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Published December 2012
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It’s December 20th, and that means it’s another big party at Ferreira Fest! Please join us as we celebrate the acting career of Louis Ferreira (Justin Louis) – we have interviews with Louis, video and sound clips, pictures, screen caps, news and transcripts, and a very special holiday greeting from Louis himself! Grab a free pineapple drink at the bar and come on in!

This issue concludes our third full year of Ferreira Fests! With 36 issues to peruse you should find plenty to entertain yourself over the holiday season. This issue is chock-full of Louis-goodness and some good-size interviews. Trying to have a phone conversation with Louis is always an adventure as he’s constantly on the go, and sometimes our answering machines are having quite meaningful conversations as well…


Louis’ new series is set to debut on Canadian TV in early February. Please contact me if you have access to the CTV channel! Hopefully the series will also be broadcast on US TV and elsewhere – I will be sure to let everyone know!

News coverage of the series has picked up considerably and is sure to go into overdrive by the time Ferreira Fest 37 rolls around in January 2013. For now we have a bunch of things for you to read and look at. Thanks a million to  super sleuth Agi who discovered most of these links!

First off we have two new images that were posted on the MOTIVE IMDb page, with Louis clowning around with a young actor on set: image 1, image 2.

Here is a lovely ad/ press release from Bell Media with an awesome picture of Louis and his co-stars Kristin Lehman and Brendan Penny.

Here is an article in the Winnipeg Free Press about the new series that also includes a screencap from an episode.

The Province shares a cast photo and a series debut announcement. There is a large version of the cast photo here.

The Broadcast Dialogue blog has a nice write-up – you need to scroll down all the way to December 13 (already on another page so scroll to the bottom and use the “previous page” arrow key). It includes a cast picture, which is also right here.

No picture, but a lengthy press release on the Canadian Yahoo Finance page.

And of course MOTIVE also has a Facebook Page (with a really nice header)!

The National Post has an announcement as well.

TV, eh? has a big cast photo and the debut announcement.

And here is CTV’s MOTIVE Home Page.

Another nice screen shot on Media in Canada.

Minor spoilers for the first episode “Creeping Tom” can be found here at Equities.com.

And finally, CTVSheri shares this hilarious picture of Louis on the MOTIVE set on Twitter! Thanks, Sheri!!


The series is well into its first season in Canada and elsewhere; broadcast on the US cable channel SyFy will begin next year.

Miranda Frigon has some very nice things to say about her work with Louis on the series. To quote Miranda:  “Lou is awesome,” enthuses Frigon. “I’d never met him before, but we kind of got on with each other right away, which I think is important for my character. The dynamic between Colonel Hall and Ange is very neat; he likes her, she likes him, but they both have their own agenda. Lou and I shot some scenes already and we found some fun stuff to play between us, so that was great. He’s hilarious and a joy to work with.”

Read the entire interview on ScifiandTVtalk.


Patrick Gilmore shares this beautiful picture of Billy, Louis’ bulldog, as she watches him eat his lunch. For sure – those eyes are LETHAL for ANY lunch!! – Thanks for sharing, Patrick!

Joseph Mallozzi recently welcomed the 9,000,000th reader to his blog, and to celebrate he reposted some of his favorite pictures, including one of Louis on a night shoot of SGU’s season 2 episode “The Hunt“.

This photo is reposted here with special permission by J. Mallozzi.


To celebrate the season and Louis’ chance encounter with a real-life Doug Barber (see below!), Kimmy has made well over 1,000 screen caps of the Hidden Hills episode “Christmas“. Thanks, Kimmy – these must have taken forever to do, and they are beautiful! Find them all here, or click on the cap below. Enjoy, everybody!


Here are three more Mazda Commercials. Whether you’re in the market for a new car or not, it’s perfectly ok to listen to these commercials over and over, download them and play them in your car, even if it’s not a Mazda. It’s all right. Here at Ferreira Fest, we understand.  🙂

“None Equal”
“Zero to Drive”
“The Gift of Driving”


Louis answers your questions and shares his thoughts on a variety of topics.


Since MOTIVE has a strict non-disclosure agreement in place we chatted about things that happen a lot on MOTIVE but are not specific to the series, for example night shoots, when the production is filmed after hours.

Listen to the sound clip here:

FF: Can you explain to our readers who don’t know a lot about the television business how a night shoot gets set up from an actor’s point of view? I know there’s a whole lot of organization going on from the production side, but how do you find out, for example, when a night shoot is happening? Do you get the day before or after off?

