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Published September 2013
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And once again, thank goodness, it’s the 20th of the month and thus time for our big party here at Ferreira Fest where we celebrate the acting career of Louis Ferreira/ Justin Louis! This month we have lots of pictures, news and reviews, the Reading Series, screen caps, and so much more! Grab your favorite pineapple drink at the bar and join us!


Finally! The MOTIVE web series “The Dark Corner” has at long last been made available to audiences outside of Canada. You could watch this mini-version of a MOTIVE episode online at ABC.com for about 2 weeks.

Louis has a small background cameo in part 2 “The Murder Weapon“, about 26 seconds into the story. Detective Brian Lucas asks his boss, Boyd Bloom: “What about Angie and Vega?”, and he replies “Busy.”, as we see the two working on a timeline in the background.

And yet, in the final roll of the credits, Louis gets a nice big mention:

Alas, as of September 18 the entire web series has disappeared from the ABC website.
The links are all still there but the actual videos appear to be gone.

We hope some of you were able to catch them.

Season 2 filming is well underway, having started the day after Labor Day. There have already been on-location days, night shoots, and lots of rain. This is Vancouver, after all…

Changes are afoot with two new cast members joining the series: read all about it at Hollywoodreporter.com. Warren Christie plays the new team commander, and Valerie Tian portrays a rookie detective. You can follow Warren on Twitter. Bit o’ Trivia: Warren’s wife, Sonya Salomaa, played the role of Traci Prager in Durham County. You can see caps of her and Louis as her husband Ray Prager in this month’s screen cap corner below!

More press releases about Season 2 can be found at CTVmedia.com and sacbee.com.

MOTIVE also got some nice press on Broadwayworld for the episode Brute Force.

Starpulse.com already calls MOTIVE “the new Colombo”. The review is extremely complimentary and very astute in its observation of the relationship between the characters, and the subtle chemistry between Oscar and Angie that is so refreshingly not the usual “will they/ won’t they” partnership. Check it out here.

And The LA Times, not to be outdone, keeps mentioning MOTIVE in its “must see” programming list, one for Brute Force and one for the Season Finale, which even includes a photo!

There’s also a short article at craveonline.com that includes a giant photo of Louis – and no mention of his name or the role! Apparently the writer has never actually watched the show. What a major omission!

MOTIVE will start airing in France on October 18 on the channel 13ème RUE. Thanks to our French Connection Anne for the link to the press release!

And finally, we have a selfie of Kristin Lehman and Lauren Holly that Lauren shared on Instagram.

Somehow Louis managed to weasel his way into the ladies’ portrait! The photobomber strikes again!

Click on the thumbnail to go to the original post.


The AVClub posted a very nice recap of Louis’ final Breaking Bad episode “Buried” and give us that hilarious all-guy quote where Declan defends his not-so-superlab: “It’s not filthy. It’s dimly lit.” Best line of the episode!

Entertainment Weekly has posted some nice character reflections about the episode “Buried”. Declan’s demise is an important plot point for several characters, and it becomes even more important further down the line. Check it out in the InsideTV section.

And finally, if you look up “Buried” on IMDb, guess which moment is the current episode illustration?

Yep, you guessed it: Declan, moments before literally biting the dust.

Click on the thumbnail to see the full cap.

R.I.P., Declan!


It’s the little show that could!

While the series was unfortunately cancelled after its second season it continues to do extremely well in various international markets.

Show Creator Martin Gero reports that the Spanish version of The L.A. Complex is called Sueños de Hollywood (Dreams of Hollwood).

Louis had a recurring role in Season 2 as Dean Pirelli, the father of one of the characters.


Alas, as most of you know some last-minute filming schedule changes for MOTIVE kept Louis from attending Dragon*Con 2013. With wardrobe fittings on Thursday, cast readings on Friday and shooting starting on Tuesday morning it would have simply been insane to make the mad dash to Atlanta and back for less than three days in between.

Never fear, though: we’re hoping it will work out for next year’s Dragon*Con! While there are absolutely no guarantees until a guest is actually physically present, now is the time to purchase your membership ticket while it’s still relatively affordable, and hotel rooms are still available.

Several of Louis’ friends and former co-stars were in attendance this year, such as Jen Spence (Stargate Universe), CCH Pounder (Common Ground), Brian Markinson (Shooter) and Adrian Paul (Highlander).

Louis sent this selfie in response to photos of his friends at Dragon*Con:

He was definitely there in spirit!


