Ferreira Fest 138

Published June 2021

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Welcome to this month’s Ferreira Fest! Like every month for the last 11+ years we gather here online to check in with Louis Ferreira, his friends and chosen charities. We have shows news, our exclusive Reading Series, Motive screencaps and so much more! Pool’s open, so grab an age-appropriate pineapple cocktail with a little paper umbrella at our virtual bar and come on in!


Ability Online

As the first social media technology platform for young people with disabilities to connect to each other and the world around them, Ability Online offers its members the following:

  • Supportive online community for kids, teens and young adults with all kinds of disabilities or health challenges.
  • Dedicated sections for Parents/ Caregivers and Professionals
  • A safe, monitored online experience also rich in resources and skill development modules
  • Connections to peers, role models and mentors for info and support.
  • Equipment grants for qualifying members (parents) of the online community. Grant recipients are children with disabilities or chronic illnesses under 18 years of age (See Ability Gives)
  • FREE membership

Just register – and yes we will call you on the phone to verify your information – but guess what? – that procedure has kept our members safe since 1990! Worth the wait don’t you think? Then simply login and explore the possibilities.
If you need help – just ask. Email or call (toll free 1-866-650-6207) and we will do our best to answer any and all of your questions. Together we can help our members be unstoppable!
Check out our social media pages and please follow us!
We work with our community partners to develop and share meaningful content with our members. Ability Online modules are also viewed as a valuable resource for skill development/ information sharing in a variety of settings. We are always looking for new partners!

Are you looking to:

  • Socialize and make new friends?
  • Learn new skills and have fun?
  • Build up your confidence?

Then join us and be part of our online community where all we see is your potential! As a member, you’ll be able to:

  • Connect with others like yourself
  • Share experiences
  • Join discussions
  • Find mentors
  • Explore content

Registration is required to join the community and we have a community support team on hand to make sure you get the most out of this safe and secure online environment.
Ready to get started?
If you are under 18 or looking to join the community for Parents and Professionals, click here to access the registration form for both of these current communities that are available through our main website.
If you want to join the community for young adults, click here to complete the easy steps to register.
We look forward to welcoming you soon!

You can also make a direct donation to help defray the cost of running this extensive online community. Just click on the logo below – your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

Project Limelight

Project Limelight is open to young people aged 8 to 15 in the Vancouver Strathcona district. The average session is four months long and runs three days a week.
The first month is spent learning skills, techniques and forms of expression, including clowning, creative writing, voice work, movement and improvisation. The following three months are spent rehearsing a full-length theatrical production, leading up to a final performance on a community stage, giving participants the opportunity to showcase everything they have accomplished.

Each workshop is spent bringing the kids together in different scenarios so by the end of the first month they are a tightly knit group ready to take on the hurdles of a production. Instructors are experts in their fields, bringing unique experience and energy to the program. Project Limelight works with creative professionals who want to pass their skills and their passion on to the next generation by creating a fun-filled, safe environment that inspires kids to express themselves.

Project Limelight welcomes youth ages 8 to 15 living in East Vancouver to join the waitlist for future programs. No audition required.

While all activities have been on hold during COVID-19 please consider making a donation to help Project Limelight make a running start once it is safe to begin the next project. Click on the logo below – it’s fast, easy and secure.

Haven Toronto

Celebrating Seniors Month

Haven Toronto is the only drop-in center in Canada dedicated to elder men impacted by poverty, homelessness and isolation. We provide an inviting space where elder men feel safe, engage with peers, and can become part of a diverse community.

Celebrating Pride Month

Haven Toronto is a drop-in center where elder men impacted by poverty, homelessness & isolation are treated with respect & afforded their dignity, where they can form & cultivate friendships, and become part of a safe community.

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Month

Listen and learn. June is National Indigenous History Month, a time for all Canadians to reflect upon and learn the history, sacrifices, cultures, contributions, and strength of First Nations, Inuit and Metis people.

Haven Toronto publishes an eMagazine! H Magazine offers informative, engaging and entertaining articles related to the elderly, impoverished and homeless. Check it out!

Haven Toronto’s 2020 Annual Report is now available for you to peruse. Learn about all the lifesaving work the organization has done during the global pandemic of COVID-19.

