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Published February 2017.

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It’s not any ordinary 20th of the month today – this is February 20th – Louis’ birthday! We have a lot of goodies this time: new shows, tweets, screencaps and a trip down memory lane, our Reading Series, Friends and Charities news and much more! Grab some pineapple-upside-down cake and a cocktail at our virtual bar and come on in!


This year’s Birthday Project was a special calendar. Each day had a good wish from someone, and many of those wishes were done on the well-wishers’ birthdays! We had photos, jokes, cartoons, artwork and lots of positive thoughts for a year’s worth of good days!

Here is a scan of the month of February – the actual calendar is about 12×24 inches in size. It starts with February 2017 – this month – and loops all the way around to January 2018.

And to top it all off here is the GC Theatre cast and band of American Idiot with their very special birthday wish for Louis:


Ability Online

To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, and to build support for Ability Online and its 25 year history as a charity reducing the social isolation of youth with disabilities, we are issuing our own 150 Challenge. Our goal: to find 150 individuals, businesses, organizations or even schools who will each donate or raise $1000 to Ability Online, and while ambitious, we want to do this in the first 150 days of 2017! The donors will be listed on our website and social media channels. Will you be one of the 150?

Louis recorded a call to action for the 150 challenge! You can also listen to it here:

Watch Zosia’s video!

Some statistics for 2016:

The campaign to help our current child at Ability Gives is ongoing! Please help Iris so she can receive a special chair to keep her spine straight.

Of course you can always donate to Ability Online’s general fund and make a difference in the lives of kids with disabilities!

Project Limelight

Project Limelight is prepping for their 7th Show which will be performed June 11th this year! Here they are rehearsing onstage in Vancouver!

You can watch the Launch Video from when Project Limelight was started here!

The next Tuesday Night Live fundraiser will be on Tuesday, April 25th at Lux Lounge in Vancouver. Check it out!

And if you can’t make it to the fundraisers or the shows, please consider making a donation by clicking on the logo – it’s easy and secure, and you’ll help inner-city kids receive a high-quality arts education that would be out of their reach otherwise.

Haven Toronto

Did you know you can sponsor a meal at Haven Toronto? This is a great way to spend time together and to give back to the community.  Sponsorship of a client breakfast or lunch includes covering the cost of the meal, as well as preparing and serving the food alongside our staff.  Sponsorships can be as inexpensive as $300. Find out more here.

Seniors Helping Seniors

In the Fall of 2016 we launched a program to encourage senior-aged volunteers to help at Haven Toronto.  Through this program we reached a number of seniors.  We thank the Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat for their grant which has enabled Haven Toronto to reach out to seniors through its “Seniors Helping Seniors” program. Other ways to get involved: be a Clothing Room Volunteer! Learn more here.

The Annual General Meeting will be on Tuesday  May 16, 2017.  The Keynote Address will be given by Dr. Naheed Dosani about Palliative Care and the Homeless.
Oakham House, Ryerson University
Thomas Lounge, 1st Floor
55 Gould St. Toronto M5B 1E9

During the cold Winter season your support is especially appreciated! Please click on the logo to donate now!

The Children’s Aid Foundation

Upcoming Events:
February 26th – March 31st: LCBO Coin Box Program
Children’s Aid Foundation Donation boxes will be at the cash at LCBO locations across Ontario from February 26 – March 31. Be sure to look out for the coin boxes throughout the month and drop in your extra change to support CAF!

The Children’s Aid Foundation launches a new mental health program with a grant from the Bell Let’s Talk Community Fund:

Addressing the mental health needs of children and youth in care of the child welfare system and focusing on early intervention is at the core of a new pilot program launched by the Children’s Aid Foundation with a grant from the Bell Let’s Talk Community Fund. The Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Program will formally be offered to children in care, who until now have been unable to access this type of psychotherapy on a reliable and time sensitive basis. Children in care are almost four times as likely to be diagnosed with a mental health disorder compared to children in the general population. Learn more about it here!

You can always read up on the latest news in the online newsletter The Buzz. Please consider making a donation to help young people in the foster care program get a good start in life. Click on the logo below to give what you can – every penny helps!


