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Published January 2014
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Another new year, another new Ferreira Fest! And we’re starting our 5th year out with a bang! We have news, photos, screencaps galore, The Reading Series, site and friends news, and Louis answers your questions! Grab an age-appropriate pineapple cocktail at the free bar and come sit by our fire where it’s warm and cozy. And for those of you sweating in the Southern Hemisphere: there’s fresh pineapple sorbet just for you, so come on in, everybody!


Be sure to check out our new Flag Counter feature ! You can see where in the world Louis fans can be found, and our diversity is simply astounding! At press time fans from 27 different countries and 49 different regions had visited the site in the past 3 weeks. Repeat visits are now counted once a week so visit as often as you like! If your flag doesn’t show up, do not despair – the geolocation software will eventually find you and add your region’s and country’s flag, so be sure to send every Louis fan you know and have them visit the Home Page. If you like statistics, our Flag Counter will be a little slice of paradise for you!

Here’s our flag map as of January 20, 2014:

Due to Hungary having the third-largest fan base (so far, at least on this planet) we now have a Hungarian correspondent – scroll down to meet Ildi and her impressive report about Louis on TV in Hungary!


The Children’s Aid Foundation has published a beautiful new video about their work and their impact on underprivileged children.

Please take a moment now to watch it.

The Children’s Aid Foundation has an online News and Events feature.

Please check it out to learn more about one of Louis Ferreira’s preferred charities.

The Good Neighbours’ Club in Toronto has completely re-vamped and updated their website – please check it out and learn more about what they do to help support homeless seniors. With the extremely cold winter they are experiencing their work is more important than ever and is literally saving lives.

Click on the screencap and learn more about their mission.

Here is a poignant tweet from Lauro Monteiro from GNC!


The Indiegogo fundraising campaign for Through The Pane has reached – and surpassed – its goal! Congratulations, everyone! The Friends of Louis Ferreira are proud sponsors of the project. Thanks to everyone who sent their support – either by contributing money or being a cheerleader! Every little bit helped!

Click on the screen cap for more info, to post congrats and view the sponsor list.

Through The Pane
was also featured on Project Spotlight of The Arts Guild.

Through The Pane now also has an IMDb entry.

Please visit the Through The Pane FaceBook page

Visit Pauline Egan’s website

For more on Through The Pane please check out Ferreira Fest 48.


The Canadian Screen Awards

Motive has received several nominations for the Canadian Screen Awards. Check out the rest of the lineup here. The awards ceremony will be in early March. Keep your fingers crossed!
Shaw Media Award for Best Dramatic Series
CTV (Bell Media)
(Lark Productions)
   – Erin Haskett, Lindsay Macadam, Louise Clark, Rob LaBelle, Rob Merilees
Best Direction in a Dramatic Series
Motive – Creeping Tom
CTV (Bell Media)
   – Bronwen Hughes

Best Picture Editing in a Dramatic Program or Series
Motive – Creeping Tom
CTV (Bell Media)
  – Stein Myhrstad

Best Performance in a Guest Role, Dramatic Series
Motive – Public Enemy
CTV (Bell Media)
  – Molly Parker

The nomination for best editing is particularly well-deserved, as the editing on Motive is nothing short of brilliant!

The Province reports on the nominations and carries a lovely stock photo of Louis, Kristin and Brendan. Check it out!

Some exciting Motive business news:

NBCUniversal International Television Production has announced the acquisition of a minority equity stake in Lark Productions, one of Canada’s leading independent production companies.
Lark is producing Motive (a co-production with Foundation Features) for CTV, and it also airs on ABC in the United States. Motive has been successfully sold to most of Europe, Australia, Brazil and much of Africa. Under the terms of the deal, NBCUniversal enters a new first look and distribution agreement.

Read the press releases at Lark Productions and at the Hollywood Reporter.

More episode titles for Season 2 have been announced:

201: Raw Deal
202: They Made Me A Criminal
203: Overboard
204: Deception
205: Dead End
206: Bad Blonde
207: Pitfall
208: Angels With Dirty Faces
209: Abandoned
210: TBA
211: Kiss of Death
212: TBA
213: For You I die

More Motive News

It appears that Motive will soon be available on DVD in Germany. Amazon.de has listed Motive Season 1 DVD with a release date in March. Let’s hope a North American release follows soon, as well as the rest of the world!

Thanks to our researcher Agi for finding these two news items!

Principal photography for season 2 wraps on January 24.