During the final episode of MOTIVE our friends at MotiveTV posted a bonanza of new behind-the-scenes photos – all of them true glimpses into the making of the series and some great fun shots to boot. Thanks, MotiveTV! You guys are the best! (click on the thumbnails to go to the original posts).

The kind folks at MotiveTV posted a photo of Louis’ dogs Charlie and Billie in the back of his car, shortly after they arrived back in Vancouver.

“Ohboyohboyohboy, it’s the MotiveTV people!!”

And here are Charlie and Billie, shootin’ the breeze on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

“Did you just yawn?” – “Mmhmm. Yep.”
“That was  awesome.” – “Thanks, dude.”

Louis tweeted a picture of Billie the bulldog, being not excited about him going back to work now:

Who would seriously want to go to work after getting that look?

But once on the way, Billie got to see this gorgeous morning view of Vancouver in early September, and Louis was kind enough to share it:

And here is Louis, back at work with Motive colleague Kristin Lehman, looking mighty sharp and ready to kick some homicide butt! How do you like Oscar Vega’s new look?

We can out-dress any killer!

“A cover shot for GQ?

Sure. I can do that.”

Louis shared a photo of himself with his colleague David Kershaw on the MOTIVE set.

Cool as a cucumber. Two cucumbers, in fact.

Having a great time with his SGU-pal Patrick Gilmore during a night shoot.

Louis is always willing to lend a hand.
Great job with the boom mic!

A (partial) family portrait of the MOTIVE cast.
Big smiles all around!

A birthday surprise for Louis!

Yep, that birthday cake was a big hit!


And just in case you’ve ever wondered…


Sticky Business

How can you tell you’ve really “arrived” in online pop culture?

Why, it’s when GetGlue comes up with a sticker of your image.

So here you are: the first of hopefully many Louis Ferreira stickers from GetGlue:

The image is from the MOTIVE episode “Framed“.

David Blue interviews Julie McNiven

David Blue (Eli Wallace in Stargate Universe) is running a very successful podcast series where he interviews colleagues in the entertainment industry. One of his resent podcasts was with Julie McNiven (Ginn in Stargate Universe), and – what do you know – towards the very end of the interview at about 1 hour 28 minutes, Louis gets a mention for having played the role of the dentist Orin Scrivello in the musical Little Shop of Horrors. It turns out a good number of Stargate Universe cast members have worked on this particular show in the past!

Thanks for that little gem, David!

David says hi to everybody and invites you to visit and listen to his interviews at Geeknation.

You can listen to the podcast here.
Casey has also transcribed the snippet for those of you who have trouble hearing or who just like to read it instead.

DB – David Blue
JM – Julie McNiven

JM – Oh, and, the other day, I was listening to Little Shop of Horrors. And I was kind of obsessed with the idea of playing Audrey and you being Seymour.

DB – Please! And you realize that Louis Ferreira played the dentist when he did it. We determined one day that four or five of us on the cast of SGU had played different roles in Little Shop and we joked we should do a tour and production.

JM – Yeah!

DB – So, boom, Audrey’s yours, I don’t think we have one yet.

JM – Awesome!

DB – I miss that show!

Wikipedia Stats

We’ll be the first to admit that we’re a fool for statistics. The Wikipedia stats page is fantastic, as it allows you to track the impact of one of Louis’ TV appearances over the course of a month. This cap shows clearly what Louis’ last episode on Breaking Bad did to the amount of hits his page got on Wikipedia. If we take this graph as a mere fraction of people who appreciated his performance on the hit show, we can understand the impact such a role can have on an actor’s career.

The Beard Rules

Apparently both the producers of MOTIVE and BREAKING BAD were onto something when they insisted that Louis keep the beard for his respective roles.

Here’s an article on Time.com that details the renaissance of facial hair, and why a beard is very hip and just plain cool these days.

All hail The Beard!


One of our charities, The Good Neighbours’ Club, is regularly making the news. Here is a particularly poignant article on newz4u.net from earlier this month.

The Friends of Louis Ferreira are proud to support this wonderful organization. Please consider making a donation today by clicking on the banner below and following the link.

Every penny counts – what you donate goes straight to GNC and to help homeless seniors.

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And here is part 7 of our exclusive Reading Series, where Louis reads Alan Cohen‘s book “Are you as happy as your dog?”, with special permission by Mr. Cohen himself. Please visit his website for more information, and click on the thumbnail to purchase your own copy of the book.