If you’d like to make a direct impact please visit the Shop & Share site: anything you purchase there goes directly to an elder homeless man in need. There is something for every budget – from socks to sunscreen to Sunday brunch for everyone! There is no go-between, and you will know exactly what your money did.

Of course you can also give to the general operating fund of the organization by clicking on the logo below. Please note that you will be linked to our very own donations page which still bears the former name of the shelter – The Good Neighbours Club. Your donation will still arrive at Haven Toronto.

The Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada

We are devastated by the news of the found remains of 215 Indigenous children at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School. The unthinkable trauma and racism of the residential schools experience has created lasting impacts on the lives of Indigenous children and their families today. ⁠

Intergenerational trauma, ongoing systemic racism, and poverty are only some of the many barriers leading to the overrepresentation of Indigenous families involved in the child welfare system, where over half of young people living in care in Canada are Indigenous, despite representing just eight percent of Canada’s child population.⁠

At Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, we believe all Canadians have a collective responsibility to name and address barriers disproportionately impacting Indigenous children, youth and families today. As an organization, we are committed to addressing the issues of overrepresentation in the child welfare system by supporting and co-designing programs with Indigenous led and Indigenous serving organizations as well as being committed as a Foundation to ongoing learning and critical thinking so we can better understand the conditions that lead to this overrepresentation.⁠
To former residential school students and others looking for support after receiving this news, the National Indian Residential School Crisis Line is available at 1-866-925-4419.

Upcoming events:
Stand Up for Kids Night – September 2021
Stand Up for Kids Night honors the achievements of the bright and deserving young people we support along with Canadians that have made an indelible mark on the child welfare landscape through the annual Lynn Factor Stand Up for Kids National Award.

Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada Gala – Teddy Bear Affair – Fall 2021
The Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada Gala – Teddy Bear Affair is widely recognized as one of Toronto’s most highly anticipated black-tie galas. Revenue generated from the event is used to support the most pressing needs of vulnerable children in our community.

Holiday Season Celebration – December 2021
The annual Holiday Season Celebration has provided hope and happy memories to tens of thousands of Toronto’s most vulnerable children and youth for over 40 years. Kids in care and their foster families enjoy this special occasion where they can feel celebrated and part of a larger community during the holidays.

Joe Carter Classic – Summer 2021
The annual Joe Carter Classic charity golf tournament pairs avid golfers with top name celebrities from the worlds of sport and entertainment. A portion of the proceeds support Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada

You can always keep up with the latest news, events and campaigns at the online newsletter The Buzz.

To help support children in foster care just click on the logo below – every penny helps!



Louis played Jigsaw’s lawyer Art Blank in the fourth part of the popular horror franchise. Due to a new addition to the series a lot of attention has been brought to previous Saw movies.

Here’s a short summary from Screenrant:
Art Blank was one of the featured Jigsaw test subjects in Saw IV, and was chosen due to his profession. Art was a lawyer, and one with a habit of defending clients who were guilty as sin and helping them escape justice. Art had been John’s friend and business partner, but after a falling out, was forced to kill another man in order to survive a trap. He was then forced to help Jigsaw set up another game, only to later be shot by cop Daniel Rigg. For a detailed recap and photos of the Saw IV movie, click here.

Spiral (also known as Spiral: From the Book of Saw) is a 2021 American horror film directed by Darren Lynn Bousman and written by Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger. It is the ninth installment in the Saw film series.

If the plot is confusing for you, no worries – the entire franchise has a very convoluted storyline. You can read a complete and comprehensive telling of the Saw canon of the tale of Jigsaw and his disciples in this easy to digest short story.

And finally, here is a really fascinating article about the strange allure of the Saw movies. Here is a short excerpt:

The Saw Franchise’s Real Game Has Always Been Played with Its Audience By Darren Mooney
“Much of the debate around the Saw movies focuses on the graphic violence on display, with many critics classifying the series as “torture porn” and creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell rejecting such a description. However, this approach to the series discounts the emphasis that Saw places on watching as much as playing – on observing as much as participating. More than many other horror franchises, the Saw films literalize and explore the act of an audience watching horror films.”

Louis Ferreira as Art Blank in Saw IV.

You can check out a large number of screen caps from Saw IV in our screen caps collection.


