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Published August 2013
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Welcome to the new official Louis Ferreira website! It’s the 20th day of the month and this means another big party here at Ferreira Fest where we celebrate the acting career of Louis Ferreira (Justin Louis). This past month we’ve enjoyed numerous new TV appearances so we have caps and interviews galore; we also have our Reading Series, photos, Twitter news, sound clips, reviews, a special fan report about a Lunch With Louis, and a Q&A. Grab a pineapple drink of your choice at our special Opening Event bar and join us!

We hope everyone made the transition to our new web domain! As you can see, the Ferreira Fest Newsletter will remain the same – the format you’re used to! But in addition, various sound files, video clips, photos and other information will also be posted elsewhere on the site. Take some time to surf and see what you might discover! With 80 pages and counting it should keep you busy for a while. Please bear with us through the occasional hiccup and report any wonkiness (broken links, missing stuff, stray pineapples and other weirdness) to .

And if you have anything you’d like to share or ask, we now have a proper contact page as well as a guest book, and we also have a proper discussion forum where you can comment and discuss as much as you want. You can also surf the whole site on your smartphone! Check it out!

My thanks go to everyone who has helped with the transition, and the good folks at the GoDaddy tech support (several of which turned out to be Louis fans!). And last but not least, none of it would have ever happened if it weren’t for the man himself and his desire to serve, share and help build communities: Thank you, Louis!

The Luigi sez: 

Ok agora… queria dizer que desejo (…) um beijo de Louis Ferreira!

Well, now.. I’d like to wish/ send a kiss from Louis Ferreira!

As always, thanks to our Portuguese Language Consultant Anisio for his help!


Hopefully everyone heard about Louis returning to Breaking Bad last Sunday. Due to the strict non-disclosure agreement (which of course applies to Ferreira Fest as well) no extensive prior advertising could be done.

However, due to the huge popularity of the show you will get several reruns in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled on AMC and check your local listings.

Declan rides again! Please be warned – the following discussion contains mild spoilers for the episode, so proceed with caution if you haven’t seen the episode “Buried” yet.

When I spoke to Louis last week he was kind enough to share his thoughts about coming back to Breaking Bad.

Listen to the sound clip here:

Q: What was it like to return to Breaking Bad? Any new insights into Declan’s character?

LF – I was doing Motive, it was at Christmas hiatus, and then we got the call to say that we were going to do Breaking Bad before going to Motive. So first and foremost I was just like wow!!! This is the best way to start the New Year ever, in my career! I get to go do one more episode. And I was beyond thrilled to be going back.

So yeah, so going back I knew that it was gonna obviously be for my, you know, good-bye scene and I was curious as to how that was gonna… what was gonna… what it was gonna look like. So when I saw the scene I was like – ah, this is kind of cool! I liked what they did. They gave me sort of a… you know, basically I’ve had three scenes – I had one with
Jonathan Banks and he was like [Jonathan Banks voice], “Hey kid!” and I had the one scene in the desert, the Say My Name scene, and this is now a scene with someone else, someone I hadn’t done a scene with, so I was excited about that. And it was a female and I was excited about that.

And I was just happy to go back because this, you know, this is a show that, for whatever reason, and a lot of the reason is that it’s brilliant, but people are talking about it and people are really looking forward. And so, to be part of anything like that, it’s the sort of thing as an actor you’re like – I’d rather do one scene in a great movie where you’re part of that, then… and it’s just, that’s the kind of show this was.

So I, you know me, I’m sitting there going – thank you and grateful – and we had a great day. Yeah, it was a fun day on set. And then I literally got on a plane and started Motive the following day.

As far as insight into Declan, you know, I think one of the things that I liked personally for me was the idea that… I love when there’s… this particular character didn’t have… who he is with the males is who he is with the females. And sometimes you get that a lot of times where it’s different, you know? Because it’s like, oh I’ll use a different angle here. And I love, this guy’s just… Declan has got something about him that, I think underlying a lot of the characters is that something else is always happening and you don’t sort of know what it is sometimes.

And I think, you know I call it like a mysterious thing – what’s the mystery, what’s your secret? And I tend to throw that a lot into a lot of characters, because I think we all have that, we all have something underneath always happening in our lives that we’re either battling, facing, trying to figure out, trying to change, trying to morph into. And so there was something inherently easy to play in there with him, if that makes sense?

FF – Was the altitude sickness a problem again this time? Or were you prepared?

