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Published October 2014.
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Welcome, everyone, to this month’s party at Ferreira Fest where we share all kinds of goodies with all the Friends of Louis Ferreira! We have Charity news, Food for Thought from Louis, lots of news about Through The Pane, Motive and more Dragon Con treats, details about a new short film, as well as photos, tweets and our exclusive Reading Series. Your complimentary virtual pineapple drink is waiting for you, so come on in and join us!



The Buzz

The monthly CAF newsletter always comes out at the end of the month. You can read the September issue online here.

Their big annual event The Teddy Bear Affair 2014: Viva Italia will be held Nov 1st. The gala will feature dinner, music, a live and silent auction, plus collector bears. Chef Fabio Viviani is this year’s celebrity chef.
Check out more upcoming events here.
        Nov 7th – Newzapalooza: Toronto Media Battle of the Bands

If you were unable to give at Dragon Con, or weren’t able to go there in the first place, please consider making a donation now. Click on the logo below to go to the donations page – it’s quick, easy and secure.


From flooded showers via cranky elevators to leaky basements – the Good Neighbours’ Club headquarters has been through the wringer this year as major improvements are being made to the structure. Anyone who has ever embarked on a renovation project knows all about  setbacks during construction, but things are moving along, and hopefully the Ghosts of Plumbers Past will soon haunt the building no more!

For the latest news and construction updates please follow our friend Lauro Monteiro on Twitter @LauroMonteiro!

As always, you can help this wonderful cause by making a tax-deductible donation now. Winter will be here soon, and it is vital for the club’s members to have a safe place to go during the day. Winters in Toronto are brutal. Please think of those less fortunate than you and give what you can. Every penny counts. Click on the logo below to help now.


Louis is a big fan of the TED Talks series.

In the spirit of giving to those less fortunate than you and loving yourself and others he wants to share the following presentation: The Power of Vulnerability, by Brené Brown. Watch it here!

What did you think?

Share your thoughts and reactions in our guest book!


Louis has just finished filming a new short film named “Arthur”, in conjunction with Red Castle Films (they also did Through The Pane!). Work on short films tends to be fast and furious – most of the filming happens in one weekend or less.

Louis is amassing quite a good repertoire of short films, and his last one, “Through The Pane” is currently making the festival rounds (see below).

“Arthur” is scheduled for release in early 2015. Louis plays the character of Antonio, opposite Aiden Longworth (Arthur) and Paola Botero, who is also the film’s writer and director.

Paola has kindly sent the following plot points and summary:

In a constant solitary search for connection a  young poet finds herself in the intellectual and talented realm  of a boy  who gives  her the necessary tools to reach happiness. This story unfolds in the 60’s when revolution was appealing to humanity.


The mystical oppression of of the human being is manifested in Vera, a poet, who leads us, with the help of a talented boy named Arthur, to the comprehension of Schopenhauer’s philosophy, The Will. Vera is a lonely woman, a lost poet stuck in her own world. Paralyzed by anxiety she has a difficult time being herself. Arthur is introduced into her life to help her overcome her fears and unease. This is a story that reminds us to pay attention to the simple things in life that we neglect on a daily basis.

Thanks so much for the info, Paola!

Paolo is currently looking for people interested in sponsoring her film, so that editing and other post-production work can be done in a professional manner, which can require considerable resources that many young artists simply do not have.

Please consider becoming a sponsor for the film – and you can proudly say that you supported one of Louis’ movies! As with all our projects, it’s not the amount that matters – it’s the fact that you do what you can to help!

Below are two photos and one short video clip of Louis as Antonio from production team members Dominique Dauwe and Cassy Angeline. Thanks for sharing!

photo by dominiquedauwe
photo by cassy_angeline
photo by cassy_angeline

Kita Nahanni posted this heart-stopping portrait from the film. Thanks so much, Kita!

Red Castle Films also posted two stills from the short film.

Stay tuned for more info about the movie! Thanks to Agi, Alma and Paola for the links and photos!



