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Published December 2013
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And just to finish the year out properly, it’s time to join Ferreira Fest, the monthly celebration of the acting career of Louis Ferreira (Justin Louis)! We have the scoop on a new movie, interviews, photos, transcripts, screen caps, The Reading Series and a special message from Louis himself, so grab a virtual pineapple cocktail at the bar and come on in – it’s nice and warm inside!

Hard to believe – this has been an incredible four year long party, with all Louis, all the time! And we have no intention of winding down, ever, because we all know: the best is yet to come.


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On the first weekend of the month Louis shot another short film entitled “Through The Pane” with fellow actor Pauline Egan.

Louis has done a good number of shorts over the course of his career in order to help out friends or young up-and-coming filmmakers. Three of them have been featured right here on Ferreira Fest: Bradley Stryker and Ingrid Rogers and Rob Munic.

Pauline is still looking for a few sponsors to complete production on her film. If you’d like to be listed in the end credits of THROUGH THE PANE please go to the Indiegogo page and make a donation. It’s simple and easy.

Through The Pane“, a play on words, is the story of pianist Annabelle (Pauline Egan) and artist Lewis (Louis Ferreira) who live in apartments with windows facing each other. Shot in black and white and underscored with piano music, the film celebrates a back-to-basics approach documenting the meeting of two souls.

The promo clip is no longer available but our transcriptionist Casey has kindly provided a transcript for our hearing-impaired visitors and those who simply like to read the text. Thanks, Casey!

Brandon Colby Cook (BCC) – 1st Assistant Director
Pauline Egan (PE) – “Annabelle”/Director/Producer
Louis Ferreira (LF) – “Lewis”
Andy Hodgson (AH) – Director of Photography


BCC – So the story follows Annabelle, who is late twenties. She’s a piano player, kind of a shut-in, lives on her own. And she spies across the way a man, Lewis, who she starts to kind of be attracted to.

And he eventually catches her, and then when he does, they end up sharing these notes back and forth. And they communicate by putting notes in the window and eventually as the story goes on, you end up finding out that both of these characters have personal flaws that they’re hiding.

And once they start to come out, then it’s like, will they still like each other, for the people that they are?

PE – Yeah, it sort of becomes a bit of a love story. There’s definitely a climax to the story where some things are revealed and some raw emotion comes out. But yeah, it’s… the idea behind the film is just to… I just wanted to get back to basics with romance and love and in this day and age with social media and whatever it’s a very, it’s an impersonal way of communicating now that there isn’t that human interaction so much. So both these people, sort of, are afraid to meet in real life because they’re afraid that they’re not going to be perfect.

LF – Lewis is an artist, currently, or trying to be an artist. He comes from, probably, a different type of background. Probably military. And he’s just that guy who’s just sort of… things didn’t work out for him and he’s probably found himself alone for quite a while now and has made peace with that.

I think you always bring parts of yourself, and I think as you get older there’s nothing that you can’t kind of relate to. But it’s in those darker things that usually growth happens. So I’ve learned to embrace that. So certainly I could relate to a lot of this stuff.

AH – Yes, so today we have a great package from William F. White’s. They donated an amazing package for us. And as well as a good friend of mine, Milton Lowe, who has rented us the RED package for the two days. So we’re running around with some great gear. And some great crew.

PE – One of the biggest challenges with this was finding a location. And I just couldn’t let go of the story. And I was going to make it work. I just wasn’t sure how.

AH – First of all we have to shoot in two separate apartments that are adjacent to each other.

PE – We managed to get the two opposite each other, which is quite a dream come true because I didn’t expect that that would be possible.

AH – So unfortunately we couldn’t light both apartments at the same time. So we’re having to go from one apartment, break down, go light the next apartment, break down… and it poses a lot of problems in scheduling, and then wardrobe as well. And like I said, lighting. As you know now we’re shooting in winter time so we lose light at about 3:00, 4:00, so we have a few more hours with light. We’ll see what happens. We’ll tackle it one step at a time.