LF – No, no. Because I’d gotten in the day before. I sort of knew what I was going into, so it wasn’t as bad. No, I mean we were, the scene where we’re all lying there, it was pretty uncomfortable for a while.

FF – Yeah.

LF – But other than that… and the set, the set was so cool. Just when they showed me like the actual set and what it was going to look like I was like – oh, that is awesome! And I guess I’ll talk about it more in the following month as I, as I at this point will play back… I’m sure, if I see it, it will trigger a lot more stuff that I can talk to you about next month, if that’s cool. It’s just one of those things where you’re just grateful to be a part of that, this legacy which is in fact, you know, not… these shows don’t come along that often. So as you act you just sort of, you know, you try to survive and then once in a while you’re part of something that’s fantastic. I had that with
Grey Gardens, I had that with Common Ground

FF – Yeah.

LF – I had that with
Durham County, you know. And then you just sort of go, those are kind of the lottery wins and you’re grateful for everything that you do but when you do get those kinds of experiences you’re just sort of, just being, you just feel extra blessed just because you’re part of something that people really like. And it means something. And that’s kind of always… I think it’s one of the reasons I got into acting to begin with.


Breaking Bad: Buried

This month I gave Louis a choice of shows to be capped, and he picked “Buried” from Breaking Bad. Since it aired only two days ago, these caps are literally hot out of the oven. Please be advised that the caps contain major spoilers for the episode, so you might want to skip ahead if you haven’t seen it and want to remain unspoiled.

Special thanks go to Lori and Benny W. who kindly provided a DVD copy of the episode when the bad weather messed with my cable. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to help us out! Here is a direct link to the album: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1SefBgyNhJF3woj9oXAP3rrgDMp-vY8vt?usp=drive_link


On Saturday August 10 SyFy aired a whole day marathon of Primeval: New World, including Louis’ three episodes as Colonel Henderson Hall back-to-back, “The Inquisition” and “The Sound of Thunder, part 1 and 2”. Look for screencaps in an upcoming Ferreira Fest.


Louis’ second episode of Rookie BluePoison Pill” aired in another spectacular double-header on July 28th, with MOTIVE leading the lineup.

Since this was yet another recurring role for Louis he shares some thoughts about his experience on the show.

Listen to the sound clip here:

LF – It’s funny, yeah, people ended up liking that. So, those two episodes were fun to do. I liked the character.

FF – Yeah.

LF – It seems like he could be brought back, but you don’t know. And it’s also, too, if I’m doing Motive…I think they essentially shoot at the same time so it’s a little…

FF – Okay, okay.

LF – Um, yeah. I feel like I’ve definitely… like we said, we’ve been working this facial hair angle for the last two or three years, I gotta figure something else out after this.

FF – Yeah, yeah.

LF – Although I like the beard, I just, sometimes it drives me nuts, I do like it.

It was interesting to see the little plot twist at the end, when Jacob Blackstone leaves the bar with Gail. What’s going on? Was that his intent all along? Is Jacob Blackstone quite the Ladies’ Man? Here’s what Louis has to say about it:

Listen to the sound clip here:

LF – I think he’s just sort of like, you know, “A type” personality who sort of like just lives his life his way. And he’s just a guy’s guy through and through. And this young beautiful girl approaches him. And it’s fun… we had all kinds of options for that second thing. At one point I did the, I did The Louis and not the character, I’m like wouldn’t… is she young, wouldn’t I ask her age? You know (chuckles) what I mean… and they’re like, “No, no, we want you to be taken by…” and I was just like, yeah, but she clearly seems to… you know, a wise man knows what this is about, this has nothing to do with him. Clearly she’s upset about the guy that blah blah blah and she wants to get a payback. But a typical guy is like, screw it, fine, not my problem. I’ll take advantage of the situation.

FF – Yeah. Right, right.

LF – In my grand scheme I thought there’d be something really interesting about him turning around all of a sudden and going – you know what, I’m not going to be the guy that’s going to go do this thing because you’re feeling all hurt and insecure, and feed that part of your ego right now.

FF – Right.

LF – Imagine that! You’d be like – what?! Who was that guy?!

FF – Right, right, right.

LF – So, I thought that was interesting. But, you know, the way it happens is, you know she propositions him and he’s like – you know, a guy’s guy, she’s a good looking woman, that’s enough. Okay, I’m not stupid, and away we go. But it’s interesting how they kind of left that for the rest of the season as a non-issue. I don’t know if they ever discussed it after, or what anything was. But I certainly was expecting, I was like well, they can certainly write more of him in if in fact they wanted to.