LF: Oh yeah, because each episode you get a day to day schedule. So you’ll have a seven day advance sort of idea of what’s going on and a lot of times the night shoots are a shift in the middle, so you’ll do a three day shoot and all this time you’re shooting nights, and all that really means is that the call time, which is usually at 8 in the morning, you’re now going to work at 3, 4 in the afternoon and you’re gonna work til 4, 5 in the morning. So really more than anything the biggest thing for me is that I’m a 46 year old male and just what it does to your body. It sort of puts it out of whack because all of a sudden your routine is compromised, and all of a sudden you’re feeling more – you’re waking up the next day and it’s just you feel off a little bit. It’s funny, it’s really true that as we age a little bit, the comfort zone, you know, scheduling and schedules mean more. And so for me the biggest challenge is just the… I mean, I remember when we shot even the pilot of MOTIVE, there were a couple where we went from days to nights in the middle of the week and – woof – I mean literally Kristin and I were like – they had to wake us up if they were gonna do this take now, cause we were just wiped because our bodies’ time was out of whack, so that’s really the – it’s really just going how do I mentally prepare for the adjustment, ‘cause for me that’s it, you know. So that’s the biggest thing about night shoots. They can be fun, and depending on what you’re doing they can be really interesting, but I’d rather be in bed by 9. (laughs)

FF: Right. So when do they usually start? Like right when it gets dark or is that the time when they start setting up?

LF: That depends, that depends… a lot of times you’ll do a partial night if you’re doing an exterior but you need the night, right, so there can be many variables. I remember doing a series, it was my first gig, the show was called “Night Heat”. They only started every day at 5, they purposely shot throughout the evening, they shot from 5 in the afternoon until 7 in the morning. Yeah, so that was part of the, that was the schedule for that show. Which is like having a job and having to do the night shift.

FF: Right, exactly.

LF: So yeah, that’s all it is, and they all break the same way, they’re just doing it in the dark.

FF: Right. So, you mentioned that you’re doing a lot of 70 hour weeks – is that normal for shooting a series or is that just to get the series going?

LF: What’s really weird is that our show works on the premise that – I can tell you this – it’s a “WHY dunnit”, where you meet the victim and the killer and it runs, it operates backwards, so the victim gets a storyline, the killer gets a storyline, Kristin and I are the detectives that operate in real time sort of solving the crimes; what we don’t understand is why we work as much as we do! (laughs) We’re like, but there’s all this other stuff going on and we’re not even in the show that much, so why are we here so much? It’s a mystery upon itself, that’s what we’re trying to figure out. How is this possible? (laughs) But we’re 3 days away from doing our Christmas vacation. We are exhausted. It’s one of those things where you say “Hey, I ran this marathon and I survived. Barely.”

FF: So how many episodes have you done of the show so far?

LF: We’ve done – we’ve finished nine this week, so we would have done nine and then come back and do four more.

FF: Right. I know that season 1 the way it’s scheduled is 13 episodes, and I just found an article saying that it’s supposed to premiere on Super Bowl Day? (Sunday February 3, 2013)

LF: Which is big in Canada; we’re premiering after the Super Bowl. Yeah, that’s good news as far as the producers are concerned – you couldn’t get a better time slot for our debut.

FF: Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed there.

LF: You know, again, my bigger picture for reasons for doing stuff has a lot to do with my children being in Canada, but you also learn stuff. You know, I mean I did not notice what 2 episodes on a quality show like “Breaking Bad” did for me; there’s a lot of interest based on just that. You’d never guess that in Canada, just by the nature of the industry, so it’s one of those things where I have to make some decisions for myself at some point, but I’m just only grateful for anytime I work, so I’m here with my son, in this crazy rain, and working with a great group of people. A lot of the Stargate crew like I’ve told you before, and that part of it all is fantastic. As for the show itself – I don’t know. You never know what the execution – it’s as much of a guess for me as it is for them at this point, I’ve seen nothing.

FF: Right. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that it turns out well and all that.

LF: Yeah, that’s out of my control, I just do my part of the puzzle, so that’s what I’m doing. All you can always do is your best.