PE – Everyone has their Achilles’ Heel and their floor and, yeah, we all just have to kind of work through those things inside. I think this movie is important for pretty much everyone.

BCC – And I think that’s a really good thing to talk about, a good message. And I think a lot of people don’t feel like they’re loveable or they hide things about themselves that aren’t perfect. Those are the things in the world that make people perfect. And this movie kind of treads on that.  

Nina Egan posted this lovely still from the movie on Instagram. Thanks, Nina!

Maneli posted a fabulous picture of Louis and Pauline.
Thanks, Maneli!

Pauline shared this great behind-the-scenes shot of herself and Louis watching a scene. Thanks, Pauline!

And Louis shared this closeup of himself and Pauline.
Thanks, Louis!

Here are a few screencaps from the promo – as you can see good things are coming our way! According to Pauline the movie will be released early next year.

Here is a direct link to the album: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ObX7fZSsXGw4Nox31_cNlG0xfrGPWz1s?usp=drive_link.

You may also read about the project on Twitter: please follow #ThroughThePane and @PaulineEgan. And then check out the Facebook pages for Through The Pane and Pauline Egan, as well as Pauline Egan’s website.

And finally, here is what Louis himself has to say about his work on Through The Pane. Did you know he came up with the title?

Listen to the sound clip here:

LF – It was a Short. You know? She sort of thought of me. She did it very last minute. Shot it in two days. Lovely little film. I had met Pauline just two months prior, an Australian woman. She actually has just moved back to Australia. And for me, I see shorts as a way to sort of, giving back. I think that there’s a little bit of, these are first time film makers and people who want to be creative. And I think, I would do them every weekend if I could because I think there’s something… some merit in the exploration of that area.

It’s like a lot of the times you get creative stuff. A lot of times shorts are just, you know, don’t work. But the point is, I think people are trying stuff and gambling and there’s something great about not being paid and it’s just organic. And you go in for a day or two and you try to create something very quickly. So, I’ve always enjoyed that process, so I simply said yes because she had thought of me for the role and it was a nice little love story.

Not a love story, kind of like, that it was definitely this… these two people were kind of these broken souls. And they kind of need each other. The difference is of course that she did a black and white and silent film. So that will be interesting.

And the funniest part about that is the sound guy constantly kept getting in the shot. We were constantly cutting on a silent film due to a boom in the shot which is pretty funny if you think about it.

FF – Because it’s a silent movie!

LF – That in itself should have been the movie. I was not quite sure… he was very adamant about his job and it was just… became a source of humor and frustration for him and certainly for myself. I was like, (whispers) “Silent movie. Silent. Silent!”

FF – So, we’re all looking forward to Through The Pane coming out and… I thought the title was really cool because it’s sort of this play on words. You know.

LF – Well, it was my title. I will give her credit. She couldn’t find a title. I was like, how about this? Because part of the thing, it is a play on words. And I thought it was good because really it is obviously a play on words, but it’s also that they’re literally looking across their apartments at each other.

FF – Right. And it’s the pain between. But also the window pane.

LF – And… and right, and the actual pain which exists within them both. She has something that she’s dealing with. He’s got something that he’s dealing with. And they’re both sort of really self-conscious of their flaws.

They somehow connect, in spite of them. That’s the story, but yeah, that was cool.

FF – But that’s so cool that you came up with the name. I had no idea.

LF – Yeah. I pitched it. She thought she… well, I pitched it to her, and that’s always there as a working title. I said, you can use it, but I still think that for me it’s like a baby. Some people name a baby before they actually meet the baby.

FF – Yeah.

LF – And I’m like, that’s one way. But the other way is to actually let the baby sort of inform you, maybe, perhaps, what its name should be. And it sounds weird but it’s funny how that happens with time. So I think, with time, with the edit, once she sees the film, another title may be a better, more of a catchy title will work better for her.