Louis has a recurring role in the reboot of S.W.A.T., where he plays former S.W.A.T. leader William ‘Buck’ Spivey. Is it any surprise that the episodes School and Stigma, in which he plays a leading role, are the two highest-ranked episodes of the series? You can now watch the three most recent episodes on Apple TV.

Dawn Of The Dead

The popularity of Zombie movies has never really waned, and by now Dawn of the Dead is a real classic, and a must-see for all Zombie movie or show fans. Louis plays one of the first victims of the zombie plague. Here’s a great article explaining the ending of the movie. Put it on your Must-Watch list!


This month we have over 400 screencaps from Motive episode 205 Dead End.

Louis played homicide detective Oscar Vega in the series’ four year run, alongside co-star Kristin Lehman. This episode guest starred Mike Dopud who also worked with Louis on Stargate Universe, where he played the Lucian Alliance member Varro.

The Victim: eighteen year old high school senior Emily Williams, who was a boarder at Queen’s Cross Academy.
The Killer: fellow Queen’s Cross student, sixteen year old Janine Boxton, the younger sister of Emily’s ex-boyfriend, Aidan Boxton.
Aidan was the person who reported Emily’s dead body found at the bottom of a bluff. Although there was indication Emily fell off the bluff, Emily died of severe blunt force trauma to the back of the head consistent with being hit with a large rock. The detectives eventually learn from the autopsy that Emily was pregnant, which may provide them with the strongest lead to a motive.
(adapted from IMDb)

Here is a direct link to the album, or click on the screen cap below: https://ferreirafestscreencaps.shutterfly.com/pictures/48122


The fourth monthly reading series continues in Mr. Mugs – Rockets Away! by Martha Kambeitz and Denise Burns.
Unlike previous readers, this volume was published as a hardcover book within the Level 3 series of the Mr. Mugs readers. It was originally released in 1968. The Mr. Mugs books have been out of print for many years but occasionally you can find them on eBayAmazon Marketplace or various other antique book dealers.

Louis credits the Mr. Mugs books series with helping him to learn English at a very young age.

You can listen to all the previous book readings under the Reading Series Tab.

Here is this month’s chapter.

Listen to the sound clip here:

Chapter 11: Rockets and Pink Popcorn (continued)

But Pat said, “Something is wrong!
Why did your rocket come down?
Why is nothing here?
Why? Why? Why?
Why is it pink?
Something made the rocket come down>
What was it? I don’t like it here!”

Then Mr. Mugs shouted.
He jumped up and down.
“Pat! Pat! I have it!
I have it!
I think we are the first ones
to come here!
I think we’re on a pink planet!
Think, Pat!
This is our PINK PLANET!”

“Our planet? Our planet?” asked Pat.
“A planet like Earth or Mars?”
Is this pink thing a planet?
Is it ours?”

“Yes! Yes!” laughed Mr. Mugs.
“This is our Pink Popcorn Planet!”
Now you can see why our pink rocket
wanted to come here!
A pink rocket and a pink planet!
It’s ours! It’s ours!

… to be continued next month!


Alaina Huffman

Alaina is sporting a new look for the summer – back to being a brunette, with a stylish new haircut!

Check out Alaina’s website where you can purchase her awesome Rebel Rebel Sunglasses!

Alaina frequently posts on her Instagram feed. Follow her!

Karyn Mott

Karyn (a.k.a. Lil’ Ginge) shared a few photos from her recent adventures with her best friend Hunter.

These two are inseparable!

The Affolter Brothers

The Affolters have great news to share:

We are honored to be nominated in every Animation Program category at the Leo Awards for TRY TO FLY! Although awards are obviously not why any of us in the indie film community do this – it’s also nice to have our team get some recognition for how much heart and soul they put into this project. It’s truly fulfilling to know the film is connecting with audiences and making an impact, however small!

CONGRATS TEAM! And congrats to all the other Leo nominees this year!

Justin Breault

Justin has been busy working as a stand-in this year. It’s a tough job with long hours, so this month we present:

The Two Sides of Justin Breault – The Tough and The Soft.

Don’t mess with The Justin.

If you’ve been given the GIFT of mobility-USE IT.
The old guy cuddled up right under the covers with me today.

Amanda Alexander

The show Family Law is coming to Global in Canada this Fall. This will be Season 1 – Amanda started working as the script supervisor on the show in Season 2. Check it out!