FF: Right. I’m sure hoping that soon you’re gonna be landing a comedy where you can be a Doug Barber kind of guy again, because I miss that, you know? I miss the funny Louis on TV. Because all your latest parts were serious and tragic, even…

LF: (laughs) Yeah! (laughs) I know, right? I think the weird thing is that people now think of me that way and expect, so that’s kind of hard to change their mind… I don’t know – it will be interesting to see what happens. But I do like good drama, you know, I love dramedy so I’ll see… I will be my Doug Barber!


Listen to the sound clip here:

FF: (re: Rookie Blue) Have they indicated anything that they might bring your character back?

LF: I don’t think so. It was certainly left open but I think the show is done shooting now, but I had a good time, that’s for sure. I liked that character.

FF: Yeah. Was shooting the second episode as much fun as the first one? I mean how’s it different from having a one-time guest spot to almost being a recurring character, coming back for a second time?

LF: It was fairly new to me, I’ve never really recurred, and it was funny to get Primeval, Breaking Bad, Rookie Blue, wow, I’m like “This is cool!” I like it. Because I like the idea of having slightly different characters. Now, they’re all in the vein of the drama but kind of very different, and I liked that they’re very different kind of looks, and so you get the different sides and the thing is, you don’t have a lot of time to sort of prep and really find completely different people, and they all expect certain things, so the second time on Rookie Blue was weird cause I was shooting MOTIVE, and they flew me out and put all my scenes in one day. So I had 9 scenes in a 16 hour day, and it was fun! It was a lot of fun. It was challenging. It was like that 20 page scene on Primeval when I suddenly realized that I had a day and a half to memorize 20 pages of speak that I don’t usually speak. So I like those challenges and I’m rising to them or not, and I’m learning either way.

FF: You’ve done quite a few recurring roles this year because LA Complex was actually 4 episodes.

LF: Yeah, LA Complex! But up until then I never have, so this must be – 2012 was my “recurring” year! Hello! 2012 was my year of the recurring characters, so it was all towards the second half of the year, so that was interesting.

FF: It was just one after the other! LA Complex, by the way, got cancelled, I was pretty bummed about that, ‘cause I was really starting to get into the show.

LF: Aww, that doesn’t surprise me, they weren’t getting the numbers, that’s part of this thing.

FF: But at least they got an episode at the end to sort of wrap up a lot of the story lines and it felt even a little bit like a finish point at that time, so…

LF: I never saw any of it, but it’s too bad because you know those are nice people, but you realize that’s just part of the show now, that’s just part of the deal, all those shows that get cancelled. But when you’re recurring, I mean I did 3 episodes, so the first one, I was barely in it, so I really just had one episode. I was just happy to do that for Sawyer, there again – for personal reasons. But those were really great guys.

FF: And the funny thing is they actually milked it into 4 episodes, and even though you were just a voice on the phone for about 5 seconds or so – and you got second billing, so how cool is that!

LF: I got second billing on something?

FF: Yeah! For that 5 seconds on the phone you were the second one listed as guest starring. For that role.

LF: Ah, that’s funny!

FF: It really was hilarious, when I was watching it I was expecting this to be a huge major part, but then in the very last minute of the show, there’s 5 seconds! On the phone! I was like “Wow!”

LF: (laughs) I love it! I love it! (laughs)

FF: And then all the other episodes you had the first listing for guest star. I was just really surprised that they even put it that far up, but – I guess they knew what was good on that show!

LF: Well… I don’t know what it was, whatever, but that’s funny.


Listen to the sound clip here:

FF: 2012 looks like one of your busiest years ever, and how do you cope with the challenges of such a full schedule?

LF: Humbly and gratefully, because you know that acting is just – I’m not, I don’t have “a career”, you know how people say “your career”. I don’t. What I do is I audition, and if I get roles I work and I feel blessed, you really are grateful for work, I do have that, it’s a very simplistic thing. I am grateful to be working and my whole job is to do the best that I can. So when work is around I just sort of – the hard part is just being – I don’t even have time to exercise at this point. And I’m not 25 anymore when I can afford to do that. I can feel myself needing the exercise but I’m just too tired.

So you cope by just taking it day by day and just knowing that you’re very blessed to be doing something that you love doing and so I guess that’s how I look at it. Yeah, I mean it’s just part of the grind, you know. I do look at it as a marathon, and you just have to try to go day by day and take care of you as you go along. It’s like anybody’s got a work schedule, it’s just a little bit more intense in the acting world.

FF: Right.