Thanks to Amanda Alexander for the info!

A quick info tweet from Kristin Lehman on January 17th:


Oscar’s Voice

Q: Obviously many different actors worldwide are now translating Oscar’s voice and trying to do your delivery justice. What do you think is their biggest challenge? What is Oscar’s voice?

Listen to the sound clip here:

LF – What is Oscar’s voice? (chuckles) Very calm. You sense calm, centered voice of reason. So his voice is not so much a specific type of voice as that sort of the energy of the voice is that I try to come from a very sort of centered place. If that makes sense.

FF – So, it’s more of an emotional aspect of the voice, actually than…

LF – Yeah, I think it’s more of a mindset, like, Vega has that spiritual aspect to him, so he’s this sort of calm person. I think it’s just… if anything it’s, I would say, relaxed. The first season I think my voice was sort of a little bit deeper. I adjusted a little bit this year. Because I was trying to separate the idea, when you’re putting on your police, sort of, calm with people, because you sort of have to be more authoritative, and you know, more you, than you would be with your partner.

Because we don’t have home lives. We always… because it’s basically a procedural. I was trying to just sort of separate the difference in energies and tones between work life and office life. So, I definitely played a little bit of the voice more this year as far as range, and like being able to go higher, at times, and then he has his “Vega bass thing” that he does as well.

Tactical Training

Q: Kristin Lehman completed a tactical police training course to prepare for the role of Angie Flynn. Did you have any special training before you started filming Motive? Or is your long history of playing cops the best training anyway?

Listen to the sound clip here:

LF – Well, a combination of the two. I did it alongside with Kristen. We both did the tactical training. We spent time with… actually, we spent time with a male/ female team that was uncannily like Vega and Flynn, which we quite enjoyed. Their dynamic. So that was kind of like a little bonus, because it was just, he was a stern, solid, by-the-book kind of cop. And she was just this loose, kind of fun, kind of over-the-top personality. And the two of them were just great partners, had been partners for a long time.

FF – So those were actual cops? They’re actual people?

LF – These were actually cops at the Vancouver… we met at the Burnaby Police station when we first went to talk to cops and ask questions. This is the two people that they brought to us. We were like, oh, this is fun! (laughs)

We would ask them why they became cops, and she was like, “I had nothing better to do, I was in school, didn’t know what to do, I was like – Law Enforcement! You know, it would be good for me, I figured, you know what I mean, go out there, bust some perps, help some people out, do a good thing, good cause, you know, feel good.”

And then when we asked him, he was like, [British accent] “Ever since I was eight, I was in England, I used to go see the policemen with their billy clubs and I thought to myself, that is structure, that is – that is discipline, that is the sort of thing…” And he was so, like, it had been a lifelong childhood dream of his. And he was just great. He was great. You know, he was eating a little salad, she was eating a pizza slice, it was just perfect. It was Angie and Vega.

FF – Right. And then did you do some weapons training along with that?

LF – Yeah, well I got there… I’ve done that many times before. I don’t particularly like guns. So the idea of like “Hey, let me shoot a gun!” is not something I care to do. When I have to do it, I certainly do enough and… there’s always a gun wrangler on set, if in fact it’s used. And the great thing… and one of the things I like about Motive is that, in fact, as a detective drama, we rarely use guns, ever. And that’s sort of nice because we’re not a “Flashpoint” or we’re not a… the kind of show that, where it’s all action, and that’s what it’s about.

This is really not the genre of the show, which I quite enjoy. I was quite surprised to see that our first year audiences enjoyed [that], because it really is about the motive and the procedural. So it doesn’t have that sort of like, you know, chases and things exploding and guns going off, so it’s certainly one of the elements I personally just enjoy because I’m not particularly, you know, certainly a fan of the weapons.

Thanks to Casey for the transcripts!


This month’s screen caps bring us back to MOTIVE. Here are 1260 caps from episode 2, season 1, “Crimes of Passion“.

Here is a direct link to the photo album: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OkP4PFy1a8fO3rOlRgHcFBPSWhjCfiLC?usp=drive_link

Please be advised that the images may contain spoilers for the episode.


