Ferreira Fest 035

Published November 2012
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Yes – it’s the 20th of the month, and that means another party at Ferreira Fest, the Official Louis Ferreira Newsletter where we celebrate the acting career of Canadian actor Louis Ferreira (Justin Louis)! We have so much stuff this time – a fabulous interview, the grand unveiling of “Dancing Still“, screencaps, pictures, updates from Louis, voiceovers, tweets and more! So grab your favorite pineapple drink, settle down and turn the phone off – this month’s issue will keep you busy for a long time.
Come on in!

While this is most definitely the “DANCING STILL EDITION” we have a ton of other news and rubrics as usual, so let’s get to them first before we all cozy up to savor an entire movie with Louis.

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As you are aware, Louis is very busy filming the new series MOTIVE. Since there are plenty of non-disclosure agreements in place we sneak peeks as we can. There’s been a new response to the article on yvrshoots.com. It also includes a picture, although Louis is not really visible in it.

Louis shared a funny story about Billie the bulldog that happened about two weeks ago while he was at work, he remembered it while we were discussing the big DANCING STILL interview last week, which we’ll get to in a little while.

Listen to the sound clip here:

FF: Ingrid also mentioned that – actually Rob, I think, said that you brought Billie with you? On the day that you were filming?

LF: Oh, for sure! Billie and Giancarlo.

FF: Was that Billie’s first time on a set?

LF: No, oh no, no. When did I get Billy? Whenever I got Billie I feel like – I think Billie went with me to NCIS.

FF: Oh, okay.

LF: Wherever I work – my dogs have always been on set, they’re part of it. Now Billie and Giancarlo – not only are they with me at work, they don’t even stay at the apartment, they’re with me in the car if I’m out. Those two dogs are attached to me at the hip right now and that’s how I like it, you know I like having them around.

FF: Great!

LF: I’m still in love with Billie and Giancarlo, but there’s just something about that little bulldog that just makes me melt.

FF: Yeah, yeah… I’m sure she had a good time!

LF: I do love them… Because I don’t keep them on leashes so they’re usually pretty good, except two days ago when I was like “Billie?”, and there she was sitting straight dab in the middle of the street! With a smile on her face! I’m like: “You’re in the middle of the road!” And she was like “I don’t understand.” I said “You’re in the middle of the road!” and it was – her face was too funny, she was like – she wasn’t moving neither! (laughs)

FF: Well maybe she just knew how stunning she looked sitting there in the middle of the road.

LF: Oh, it was really really funny! I was like “Is that Billie? Wait a minute. Where is she?” I’m like “Is she in the middle of the road sitting there like it’s nowhere?” It was just the funniest thing.

FF: Oh man.

LF: So, anyway…

FF: How is Charlie doing?

LF: Charlie’s great, he’s at his farm – I get pictures sent from the woman all the time. You know I miss him, but he’s incredibly happy. And that makes me happy, you know.

FF: Good.


As you may remember, SyFy has picked up Primeval: New World for next year. Louis said his big episode was #11, and he’s also in episodes 12 and 13. Stay tuned for airing info when it becomes available! Mustache-Louis is on his way!

Agi also found an article at scifitvtalk about the series that mentions Louis. Check it out!


Louis says he’s in episode 1 of the new season, and then again in either episode 4 or 5. Stay tuned for airtime info once the series picks up again on ABC.


found two pictures on Johnny Cuthbert’s Facebook page, here and here, that feature Louis. Thanks for the pictures!

A short while ago Louis met up with James “BamBam” Bamford, formerly stunt coordinator on SGU and now with “Arrow”, for Karaoke in Vancouver. Apparently, a great time was had by all despite the 70 hour work weeks! James was kind enough to post two pictures on Twitter. Thanks, James!

Earlier this month Louis also met up with former SGU-co-stars Alaina Huffman and Robert Carlyle.

Alaina (no longer blonde) posted a picture on Twitter. Looks like so much fun!

Louis said on the phone that he loved hanging out with those two again.

blames hasty typing for finding this little older gem on IMDb – Louis’ name is misspelled as “Frerreira”. Her curiosity piqued, Kimmy poked around on John Carvalho’s IMDb page some more and found another picture.

And finally, a funny tweet from Peter DeLuise:


AMCTV has posted a brief interview with Louis on their Breaking Bad blog. Most of the stuff in it you’ve read months ago here on Ferreira Fest, but it’s always nice to see it elsewhere, too.

The same interview promptly showed up on spoilertv.com.


And from hereon out it’s all DANCING STILL!

Let’s start with the actual movie. It’s on two different platforms, Vimeo and YouTube. If you have a slow internet connection I recommend you pause the video as soon as it starts and allow the buffer to fill up a good way before starting it again.

It’s best to view the movie before you read and listen to the interviews that follow.

An Interview with Ingrid Rogers and Rob Munic

Ingrid Rogers and Rob Munic are the writer and director of DANCING STILL. Ingrid also plays the part of Natalie in the movie, opposite Louis who plays her former lover Shane.

Find out more about Ingrid Rogers on her webpage or on Facebook, on IMDb and YouTube.

Find out more about Rob Munic at LinkedIn, on IMDb and YouTube.

The interview with Ingrid and Rob can be found on the Ingrid Rogers and Rob Munic Page.

And of course we have to let Louis weigh in on the topic.

Listen to the sound clip here:

FF: What interested you about the movie, besides wanting to work with your friends Ingrid and Rob?

LF: Oh, that was enough for me! When you do a short it’s just a labor of love, you’re supporting a friend, you’re supporting someone who’s trying to get a leg in. I’m very supportive of that. And Ingrid is a dear friend and I know Rob as a friend and film maker. I would do anything for them as they would me, so that was the initial attraction to it. I then sort of very much liked the story, what it was about; I loved the idea of – I thought it was this bittersweet romantic story of “what if”, and I think we can all relate to making choices in our life sometimes and wondering if you’d made a different choice along the way, what that might have looked like.

I thought it was kind of neat to see the vulnerability and the courage of the two people trying to be something initially and then halfway into it they just sort of break down . They say – who are we kidding? I’m a mess, I got this… He’s like, I haven’t written, my girlfriend’s way too young… all that stuff that grownups can talk about, and the masks come off, and so I thought it was a – they thought I could play the vulnerability, which is our true power, our true nature, which is for me something I enjoy exploring. So that was just really a nice surprise.

And we shot a movie, a short, in one day! And that’s always fun, just for the sake of saying “I did a movie in one day!” (laughs) Because you know how it is, you can sit there for hours and hours and hours, enough to do seven days to get one hour of film itself. It was fun! It was fun on those levels.


We’ll finish up with a vast amount of screencaps from DANCING STILL, lovingly crafted by Kimmy. Clear out your hard drives, peeps, this one’s a whopper! Thanks so much for the beautiful caps, Kimmy, we can’t even begin to think how long it must have taken you to do them. Click here or on the screen cap to see the whole batch.

There will be no SGU Commentary transcript this time. We will pick up again with the second part of LIFE in Ferreira Fest 36 a month from now!

That said, for those of you who celebrate, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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