On Thursday October 9, 2014 Through The Pane was screened at the Atlanta Shorts Fest film festival. The event took place at the dooGallery just south of the Little Five Points area. The evening’s selection included 9 international short films between 2 and 15 minutes long, representing many different genres and styles.

Oddly, about half of them dealt with the question on how to dispose of a body, with approaches ranging from 3D animation to dark comedy to horror.

Through The Pane stood out among the movies, not only due to superior production values and superb acting, but also in the storytelling.

What made it truly different was the audience’s reaction. Through The Pane is mostly a silent movie – very few words are spoken, and only at the very end. The rest of the time the characters communicate with written notes, and all we can hear is the wonderful piano score by Sam Hulick. This put the audience in a unique situation: they felt free to react audibly to the happenings onscreen, since there was no danger of missing the next line while they laughed.

Every single written note elicited an audience reaction: a laugh at the gentle humor, a chorus of “awwws” at a particularly sweet moment, and shocked gasps as the unique circumstances of each character were revealed. There were surprised shouts and loud whispers as the audience suddenly understood the characters’ situation – and it happened at the same time as it did for the characters.

It’s a brilliant concept for pulling in the viewer who is now far more invested in the story.

The applause at the end was enthusiastic with even a few shout-outs and whistles, and it went on about twice as long as for all the other pieces.

That said, most of the other movies in this set were extremely well done, and the occasional bad acting or continuity error was easily overlooked. Through The Pane was certainly the crowd-pleaser on Thursday night!

You can download Sam Hulick’s brilliant score here.


Through the Pane is an adorable, heart breaking and heart mending film written, directed, produced and co-starred by Pauline Egan.

Pauline plays the character of Annabelle and Louis Ferreira stars opposite of her as Lewis.

This film has the unique ability to make you laugh, gasp and cry with very few words. It’s an original spin of the classic “boy meets girl” story, written with great subtlety and perfect timing. 

Filmed in two separate apartments, the care and thought put into the lighting is clear even though the film is in black and white. During the day our characters faces are highlighted wonderfully to show the budding of something new, and, even in the night, their faces are illuminated while shadows are utilized to help show the deeper emotions lurking beneath the surface.

The honesty and pure good intent between the characters in the beginning had me hooked immediately. These characters are easily relatable and quick to love. Annabelle has a talented wit and great sense of humor that matches extremely well with Lewis’ charm and his gifted ability to put himself out there.

This film is a beautiful representation of what most of us are looking for in life: acceptance.

Thanks for your thoughts, Olivia!

Olivia and Bea at the screening of Through The Pane in Atlanta

Not surprisingly Through The Pane won the Audience Choice Award at the Atlanta Shorts Fest!
Well-deserved and entirely expected!

Through The Pane was also screened at the Hollywood Film Festival last week. Luckily, Pauline and Justin were able to attend – so far someone involved with the show has been at all screenings!

Pauline shares some postcards available through the Hollywood Film Festival.

Justin Breault (who makes a brief cameo appearance in the movie) proudly hangs up the official movie poster.

Pauline and Justin attended the screening at the Hollywood Film Festival.

Pauline and Justin at the Hollywood Film Festival with a few close friends.


As before, official show photographer Peter Holst has graciously provided some original photography from the filming of Through The Pane. For more of Peter’s work please visit his website at www.peterholstphotography.com.

Tomas Wittrup, Andy Hodgson, Pauline Egan and  Rudy Lenz check the latest take during the filming of the last scene at the cafe. © by Peter Holst
Tomas Wittrup, Andy Hodgson, Brandon Colby Cook, Pauline Egan and Louis Ferreira discuss the filming of the last scene at the cafe. © by Peter Holst

And finally, new still photos from the movie have been posted on the Through The Pane Facebook Page. Please visit for many more photos! A small selection is shown below.


It’s always a sign of a well-functioning show, camaraderie and true friendship when people working on a common project decide to back a noble cause. We all know how close the MOTIVE folks are, as evidenced by the many photos and activities posted by various cast and production team members.

Here is an announcement  for the charity the MOTIVE team is supporting – the Camp Kerry Society.

