Ferreira Fest 156

Published December 2022
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Winter has definitely arrived in the Northern hemisphere with a massive cold snap on the way in North America. As we wrap up 2022 and our 13th year of monthly Ferreira Fest gatherings we also gear up for year 14! We kick off the 2023 Louis Ferreira Birthday Project and check in with our friends and charities. We also have a new recipe and our exclusive Reading Series, so grab an age-appropriate drink and some seasonal snacks at our virtual bar and come on in!


This month we kick off the official 2023 Birthday Project!

Every year we surprise Louis with a birthday gift where everyone can participate.

This year ‘s project will help support Haven Toronto, and it won’t cost you a penny! Read all about it and submit your good wishes here!


Ability Online

If you’re looking for a comfortable place to hang out, make friends, and feel good about yourself then Ability Online is the place for you. On Ability Online, everyone looks the same – we’re just friends meeting friends.
Our online communities are comprised primarily of people who share the challenges associated with disabilities and/or chronic illness, but everyone is welcome to participate! The whole point of Ability Online is to have a fully integrated online community, proving the point that there are no disabilities online. So welcome aboard everyone!

Learn more, and find out how to join here.

Ability Gives, the equipment fundraising arm of Ability Online, is still sponsoring Lamitta. Learn more about her needs and how to help here.

Of course you can always contribute to the general operating fund by clicking on the logo below. If you’re looking for a worthy cause to make your year-end charitable contributions, helping disabled kids is a great way!

Haven Toronto

Haven Toronto is a daytime shelter for elder homeless men that offers a wide variety of services to its members.

With hundreds of interactions monthly and thousands annually, our nurses and counsellors reduce barriers to care, including mental health care, for elder homeless men.

Our counselling team provides assistance to elderly men who face significant challenges with system navigation and access to services.

Clients can receive support to find appropriate healthcare, mental health and addiction resources and assistance to find housing opportunities. Outreach services are available to clients who may be isolated and may lack social supports.

Haven Toronto’s Shop & Share Site is perfect for people who want to know exactly what happens to their charitable donations: anything you purchase there will go directly to an elder homeless man in need. From single meals to entire Care Kits, there’s something for every budget! The 2023 Birthday Project will benefit the meal services at Haven Toronto so please participate now! Click here for more info.

Of course you can also give to the general operating fund of the organization by clicking on the logo below. Please note that you will be linked to our very own donations page which still bears the former name of the shelter – The Good Neighbours Club. Your donation will still arrive at Haven Toronto.

The Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada

The Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada is Canada’s leading charity dedicated to improving the lives of children and youth and families involved in the child welfare system.

This year, we worked with 80 organizations to deliver 41 high impact programs that helped children and youth in the child welfare system. Thank you to everyone who has supported us – we’ve had a record-breaking year and it’s all thanks to you! Together, we’ve improved outcomes for nearly 20,000 children, young people, and families. But we’re not done yet! Read more, or make a generous donation to support our work, by clicking here.

We recently partnered with Youth Wellness Lab and the Royal Bank of Canada to explore the employment outcomes of youth in and from care in Ontario. Over the past two weeks, Youth Wellness Lab, who led this work, has been sharing high-level findings from this study, as well as interesting points about how youth in and from care can be better supported to transition into the community and in their search for independence. The study indicates how difficult it is for children aging out of care to continue their lives without support and how their experiences affect pay, unemployment, and opportunities they participate in. ⁠
⁠Please visit Youth Wellness Lab for more information or check out our highlight to learn more!⁠

You can always read the latest news and information about events here.

This holiday season, please consider supporting children and youth in the foster system and help ensure that they have what they need to succeed in life! Click on the logo below to donate – it’s easy and secure.


Here are Louis’ TV listings for the next two weeks:

ER: The Domino Heart (S6 E11) – POP
Tuesday, December 27, 10:00 AM

Dr. Greene is concerned about a gay couple’s abusive relationship; a daughter wants her elderly mother admitted; a fever may prevent a heart transplant; a water shortage complicates matters; Hathaway returns to work.

See screen caps here!

NCIS: A Desperate Man (S9 E13) – SUND
Tuesday, December 27, 9:00 PM

A navy lieutenant is murdered, and the team investigates while being interrupted by her husband, who is a detective (Louis Ferreira); and Ray Cruz returns to talk to Ziva about their possible future together.

See screen caps here!

Check here every week for current TV airings!


To close out the year we have 439 screen caps from Motive Season 2 episode 7 Pitfall (2014).

The killer: Stuart Fletcher, a paramedic. The victim: Graeme Jenkins, who died in a skydiving accident when his parachute did not open as the cords were cut on both chutes. After the autopsy, Betty determines that Jenkins would have soon died anyway as he had terminal lung cancer, leading to the initial belief that he committed suicide.
Angie provides Oscar with the official story of what happened between her and Cross ten years ago.
(synopsis from IMDb)

Here is a direct link to the album, or click on the screen cap below:


The fourth monthly reading series continues in Mr. Mugs – Rockets Away!   by Martha Kambeitz and Denise Burns.
Unlike previous readers, this volume was published as a hardcover book within the Level 3 series of the Mr. Mugs readers. It was originally released in 1968. The Mr. Mugs books have been out of print for many years but occasionally you can find them on eBayAmazon Marketplace or various other antique book dealers.

Louis credits the Mr. Mugs books series with helping him to learn English at a very young age.

You can listen to all the previous book readings under the Reading Series Tab.

Here is this month’s chapter.

Listen to the sound clip here:

Chapter 29: Lost! – A Dog! Part 2

Part 2

Mark thought he heard something near the clubhouse.
“Did you hear that?” he whispered.

“Yes, I heard it,” Tom whispered back. “It’s near the clubhouse.”