Greyston Holt

Windsor Family Store, Salt Spring Island

If you only know Greyston as an (albeit terrific) actor you’re still missing out. He’s also a very accomplished photographer, and you can enjoy a great photo gallery on his Instagram Feed.

One of his favorite subjects is his home on Salt Spring Island, so here are two recent examples.

Outhouse, Salt Spring Island

Mika McKinnon

Mika posted the following on Twitter:

“With the Canadian border still I closed, I won’t be in Atlanta for #DragonCon this year. But I am recording some remote panels. I still maintain Star Trek needs more field geoscientists on their away teams!”

Be sure to follow Mika on Twitter! She’s a prolific poster, and her “You find a rock” activity is always fun and entertaining!

Troy Mundle

A short time ago Troy played the role of John in a performance of “C🐓CK” by Mike Bartlett.
The first Post-COVID, live-edited, live-streamed, theatrical performance of the award winning play was recently re-broadcast online with video edits by Cascidy.tv. Portion of the proceeds were donated to Rainbow Railroad. The play was co-directed by Caitlyn Stryker, who just happens to be the wife of our friend Bradley Stryker. You can watch a short video with interviews here!

Troy was also featured in the Canadian Heritage Minute series, in an episode about the discovery of Insulin. This Heritage Minute follows scientists Banting, Best, Collip and Macleod at the University of Toronto as they race for a treatment to cure 13-year-old Leonard Thompson of his life-threatening diagnosis of diabetes.

Troy was very proud to have been part of the team to tell this very special Canadian story!

Not only did Dr. Frederick Banting discover insulin and shared his Nobel Prize Award money with Dr. Charles Best – their team sold the patent for one single dollar, because they wanted everyone who needed this medication to be able to afford it.

Patrick Gilmore

If you watch the show The Good Doctor on ABC you will have spotted a familiar furrowed brow… Patrick had a guest role on the season 4 episode Forgive or Forget.

You can watch a clip here.

Eric Banerd

Eric has a successful home improvement company called EB Painting. Check out the stunning Before And After example! Whether you are looking for a subtle refresh or a big change, Even Better Painting can help you achieve your goals for your space.
Call 604-359-7979 for a free quote!

Justin Nannassy

Justin has shared a new poem with us – read the full-size version on our Share Site, where you can also find all his other poems and artwork. Justin’s galleries are recommended for mature audiences; younger visitors should follow this link instead.

David Dingess

David writes:

“Getting inspired has been easy, but getting motivated to organize these voice memos on my phone into an album has been TOUGH.

Please hold me accountable – I have to push these songs out.

Thank you to those reaching out often to tell me my music does something for you. I need that kind of encouragement. The album is called “Young Old Guy” and I hope you’ll hear it in July.”

Jennifer Spence

Jen is currently filming season 2 of her show Traces in the UK.

She muses:

“Lunching in the time of COVID or visiting Laura in prison?”

Working during a pandemic has certainly brought big changes for all of us, and filming TV shows and movies has been especially difficult. But people have been getting creative to keep themselves and their colleagues safe, like Jen and her friend Laura here!

Rob Munic

Rob has posted a new set of behind-the-scenes moments and tech personnel. He is currently working on the series Powerbook IV: Force. This spin-off series was originally Book V in the Power Universe series, but was green lit before the originally-planned Book IV: Influence.

Here he is with cast member Lili Simmons.

Peter Kelamis

Peter writes:

“See you in Dallas in a few weeks, Dragonball fans!”

Peter will be at Kameha Con 2021! Kameha Con is an unofficial Dragon Ball universe Fan Convention celebrating everything Dragon Ball. It will happen July 9th – 11, 2021 at the Delta Hotel in Dallas, TX.


Every month Vancouver artist Nicole Pilich shares one of her henna creations with Ferreira Fest. And if you find yourself in Vancouver visit her studio and treat yourself to some Healing Body Art made just for you.

This month Nicole writes:

“I am daring to use color again after a long hiatus. Henna and Jagua are monotones and challenging me to create depth, and I really love that but color feels weird to me.

Anyhow, here is a mandala made with colored ink pens on sketch paper. It was very meditative to draw and I really enjoyed it. I challenge you to move away from your comfort zone too.”

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