Ferreira Fest 087

Published March 2017.

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Spring has sprung, it’s the 20th of the month and that means it’s time for another party at Ferreira Fest! We have lots of videos this time – trailers, teasers and an interview, plus our fabulous Reading Series, Charity and Friends news and so much more! Leave your heavy winter coat at the door, grab a freshly made pineapple drink at our virtual bar and come on in!


Ability Online

Ability Online‘s 150 Challenge continues! Find out more in Ferreira Fest 86 or go to their website.

Iris is still Ability Gives‘ child of the month – read her story here and what you can do to help this beautiful little girl.

You can make a donation to the Ability Online general fund at anytime – if you can’t participate in the 150 Challenge, consider donating what you can. Every penny helps! Click on the logo below.

Project Limelight

Project Limelight‘s next Tuesday Night Live fundraising event will be on Tuesday, April 25th at Lux Lounge in Vancouver. Stay tuned for a list of storytellers!

The kids have been working on their June show with choreographer Joel Sturrock.

Project Limelight participates in #PinkShirtDay to end bullying.

Please help Vancouver inner city kids get a quality fine arts education free of charge by donating to Project Limelight – it is easy and secure. Click on the logo below to give!

Haven Toronto

Fundraiser at The Comedy Bar on Mar 28th @ 8pm

Notorious/MANTOWN Charity Show
Date: Tuesday March 28th 2017
Comedy Bar, 945 Bloor Street W.
Time: 8:00pm – 9:30pm

Improv Haven: A Comedy Fundraiser for Elder Homelessness

Improv powerhouses Mantown and NOTORIUS come together to use their powers for good. This hilarious evening of comedy will support local charity Haven Toronto. Hosted by the comedic duo and real life brothers Freddie Rivas (Rapp Battlz) and Miguel Rivas (The Beaverton) this night will be full of top Canadian comedians and feature a very special performance by Haven Toronto clients.
What do you get when you mix Toronto’s improv frat party with Canada’s premiere hip-hop improv troupe? An incredible night of comedy for an equally incredible cause.
Tickets are $20 please go here to purchase yours!

The Vimy Ridge Campaign

On April 9, Canada commemorates the 100th anniversary of the battle of Vimy Ridge, a turning point in Canadian history. Haven Toronto pays homage to those who fought and to those who continue to serve our country.

Haven Toronto was founded 84 years ago to support veterans of the First World War and we continue to support aging veterans.

Haven Toronto provides an assortment of program services to help veterans including mental health counselling and supports to help veterans transition to civilian life.

In a recent report, Canada’s federal government said more than 2200 veterans are homeless and many suffer from mental illness, alcoholism and drug addictions.

Please help us raise $10,000 to help maintain and grow the services we provide to veterans. 

You can also make a donation at the special Haven Toronto Page of The Friends of Louis Ferreira. Click on the logo below to give to those who are less fortunate than you.

The Children’s Aid Foundation

Upcoming Events:

February 26th – March 31st
LCBO Coin Box Program – Children’s Aid Foundation Donation boxes will be at the cash at LCBO locations across Ontario from February 26 – March 31. Be sure to look out for the coin boxes throughout the month and drop in your extra change to support the Children’s Aid Foundation!

April 23rd
The Corsage Project – Boutique Ball
Help high school students in financial need attend prom!

You can always read about the latest projects and events at the monthly newsletter The Buzz.

To make a donation and help kids in Foster Care programs, please click on the logo below – our web page walks you through the easy process.


This interview is from the Starlight Foundation Sparkle Event from November 5 at The Rocky Mountaineer in Vancouver. The interviewer is Kristine Wilson.


KW – Well, we’re joined now by the one and only Louis Ferreira. How have you been enjoying this evening? It has been so fantastic, has it not?
LF – It is a fantastic evening, I love things that have a, you know, it’s got such a great cause, it’s got meaning, we’re out here supporting something that’s obviously very important and, yeah, I’m just thrilled to be here, personally.
KW – And I feel like I’ve been getting so inspired by all these kids. How have you felt about it?