FF – Right, right, so we’ll hope for that…

LF – I don’t know. I love those guys. I love the guys who do the show. And I know Ilana (
Ilana Frank), who is one of the producers and I’m big fans of them and if not this I certainly would love to work with them in the Toronto at some point, I do like them.

For the statistics lovers and numbers geeks: here’s what happened to Louis’ Wikipedia page hits when the double-header aired. You could say there was a bit of a spike on Thursday July 18, 2013…

Note: Thanks to all the Rookie Blue fans who have stopped by in the past year! Let’s hope that schedules work out and Jacob Blackstone returns to the 15th Division in Season 5.


MOTIVE in Europe!

Our French Connection Anne reports that MOTIVE will begin airing episodes every Monday night in Belgium on the Belgian channel RTL TVI (broadcasts in French). Thanks, Anne!

In Europe MOTIVE also airs in the UK and Germany.

A German fan sent a link to a review. It’s very nice, so if your German doesn’t go past “Gesundheit!” if someone sneezes, try Google Translate: copy and paste the German text into the left box and – ta-da!  OK, so sometimes the results are more hilarious than accurate, but it gives you a general idea.

TWITTER: MOTIVE Behind The Scenes

The good folks at @MotiveTV  and @MotiveABC have posted a good number of Behind The Scenes images of MOTIVE on Twitter over the past month. Click on the thumbnails to go to the original post, and if you’re on Twitter, follow them at @MotiveTV and @MotiveABC! Click on the thumbnails for the original posts, if they’re still available.

Louis tries his hand at camera work
A light-hearted moment between Oscar Vega and Angie Flynn
Time to go over those lines one more time!
Private moments are never really that private.

This is Troy Mundle, Louis’ stand-in on set.

A stand-in actor, also known as a lighting double, is a person who fills in for a principal actor during film and television production for technical purposes. Stand-ins are often similar in age, height, and skin tone to the actor they are replacing. They may also need to match the actor’s build and hair color.

(from Wikipedia)

MOTIVE Reviews

There are tons of reviews out there, but few of them match the quality and thoughtfulness of those on Screenspy. Check them out for yourself.

Out of the Past: An Abhorrent Gift that Keeps on Giving
Detour: Addiction as Motivator for Bad Behavior
Public Enemy: Retribution Without Redemption
Against All Odds: The Odds Don’t Always Favor Motherhood
Pushover: A Patsy, a Femme Fatale and a Hustler Walk into a Bar
Crimes of Passion: A Parent’s Worst Nightmare
Creeping Tom: Whydunnit

Motive gets picked for “Must Watch” recommendations on a regular basis, by big names such as TV Picks, TV Best Bets and The LA Times.

Television is a numbers game – everything hinges on the all-important ratings. While MOTIVE has been renewed for a second season by CTV, there are currently rumors that ABC might not pick it up. Thus, it is VERY important that you watch the show and recommend it to all your friends. If possible, send a tweet to @ABCNetwork and tell them you want to see Season 2!

If you’re not on Twitter, go to the
ABC.com feedback page and tell them why you love MOTIVE and that you want to see Season 2 on ABC next year. It’s a simple online form – please take a minute now to fill it out.

SPECIAL REPORT: My Lunch with Louis  

Ferreira Fest staff member Casey had lunch with Louis last month. Here is her report.

It was a very surreal moment when my phone rang one day and I heard Louis’ voice on the other end telling me he was 3 hours out from Portland and asking if I wanted to meet for lunch. I wasn’t sure, and I had to think about it for a minute – no, not really, are you kidding me?!

We arranged to meet at a restaurant that was close to the freeway and had an outdoor seating area that was dog friendly.

I was both excited and very nervous when I saw them drive up. I’ll admit I was even more nervous about meeting Sawyer than I was about meeting Louis. After all, the road trip was part of her time with her dad, and I had no idea what she thought about taking a side trip just to make one of her dad’s fans happy.

I actually met Sawyer before I met Louis. She was in the process of putting on her shoes when I walked over and said hello. She looked up and when she saw me she broke into a wide, warm happy smile that made me feel immediately at ease, and then she laughed and commented on the fact that she had one shoe on and one shoe off. It was the perfect ice breaker!

And then I met Louis. I will always think of how very cool it is that the very first time I met Louis he was in his jammies.

Louis gave me a hello-hug and then he let Charlie, Billie and Willow out.