From the Camp Kerry website:

“The Camp Kerry Program Model embraces a holistic approach to bereavement care where emphasis is placed on healing both within and between families. Through our retreats, we aim to foster a community of belonging that provides grieving families with memorable and positive experiences of connection, healing and hope. Our programs are delivered through applying evidence-based methods and holistic therapies that recognize bereavement as an ongoing process rather than a series of predetermined emotional stages that people move through in a predictable and orderly fashion.

The Camp Kerry Model identifies individuals and families through an ecological framework. We recognize that each person is unique, that they themselves change over time, as do their family systems and mechanisms of support.”

If you’d like to join the MOTIVE team in their effort to support Camp Kerry, you can make a donation here – it’s quick and easy.

And if that’s not enough proof, here’s a heartwarming tweet from Amanda Alexander, script supervisor on MOTIVE.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful tidbit!

Follow Amanda on Twitter at @Amandalexander.

Want to watch MOTIVE Season 3 in the US and elsewhere? Then make your wishes known to your local provider who airs the show. In the US that’s ABC Network. You can tweet them a message or go straight to their feedback page:

  1. Go to http://abc.go.com/feedback
  2. In the drop-down menu, select “ABC Programming Feedback”. A new form will pop up.
  3. Fill in the required information and then give them a few good reasons why they should renew MOTIVE.
  4. You will receive a generic response that has nothing to do with what you wrote. Don’t let that deter you.
  5. Send more feedback the next day.

As of October 20th ABC has not yet committed to airing Season 3. Please help and cast your vote. Your voice might just be the one that sways the Powers That Be! Thank you!


Ferreira Fest staff member Alma shares her story about the photo below:

(photo posted with special permission from Vicky’s mom)

On Saturday at Dragon Con, Louis graciously signed a picture for my favorite 4 year old – Victorriah. I’ve had the pleasure of taking care of Vicky since she was 14 months and consider her the other half of my heart. She’s also a huge Louis fan.

This was something that seemed to shock him. “You can’t show her my stuff,” Louis exclaimed while pointing to gory pictures of himself in “Saw IV” and “Dawn of the Dead.” Of course, she’s never seen those movies.

But we have seen “Chestnut: The Hero of Central Park” and listened to Louis’ reading of
Mr. Mugs about a million times. Louis, have mercy on me and please record something new soon! She also enjoys his Ferreira Fest audio clips and pictures of his dogs. At one point, she was adamant that Charlie was someone in a costume “pretending.”

Louis was more than happy to sign a picture addressed to Victorriah. Although the spelling of her name threw him a bit. He joked she’d be eight before she learned how to spell it herself.

Vicky loved her autographed picture of Louis. With twinkling eyes she asked, “It’s mine?” However, she was a little upset I didn’t take her to Atlanta with me. In her own words, “You no share Louis.” As if he were mine to share!

I tried to explain how only Louis can share Louis. And that he does so generously all the time. We get to see his talents on the screen and his fantasticness as a person in venues like Ferreira Fest and Dragon Con. Thank you, Louis!

The Frisby kids were so taken with Louis that they created some original artwork for him. Louis proudly displayed them at his autograph table. Thanks, Ronon Everett and David!

“Blueberry Building in Grass” by Ronon Everett Frisby (above) and a Thank you note from David Frisby (Left)

For pictures of Louis and the kids and lots more please visit the Dragon Con Gallery. In compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, permission was obtained from the parents to post photos of their children.

Here’s a little sound clip of Louis with two Muppets who happened to stop by at his table, where he was signing autographs and meeting friends.

And here is Louis with a friend from MarkedOut. If this is you or you know who it is, please let us know so we can give the proper credit!

Jessica Kudulis brought her son Clayton to the con (gotta get those youngsters started early!) and she has kindly given us permission and parental consent to post the pictures on our pages. Thanks, Jessica! We hope Clayton and Louis will meet again for another photo op in the future!


Louis and David attended a Fun4Events happening at La Habra Heights this past summer.