LF – Well it’s, I don’t think there’s any other word for it. I don’t know if you saw when Emily came up and she spoke and shared her story, and her mom, and you just sit there and you go, wow, you gotta get involved, you want to be involved. It’s the causes that make the difference.

KW – Oh, absolutely, you realize how blessed we are, to be able to do what we want to do, and be in these rooms with these people who have such positive energy. And tonight is exactly that, it’s positive energy.
LF – Yeah, and I think it speaks to the bigger thing of what life is about which is ultimately serving others and when you have something that’s such a great cause like this it’s a no brainer.
KW – Have you had the opportunity to try any of the kids’ snacks this evening?
LF – All of them, I’ve had all of them. I’m gluten free and dairy free and I’m going to be in big trouble because, yeah, I just had all of them, and the kids were all amazing. Do you have a favorite?
KW – Yeah, they’re awesome. I honestly loved them all and I think I had like six donuts.
LF – Did you have a donut? You had a donut, okay! Did you have the red or the green or both?
KW – I had both.
LF – Okay.
KW – Yep. And I tried the blue first because I liked the icing color.
LF – Yeah, I liked the lemon one.
KW – Yeah, it was nice.
LF – And the other one was blackberry.
KW – Yeah.
LF – That’s right.
KW – I think so.
LF – And they have J [Alex Brinson] on fire behind us. He’s awesome, I love this man!
KW – We got J [Alex Brinson]. So maybe we’ll cut it short. But thanks for your time with us.
LF – No, thank you, thanks so much.

Thanks to Casey for the transcript!


Louis loved this year’s birthday project!

The little impromptu phone video isn’t super high quality but it gets the point across!

Hello, my friends,

I just wanted to from the bottom of my heart say thank you to all who participated in this incredible birthday calendar that I just received. I’m just so humbled and grateful and it’s so sweet and I have no words to tell you that I love you all – all 365 of you! It’s crazy!

Thank you!


Happy Sunday 2017-02-26
Happy Sunday 2017-03-05
Happy Sunday 2017-03-12
Happy Sunday 2017-03-19
Toronto’s Birthday 3-6-2017
St Patrick’s Day 2017


The Canadian Screen Awards honor Canada’s most-watched TV series with the Golden Screen Awards. These special awards were presented during the 2017 Canadian Screen Awards in Toronto on Sunday March 12.

“Canadian small screen programming is more entertaining, innovative and edgier than ever before,” said Academy CEO Beth Janson. “TV audiences have spoken and it is time to officially unveil the finalists for Canada’s most popular shows.”

Among the nominees is Louis’ former series Motive.

Starring Kristin Lehman, Louis Ferreira, Brendan Penny and Lauren Holly, the fourth and final season of Motive brought the story of the series’ dynamic homicide team to a powerful conclusion as they continued to explore what drives the motive behind the murder. This season saw each member of the team face pivotal choices about their future, as they set on a course of deciding what they wanted their legacies to be.


The web series Single and Dating in Vancouver – more commonly referred to as SADinVAN – has a new Season 2 Trailer out! Watch it below. Louis has a cameo towards the very end. You can watch Season 1 on the SADinVAN website, and Season 2 on YouTube!

The trailer is also available on Facebook.


The official teaser for Troy Mundle’s TV series Ghost Unit is out! Check it out for a lot of familiar faces – among them Louis, Eugene and of course Troy! We can’t wait to watch the whole thing!


Louis played a pivotal role in the pilot episode of the new series Taken, which is a serialization of the movie by the same name.

It remains to be seen if his character shows up again at a later time.

Scroll down for a bunch of screencaps from the episode!

You can also read an interview with Clive Standen who plays the male lead.


As promised, here are the screencaps from the Taken pilot episode.

Here is also a direct link to the album: https://ferreirafestscreencaps.shutterfly.com/pictures/1819


The second monthly reading series is Mr. Mugs – Meet My Pals by Martha Kambeitz, Denise Burns and Josephine Proctor.

Louis credits the Mr. Mugs books series with helping him to learn English at a very young age. The Mr. Mugs books have been out of print for many years but occasionally you can find them on eBay, Amazon Marketplace or various other antique book dealers.