The dogs all greeted me enthusiastically with their noses and I’m pretty sure I passed the sniff and lick test. They were all very, very sweet, naturally.

I was blown away by how tall Charlie is! He’s like a small horse that fancies himself a cuddly lap dog.

I got kisses from all the dogs, but I got the most from Willow with her nice slurpy tongue.
Fortunately it was warm and sunny and a perfect day for sitting outside. The six of us had the patio all to ourselves and we sat and chatted and ate.

Louis and Sawyer were so wonderful, they both made me feel as if I was a good friend that they were meeting for lunch, and not an eager fan meeting her favorite actor and his daughter for the first time!

They told me about their drive from L.A. and about the fun Charlie had had during a visit they’d made to the beach on their way up.

Despite the fact that he’d recently been groomed, Charlie had diligently coated himself with mud from nose to paw. He’d also decided to drink lots and lots of sea water. Then he waited until Daddy had tucked them back in and gotten back on the road before considerately throwing up all over Willow in the back of the car. We all had a good laugh. Perhaps me and Sawyer and Charlie a bit more so than Louis.

At one point Louis had to take a phone call and I got a chance to chat with Sawyer. She came across as a very compassionate, insightful and funny young woman. You could say she is a chip off the Fantastic block!

When Louis finished his call, we continued the conversation about appreciating our blessings and Louis talked more about his passion for serving others.

Louis also talked a lot about how much he loves being a father and how much he wants to be the best dad he can be. He likes to spend as much time with his kids as he can and enjoy them as much as possible. He doesn’t want to rush his kids through childhood or place his own expectations upon them, he only wants for them to be happy.

He said that he was happy that filming on Motive had been pushed back a few weeks which means that he will get to spend more time with Sawyer during the time that she is with him.

I’ve talked to hundreds of dads over the years, but I don’t often hear the level of passion for being a father that I do every time I read or hear Louis speak about his kids. It was such a privilege to hang out and eat lunch with Louis and Sawyer and see Louis being a dad.

And, speaking of family, Louis talked about how important his fans are to him and how he thinks of his fans as a family. As a HUGE Louis fan, that was very cool to hear!

Soon, lunch was over and Louis and Sawyer et al had to get back on the road. They’d spent an entire hour with me even though they had another 330 miles to drive that day.

Sawyer took piccies and I got a piccie of me with Louis and his classic Louis face.

I’m still blown away by the fact that Louis took the time during a 1,300 mile road trip to call me and allow me to share an hour of the precious and limited time he gets with his daughter each year.

Louis never gave me any indication that he was even aware that he was giving generously of himself. In fact, he and Sawyer made me feel as if I was the somebody special being met for lunch!

I think that’s because when Louis says he values his fans and thinks of his fans as family, he truly means it.

Just – wow!

As someone with the utmost respect and admiration for Louis, it is hugely gratifying to know that in addition to being an awesome actor, in real life and in person, when it comes to those things that count – humility, compassion, love, kindness – Louis truly is absolutely fantastic!

I’d like to thank Louis for his generosity, in giving to me of himself and his time, and Sawyer as well, for her generosity in sharing some of her daddy time.

Have you ever met Louis in person? If so, please send pictures and share your experience!


Here is this month’s installment of the reading series of “Are you as happy as your dog?” by Alan Cohen. You can listen to the entire book on The Reading Series Page.

Click on the thumbnail to purchase a copy of the book. As always, our gratitude goes to Mr. Cohen for giving us his personal permission to publish this reading series. Please visit his website to learn more about his work.

Listen to the sound clip here:

Chapter 6: Ask for what you want

On cold nights Munchie jumps up into my bed and crawls under the covers.

When he sees me going for a walk he follows me.

When he spies an attractive tree he tugs on his leash.

When I open my car door he tries to jump in.

Munchie knows it’s okay to have desires. When he wants something he makes it plain and clear. Sometimes he gets it and sometimes he doesn’t.

At least he asked.


Q: What did you and Sawyer do at Camp DaDa this summer?

Listen to the sound clip here:

LF – All we’re doing is watching plays, movies. We’ve seen Legally Blonde, we saw How To Succeed In Business (How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying), we’re going to watch Twelfth Night tomorrow night. We’re watching Shakespeare, we’re watching all these movies, we’re having a great summer of movies and theater. And we’re doing exercises – cardio, I mean, I’m just so proud of both of us. So, we’re having a great summer.

One of Louis’ recent tweets indicated that he and Sawyer enjoyed the short film “The Blue Umbrella“. You can watch an official short clip here, or the whole thing (in fairly low quality).