Louis was aware that we were going to have screencaps of Hidden Hills’Christmas” in this month’s Ferreira Fest, and he shared the following tidbit.

Listen to the sound clip here:

LF: Here’s a fun story: so, Kristin Lehman, who is the lead, my leading fantastic partner on MOTIVE – she’s a dream – her best friend is a guy named Doug Barber who I met yesterday as he was coming out of a movie.

FF: No way! No way!!

LF: Yeah, and I saw her husband come by with this guy and he was standing there and I was like “Hi!” and he looked at me like “Hi…” and I should have said it! I should have gone “Doug Barber!” cause it would have flipped him out but I knew it was him. And there I was meeting – I met Doug Barber. I was very excited to see him.

FF: That’s hilarious! Isn’t that weird when you meet a real-time person who actually has the same name.

LF:  Yeah! Yeah, that was really funny!


Louis was deeply affected by the terrible tragedy of last week’s Newtown Elementary School Shooting, and spoke about it at length. Here are some of his thoughts.

Listen to the sound clip here:

LF: This is all about the festive season. Right now this season, I go out, and I see the lights and the joy and the Christmas spirit – one of my favorite times of the year, and it so saddens me, the whole thing that happened yesterday. You just sit there and go, you know – it’s insane, you know, it’s insane, the whole gun laws, and there is always that thing that some major tragedy has to happen for people to wake up. People have to lose someone in their lives to realize what life’s all about.

I try, and I think that more than anything if there’s a Christmas feeling, is that all year round we’re always that precious and we’re always that beautiful and things shouldn’t have to happen for us to just know that the most precious thing we have is each other, and to love one another, and all the basics and all the stuff that everyone knows and somehow forgets in the hustle and the bustle and the need for their own – I don’t know what it is, but we’re missing the point when we focus on the identifying with the doing model as opposed to the being, which is sort of a spiritual thing, which is just: be beautiful, be love! If you love you then you’ll love everyone else.

More and more where I’m at right now, I feel like a higher purpose for myself, to help and to serve and to give back and to just love others in the way that – and it’s so strange, I can’t watch, I couldn’t watch, I was just horrified here like everyone else, as a dad, as a human being, you know? Here’s to us just loving more, each other and ourselves, because that’s ultimately where it all begins.


Finally, Louis wanted to wish everyone at Ferreira Fest a wonderful holiday season, and so here’s an exclusive clip where he sings a song for all of us!

Listen to the sound clip here:

LF: Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, reindeer, had a very shiny nose – hello, everybody! – And if you ever saw it – Happy Holidays! – you would even say it glows – Fantastic!! – All of the other reindeer – Wishing everybody a fantastic holiday season and a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a Happy Kwanzaa – whatever you’re into – happy and fantasticness! Much love, the Louis!


DVD: SGU Season One – Episode Nine “Life” Part 2 Commentary with Louis Ferreira, Brian J Smith, Ming Na and script coordinator Lawren Bancroft-Wilson. Transcript by Casey.

Note: Commentaries are recorded while the actors, directors and producers watch the episode and provide their insight into its filming. There are often multiple conversations taking place at the same time as well as the episode soundtrack playing the background. We will attempt to piece those conversations together to decrease reader confusion. At times, the commentators get caught up watching an episode and fail to discuss which will be noted as [episode soundtrack]. We will note scene progression by first sentence using GateWorld transcript of the episode for tracking purposes.

Listen to the sound clip here:

[Scene: Scott (in Telford’s body) glimpses the small boy (his son) through the window.]

LF – I love this bit.

MN – Oh my gosh! When I first saw this, for a split second I, that’s the brilliance of this whole episode of this stone and everything being so subtle, I actually, for a split second was like, oh, wow, Brian kind of looks like, uh…

LF – (laughter)

BJS – Right.

LF – Well, they do it again here, look.

[Scene: Wray, in soldier’s body, approaches her home.]

BJS – Yeah.

LF – Here we go.

MN – Yeah.

LF – It’s you.

MN – This is, this is uh, Sharon’s, uh… introduced.

LF – Sharon. Right there.

MN – For the first time.

LF – And this is what she sees.

[Scene: Sharon opens door to see unfamiliar face in fatigues.]

MN – Yep.

LF – And now…

MN – You know what I love about this symbolism of the stone…

LF – This moment is great.

[Scene: WRAY (in Chinese): Have you thrown away that ugly chair yet?]