You can listen to the book readings under the Reading Series Tab.
This month’s issue is chapter 10 of Mr. Mugs – Meet My Pals.


The Affolter Brothers

Yes, we did promise you an interview with the Affolters about their latest movie with Louis, The Undertaker’s Son. However, do to their super busy production schedules (and some moving to a new place as well) we are rescheduling the interview for next month, April 2017/ Ferreira Fest 088.

So please stand by!

Meanwhile, here’s an update on some other projects. Click on the thumbnails to see big versions of the images.

Counter Act had its US Premiere at the Omaha Film Festival earlier this month!
A character from the Soggy Flakes Puppet Test is already looking great!
The storyboard from a Soggy Flakes scene…
Are you a 3D modeler? Contact Nathan.

Justin Breault

Justin has a new Instagram account. Please update your bookmarks for the latest news from our friend!

Amanda Alexander

Amanda is still working on Altered Carbon these days and looking ahead to Season 2 of Travelers.

She writes:

“Altered Carbon Day 13 #ALTErEDCArBON today. A small room… 2 people…. and all is not as it seems.” (Twitter February 21, 2017)

“I had a day off set today. Spent the day reading #travelers S2 scripts. I can honestly say…WOW. So good.” (Twitter March 7, 2017)
As a script supervisor you da boss when it comes to keeping your readers in suspense!

Mika McKinnon

Mika is now a Project ESPRESSO team member. She writes:

“We’re going to do something very, very cool. I’m part of Project ESPRESSO, and can’t stop grinning!” Learn more about the new NASA research teams here.

If you love the sci fi show The Expanse you will love Decrypted – an Ars Technica TV podcast that analyzes the physics in the show. As a science consultant to many sci fi shows Mika can explain all the real and fake science going on!

Science is Political
Mika has her own comic now!
“Matthew & Maki wrote a comic incorporating a whole bunch of scientist-activists (including me). Science is inherently political, from who does it to how research is funded.”

Now Space article about TRAPPIST-1
Unless you’re living under a rock you have heard about the 7 Earth-like planets discovered in the Trappist-1 system. Mike is absolutely thrilled!
“Confession: I’m totally enjoying doing a bit of breaking news coverage again. You can expect a steady trickle of ~400-word space news bites from me at this San Francisco-based publication. (California love in a world dominated by NYC publishing houses, yo.) Edited to add: Have questions? PLEASE ASK! I’ll be doing more in-depth followups once we get free of the initial swamp of breaking news stories.” 

Follow Mika on Twitter for tons of science news all day long!

Troy Mundle

Troy finally got to wear a Storm Trooper costume as well! It was for an indie Star Wars fan movie – stay tuned for more!

SADinVAN was screened at the Vancouver Web Fest last weekend as a nominee for Best Comedy!

Troy and co-producer Chad Riley were at VWF with SADinVAN.

Patrick Gilmore

Patrick has very talented photographer friends! Here are two recent gems.

Patrick with a lightsaber (or so the story goes).
Photo by Aaron RTS.

Patrick waiting at Belgrad Kitchen. Photo by Karolina Turek.

Sawyer Ferreira

Sawyer wrote and co-directed Confessions of the Guilty Party for Sears 2017. It received three awards, and she won the “Best Student Written Script” award. The play also earned a spot at Sears Regionals. Congrats, Sawyer, and WAY TO GO!!

Sawyer writes:
“Could not be more proud of our cast and crew tonight! Receiving three awards and a spot at Sears Regionals. When I started writing the script I really did not think it would go anywhere, but our incredible cast, crew, and co-director proved me every single day they ran the show. The cast’s dedication, and willingness to try whatever wild idea we had or they themselves proposed allowed the audience to make real connections with the characters. This is truly an actor’s show! I cannot describe how grateful I am to know all these talented people. My heart is filled with so much love tonight. We did it, Theatre Aquinas!”

Here are some photos.

Alex Appel

Alex attended the Canadian Screen Awards.

FYA – Fulfilling Young Artists

FYA have concluded their 2017 interviews. Stay tuned for news about the new cohort!