Bradley Stryker

Bradley tied the knot! Please congratulate him at @BradleyStryker, and while you’re there, click that FOLLOW button to keep up with the extraordinarily talented and busy man. Visit Bradley’s page here in the Friends section, and check out his websites at bradleystryker.com and Stryke-Force Films. You may also want to read an exclusive interview with Bradley about the making of “A Weekend to Remember” in Ferreira Fest 28.

Bradley’s new script “Alison” was selected at the Scriptapalooza Quarterfinals.

Out of 3,800 entries 430 were selected and “Alison” made the cut!

Congratulations, Bradley – that’s fabulous! We all wish you continued success with this new script!

Ingrid Rogers

Ingrid Rogers wants to share two brand new photos of herself. Thanks, Ingrid, they are beautiful!

Ingrid writes: Robert is busy writing/producing on a new show for Fox called Gang Related; I’m on the hunt for a great play to produce/act in, and our son Ajna is starting high school!

Please visit Ingrid’s page here at louisferreira.org, as well as her own website. and follow her on Twitter at @theIngridRogers. Read an exclusive interview with Ingrid Rogers and Rob Munic about the making of Dancing Still in Ferreira Fest 35.


Sadly, two former co-stars of Louis have recently passed away.

Karen Black played the mother of Louis’ character Robert “Duke” Romano in Fallen Arches. She lost her long battle with cancer on August 8, 2013.

Karen Black and Louis Ferreira in “Fallen Arches”

August Schellenberg played Yaozu in the Stargate Universe episodes “Common Descent” and “Epilogue“. He passed away after a long illness on August 16, 2013.

August Schellenberg as Yaozu in the SGu episode “Common Descent”


If the birth of the new Royal Baby in the UK made your day I’m sure you were ecstatic that one of the new prince’s names is in fact Louis. The little tyke has quite a namesake to look up to. If he turns out only half as nice as our Louis, he should be doing just fine.

The pineapple has a long history with Louis Ferreira fans, due to a series of videos and photos by Joseph Mallozzi.

Need we say more?

So it should come as no surprise that Ferreira Fest also has an Official Airline: Pineapple Air!

Click on the thumbnails and check it out:

Granted, it only serves the islands of the Bahamas, but if you ever find yourself island hopping in this Caribbean nation, be sure to fly the sweetest way there is!


DVD: SGU Season One – Episode 12 “Divided” part 4 Commentary with Director William Waring, actors Louis Ferreira, Elyse Levesque, Julia Benson and script coordinator Lawren Bancroft-Wilson. Transcript by Casey.

Note: Commentaries are recorded while the actors, directors and producers watch the episode and provide their insight into its filming. There are often multiple conversations taking place at the same time as well as the episode soundtrack playing the background. We will attempt to piece those conversations together to decrease reader confusion. At times, the commentators get caught up watching an episode and fail to discuss which will be noted as [episode soundtrack]. We will note scene progression by first sentence using the GateWorld transcript of the episode for tracking purposes.

Listen to the sound file here:

[Scene: TEMPORARY BRIG. Chloe tells TJ and Dunning they won’t be in there much longer. TJ: I know, ‘cause the colonel’s gonna take back the ship. You don’t have any idea what you’re up against.]

EL – She was intimidating in this scene, let me tell ya. Circling me and stuff.

JB – Alaina’s got power. TJ’s got power.

[Scene: TJ sits up and glares at Chloe.]

LF – I love that.  Look.

EL – Yeah, the shot?

LF – She’s got her man’s back in this scene.

JB – Yeah.

EL – She had that like, “Oh no, you didn’t!” look in her eyes.

LF – Oh, I love it.

EL – Thank god the aliens came just in time! Cat fight!

[Scene: CORRIDOR. Scott questions Greer about a couple of civilians that are unconscious on the floor. GREER: They’re fine. I went easy on ‘em.]

JB – (laughs)

EL – Jamil!

LF – (chuckles)

JB – He’s got such a sense of play, hey!

EL – Mmmhm.

JB – So good!

[Episode soundtrack plays.]

[Scene: TEMPORARY BRIG. Scott ushers TJ and Dunning out, then directs a long, disappointed look at Chloe.]

LF – Mmm, uh-uh.

JB – Chloe!

LF – Boy, that look meant something, yeah?

EL – Somebody’s not getting any tonight.

JB & LF (laugh)

[Scene: MESS: Greer and his team order the civilians to get on the floor. One protests. James cuffs him across the face with the butt of her rifle.]