Laughing in the rain during a Motive shoot, with Kristin Lehman, Lauren Holly and Brendan Penny. Photo by Lauren Holly.
Smiles all around in the rain during a Motive shoot, with Brendan Penny and Kristin Lehman. Photo by Louis Ferreira
Foggy nights on the downtown East Side.
Photo by Kristin Lehman.
Ice storm near Toronto, Winter 2013.
Photo by Louis Ferreira
An oldie-but-goodie: Interview with Fiona Forbes and Bianca Solterbeck on The Rush about the premiere of MOTIVE, February 2013.
Unfortunately the video of the interview is no longer available, but you can read a transcript of it in Ferreira Fest 38.
“I swear I didn’t do it!”
Photo by Louis Ferreira


Whenever he has time Louis will answer your questions. If you have a question for Louis please send an email to .

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The following questions were submitted by Ferreira Fest guests:

Louis on Firearms

Q: What are your thoughts on having your own entry in the IMFDb? (The Internet Movie Firearms Database, see Ferreira Fest 48)

Listen to the sound clip here:

LF – It’s certainly interesting, I think, not just for myself but for anybody that I know who is an actor to know that this is the weapons you’ve fired throughout your career, is kind of,  it’s kind of funny.

FF – Yeah.

LF – I couldn’t remember… I could probably remember three of them myself. I do not necessarily know my guns, nor do I wish to, in a way. To each their own, but it’s not my particular… it’s certainly not an area of interest for me.

FF – Well, I mean, you want to look realistic and use it the way it’s supposed to be used.

LF – Oh yeah, when I do that as a job it’s one thing, but you’ve got to always remember, we never have loaded weapons, ever. And they’re always, you know, with blanks or they’re empty.

FF – Right.

LF – There’s never anything in them. So we’re really playing make believe, obviously. That’s what we do, yeah.

Louis on Special Skills

Q: We know you’ve had some fencing training for your role on Highlander. What kind of interesting or unusual skills have you had to learn for a role?

Listen to the sound clip here:

LF – When I had to do that episode of “Touch” I had to learn to… I’m not really a guitar player, so that was interesting. I had to learn the guitar thing and I had to learn a different dialect of Portuguese which wasn’t my own. Even though I was trying to make it more my own.

FF – Right.

LF – That was an interesting thing. Because I had to really… when I first spoke the Portuguese it was so not right and when I had to really… So the language is, I would say the language is certainly… I’ve done guitar, and I’ve done piano*, I once played a musician, and so I had to, like, learn the piano, sort of the chords. It’s always an interesting thing when you’ve got to… a lot of times now they’ll just hire someone who actually knows how to play. Because those people are out there. And then when you have the, I’ve had opportunities in the past to sort of learn things that you’re ultimately not that skilled at, you’re trying to then just get by. The idea of like, hey, that looked real.

FF – Right.

LF – Not necessarily in the right notes but it’s about, almost, the illusion of. And so I’ve had a lot of those kinds of things whether it be the languages or whether it be dialects or whether it be instruments, certainly things like that.

FF – I remember you saying that you actually had a dialect coach for “Touch”? Someone that you studied with.

LF – I did. And the problem was, he was Brazilian and when he spoke I didn’t understand a word. So I then called my own personal friend that I had in Toronto who was a Portuguese diplomat type. And he was nice enough to stay on the phone with me and merge the two. And I was able to come up with what I did there. But it was really his coaching that I used rather than the dialect coach they’d given me, because they gave me a Brazilian dialect coach.

FF – Right.

LF – Which is a whole other kind of sound, which I could not do.

FF – It was established in the story that Felipe was actually from Portugal. And that he went to…

LF – I made that. I requested that. Because I said he’s from the Azores and got to, yeah, Rio. Which made sense.

FF – Yeah. And so that the whole language aspect actually made sense, too. I mean, somebody who doesn’t speak Portuguese obviously would never be able to tell the difference. And that’s probably the majority…

LF – Yeah, but my job, my job especially as a Portuguese person is to always be true to that.

FF – Exactly. Well, I always think, if there’s a way to do it right, if you have the opportunity, then you should…

LF – Strive for it, yeah.

FF – I mean…

LF – But I’ll tell you, you know, one of the things that, as far as you know actors that I remember, when I was like a… I would always be impressed by… remember Tom, Tom Cruise was one of those really impressive people. With his ability to always have these crazy skills. Like when he did “Cocktail”, all that beer bottling, bartending stuff…

FF – Right.

LF – That I was just, you know he had months and months and months of training. But to a point where… you seen people with like tons of… Jim Carrey did it in “The Riddler” with his cane, you know?

FF – Yeah.