“I’m frightened,” whispered Pat. “Let’s run to the house.”

“Sh-!” whispered Mark. “It’ll hear you. I think it’s coming closer.”

“What do you think it is?” whispered Tom.

… to be continued next month!

“I don’t know,” whispered Mark, “but I don’t like it.”

They heard it come closer and closer. “I’m frightened,” whispered Pat.

“SH-” whispered Mark. “I think it’s going away.”

“Yes,” said Tom. “I can’t hear it. We can go back to sleep now.”

“It’s a good thing I’m on the inside,” laughed Pat. “That was a close call.”

“Oh Pat,” answered Tom. “Nothing can get into the B.C.H. Go back to sleep!”

Pat and Mark went off to sleep, but Tom didn’t. He thought about the thing outside the clubhouse.
What was it?


Alaina Huffman

Alaina shared a new portrait/ headshot made by the talented Karolina Turek who has also worked with several others of our friends.

Alaina posts great photos on her Instagram Feed quite frequently so be sure to follow her. Click on the picture to visit!

The Affolter Brothers

The Affolter Brothers and their production company Foreshadow Films have done a Public Service Announcement (PSA) about the dangers of asbestos in building and renovating. Watch it here or click the screen cap for the link!

The Affolters write:
“Had a smash producing stop-motion with our friends at Film Boldly for this WorkSafeBC PSA! Big thanks to Paul Moldovanos (‘The Clayman’) for his fine work building our star!”

Amanda Alexander-McLean

Amanda did an info session for people who are interested in her profession. From the ad:
Interested in the art of Script Supervising? Apply to Creative Pathways and explore careers in BC Film with Amanda Alexander-McLean!

Amanda writes about the online event:
“It went well I think. A good turn out. It’s nice to see folks interested in what I do. I hope I helped them and provided some insight into my job.” 

Amanda is currently the Script Supervisor for the series So Help Me Todd. If you missed the event you can learn more about what she does in an exclusive interview on Amanda’s Page!

Mika McKinnon

“My last journey in the Before Times was to a huge science conference in Seattle.
I snuck away to Pike Place Market between sessions to buy a hank of beautiful silk/alpaca yarn in a delicious spring green to match my boots, and a new pair of beautiful wooden needles to work it.
I knit around and around in circles the next few days, adding rows while livetweeting research talks, awkwardly networking with science writers I’d known for years but never met, and burying my unease about reports of novel coronavirus cases popping up in North America.

Strikes were blocking the rail lines home and I started to worry I’d be trapped on the wrong side of the border as a pandemic blossomed.

So I knit.
And I knit, and I knit.
And I kept knitting to keep my hands busy and my mind keeping up a steady background of counting so I wouldn’t have space to fret about all the things I couldn’t change, and I tweeted and I talked and I knit some more.
The strikes lifted just in time for my train back north. Three weeks after I got home and unpacked my bags, the Canadian border closed for two years.
I haven’t touched my knitting since I got off the train.
A lot has changed since then. Vaccines, elections, a whole new human in my family, a whole future I couldn’t have imagined that’s now my past. I would’ve sworn I was making a hat, but from loop size it’s looking more like an infinity scarf and I don’t know if that’s a flaw in my memories or in the distracted counting of me in the last days before the world changed.
I picked it up tonight.
I wonder if I can still match the tension.”

Troy Mundle

“Thank you so much Allan and The Official Concept for an amazing chat! It was a pleasure speaking with you!”

Read the full article here.

They also had a conversation on The Official Concept Podcast, which is available on Spotify.

And here is another screen cap of Troy in his recent Lifetime movie An Amish Sin, which also starred our friend Eugene Lipinski.

Patrick Gilmore

Patrick posted an adorable holiday photo of himself with his dog Jasper on his Instagram Feed.

Follow him here!

Eric Banerd

Eric has added a new branch to his painting business EB Painting – he now also runs the Even Brighter Holiday Lights Christmas Lights Hanging Services! Watch a promo video here!

If you live in the Vancouver area and you’re sick and tired of putting up your lights every year, or maybe you just don’t have the equipment to do so safely, check out Even Brighter Lights by clicking on the screenshot below!

Justin Nannassy

Justin shared a new poem. You can click on the thumbnail and read it and all his other poetry on our external share site with Justin’s Gallery, which includes both poetry and artwork.

Mature readers only, please – kids should go here instead.

Peter Kelamis

Peter writes:

“The time I got to play the Rat King opposite Cole Sprouse on Riverdale…

BTW…Cole is a great guy!”

Riverdale airs on The CW. Louis and several of our friends have also guest starred on the show in the past.

Bradley Stryker

Bradley played Eric Ward on the FBI S5 E8 episode Into the Fire.

“Filming in Brooklyn, New York has always been a favorite of mine. FBI was no exception. Grateful to work with these lovely humans.”

The episode premiered November 22 at 8pm on CBS.


Our friend (and frequent Louis photo supplier) Jackie has an Instagram feed for sharing her culinary creations. Every month she will contribute a recipe you can all try out, knowing that the result will be both nutritious and delicious!

Tuna-less Sandwich

“This Tuna-less sandwich is one of my favorite snacks to make! It’s soooo easy and soooo tasty!
Happy cooking, friends!”

1 can of chickpeas, drained and rinsed
1/2 cup celery, small dice
1/2 cup pickles, small dice
1 tbsp red onion, small dice
1/8 teaspoon salt or to taste
Sprinkle of pepper to taste
1/4 cup vegan mayo
1 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp nori seaweed flakes
Gluten Free bread, toasted
Lettuce of choice
Sliced tomato
Sliced cucumber


Add your chickpeas into a medium sized bowl and use a potato masher to mash.

Add the rest of your ingredients and mix to combine.

Toast your bread, spread your tunaless and add your fixings.



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