LF – Wow! (laughs) Take it easy!

EL – What?! Damn! Lady!

LF – High five!

EL – High fives! Well done!

(High fives)

EL – Do you get scared? Doing those kind of stunts? Because I’m always worried, like somebody’s going to… timing’s going to be off.

LF – I saw her, I remember that day, you rehearsed that like a hundred times.

JB – Yes.

LF – You were just, that’s the way to do it. You just kept… over and over again, until you felt comfortable.

JB – Bam Bam, Bam Bam was amazing, yeah. Yeah, because you don’t want to hurt anybody, you know? So, but to sell it, you have to go for it.

EL – You gotta trust the other people.

JB – But all of our stunt guys, it’s… they’re so incredible that they help sell it so much for you.

EL – That’s awesome.

JB – I did wake up the next morning with bruised ribs.

LF – You did?

EL – From the movement.

JB – From just the movement.

LF – Really?

JB – Just like, the muscles. Yeah. You never use them in that way. Should I stop now? (laughs)

JB & EL (Laugh)

LF – What?

EL – He didn’t even hear it, so don’t worry.

LF – Both of you, after this…  (Julia) right to your hubby, and you (Elyse) go out!

(all laugh)

[Episode soundtrack plays.]

[Scene: INFIRMARY. T.J. shows Dr. Brightman (in Chloe’s body) a thin tube that is a camera Eli took out of a Kino.]

JB – This scene was so, they did such a good job!

[Scene: INFIRMARY. Brightman holds the tube near her face and looks in surprise at the image of Chloe that looks back at her from a nearby monitor.]

LF – Look at that! I love that! That’s great.

EL – Yeah!

JB – This is Alisen Down, she’s another fantastic actor. She had so much to do in this scene.

EL – I know.

JB – And to keep the energy going, she did such a good job!

EL – Yeah, she just came in and was awesome.

LF – Hard to do!

JB – Yeah. She’s a great actor.

LF – You know, when you come in for the day, just, yeah, those are the…

JB – But she was on, uh…

EL – She was on SG1.

JB – Was it SG1 or Atlantis?

LBW – Both.

LF – Both?

JB – As the same character?

LBW – Both.

LF – Oh really?

EL – Yeah.

LF – Oh, I didn’t know that. So she’s a recurring on those shows?

LBW – She had I think one or two. In SG1.

EL – She was in one of the, wasn’t she in one of the movies?

JB – I think it was SG1.

LBW – In the movie, though, she was an Ancient, not an Associate.

JB – Yeah.

LF – Oh, that’s great!

JB – But it’s the same character from SG1.

LBW – Yeah, SG1.

LF – Ah! I did not know that!

JB – Yeah, it’s cool, that they brought her back.

EL – So cool.

[Episode soundtrack plays.]

[Scene: INFIRMARY. Rush regains consciousness and tries to sit up. James, Chloe and Camille do their best to hold him still. James asks what to do. TJ: Give him another dose of anesthetic.]

LF – More alien venom! (soft, singing) Go to sleep…  (chuckle)

JB (laughs)

[Scene: INFIRMARY. Scott smashes the butt of his gun onto the alien device.]

LF – (laughs) I remember, remember I was laughing that day?

EL – (laughs) No!

LF – Because he took the thing, and Brian took the butt of it… the first couple takes he whacked it so hard it was like he was killing someone.

JB & EL – (laugh)

LF – I was like, dude, you don’t have to hit it… he’s just slammed it so hard, it was just so…

EL – Committed.

LF – It just made us laugh. It was wonderful, but it made us just laugh. One of those little things that sometimes… I also think it was like hour fourteen.

JB – I was going to say it was probably at the end of the day.

LF – You know at the end, you start getting a little tired. Yeah.

[Episode soundtrack plays.]

[Scene: DOORWAY TO MESS: Young stands in middle of doorway as civilians file out.]

LF – There’s something really neat that Félix and I talked about, this specific moment, which is that Young is literally memorizing every single face that went to the other side.

JB – Ah!

EL – Ah, yeah!

LF – There’s almost a dictatorship quality to it that this moment for him was very specific. And it’s kind of neat how he just sort of kept in the middle and the people like went on either side.

EL – Walked on either side of him, yeah.

LF – It’s kind of bizarre.

JB – That is very cool though.

LF – That is kind of… it was a little creepy.

[Episode soundtrack plays.]

JB – Great episode.


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