BJS – I love that.

MN – Yeah, it was great that, Carl (Carl Binder) and I decided…

[Scene: Sharon hugs Wray.]

LF – Oh, look and aaaaah.

MN – Isn’t that beautiful.

LF – And someone who loves the inside, the soul, the essence, and that’s what… and that’s what that’s about.

MN – That’s right. And the outside doesn’t matter.

LF – Doesn’t.

MN – Doesn’t matter, that’s how deep their love is.

BJS – And that’s an interesting thing the stones bring up.

MN – Yeah.

BJS – I mean, do you, do you love someone because of the way they look or their outside.

MN – Or for who are they on the inside.

BJS – Or is it because of what they….

MN – But you know, we just, we had just met that day, Reiko and I, Reiko Aylesworth is the woman who plays, uh… the beautiful Sharon.

LF – Yeah. Well, she is beautiful.

MN – And it was basically it was like uh, “Hi, how are you?” in the van ride over to the set…

BJS – And then…

MN – And we had to create a twelve year history with each other.

BJS – Well you did.

LF – And you did it beautifully.

MN – So, that was…

BJS – How do you, I mean, do you think is it one of… you just like trust what’s happening?

MN – I’m just so happy we found Reiko, because… there’s just certain actors where… they give and they just stay open.

LF – Well, you know… sure.

BJS – You’re so comfortable…

LM – Well, I mean, remember, you also took my advice, in terms of how to break the ice with her in the beginning. Like you made out with her for fifteen minutes.

BJS – (giggle) That helps.

LF – And that helps. That always helps, you just take them aside and you make… get it over with. So good on you!

BJS – Me and David Blue did that.

MN – How come I didn’t remember that advice?

LF – (funny, laughing voice) ‘Cause it didn’t happen, I made it up. (laugh) I’m lying!

BJS (laughter)

LF – I’m lying on the DVD, whatever it’s called.

[Scene: Wray in the shower.]

BJS – I love the music here.

MN – Oh, my first shower, oh, I love the music on this show, I just love…

BJS – Isn’t it great?

LF – I love, this whole episode, the music.

MN – The music…

LF – Yeah.

MN – … is just fabulous. I was so nervous, my first shower scene.

BJS – Really? Ever?

LF – Yay!

MN – I think so. And then had…

LF – And look how happy you are to be home on Earth.

[Scene: Wray and Sharon kiss.]

MN – (screeches)

LF – Huge moment for the fans!

BJS – For Stargate fans.

LF – What you have is two people…

MN – I don’t know how people are going to react.

LF – Loooove is love.

MN – Love is love.

LF – Love is love, baby.

MN – That was my first…

LF – Open mind! Who are we to judge? How dare you judge?

MN – My first female kiss, on or off. On or off screen.

LF – Let people be, it’s beautiful, I love this, you know.

MN – That was my first female kiss.

LF – Look, how happiness… you know.

BJS – We’ll learn a lot about people… We’ll learn a lot about people based on how they react to that.

[Scene: OUTSIDE ANNIE’S HOUSE. Scott sees Annie approach.]

BJS – I never noticed how, well, oh this is Sarah Smyth , by the way, who is fantastic, and actually…

LF – She is so good.

BJS – You guys remember Water (the episode), who, um, Gorman, the marine, who gets shredded by the, uh, little sand creatures?

LF – Yeah?

BJS – They’re actually boyfriend and girlfriend in life. Sarah and…

LF – Ooooh! (sweetly)

MN – For real?

BJS – Yeah.

LF – That is so cool.

BJS – So uh, little, uh, interesting tidbit there.

[Scene: Wray and Sharon in kitchen cleaning up after dinner. Sharon asks if Wray has seen her parents. WRAY: They’re not cleared. I can’t tell them who I really am.]

MN – Oh, and this is good too, because you get to know that there’s some people that get clearance, and then other people that don’t.

LF – Yeah.

MN – And see that you can’t reveal who you are.

LF – She (Reiko Aylesworth) played my sister in 24.

[Scene: Wray sees the “ugly chair”]

MN – Oh the ugly chair.

LF – Oh, I love the ugly chair.

BJS – That’s a nice little touch.

LF – I love that look. (the one Wray gives to Sharon for not having gotten rid of the chair.)

BJS – I love that look.

LF – That, that right there is like… there’s twelve years of a relationship.

MN – That’s a relationship moment. Yeah.

