cute French Poodle, he gets visibly excited. He accepts his body as natural. Munchie accepts everything as natural.

And now, a version with all of Louis’ comments during and after the reading:

LF – Quit hiding. When we go to the beach the only creatures without bathing suits are little children and Munchie. He is not ashamed of his body. At social gatherings he goes to sleep on his back with his underbelly and private parts showing. (This one’s kind of funny, actually!) When Munchie passes doggie gas, he doesn’t blame it on invisible animals or “trouser ghosts”. When he sees a cute French Poodle, he gets visibly excited. He accepts his body as natural. Munchie accepts everything as natural.
LF – (laughs) That one could be a (laughs) that one could get you in trouble. (chuckles)

FF – It’s so cute though and it’s so true.

LF – It’s so cute, though, isn’t it?!

FF – Yeah, it’s so true!

LF – I love it! (laughs) I love it! (laughs) You’re not allowed to get visibly excited in public, everybody.

FF – Oh, no.

LF – No. Let’s just not do that. Let’s not take that part of Munchie out of context.

FF – Oh, no, no, no!

LF – No! (laughs) Oh, that made me laugh! There we go!

SGU COMMENTARIES TRANSCRIPT for episode 1-12 Divided

DVD: SGU Season One – Episode Twelve “Divided” part 3 Commentary with Director William Waring, actors Louis Ferreira,  Elyse Levesque, Julia Benson  and script coordinator Lawren Bancroft-Wilson. Transcript by Casey.

Note: Commentaries are recorded while the actors, directors and producers watch the episode and provide their insight into its filming. There are often multiple conversations taking place at the same time as well as the episode soundtrack playing the background. We will attempt to piece those conversations together to decrease reader confusion. At times, the commentators get caught up watching an episode and fail to discuss which will be noted as [episode soundtrack]. We will note scene progression by first sentence using the GateWorld transcript of the episode for tracking purposes.

Listen to the sound file here:

[Scene: CONTROL INTERFACE ROOM. Eli activates the controls and the clamps rise up and attach the shuttle to Destiny. The shield loops over the shuttle just as the ship jumps to FTL.]

EL – Nick of time!

LF – That’s amazing! (graphics of Destiny’s shield looping over shuttle)

EL – Yeah!

LF – As an aside. I saw Avatar.

EL & JB – Oh!

LF – Just as far as like visual effects, that is the most, that’s probably my favorite film in like forever.

EL – Wow, is it!

LF – It was ridiculous.

EL – It’s such a great story. Like I was so captivated.

JB – Yeah.

LF – Well, people talked about it being, like, kind of like, hey, it’s like been, the story’s simple, but it…

EL – Not me!

LF – As far as the execution of it… you’d never seen anything like that, sorry to take it aside, I was just realizing, with our special effects and all this stuff, how incredible… and what he’s done now, he’s taken it to a whole other level with that stuff.

EL – Yeah. Where do you go from there?

LF – It was incredible, it was quite the experience.

LBW – SGU in 3D!

EL – SGU in 3D!

LF – SGU in 3D!

JB – That would be cool!

LF – And we’re avatars!

EL – Digital IMAX 3D!

LF – (chuckles)

EL – Honestly, I think we should all have avatars. Giant, attractive, blue people.

JB – (laughs)

LF – That’d be awesome!

EL – It would be!

LF – Yeah.

[Scene: HYDROPONICS LAB. Volker asks Brody why his radio is turned off. They both look over at T.J.]

EL – I love Patrick (Gilmore).

JB – I know, we ought to give him a shout out!

LF & JB & EL – Patrick!!

JB – Oh, Gilmore!

LF – Hey!

EL – Gilly!

[Scene: HYDROPONICS LAB. Brody and Volker tell T.J. that she wasn’t supposed to be there. T.J.: Guys, what is it? What’s… what’s happening?]

EL – A lot of people get trapped on the wrong side.

JB – I know.

[Scene: CORRIDOR:  Wray explains to T.J. WRAY: We’ve sealed off Colonel Young and most of the military personnel. To put it bluntly, we’ve taken the ship.]

EL – Booyah! How do you feel about that, Colonel?!         

LF – Boo! (chuckles) Boo!

JB – (giggles)

EL – Waah!

LF – Waah, waah!

[Scene: CORRIDOR. T.J. tells Dunning to put down his pistol. Dunning lays his pistol on the floor.]

LF – I’m a big fan of the T.J. She’s really grown on me as a character. Like Alaina is doing a great job. I mean, everybody is, but I just, I’ve noticed her… development has been pretty cool.

[Episode soundtrack plays.]

[Scene: Young and Rush converse via radio. YOUNG: Well, Eli tells me there might be a problem with your plan – something to do with life support. RUSH grimaces, then forces a laugh…]

EL – (chuckles) I love that moment!

[Scene: Young and Rush continue their radio discussion. RUSH: If you cut us off right now, we’d have at least three days… if it comes down to a contest…]

LF – It’s always interesting to see the scenes when you’re on the radio making the calls because you’re actually never doing it with the actual person. We’re always reading with our script supervisor.

EL – Yeah.

LF – So, when you get to see that, actual, like, you’re going, you’re hoping it works.

EL – And it does! It did.

JB – Yeah.

LF – It does, it does. But you always wonder, like, hey, could you read that for me when you get a chance? It’s always like a good thing to do, do you do that?

EL – You do that all the time.

LF – I do, I try to do that, I’ll read the off camera, just so you get the sense of…

EL – I do, but I’m never on a radio. I think I had like one scene once where I was on the radio.

LF – We did a thing, right Julia?