Eric Banerd was Louis’ mentee a few years back. Learn more about FYA on the FYA Page!

Eric Banerd

Eric is filming a pilot he created and co-wrote called The Grow Show, and he’s having a lot of fun with it!

A photo from day 1 of filming
A still from day 2 of filming

Justin Nannassy

Justin has published a new art piece and two poems – click on the thumbnails to see the originals. The poems are intended for mature audiences.

David Dingess

David posted the sweetest letter from one of his students:

Don’t you wish had a music teacher like that?

Jennifer Spence

Here’s how to watch Season 1 of Jen’s current series You Me Her:

You can find it on Netflix outside North America, iTunes in Canada, and DIRECTV in the US. It is also available on DVD at Amazon. Season 2 airs on Audience Network and HBO Canada.

Here’s Jen in a You Me Her Season 2 still from last month

And here’s Jen and her Class team from
her training at UCBTLA

Ingrid Rogers

Ingrid is currently starring in the TV series Bosch as LaTonya Edgar.

Season 3 of Bosch will be available for streaming beginning April 21st on Amazon.

Rob Munic

Rob has been chosen to write the script for One Million Steps. It’s a war drama which will be streamed on Hulu. It is based on the book by the same name.
Rob writes:

“Really looking forward to telling this remarkable story with my good friends and partners Braden & Tana, Waugh, West, the Hulu team and A+E Studios. This one is going to knock ya back!” 

Peter Kelamis

Peter’s current series Beyond has been nominated for Best Fantasy Television Series in the Saturn Awards. Peter plays the mysterious character Yellow Jacket.

Here’s Peter in his infamous Yellow Jacket outfit in a Behind The Scenes moment with co-star Erika Alexander.

Peter writes: “We’re EXTREMELY proud of our daughter! Her artwork turned greeting cards are now available for purchase at The Bloomerie in Vancouver!”

Bradley Stryker

Bradley’s feature film Land of Smiles just won the Cinema WorldFest Award of Excellence for Best Action Thriller.
Congrats to the whole team!


Every month Vancouver artist Nicole Pilich shares one of her henna creations with Ferreira Fest. Please visit her website for lots more photos and fascinating facts and information about this ancient artform. And if you find yourself in Vancouver – visit her studio and treat yourself to some Healing Body Art made just for you.

This month Nicole writes:
“Here are a few pregnant bellies I did a few years ago. Both ladies were friends then and even closer today! One of the ladies has had a second baby recently and guess who did her belly henna? Yup!”



The recent spike in hits on Louis’ IMDb Page has vaulted him back into the Top 5000 on March 6 and 13. Congrats, Louis! The spikes are undoubtedly linked to the recent airings of Louis’ episodes for both the pilot episode of Taken and his episode in Real Detective, as the Wikipedia stats clearly show:


Sadly, the end-of-the-world series Aftermath has been cancelled. Here are two more photos as a little memento. While many of us would have liked to find out more about Bob ‘Moondog’ Black the character had a good run. And for that we’ll always have the videos and the sound clips to relive the good times!

AFTERMATH — “Whispers of Immortality” Episode 113 — Pictured: (l-r) Louis Ferreira as Bob “Moondog” Black, James Tupper as Joshua Copeland, Julia Sarah Stone as Dana Copeland — (Photo by: Eike Schroter/Aftermath ULC/Syfy)
AFTERMATH — “Whispers of Immortality” Episode 113 — Pictured: (l-r) James Tupper as Joshua Copeland, Louis Ferreira as Bob “Moondog” Black — (Photo by: Eike Schroter/Aftermath ULC/Syfy)

Real Detective

Louis played the screen version of Detective John Conaty in the episode Blood Brothers on Real Detective. It is a hard-hitting and tragic real-life story, beautifully acted and at times difficult to watch due to its gritty realism. We hope to have more on this series at a later point. In the meantime watch out for reruns on Investigation Discovery. It is currently not available for live streaming but we’ll let you know when it’s out there again. Check TVGuide for news.

And that, dear Friends, is about it for this month! Thanks for visiting often! Be sure to follow us on Twitter for all the Louis news you can handle and TV reminders!

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