LF – Absolutely, that was great.

[Scene: talking about being in another body. WRAY: Food doesn’t taste quite right.]

BJS – Check.

MN – And I love how Carl (Carl Binder) was able to explain like the experience of the stone without really like having to be like expositional with it.

LF – Yeah.

[Scene: Painting on the wall of the tropical island scene Wray was drawing earlier.]

MN – This is one my favorite moments.

BJS – Oh, this is beautiful, yeah.

LF – You’re trying to tell us to shut up, aren’t you Ming?

MN – Shut up and watch this, this is…

LF – OK!

MN – This is Wray’s moment, now (laughs)

LF – This is a big moment for Wray… that we’ll watch!

MN – Listen, no, let’s keep talking.

LF – No, I want to watch. I want us to be in complete silence.

MN – A close up of my face (aaaagh!)

LF – Listen. No look.

MN – Can’t stand it!

LF – Stop it!

BJS – No, I thought you said you liked this?

LF – It’s her favorite moment.

BJS – It’s, it’s beautiful.

[Scene: Sharon pulls Wray into a hug to comfort her while she cries.]

MN – I love this moment between the two because it’s not just….

LF – I feel for her (Sharon) so much as well.

MN – Yeah.

BJS – Mmmhmm.

LF – You know, it’s just not, you know, because were, you know, the audience obviously knows Wray.

MN – Absolutely. Right.

LF – But she, Sharon is, did, a phenomenal job because you gotta imagine what it must be like for her…

MN – Yeah.

LF – And there’s a scene coming up that breaks my heart at the end every time.

[Scene: DESTINY CORRIDOR. TJ tries to get Rush to schedule time for his psych eval. RUSH: Well, I’m fine.]

LF – Look how rude he is.

MN – (laughing) Rush is so rude.

LF – He’s always rushing.

MN – (laughs)

LF – (laughs)

[Scene: ANNIE’S KITCHEN. Little Matthew peers at Scott.]

LF – (still laughing) I like the little one.

BJS – This kid is a really nice kid.

LF – This… you know what I love about this? Look at him looking at you. As if he knows something.

BJS – Yeah.

MN – Yep.

LF – That’s what I took from the scene. He senses… he senses something about you.

MN – He senses something. Mmhmm.

BJS – Yeah.

[Scene: ANNIE: Matthew, go.]

MN – (in a voice of surprised wonder) It’s the same name as… Lt. Matthew Scott

LF – This is great.

[Scene: Stunned look on LT Scott’s face as he learns he has a son.]

MN – So, some….

LF – That Julliard taught you well, my friend.

MN – Yeah. (laughs)

BJS – Uuuuuh.

LF – That’s all I’m saying. Honestly, that, like you’re just, this is like your second show after your Law and Order, am I right?

BJS – Yeah.

LF – Yeah, that’s insane to me. Beyond impressive.

BJS – Well, you know, we didn’t know how far to go in that scene, because you know, it’s like, because you’re playing someone who’s in someone else’s body but they’re having a reaction.

LF – No, no but I love that you were just, you were able to expose all of it completely honestly, because she doesn’t know…

MN – You’re just reacting. Yeah, because…

BJS – Yeah, then you have to…

LF – That’s what I loved about that.

BJS – It’s kind of reminds me of Shakespeare

MN – And you know if you really think about it…

LF – Completely Shakespeare.

MN – You’re not looking in a mirror. If you’re having your thoughts, you’re having your thought as you… unless you look in the mirror and you’re like, oh my God, that’s not me.

LF – You forget… and you can’t… That goes back to the innocence. You don’t have… you don’t have it in you to cover up. So that’s what’s so great about that for me…

BJS – Oh, yeah.

LF – … is that Scott is so pure in his reactions and so honest, that you’re seeing such honesty which is rare, which is what I, you know…

[Scene: Greer speaking with TJ for his psych eval.]

LF – I love Greer’s scene.

BJS – I love this monologue, this little thing.

MN – Yeah.

LF – Jamil is no joke.

[Scene: GREER: Be happy for what I am.]

MN – This episode, I just keep forgetting how amazing, how, every, there’s so many characters that are introduced and each one is just revealed… a little moment

LF – Such a… yes…. It’s by far one of my favorite episodes. For that exact reason. It’s a very ensemble episode.

MN – Yeah. Mmm.