Listen to the sound clip here:

Chapter 7: Keep your eye on the ball

If you want to learn the power of one-pointed concentration, watch Munchie keep his eye on the tennis ball as I am getting ready to throw it.

I swear his eye does not leave it for a moment. I can change the hand that holds the ball, put it behind my back, or stuff it in my pocket and he does not miss a movement.

If I would just stick to my goals as intently as his eye sticks to the ball I could get everything I ever wanted.

And here is a slightly longer version that includes some brief personal commentaries:

Listen to the extended version here:

LF: That’s a fantastic one!

FF: Isn’t that great?

LF: That’s a really good one.


Casey is taking a break from transcribing the SGU episode commentaries – by transcribing the Durham County Behind The Scenes interviews with Louis!

The Season 1 DVD is widely available and contains a series of interviews with the actors as a bonus features. Click on the thumbnail for a link to purchase the DVD.

Here is the transcript of all of Louis’ interview sections. Thanks, Casey!


AM – Adrienne Mitchell (co-creator, executive producer/director eps5-6)
LFK – Laurie Finstad Knizhnik (co-creator, supervising producer, writer)
LF – Louis Ferreira


AM – Justin Louis (Louis Ferreira) always plays the sort of good cop, the guy that’s, you know, on the right side of things.

LF – Well, I’ve never been a serial killer (Louis laughs and smiles), you know what I mean? I mean to the point of just actually the idea of it I mean… even to have just pretended for nine weeks, it’s just, it’s amazing! The sort of the weight and my gut is wrenched and my head is… it’s… it doesn’t feel very good to live in that space.


AM – I guess what really compelled us is the whole question of the thin line between what makes somebody become a monster, you know? And that we all have this violence within us. And what are the circumstances, what are the forces that can make us cross that line into committing acts of horrible violence.

LFK – I was interested in why we made this particular monster, in this culture, in this present moment. Why is he a monster? You know, the Creature from the Black Lagoon and the Aliens and all the rest in the 50’s, they were our monsters then because there was space travel and Russia and the Cold War and all of that kind of stuff.

But we’re into serial killers. They’re the horrible, horrible creatures. They’re the creatures who are into sex and violence, who rape and destroy… and I thought, what’s the learning curve of a serial killer? That was the take on Ray. How does he get like that? What feeds him? What’s he looking at? You know, is it pornography, is it Dr. Phil? What’s he doing?

LF – You know, who’s worse, really? The person who oppresses or the person who’s actually able to express themselves openly and honestly and has his demons exposed? As opposed to your demons not. And so, that’s a huge part of the show. Which I’m, I think is… I find fascinating on many levels because it happens with every character in different ways.


LFK – We had 6 or maybe it was 8 pages of pitch, is what we had. And it was very dark and twisty and novelistic and I suppose I looked sufficiently scary that they thought I could do it.

I don’t think that we really deal with what we’re doing to our kids with all the television shows and the films and the video games, and I don’t think we think about what we’re doing to ourselves, with that sort of thing.

There’s been a culture of violence ever since the beginning of humankind and for very good reason. And we study those things. We study Roman theatre, we study Shakespearean revenge tragedies, Jacobean ones, we know what all… we’ve been writing about ourselves for centuries. And this one I think it really looks at what it is we’re doing to ourselves. So, it’s in that tradition.

LF – The thing that I certainly was drawn to was the characters. I think you follow six very, I like to say (air quotes) beautiful wrecks. It’s… for me it was rare to find a script that had so much depth to it.


LF – Hopefully people will say, you know what? I’m not that far off from that. We all have those moments of going, whoa! You know what I mean? It’s that, it’s like, that line is just right there. And it really explores those kinds of areas. It’s messed me up, man! (Louis chuckles and smiles) I’m a wreck!


To complement the transcript above, here are well over 1000 screencaps of episode 101 of Durham County, “What Lies Beneath“.

If you have never seen the series, beware: it is very dark. Louis plays the extremely troubled – and troublesome – Ray Prager, whose promising hockey career was cut short due to a car accident, and who now seems to live the perfect life running a very successful plumbing business. His wife, Traci Prager, a yoga instructor, is played by Sonya Salomaa, and his son Ray Jr, an aspiring poet and writer, is played by Greyston Holt. The series begins on the day his former rival Mike Sweeney, played by Hugh Dillon, moves in across the street from Ray.

Here is a direct link to the collection: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1a2lhtM3U1FRY8Y8ZMwWAdapNb3xZS56p?usp=drive_link

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