Louis did another short film with the Affolter BrothersThe Undertaker’s Son. The movie was sponsored by the Crazy8s Film Society. We will have an exclusive interview with the Affolter Brothers in an upcoming Ferreira Fest, so stay tuned! If you happen to be in Vancouver this weekend be sure to watch the first showing at the Crazy8s 2017 Gala Screening & AfterParty! Get your tickets here.

Here’s a photo to whet your appetite!

Louis Ferreira and Darien Provost in
The Undertaker’s Son


Late last year Louis filmed a part in a new comedy movie.

Remember the photo of him in a storm trooper outfit? That’s the one. It was from a scene for the movie.

We’ll have to wait and see for it to become available in theatres to see Louis’ character Paul dressed up as a Star Wars icon!

Nicolas Cage Comic-Book Heist to Become Movie at Lionsgate

Lionsgate has picked up Action No. 1, a heist comedy from writers and Reno 911! creators Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon. The duo also is producing along with Peter Principato and Paul Young.

The story revolves around a group of nerds who attempt to steal Cage’s copy of Action Comics No. 1, the landmark 1938 comic that introduced the world to the Man of Steel.

The theft of Cage’s comic made real-world headlines in 2000. The issue was missing until 2011, when it was discovered among the contents of an abandoned storage locker. It sold for a record $2.1 million at auction in November. To comic-book fans, the story of the book’s theft and its ultimate recovery is as thrilling as any tale of a stolen Monet or Degas.


The series This Life has been cancelled after two seasons. Louis played the main character’s ex-husband David Crowley. The series was filmed in Montreal.

This Twitter post contains a video: Louis’ character’s back is seen as he hugs his daughter Romy at :58.

We wish the terrific cast members all the best for the next steps in their careers!


Louis joined the Women’s March on January 21st!
Happy Sunday 2017-01-22
On the bombing of the mosque in Quebec City January 30th
Happy Sunday 2017-01-29
Happy Sunday 2017-02-05
Happy Sunday 2017-02-12
Happy Sunday 2017-02-19


This month we’ve dug deep in the archives and found a wonderful mini-series Louis did 27 years ago – Common Ground. Louis has mentioned several times how much working on this film has shaped his view of the world and his outlook on life.

Here Louis shares some memories of making the mini-series:


FF – Remember Common Ground?

LF – Yeah!

FF – That’s like the Early Jurassic Period. 1990. And I found out that it was actually mostly shot in Toronto, so that was when you were still there?

LF – Yeah, with Donal Logue playing my brother, and it was Donal Logue’s first job ever.

FF – And CCH Pounder is in it, too.

LF – Oh yeah. CCH Pounder and “John Boy” [Richard Thomas]. It was fun.

FF – Yeah, yeah. Do you have any special memories of it, that you remember, filming that thing? I know it was a long time ago.

LF – Yeah. The thing about, it was a long time ago, but here’s what I remember. It was doing that part that I realized I wanted to be an actor. I had been working for about four years, and then I got on that and all of a sudden I was working with an amazing director telling an amazing story, and I was like, wow! It feels good to be part of something that’s telling an important story, a historical story, something that’s significant, and to change something about it. And recreating a time where injustice was happening in America. Speaking of which… what’s going on in the world right now.

But, yes, it was really at that moment, I kind of always took acting, for the first four years, as like, oh, this will come and go but it’s not a real job. You can’t have a career doing this, you know, and I was used to working in my factories and you know and I was just working. So I guess part of me always felt like this acting thing was just not really real. It was just sort of like this airy thing.

And then, in that moment I was like, I want to do this! I can do this for my life. You know, this is a choice I can make. To be an actor, and to be a good actor.

So, I was really proud of it. I loved what the message of the mini-series was and I loved the role that I got to play.

And more on Common Ground from a conversation a few years back:

FF – You’ve mentioned before that working on Common Ground changed your perspective on how actors can contribute to changes in society. In what way was this project a learning experience for you?