But I was flattered when she used the title.

FF – Yeah, I thought it was perfect.

LF – Yeah, I think I’m pretty good with that stuff. I can contribute.

Thanks to Casey for the transcript!


New MOTIVE episode titles have been posted on IMDb:

201: Raw Deal
202: They Made Me A Criminal
203: Overboard
204: Deception
205: Dead End
206: Bad Blonde
207: Pitfall
208: Angels With Dirty Faces

MOTIVE wraps filming today (December 20) for the holidays, according to script supervisor Amanda Alexander. Two more episodes remain to be filmed early in 2014. Thanks for the info, Amanda! Follow Amanda Alexander on Twitter at @AmandaAlexander.

The Province has posted a nice article about the writers of MOTIVE. It provides some fascinating insights on how they come up with the ideas for the show!

MonteChristoMagazine has posted a great article about Louis’ co-star Kristin Lehman.

Screenspy.com has posted yet another fabulous review/ recap, this time of the last two episodes. Check it out!

You can see a few lovely MOTIVE photos below in our Twitterverse section.


Oscar Vega’s Style

Listen to the sound clip here:

Q: Oscar Vega seems to look a lot more “styled” in Season 2 of MOTIVE. Any comments?

LF – He’s got a cleaner haircut.

FF – I thought, I mean it was definitely that.

LF – Well, how do you know? Because they haven’t shown anything yet.

FF – Well there were just some pictures…

LF – Oh, from pictures and stuff.

FF – Yeah, Behind The Scenes pictures and stuff that has been posted on – what is that website called? Vancouver Shoots? YVR Shoots?

LF – Oh, okay.

FF – And so, it was really quite “GQ”. Some of the things that were on there I was like, what happened to Oscar? He found a hair dresser. Wow.

LF – Yeah, well that was part of it. I think that that was, yeah, I think that… I think Oscar actually probably was really impeccable before, with that stuff, and he sort of, that first season I was hoping they were actually going to write what was going on with some backstory about the  character. But then realizing that it was a procedural, more than anything, and that character is not necessarily what they’re doing with the show. It’s more of a Law and Order. Then I was like, well, might as well toe that line and be, you know, and not worry about it so much. So that’s sort of what happened there.

FF – Oh, okay. I was just curious to see whether there was going to be an episode where that was going to be explained a little.

LF – No, they don’t, no, our episode… the show is formulaic in that’s it’s a killer and a victim, right? And you’re basically following the storyline in there. And they… the characters that really get the… their backstories and the character development are the guest stars.

We are the cops. And we’re doing investigative… so it’s kind of, CSI does that, Law and Order does that.

We were both hoping it was going to be more like Moonlighting. But that’s not like… we just didn’t know because initially we… that’s what it was gonna be, and so, we change as they change and they figure it out but you know, again, great group of people, great cast, great crew, and I could not be happier with that. I mean I’ve never been happier with a costar in my life.

Thanks to Casey for the transcript!


As per a tweet from showrunner Martin Gero THE L.A. COMPLEX is now on Netflix as a streaming video series. While the show was cancelled a year ago it continues to do well in foreign markets, and the pickup by Netflix is great news, because the series is not available on DVD (yet). So go watch it while you can! The first month is free, so you’ve got nothing to lose. Louis appears in four episodes at the end of season 2: Stay, Now Or Never, Make It Right and Don’t Say Goodbye.

Screencaps of all  four episodes are available via Ferreira Fest’s screencaps collection.

Louis discusses his role on the show in Ferreira Fest 33 and Ferreira Fest 39.