LF – And it does just that, every character you get just a little bit more.

MN – I hope we have more of this.

LF – More of these kinds of episodes. Yeah, I would love…

[Scene: Greer rises to leave, TJ seems to shirk back just a bit.]

LF – I love that shot too. That sort of rise and…

BJS – She’s a little bit scared almost… you wonder sometimes what Greer is… if you push too many buttons.

MN – Oh I know, he could totally go off.

LF – Well, especially with Wray the Greer relationship is very dynamic.

BJS – Yeah… dangerous, there’s always a sense of danger when Jamil’s in a scene.

LF – Yeah.

[Scene: Scott in KITCHEN with Annie.]

MN – Do you have trouble looking at yourself (to Brian)? Or you’re good?

BJS – Uh, I got used to it.

MN – Yeah?

BJS – I got used to it.

MN – That’s nice.

BJS – There’s only so much you can do. (laughs)

LF – I’ve found that in… there’s two trains of thought there with actors. Usually the good side is that people can actually learn from it and take, and see habits or tics that they can maybe work with. Other people actually go changing things (small laugh) because they’re, become… it works both ways I think.

MN – Yeah. I think so.

LF – So you gotta sorta figure it out. I tend to watch usually after the fact. This is new for me. Way after it’s aired, when it’s gone.

MN – I can only watch, like, oh… like seven, eight, nine months.

LF – Yeah, that’s why this is my first time doing this.

BJS – Yeah.

LF – It’s very fascinating.

BJS – You know what, I really, this is the first time I’ve seen this on HD, like with this really great HD thing. I never noticed the little touch like her (Annie’s) kind of sparkly eye shadow, which really speaks to her, you know, being a dancer.

LF – Oh absolutely.

BJS – I had never noticed that in any other resolution before.

[Scene: Air Force officer comes to collect both Wray and Scott.]

LF – I love that little bit too, the way both of you are coming, you know, they come grab you. Simultaneously, that was kind of great.

MN – Grab you, yeah, it’s so uh…

[Scene: Wray and Sharon say good-bye.]

LF – And this, this is the scene I was talking about. I love Sharon in this scene, this is, both of you, but I fell for her.

[Scene: SHARON: You are gonna take a deep breath, and you’re gonna find the strength.]

MN – But see, I think that that’s what was so revealing because Wray gets her strength from this relationship.

LF – Absolutely. Yeah.

MN – That’s what drives her and with, and it’s nice that she’s the one that’s giving her the hope.

BJS – Yeah, I think the way this is… but I think the way this was…

LF – That’s why I feel so… oh yeah, absolutely.

[Scene: SHARON: I’m not going anywhere. WRAY: Promise?]

LF – (speaking in a hushed voice, the words that Sharon says next) I already did twelve years ago.

MN – Twelve years?!

LF – Commitment. You know?

BJS – Yeah.

MN – That’s a steady relationship. That’s love.

LF – That’s for, that’s for better for worse.

MN – Yeah.

BJS – But I love where this is placed in the arc of the season, because you need to see Wray go through this especially when you get to episodes like Justice.

LF – Yeah, yeah.

[Scene: Wray and Sharon kiss.]

LF – (soft voice, commenting on kiss) You need to see a little bit more of this!

MN – (laughs)

[Scene: Wray leaves, Sharon closes the door and breaks down in tears.]

LF – And this moment here.

MN – Oh! Yeah!

LF – I just…

MN – Just the whole…

LF – Wow! That’s a trip.

MN – And I love our location people, too…

LF – (still focused on Sharon scene) I was saying, she (Reiko) played my sister in 24. I’ve worked with Reiko before.

MN – Mmhmm, that’s right.

BJS – What? Oh wow.

MN – Yeah, six degrees…

[Scene: Scott telling Annie that he’s spoken with “Matt” and told him about his son.]

LF – I love this hopeful….

[Scene: SCOTT: He’s going to arrange to have his monthly Air Force check directly deposited.]

MN – Ooh, lips (Scott’s) look really red in there. Hmmm.

BJS – I know, I know.

LF – This is a great scene, it’s set up so as like the good guy, then it takes the turn.

BJS – Yeah, yeah.

[Scene: ANNIE: I’m okay with my job. SCOTT: Whoa, wait, what about college?]

MN – What a surprise?! Why?!

LF – (mimicking Annie) I’m not giving up the pole, man! (laughs)

MN – Why?! Why?! It’s good money? Don’t make sense!

