Ferreira Fest 139

Published July 2021

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It’s the middle of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter Down Under, and it’s time for another Ferreira Fest! We check in with Louis Ferreira, his friends and chosen charities; we have lots of photos and our exclusive Reading Series, and to help the sweltering Northerners cool off a little we have screen caps of A Brother’s Promise: The Dan Jansen Story where Louis got to do a lot speed skating. So join us for either some chilly pineapple sherbet or hot pineapple upside down cake and come on in!


Ability Online

As the first social media technology platform for young people with disabilities to connect to each other and the world around them, Ability Online offers its members the following:

  • Supportive online community for kids, teens & young adults with all kinds of disabilities or health challenges.
  • Dedicated sections for Parents/Caregivers & Professionals !
  • A Safe, monitored online experience also rich in resources and skill development modules.
  • Connections to peers, role models & mentors for info and support.
  • Equipment grants for qualifying members (parents) of the online community. Grant recipients are children with disabilities or chronic illnesses under 18 years of age (visit Ability Gives)
  • FREE membership   

To get started please visit the new site portal.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still a huge problem for youngsters, especially those who are immune-compromised, Ability Online’s work is more important than ever. Please consider making a donation to keep this valuable resource for disabled youth and young adults operating – just click on the logo below!

Project Limelight

The mission of Project Limelight Society is to create an environment that will allow youth to develop a strong sense of self and to unleash their imagination. The program provides a nurturing community that supports their development through participation in the performing arts. Project Limelight gives young people a sense of confidence, self-assurance and creative freedom that will be carried forward outside of the initiative and into their school and home life.

Project Limelight is a non-profit performing arts program in East Vancouver offering residents ages 8 to 15 years old of the Downtown Eastside, Strathcona and Mount Pleasant programming at no cost. Project Limelight provides youth with a safe place to build an artistic community alongside professional actors, directors, dancers, singers, costume designers, filmmakers and musicians. As part of their commitment to the community, nutritious meals and snacks are provided to every child at each workshop and rehearsal.

While activities are currently on hold due to COVID-19 please help with a donation so they can hit the ground running when it is safe to do so again! Click on the logo below – it’s easy and secure.

Haven Toronto

Haven Toronto is Toronto’s only daytime shelter for elder homeless men. Click on the cover shot on the right to read the 2021 Mid-Year Report.

We served a record number of meals in 2020. We’ll serve a record number in 2021 too. Meals are up 90% year over year (January-June). Food costs are up 442%. Please help us meet the growing need by buying Shop And Share meals for $1 in our online store.

Of course you can also give to the general operating fund of the organization by clicking on the logo below. Please note that you will be linked to our very own donations page which still bears the former name of the shelter – The Good Neighbours Club. Your donation will still arrive at Haven Toronto.

The Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada

June is National Indigenous History Month, a time to celebrate and honor the history, diversity, outstanding achievements, and vital leadership of Indigenous peoples in Canada. At Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, we are continuously working to inform our practices through research and education, and to achieve our goals for providing effective and necessary supports for Indigenous children, youth, and families. ⁠

⁠As news of the traumatic and entrenched racism of the residential school experience continues to be uncovered, we strive to educate ourselves further on the issues facing Indigenous communities across the country and condemn the unthinkable historical and continuing traumas of Indigenous children and their families in the name of assimilation.⁠

⁠Read more about our commitment to addressing the overrepresentation of Indigenous children in child welfare and our dedication to creating an equity-focused workplace and organization in our new blog post.

Click image for more info on National Indigenous History Month

We are thrilled to announce the creation of the National Bank Indigenous Youth Mental Health Fund, thanks to National Bank of Canada and their donation of $300,000. This fund will provide unique support for the individual mental health needs of approximately 240 Indigenous youth across the country who are in the process of transitioning out of the child welfare system.⁠

⁠Read more about the program and our commitment to developing and supporting targeted strategies to address the needs of populations including Indigenous children, youth, and families who are overrepresented within the child welfare system

For more related news please check out the online newsletter The Buzz.

To make a contribution please click on the logo below. Every penny helps!


Louis and Jackie are traveling in California this month with Giancarlo along for the ride…

A little dog puts some big rocks into perspective!

Louis and Jackie spent Father’s Day with Jackie’s dad!

“Happy Father’s Day to my amazing pops and to all the wonderful dads in the world!”


This month we have 417 screen caps of the 1996 movie A Brother’s Promise: The Dan Jansen Story.

The made-for-TV movie is based on the true story of American speed skater Dan Jansen and the loving relationship with his sister Jane. We see Dan go through the motions before and after losing his sister, then see him rise to glory winning the Gold Medal in the 1994 Olympics.

Louis plays Dan’s friend Nick Thometz. Keith James “Nick” Thometz is an American ice speed-skater. For most of 1987 he held the world record for men’s 500 meter speed skating. At the Speed Skating World Cup of 1986-1987 he won the 500 meter and 1000 meter divisions. He also won a silver medal at the 1987 World Sprint Speed Skating Championships for Men. He competed in the Winter Olympic Games three times, but never medaled.

Photo By UweFan – Own work, CC BY 3.0

On the left is the original Nick Thometz in action at an international speed skating event; to the right is Nick during his post-competition years, and below is Nick the way he looks today.

Nick is still coaching young speed skaters today, training the next generation of competitive skaters.