Follow Martin Gero on Twitter: @martingero


With Justin Breault
shared by Justin Breault Nov 28, 2013  
Louis Ferreira, Kristin Lehman and Brendan Penny having fun on the MOTIVE set; shared by Kristin Lehman Nov 14, 2013
Billie coming back from a Thanksgiving dip
shared by Louis Ferreira Nov 28, 2013
A memory of the 2010 Gemini Awards
shared by Robert Carlyle Nov 9, 2013
David Blue tweets about watching Doctor Who
Nov 23, 2013


This month Louis reads chapter 10 of one of his favorite books, “Are you as happy as your dog?” by Alan Cohen. Please join me in thanking Mr. Cohen for kindly allowing us to record this reading series and sharing it with everyone here at Ferreira Fest. Please be sure to visit his website at alancohen.com.

Click on the thumbnail of the book cover to purchase a copy of the book.

Listen to the sound clip here:

Chapter 10: Relax

Munchie has never heard of the Puritan Work Ethic. (His philosophy is closer to the Pure Tan Play Ethic.)

He doesn’t punch a clock, get nervous when mortgage interest rates rise, or yell at the television when Rush Limbaugh comes on.

He trusts that life will take care of him, and he doesn’t struggle.

Munchie knows that his purpose in life is to enjoy the adventure.



Our researcher Agi found pictures from a fundraiser for the web series “Single and Dating in Vancouver“, produced by none other than Troy Mundle, who also works as Louis’ stand-in during MOTIVE shoots. Louis attended the fundraiser, always eager to support his friends and young filmmakers.

For more info on the web series go to the Single and Dating in Vancouver Website.

Having fun at the Single and Dating in Vancouver Fundraiser. Thanks for sharing, Troy!

Having fun at the Single and Dating in Vancouver Fundraiser.
Thanks for sharing, Troy!
With friends at the Single and Dating in Vancouver Fundraiser August 16, 2013

Here are Bradley Stryker and Caitlin, just returned from Thailand, with their Christmas tree Li’l Tony in New York, about to head into a bar for drinks. Trees get thirsty, too!

Ingrid Rogers shared an article of her days on Carlito’s Way. ‘Memba Them? Here is Ingrid Rogers with Sean Penn in the 1993 silver screen version of “Carlito’s Way


Agi found a number of photos on GettyImages. Since they are all copyright protected here are the links to the images themselves. Please note that they all contain watermarks.

Louis Ferreira arrives at the UBCP Awards ceremony (full body)

Louis Ferreira arrives at the UBCP Awards ceremony (half body)

Louis Ferreira arrives at the UBCP Awards ceremony (closeup)

And here is the official UBCP press release of the event.

Mike Parnall has posted two photos of Louis with friends on his FaceBook page: photo #1 (with Tracie Hansen and Charles Augustus Jarman), photo #2 (with Paige Waterlily). I had trouble with those links, so here are alternate links, just in case: photo #1, photo #2.

The Hidden Hills page on IMDb has a new behind the scenes picture from the last aired episode “The Neighbors“.

Grab it while you can!


Lucky Ferreira Fest guests – this month you get two helpings of screencaps, the ones from the Through The Pane promo above and the last batch of the Primeval: New World caps. So these are from the episode The Sound of Thunder, part 2.

Here is a direct link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1r-6kbDOlBWQOa91XGsfySQafLzQ5W653?usp=drive_link.
Be warned
:  the album contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the character of Colonel Henderson Hall.


Breaking Bad: Buried

All screencaps are from the screencaps collection here at The Friends of Louis Ferreira.
Buried was Louis’ third and last episode on Breaking Bad. Transcript by Casey.

[Junked cars and trucks scattered about near a building in the desert. A black truck pulls up. Lydia is in the passenger seat.]

Driver – (To Lydia) Okay, you can take it off.

[Lydia removes the blindfold and fixes her hair, then she exits the truck and approaches Declan and his men.]

Declan – All right. What’s so important you had to come all the way out here?

Lydia – With the amount of money I’m bringing in I think I deserve to see exactly why it’s all going so wrong.

Declan – You an expert on meth labs now? You gonna tell us how to fix our operation?

Lydia – What if I can help? What will it hurt to show me?

Declan – I just, I don’t like my time being wasted.