Channeling positive energy with David DeLuise
Making neuro wave art with David DeLuise

And here’s Louis with Tony Nappo while making a cameo in Tony’s current project


Doggie Tweets! MOTIVE Tweets! And Vancouver Tweets! Thanks to everyone who posted!

Thank goodness this bulldog can swim! (it’s a very rare thing)
Making free commercials, with David DeLuise, top left, on the right.
Acrophobia, anyone?
Not for the faint of heart…
Just another day at the office for Lauren Holly.
Halloween came early for the MOTIVE team on October 16th!
… and it all started out so normally on that day.
Burrard Street Bridge, Vancouver BC
Giancarlo: Speed Demon

SCREENCAPS: MOTIVE “Nobody Lives Forever”

As it so happened, Ona Grauer guest starred in MOTIVE’s Season 2 episode “Nobody Lives Forever“. It seemed appropriate to choose this episode for this month’s screencaps, as Louis and Ona share a bit of screen time in it. Ona plays the rich divorcee Victoria Hill whose illegal immigrant nanny gets into big trouble.

Here is a direct link to the album: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xPF3imikuE10hvvNJ13njNzUdQc9RooD?usp=drive_link


Every month Louis reads a chapter from one of his favorite books, Are You as Happy as Your Dog? by Alan Cohen. Mr. Cohen has kindly granted his permission for us to post Louis’ book reading clips here. Please join me in thanking him and be sure to visit his website at alancohen.com.

Click on the thumbnail of the book cover to purchase a copy of the book.

Here is this month’s chapter. It was recorded on site in LA, thus the sound quality is much better than usual. Listen to the sound clip here:

Chapter 20: Be there

Munchie’s loyalties are not divided. I’m his person and he’s my dog.

We both have lots of friends that fulfill our other interests and needs, but his tag has my phone number on it, and although I do not wear a tag, his number is etched in my heart.

I think about him when I am away, and I make sure he’s taken care of if I am not there.

He has never missed a meal, and I have never missed his love.



Peter Kelamis

Peter appeared at the Greek Food Festival in Vancouver. Check out this awesome poster of the event!

He was also performing at YukYuk’s in Vancouver on September 30.

Peter has a new IMDB Listing!

Barbie and the Secret Door – Sniff (voice) (2014)
Storyline: “Alexa is a very shy princess from a contemporary, modern kingdom who discovers a secret door that opens to a magical land. “

So grab the kids and follow her on that journey!

Peter was asked on Twitter what his first voice-over role was. Peter remembers it was “Slam” on Hanna Barbera’s “Down and Dirty Dinosaurs“. Watch a short clip of the show!

Moreover, Peter has been nominated for an UBCP/ACTRA award in the Best Voice category for his work on “Barbie & Her Sisters In a Pony Tale.” Here’s what Peter thinks of it:

  “The best part of getting nominated for “Best Voice” is that my daughter watches the movie, “Barbie And Her Sisters In A Pony Tale” endlessly. Even though I play the villain… I LOVE the fact that SHE loves it so much… Oh yeah… and I also kinda like hearing my own voice playing over and over again. ”

Peter will be appearing at Tyler Rose City Comic Con on October 25th & 26th with Jen Spence.

Peter attended the Vancouver Canucks vs Edmonton Oilers game on Saturday October 11. He live-tweeted from the event where he had an amazing view of the action:

This is Peter Kelamis.

This is Peter Kelamis on Hockey.

Any questions?!

Jen Spence

Jen and her husband Ben Ratner were at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

Along with her colleague Peter Kelamis Jen will also be appearing at Tyler Rose City Comic Con on October 25th & 26th.



Sabrina ‏tweeted:
Motive season 2 just started in Germany. It’s on TV on Tuesdays at 8:55pm on TNT Serie.


Ildi reports that Louis’ “Relic Hunter” episode Under The Ice was aired, but no advance warning was given, since he guest starred on the episode and was therefore not listed for search engines to find.

Furthermore, Stargate Universe is still on AXN Black, and also on AXN.


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