LF – Just months and I remember talking to Lauren Holly about Jim Carrey. She was with him while he was doing The Riddler. She goes—he broke more windows, practicing for that role, that you can never imagine. And it made me laugh, because I can imagine because he was like incredible with it. But that’s just months and weeks and weeks… and also too, doing television, I’ve never had the luxury of having a month or two or three to prepare for a role where you’re sort of, you know, literally learning a new skill. When you learn a skill, you are becoming a different person just by virtue that you are now picking up a whole different vibe of yourself. So it’s kind of cool.

FF – Yeah. I mean like you have like five or seven days to shoot an episode, you know, there’s limited time to pick up a whole new skill.

LF – Oh, yeah. Often you get two or three days. You know, and that’s the reality.

FF – Yeah, especially when you’re doing a guest spot or something.

LF – Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.  So that’s sort of that, but then you just jump in. (chuckles) You jump in.

FF – It’s a job, you know, and you try to do it justice.

*Note: The role as a piano player that Louis mentions is from the movie Night Owl.

Thanks to Casey for the transcripts!


A Happy New Year Tweet from Louis (Note: At this point – 4 days after adding the feature – we had 15 flags. Since then many more have been added!)
A pajamas philosophy tweet
A comedy dream-team tweet from Patrick Gilmore
Fun on the Motive set, from Amanda Alexander, with comments by Alaina Huffman and Mark Savela about Simon Smith and Louis
(all are former Stargate Universe colleagues).


Every month Louis reads a chapter from one of his favorite books, Are You as Happy as Your Dog? by Alan Cohen. Mr. Cohen has kindly granted his permission for us to post Louis’ book reading clips here. Please be sure to visit his website at alancohen.com.

Click on the thumbnail of the book cover to purchase a copy of the book:

Listen to the sound clip here:

Chapter 11 Entertain Yourself

When I am not at home Munchie finds plenty of amusements. He chases cats, sniffs dead frogs, naps, and visits neighbors.

The world, through Munchie’s eyes, is a big playground. There’s always someone or something to keep his life exciting.

Munchie doesn’t need an excuse to have fun. Everything is an invitation to play.

He doesn’t divide life up into work and play. He finds joy wherever he is.

And here is a slightly extended version with a brief comment from Louis at the end.

Listen to the sound clip here:

Chapter 11 Entertain Yourself

When I am not at home Munchie finds plenty of amusements. He chases cats, sniffs dead frogs, naps, and visits neighbors.

The world, through Munchie’s eyes, is a big playground. There’s always someone or something to keep his life exciting.

Munchie doesn’t need an excuse to have fun. Everything is an invitation to play.

He doesn’t divide life up into work and play. He finds joy wherever he is.

LF: Oh, fantastic, Munchie! I wish we could all be Munchie-like! Okay!


Bradley Stryker sends a picture of his wife Caitlin from their Holiday ski trip. Loyal Ferreira Fest readers will of course recognize the cabin from “A Weekend to Remember“!

Our friend Lauro Monteiro from the GNC has broken his ankle. Send some healing thoughts his way or even a tweet to @LauroMonteiro.
Hope you feel better soon!


Ildi, our new official correspondent from Hungary, sends the following info:
Here is the best page about Louis Ferreira that contains most of his works, and where you can check if any of his shows are broadcast:
(He is credited as Justin Louis even after Stargate Universe on this site.)

This link is the best site I think, and the most commonly used in Hungary. You can see next to the titles what is being broadcast and where/ when. You can also subscribe and they will notify you if there’s anything with him on TV in the next couple of days (which, by the way, didn’t work for SGU. But for Trump Unauthorized it works, so hopefully it will also work for Motive.)

You can check out the individual pages of the movies and shows he is in, SGU got 9 stars out of 10 for instance, which is pretty good. Also, there are some comments about the show at the bottom of the page.

These are other, rather useless databases (the ones who can’t even tell that Justin Louis and Louis Ferreira are the same person):
Here are links for some shows he appears in, but that are not listed on the page:
Primeval: New World (not currently on air)
Rookie Blue (on air, but currently showing reruns of season 1)
Breaking Bad (on air; only at season 3 so far)
The Andromeda Strain (not currently on air)

And finally, some links about Motive.

It looks like this site keeps tabs on the series, so now we have two places to check up on. http://filmsor.net/tag/motive/
Some opinions, reviews and critiques:

Please join me in thanking Ildi for her thorough sleuthing! Welcome to our staff!


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Speaking of watching TV in other countries: look who’s on TV in Kyrgyzstan!!

Thanks for sharing this little gem, Agi!


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