Lydia – Well, I’m here. And ten minutes is a small sacrifice when we’re talking about a fifty million dollar shortfall. So?

[Declan nods to one of his men who then moves a nearby truck. Declan walks over to the spot vacated by the truck and stomps on a manhole cover.]

Declan – Safe to come down?

Voice from below – Yeah, you’re good.

[Declan swings the manhole cover open to reveal a ladder leading down to his lab.]

Declan – Ladies first.

[They descend the steps. Lydia surveys the lab.]

Declan – Okay, now you’ve seen it.

Lydia – (not pleased) Yep! Now I’ve seen it.

Declan – What?

Lydia – Well, how ‘bout we start with – it’s filthy.

Declan – What are you, my mother? It’s not filthy… it’s just dimly lit.

Lydia – Do you seriously think this is up to the standards of your predecessor? Because it’s not. Not even close.

Declan – Yeah, well, the product we’re making is selling just fine. Heisenberg’s standards don’t matter anymore.

Lydia – To whom? A bunch of scabby Arizona tweakers? They matter to my buyer in the Czech Republic, I can tell you that. Therefore they matter to me. Look, I cannot move what this person is making if it’s substandard. And it is. It just is. (to Cook) No offense.

Cook – If you can do better, do better.

Declan – Yeah, I don’t know what to tell you. I mean, you tried to get the man back, right? He said no, so, I mean, what do you want me to do?

Lydia – Todd. Use Todd again. Look, he learned from him. All right? At least Todd’s first two cooks were at seventy-four percent.

Declan – On his third cook he started a fire. Look, I tried Heisenberg’s way; it didn’t work out. I wanna cook in my territory, I wanna use guys that I trust. Not Todd, who I don’t. And that’s the end of the conversation as far as I’m concerned.

Lydia – I really wish (she looks at watch) you’d given him a chance.

Driver – (hollers down from above) Hey, we have a problem.

Declan – (to Lydia) You stay here.

[Declan and Cook climb out of the lab and close the manhole cover behind them, leaving Lydia. Lydia takes cover and covers her ears to muffle the sounds of gunfire from above. Gunfire stops and the cover opens up letting light stream in.]

Todd – (from above) Hello? Ma’am, you okay? Hello?

[Lydia slowly makes her way to the ladder. Todd peers down.]

Todd – It’s safe to come up whenever you want.

Lydia – (climbs the ladder, stops just at the top) I – I don’t want to see.

Todd – Okay. Cool, so I guess maybe, um, maybe just close your eyes?

Todd – (helps Lydia climb out.] This way.

[Todd leads Lydia, navigating around the bodies of Declan’s men.]

Uncle Jack – (when he sees Lydia covering her eyes) You kidding me with this?

[Declan is wounded but still alive, crawling on his belly.]

Todd – Uncle Jack!

[Uncle Jack walks over to Declan and aims his gun at Declan’s head.]

Uncle Jack – Fire in the hole!

[Loud gunshot. Lydia flinches. Todd leads Lydia past Declan’s body.]

Note: This concludes the series of Breaking Bad transcripts.


Duke the Movie

The often-delayed movie DUKE in which Louis had a small part as a prison guard seems to be heading to Netflix, apparently bypassing any other kind of release. Stand by for further info on when it becomes available. The film’s star and producer is none other than Louis’ old friend and co-star Carmen Giovinazzo from the movie Fallen Arches. For those of you on Netflix: please make some screencaps and send them to when the movie comes out!


In the JPW (Just Plain Weird) category: Louis now has an official entry in the IMFDb, the International Movie Firearms Database. If you want to know just what that gun was that Louis toted around some of his movies, this site is for you.

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Let’s make this one his best birthday ever!

Incidentally, GettyImages also has their own photo of Louis’ birthday party from February 20, 2013. Like everything on their site it is copyright protected, but you can view this little gem here. Thanks for finding it, Agi!

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“Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays!
To everyone: much love, and every happiness to all!”

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