JB – Yeah.

LF – When you called me in after you’d like, beat up Scott.

EL – (in) Pain.

JB – Yeah, and I did it then. It just always helps.

LF – Yeah, it makes a difference. I prefer it.

JB – It always helps when you hear the…

LF – Absolutely. It’s like when you audition for a part and you go in and the reader sucks.

(All laugh)

JB – Which never happens!

EL – Which never happens.

LF – Well, no, no… and they’re supposed to, because they don’t want… but they’re told to really be, like, read it like a cereal box.

EL – No, I know. Just, yeah.

JB – So they don’t dictate.

LF – So that the actor’s do… absolutely, so… but the truth of the matter is, if you’re really looking for like the best performance, you probably want to put an actor in there and just engage.

JB – I know. Have you ever done that? Have you ever been a reader?

LF – I have not been a reader, but I know tons of people who have been.

JB – I’ve done it quite a bit. Yeah.

LF – You’ve… it’s a great way to…

EL – That’s a great way to gain experience.

JB – I love it. Yeah, yeah it’s really….

LF – What do you like? Just the idea of seeing all the different actors and what they do?

JB – I love watching people audition, yeah.

[Episode soundtrack plays.]

[Scene: CORRIDOR. Eli arrives at a locked bulkhead door and swings the Kino around to show that the corridor behind him is empty.]

LF – This Kino thing is brilliant. I love the idea.

[Scene: Eli and Chloe walk together. ELI: So…]

EL – (whispers) It’s a bit of awkwardness between us.

JB – Oh yeah.

LF – Yeah, with Eli and Chloe absolutely.

EL – And Chloe, yeah…

LF – Well, you kinda…

JB – Because he loves you!

LF – (softly) Because… and you just don’t seem to care for him.

EL – I care very much. Very deeply. I’ve never had a good friend like him before.

LF – Oh please….

EL – It’s above that. It’s not about that.

LF – That’s the worst possible way (laughs) you can tell someone that I have no interest in you.

(all laugh)

LF – We’re beyond that part, which really…

[Scene: Chloe trying to smooth things with Eli. CHLOE: Look, I knew it was coming but I didn’t know when.]

EL – See.

JB – What?

EL – I didn’t know when.

LF – Did you, did you do one of these conventions, that you do?

EL – No.

LF – Oh, you didn’t? Okay. Have you done one?

JB – No, I was supposed to be at one now but I couldn’t because of a show.

LF – Oh, right. I’m curious to hear people’s feedback from those.

JB – Hey, David did one. He loved it.

LF – Yeah, and Brian’s doing one now. And Bam Bam’s (James Bamford) with him, too, so.

EL – And David might be doing another one.

LF – Bam Bam, our stunt coordinator. But it’s interesting because I really think, this show being a different version of, um, is going to take its time to build a different audience. So a lot of those people are like… the Atlantis and the… which is a very different type of show.

EL – Mmmhm.

LF – So, I’ll be curious to get feedback just from that perspective.

JB – Yeah, David said it was fantastic.

LF – Yeah?

JB – He said everyone was really great.

LF – That’s cool.

EL – He had a great time.

[Scene: Young is in a spacesuit. Scott looks at him unhappily and starts to protest. YOUNG: Lieutenant, I already told you, I want you here in case it doesn’t work.]

EL – The suits really do look great.

JB – Yeah.

LF – They’re awesome.

EL – They make you guys look pretty cool.

[Episode soundtrack plays.]

[Scene: ON HULL OF SHIP. Young and Greer carefully make their way along.]

JB – Are they really heavy? The suits?

LF – The which? The suits? Yeah. They are. They’re pretty…

[Scene: In space behind Destiny, two alien vessels jump into normal space.]

EL – Uh-oh. Look who’s shown up again.

LF – They’re very, very heavy and they take about forty minutes to put on.

JB – Wow.

LF – Yeah.

EL – Really?

LF – Very time consuming. Yeah, because they’re all actually…

EL – In pieces.

LF – Pieces that come together to form. But, uh…

JB – Are you claustrophobic?

LF – Not, not really, but Brian was.

[Scene: Young and Greer on hull of Destiny.]

EL – Look how great that is!

JB – Brian was?

LF – When he was in the episode Water. When we were stuck in that little, when he falls down that little ice thing they have in there.

EL – Into the crevasse?

LF – Yeah, he freaked out a little bit. And I get that. I think I would have done the same thing. It was pretty intense.

[Episode soundtrack plays.]

LF – No more chocolate for you!

EL – No!

JB – Elyse is cut off! (laughs)

LF – Oh my gosh, she’s so cut off! I’ve never seen… now I know why she doesn’t have chocolate that much!

EL – Yeah, I have it every day, what are you talking about?

LF – You do?

EL – Yeah!

JB – Oh, to be twenty three!

EL – That’s how I keep my lean figure.

LF – Yeah!

JB – (laughs)

(Crinkling noise in background)

JB – No!

JB & EL (laugh)

EL – Lawren’s like, “No!”

(munching in background)

[Scene: DESTINY’S HULL. Greer steps through forcefield over the hole in the hull and slowly sinks through.]

JB – That was awesome!

EL – Mmhm.

JB – Pardon Louis. He’s eating.

EL & LF – (laugh)

[Scene: CORRIDOR: Young and Greer close a bulkhead door behind them.]

LF – We had a dance-off in the suits, me and Jamil, by the way.

EL – No way!

LF – Yeah, we did a little, um… (rustling noises)

EL – Are you okay there?

LF – There’s (laughs) some dancing happening…


(continued in Ferreira Fest 44/ August 2013)


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