[Scene: Scott watches Annie walk away, stunned and saddened by her reaction.]

MN – Aw.

LF – This is so wild, I’ve never done this (commentary) in twenty five years.

BJS – You’ve never done this?

MN – No? Well I think…

LF – I want to do that thing with the guys at the theatre (snicker, turns to laughter) you can’t help but want to do that.

[Scene: Wray says good-bye to her parents on their steps, walks to car. In background, house number is 5848.]

MN – Oh, oh, wait, can I tell you the details? Ok, in Chinese, like, eight is an important number, I mean, they even found like for Wray’s parents’ home… I mean, just the details of this show!

LF – What is the significance?

MN – Eight is a very lucky number, so you know, even in the, in the house you see like two eights and… just the details, I’m telling you.

LF – I’ve been going with seven my whole life, you’re telling me eight?!

MN – Details!

LF – (laughs)

BJS – (laughs)

MN – But our location scouts! You know?

LF – (Laughs) Eight is the number man!

MN – Eight is the number. Eight and three. Very good numbers.

LF – Vegas, here I come! I’m going with eight.

BJS – What is the issue with Wray and her parents?

MN – They don’t accept her, I think, sexuality.

LF – All, eight, everything!

LBW – Four’s horrible, eight’s good.

MN – So, there’s a lot of tension.

[Scene: DESTINY CONTROL ROOM. Young, Rush, Brody, Franklin, Volker et al.]

LF – I wanted to talk about how lucky we are to have Volker, uh, Brody, Park, and how wonderful they are like the local….

BJS – Riley…

LF – Like Riley, Haig, These guys, or Patrick right there… brilliant! Sooo amazing!

MN – Yeah, yeah.

BJS – Yeah. And sometimes it’s the hardest thing to come into a scene and play.

LF – It is uh…. we’ve got so… I love the look of that, oh, that’s beautiful! (commenting on shot of entire control room)

BJS – Isn’t that beautiful? (comments on control room shot, then goes back to talking about the actors) But where you only have like a couple lines, or even like a line.

MN – Right.

LF – It’s a lot harder usually.

BJS – That the hardest thing to do.

MN – The hardest.

LF – Yeah.

MN – And most of their lines are usually quite scientific.

LF – They are amazing!

[Scene: Young walks away from Rush after telling him once again that the Chair is off limits.]

BJS – I love this by the way, that last little exchange between, uh, you two, it’s such a great moment.

[Scene: Young greets Wray and Scott returning from their visit to Earth, both appear subdued.]

LF – I like this moment, this is the three of us guys! Here we are!

MN – That’s right! There we are!

LF – (deep voice) And look, and how was it for you Lieutenant?

MN – (subdued voice) Yeah, great.

LF – (deep voice) Look a little poo poo.

BJS – (deep voice mimicking Louis) Yeah, it was poop.

[Scene: Young watches Scott walk away.]

LF – (continuing in deep voice) Oh, what happened? They don’t, they’re not happy.

MN – (laughs)

LF – (deep voice) Anyway, (returning to usual voice) better get back to business!

(all three laugh)

LF – That would be…

MN – What a concerned Colonel.

LF – You can do, you can do a whole subtext as the humorous part.

BJS – That would be good… translate it.

LF – That would be so funny, translate it, I will do that.

[Scene: MESS. GREER: Look, if it means getting off of this tin can… then we’re all in.]

LF – I love the tin can analogy. I think it’s so dead on.

BJS – It is.

[Scene: Volker doing his psych eval with TJ. VOLKER: We’ll crack it.]

MN – (laughs at the look on Volker’s face.)

BJS – Oh.

LF – Yeah, there’s a moment coming up that we love it.

BJS – But again… you gotta give Alex (Alex Chapple) a lot of credit for letting that happen, like something like this happen in a scene… so out of the box.

MN – Yep.

LF – Yeah, it’s just a little beep, but it’s wonderful.

[Scene: Volker smiles, a little wild-eyed. VOLKER: I don’t know about you but I was getting to the end of my rope here.]

(all three laugh)

LF – I love it just uh, coo-coo, coo-coo, coo-coo!

BJS – But he gives a little snap even, the snap that they put there, it was perfect.

MN – A little twitch there!

… To be continued in Ferreira Fest 37/ January 2013! Please join us in thanking Casey for the awesome transcript!

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