LF – I just felt that I was part of something that spoke so clearly, loudly, effectively and poignantly on a topic. And it made me feel good to be part of something like that. For the first time in my life, where I was like, oh, bad guy, bad guy, bad guy. Then you’re like a part of a movement within a movement. There we’re re-telling a story, but what actually happened there and the lessons that were learned, and the impact, and for me it had a personal dynamic as well. Obviously this is going way, way back. I grew up a white kid on welfare with his mother in an all-black neighborhood. And so, I feel I was the white kid befriending the black kid in the wrong side of town.

So I felt it was an easy role for me in a sense. I felt like I had been cast right because I could relate to it in every way. Because the connection that he had was that he liked sports and he was an athlete. So, it wasn’t about black and white, it was about liking the same thing. So all that basic stuff that we all know about how ridiculous it is that any kind of prejudice even exists ever. And the ignorance that it takes and just how that still exists on any level is incredible! At this point, we’re still cave-men, if you really think about it!

Nothing has evolved when we can’t say that racism is completely wiped out by this point. With everything that we know about life, and being brothers and sisters and bleeding the same red…. All that stuff, but yet there’s still, it still exists, on all levels, on a high level.
So, I felt so privileged, because my upbringing in that neighborhood with my mom, in one way, took it away from me.

I never thought that way. I never dealt with any of those issues because I only grew up surrounded by every kind of nationality and culture and race around… and it was all the poorest of. So it was the most vibrant colorful people and I absolutely loved my childhood for that reason.

Thanks to Casey for the transcripts!

The movie chronicles the court-ordered desegregation of Boston schools during the early 1970s. The story centers on three Boston families, all trying to provide a better life for their children, but choosing decidedly different ways to achieve it. Louis’ character Billy McGoff is one of the first young people to fight for integration. The star-studded cast includes many familiar faces such as CCH Pounder, Jane Curtin and Richard Thomas.
You can watch it on YouTube in two parts:


Here is a direct link to the album: https://ferreirafestscreencaps.shutterfly.com/pictures/1907


The second monthly reading series is Mr. Mugs – Meet My Pals by Martha Kambeitz, Denise Burns and Josephine Proctor.

Louis credits the Mr. Mugs books series with helping him to learn English at a very young age. The Mr. Mugs books have been out of print for many years but occasionally you can find them on eBay, Amazon Marketplace or various other antique book dealers.

You can listen to the book readings on the Reading Series Page.

This month’s issue is chapter 9 of Mr. Mugs – Meet My Pals.


The Affolter Brothers

Counter Act received a special recommendation for VIFF by VancouverIsAwesome.com!

The Affolter Brothers are excited to work with Louis again:

“HE’S BAAAACK!!!! Making a return appearance for another Affolter Entertainment production is Louis Ferreira starring as The Undertaker (you know… the one with the “son”?!!) 🙂 We’re so glad Louis was willing to return and work with us again after a stellar appearance in Counter Act. If you haven’t seen Louis before… you’re not watching enough TV!! There’s so many shows, films, and projects Louis has been in (Aftermath, Motive, Breaking Bad, just to name a few). This is one irreplaceable guy and we are honoured to be working with him!”

Follow the movie on Twitter @Undertakerfilm – there’s a ton of photos there. And as promised, we will have an exclusive interview with the Affolter Brothers next month!

You can also listen to an interview with three of the Affolter Brothers on the Janice & Cory Show on Roundhouse Radio. You can catch it anytime – great for your morning commute!

Throwback Thursday:
“All was quiet on this western front… after we came to town! Reflecting on our younger years back in the good ole’ days.”

clockwise from left: Heath (holding rifle), Nathan, Jon, & Thomas

Three Affolter Brothers writing scripts. Or at least giving it the good old college try!

Thomas was a guest at Coop Radio  promoting the Affolter Brothers’ latest projects, including The Undertaker’s Son.

Justin Breault

Justin’s latest mini-series When We Rise is scheduled to air at the end of the month – Justin appears in Part 1 airing February 27th. Check it out!

Amanda Alexander

Amanda is still busy working on Season 1 of Altered Carbon.

Her last show Travelers posted some pictures on Facebook:

Plaid Shirt Day on the Travelers set
(Amanda is standing behind Eric)

“Celebrating Script Supervisor Amanda Alexander’s birthday on set!”