Elected to the National Speedskating Hall of Fame in 2003, Nick’s induction was delayed by a year to enable him to attend the birth of his son. Nick Thometz’ skating accomplishments are legendary. He was a member of two Junior World teams, two World teams, eleven World Sprint teams, and three Olympic teams; earning two overall top 10 finishes in the Junior Worlds, seven top 10 overall finishes including one second overall in the World Sprints, and achieved three top 10 finishes in Olympic competition. In seven World Cup seasons, Nick ranked in the top three at 500 and 1000 meters for the 1985-86, 1986-87, and 1987-88 seasons. During his skating career, Nick won medals in three Junior World Championship, one World Championship, five World Sprint Championships, and in over forty World Cups. He established a World Record of 36.55 seconds for 500 meters on March 19, 1987 in Heerenveen. Following his retirement from competition, Nick turned to coaching. He was National Team Coach between 1993 and 1997. He also served as the 1998 U.S. Speedskating Olympic Team Leader and Director of Long Track Speedskating events for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.

Here is a direct link to the album: https://ferreirafestscreencaps.shutterfly.com/pictures/48538


The fourth monthly reading series continues in Mr. Mugs – Rockets Away! by Martha Kambeitz and Denise Burns.
Unlike previous readers, this volume was published as a hardcover book within the Level 3 series of the Mr. Mugs readers. It was originally released in 1968. The Mr. Mugs books have been out of print for many years but occasionally you can find them on eBayAmazon Marketplace or various other antique book dealers.

Louis credits the Mr. Mugs books series with helping him to learn English at a very young age.

You can listen to all the previous book readings under the Reading Series Tab.

Here is this month’s chapter.

Listen to the sound clip here:

Chapter 12: A Pink Popcorn Party

A Pink Popcorn Party

Pat and Mr. Mugs looked at the planet.
The pink popcorn looked pretty.
“look how soft it is,” said Pat.
“It’s like a soft bed.”

Mr. Mugs said, “I like something soft.
I want to sleep on something soft.
Will you sleep her with me, Pat?
We can go back to Earth when we get up.”

“no,” said Pat. “The bed in the rocket
is soft. I’ll sleep on it. Have a good sleep.”
* * *
When Pat got up he looked out.
What he saw frightened him.

Something was wrong on the pink planet.
Someone was on it!
What looked like pink popcorn
was something else.

“Who are they?” Pat asked in surprise.
“Why are they fighting?
What are they doing to Mr. Mugs?
How can I help him?”

Pat was frightened, but he wanted
to help Mr. Mugs.

(… to be continued next month!)


Alaina Huffman

Here’s Alaina posing with a truck. Check it out!

The Affolter Brothers

The Affolter Brothers write:

“Yowza!!! We got a Special Jury Mention at Tribeca y’all! The living legend herself Whoopi Goldberg was “deeply impacted” by our film… Thank you so much to her and the festival for having us – consider us wildly humbled and frantically crossing one more item off our collective bucket lists! WILD.”

Find out more about the movie Try To Fly here.

Justin Breault

During the past several months Justin worked as a stunt double and stand in on the TV series Peacemaker and Snowpiercer.

Here he is (seated on the left) with some of his colleagues as filming wrapped for the season!

In addition to being a certified stunt performer, Justin is also a certified personal trainer.

Troy Mundle

Troy’s recent series Bucketheads is doing great!

Check out his website – here’s a screenshot of the homepage with a photo of a recent show.

Sawyer Ferreira

Sawyer posted a new selfie and a poem written last winter:

Bounded by trees
I blow in the wind
Surrounded by dirt
Tastes of Earth in your mouth
We are creatures of the garden
We plant seeds as we walk
We intertwine our hands
The birds sing
Snow is cold on my cheek
Wind whistles through the gap in your teeth
When I look at you my eyes are the sun
When you look at me your eyes are the moon.

Reminder to take it one day at a time.

Eric Banerd

Eric’s painting business EB Painting has been very busy. Check out these before and after pictures – a fresh coat of paint has got this deck looking brand new! Do you live in the Vancouver area? Could your deck use a little TLC? Call 604-359-7979 for a free quote!

Justin Nannassy

Justin met up with Louis and Jackie in Los Angeles!

David Dingess

David’s new album Young Old Guy is now available online! Listen to the title song on YouTube right here!

At the YouTube link you will find links to other songs as well – just look for the album cover.

Looking for the perfect gift for that very special friend? How about one of David’s albums?

David also shared this awesome photo of himself, standing in a field of sunflowers!

Jennifer Spence

Jen and her Russian Blue kitty demonstrate:

The Cat Nap

… purr purr purr…

Ingrid Rogers

Ingrid’s recent solo film LIBERATE has racked up a number of awards at the Film Invasion Los Angeles (FILA) film festival.

Ingrid is currently taking a break from Social Media, but she wanted to share her big success.

Congrats, Ingrid, all of these awards are very well deserved!

Peter Kelamis

Peter has shared a few pictures this month.

Recently he attended Kameha Con, which celebrated his voice-acting role on Dragonball-Z. He also guest starred on the series Van Helsing and shared some special time with his daughter.

“Hell yeah!”
“Fun times!!!”
“Happy Father’s Day!”

Bradley Stryker

Our friend Bradley is always super-busy! There’s always yet another award for his full-length feature film, and new projects to work on.

“Grateful to be screening with the New York Movie Awards at The Kraine Theatre”
“Alas, it is time to get back to work!”

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