Greyston Holt

Greyston’s current series No Tomorrow is streaming on Netflix (Mika McKinnon is the science advisor). He plays the character Mikhail.

Greyston has two new photos taken by Kourosh Keshiri:

@kouroshkeshiri has done it again. All natural light. The camera is an extension of him. I highly recommend checking out his Instagram account. Thanks again, brother.”

Check out more of Kourosh’s photography at his Instagram feed.

Mika McKinnon

SmithsonianMag.com interviewed Mika regarding the proposed border wall – it’s a really interesting article and everyone should read it!

Mika and her travel companion Piper are always politically active:

Piper and I went to two Women’s Marches today, one in my wee island and the other in downtown Vancouver.
Estimated attendance on the island: ~250-300, roughly 10% of the winter population.
Estimated attendance in Vancouver: ~15,000.
Thank you to my mum for knitting me a pink #pussyhat and the yarn to make one for my travel buddy. “

Eugene Lipinski

Eugene’s website My Acting Teacher is currently down – we’ll let you know when it’s available again!

Troy Mundle

The SADinVAN team sent out a Sponsor Thank You note. The Friends of Louis Ferreira get a mention!

Patrick Gilmore

Patrick’s latest short film Trying received a recommendation for VIFF by VancouverIsAwesome.com! Check it out here

Travelers was renewed for Season 2 – watch it on Netflix!
And in other news, Patrick just climbed Kilimanjaro – check out his Instagram feed for photos!

Patrick is wearing a red toque to raise awareness for heart disease and stroke.

And another headshot by Karolina Turek!

Alex Appel

Alex got herself a drink from “the guy downstairs”. WAY downstairs…

Eric Banerd

Eric made a new friend while snow-shoeing…

And a cool version of a headshot…

David Dingess

David composed music for the Monterey Bay Choreographer’s Showcase on February 11 and 12. Choreographer Julie Mulvihill writes:

“I am so excited to show work this weekend at the Monterey Bay Choreographer’s Showcase! I am showing an emotional duet entitled ‘Grandma’s Attic’ which features the beautiful Brenda L. Solis and Rigoberto Torres, as well as original music by David Dingess. It is such a privilege to be a working artist and to make that work along with cool and inspiring people!” 

Jennifer Spence

Jen did a terrific interview with Sabrina Furminger for Vancouver’s Westender Magazine about the many different genres in her career, such as going from sci fi to comedy. You gotta love her definition of success! Check it out!  

Ingrid Rogers

Ingrid is in Season 3 of the Amazon original Bosch. You can watch a good-size sneak peek here.

Ingrid can also be spotted in the Charles Schwab commercial that aired during the Super Bowl! She’s the one playing golf in the salmon-colored vest.

Peter Kelamis

Peter is in the current blockbuster movie A Dog’s Purpose playing Dad’s Boss. Catch it in a theatre near you!

Logline: A dog looks to discover his purpose in life over the course of several lifetimes and owners.

In an article on Blastr the Executive Producer of Beyond breaks down Peter’s character The Man in the Yellow Jacket. Check it out!

Here’s Peter’s Yellow Jacket emoji!

Peter and the Beyond cast had dinner together after Season 1 wrapped.  

Bradley Stryker

Bradley’s script The Dragon Run has been optioned by a film company: Bradley signed a sales agreement with Bohemia Group Originals in Los Angeles.

Congrats, Bradley, and way to go!!

The Dragon Run is now a finalist in the Action and Thriller Screenwriting contest!

Here’s Bradley and Caitlin at the Season 4 wrap party for The 100.

Bradley also plays the character Ted in the short film Drone.


Every month Vancouver artist Nicole Pilich shares one of her henna creations with Ferreira Fest. Please visit her website for lots more photos and fascinating facts and information about this ancient artform. And if you find yourself in Vancouver – visit her studio and treat yourself to some Healing Body Art made just for you.

This month Nicole writes:
“This is the henna Valentine’s Day card for my daughter, it’s a surprise,
I hope she likes it
❤️❤️❤️. Happy Valentine’s to everyone!”

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