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Published October 2012
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And before you know it, it’s the 20th of the month again, and that means it’s time for Ferreira Fest, the monthly celebration of the acting career of Louis Ferreira (Justin Louis)! Grab a free pineapple drink at the bar and come on in! We have tons of news, transcripts and an exclusive interview with Louis’ friend and colleague Peter Kelamis (Adam Brody on Stargate Universe)!


Louis didn’t have much time to chat over the past month – just a few little talks on the run and a plethora of text messages… As you know, Louis is busy filming his new series MOTIVE. It has now been listed on IMDb, so be sure to check out the page and drive those traffic numbers up! Please note that Louis tops the cast list!

Louis plays detective Oscar Vega. What’s in a name? The answer might surprise you. The MOTIVE team is under a strict non-disclosure agreement, so news will be sparse until the series premiere in February on CTV – hopefully US and worldwide distribution will follow. They are doing a lot of night shoots, though, which results in 70 hour work weeks for Louis. Pictures from those on-location shoots can be found at Vancityfilming.

Susan Gittins has just posted photos of Louis as Oscar Vega, shooting a MOTIVE episode last week, at yvrshoots.com.

Occasionally we get news from the set from script supervisor Amanda Alexander (@Amandaalexander) on Twitter so be sure to follow her! (thanks to Agi for the links!)

Incidentally, Peter Kelamis was just cast in a guest role on MOTIVE – Louis and Peter mayhem straight ahead! Here is Peter’s Twitter announcement:


Louis just finished filming his second episode of Rookie Blue in Toronto, flying East on the weekend for a frantic one-day shoot on Monday, then heading back to Vancouver to continue his work on Motive.

Let’s hope there will be many more opportunities for Jacob Blackstone to bust drug crimes along with the Rookie Blue unit!

Murielle Wouters from The Dutch Rookie Blue fan page has posted a nice interview with actor Ben Bass who speaks very highly of Louis. Scroll down to question #7! (thanks to Agi for the link!)


If you find yourself inexplicably full of Louis trivia and have no one to share it with, head on over to Louis’ IMDb page and test your mettle with the new Louis Ferreira Quiz! You can choose EASY, CHALLENGING or GENIUS level. Have fun!


Great news for the short film Louis shot earlier this year! DANCING STILL was screened at the OFF (Okanagan International Film Festival) last week, and the award winners are just now trickling out into the media, but thanks to Rob Munic (director) and Ingrid Rogers (actress, Natalie) we get the early scoop:

OFF International 2012 Award Winners:

1. Best International Feature – IN THE FAMILY
2. Best Canadian Feature – EYES OF A BEGINNER
3. Best Documentary – DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW?
4. Best International Short – MOSSADEGH
5. Best Canadian Short – WAIT FOR RAIN
6. Best Animated Short – SCRAP METAL
7. Best Dark & Comic Short – HIM INDOORS
8. Best Screenwriter – INGRID ROGERS for DANCING STILL

Congratulations to Ingrid, Louis, Rob and Jeff for this fabulous accomplishment!

Added on 10-21-2012: Rob just sent us these two banners for the awards. Thanks, Rob!!

I hope you noticed that DANCING STILL is the only movie that received two awards! We will have an exclusive interview with Ingrid and Rob in an upcoming Ferreira Fest, so stay tuned.

DANCING STILL was also screened at the La Femme International Film Festival in Los Angeles earlier this month on October 11.


We hope you were all able to either catch Louis in his 4-episode-arc on The LA Complex, or perhaps you watched the episodes online. Catch them while you can! There is no word yet on whether or not the series will be renewed.


For those of you (and everyone else, of course) who wasn’t able to watch The LA Complex or can’t access it online, Kimmy has busted her chops to cap all four episodes for you! That’s over 800 pictures!!! Thanks so much, Kimmy, they are absolutely beautiful, and we can’t even begin to imagine how long it took to do all of these. Please remember that all images posted on Ferreira Fest are copyrighted – do not repost them without permission.
Click on the screen cap to access each episode’s collection!

The LA Complex 208: Stay (Voice Only)
The LA Complex 209: Make it RIght
The LA Complex 210: Now or Never
The LA Complex 211: Don’t Say Goodbye


DVD: SGU Season One – Episode Nine “Life” Commentary Part 1 with Louis Ferreira, Brian J Smith, Ming Na and script coordinator Lawren Bancroft-Wilson.

Note: Commentaries are recorded while the actors, directors and producers watch the episode and provide their insight into its filming. There are often multiple conversations taking place at the same time as well as the episode soundtrack playing the background. We will attempt to piece those conversations together to decrease reader confusion. At times, the commentators get caught up watching an episode and fail to discuss which will be noted as [episode soundtrack]. We will note scene progression by first sentence using GateWorld transcript of the episode for tracking purposes.

Listen to the sound clip here:

[Episode opening. Destiny moving through space. RUSH: Destiny. The design is clearly Ancient…]

MN – That’s a hot lookin’ ship.

LF – I love that ship.

MN – Awww.

[Episode opening scenes, a variety of recap shots from the earlier episodes.]

LF – This is the recap.

BJS – By the way, uh, Brian Smith here.

LF – Hi!

MN – Oh, hi, and I’m, um, Ming Na.

LF – And, uh, Louis Ferreira. I am here too!

BJS – (soft chuckle)

[Recap shot: Young standing tall, being stoic.]

BJS – There you are Louis.

LF – (laughter) That’s very…

[Recap shot: A stunned Wray taking in DESTINY’S GATEROOM when they first arrived.]

MN – And there I am.

LF – There you are.

[Recap shot: Eli Wallace also stunned.]

LF – Ooh! Blue! Sweaty…

[Recap shot: Chloe Armstrong buries her face in her hands.]

MN – Elyse!

[Recap shot: TJ hovers near unconscious Young.]

LF – I am unconscious.

BJS – When did we shoot this episode? When did we do this? This was uh…

MN – Oh, dear…..

BJS – April? Was it April?

LF – Life… I think this is Carl Binder’s…

[Recap shot: Rush unpacking the communication stones.]

MN – Oh, there’s, those communication stones.

LF – This is Carl Binder’s first script.

BJS – No, Water. Wasn’t Water?

LF – Was Water?

BJS – We shot Water before this and it… Carl wrote it.

LF – You’re right, so this, yeah. Carl is….

[Recap shot: Wray making a kino recording for her partner.]

MN – Oh, wait wait wait, sh, sh…

LF – Listen!

[Scene: WRAY : Tell Sharon…]

MN – Ah! Sharon!

LF – Wait!

[Scene: WRAY: My last thoughts were of her.]

LF – What does that mean?! (excited) What does that mean?!

MN – This is the first time they’ve mentioned (Sharon)… who is Sharon?

LF – (excited) Who is Sharon and what does that mean?

[Episode soundtrack: SONG: The Worst Day Since Yesterday by Flogging Molly]
[Opening scenes: various Destiny crew members in their daily routines.]

LF – I love this song.

MN – Oh, yes.

BJS – Yeah.

LF – This is the coolest song ever.

BJS – I wonder how people are going to react… to, to, you know having this sort of music at the beginning?

MN – Mmhm, well, I….

[Scene: OBSERVATION DECK: Chloe doing yoga.]

LF – I don’t do yoga because I have no flexibility. But she makes it look goooood.

BJS – (chuckle) She does!

MN – She does.

[Scene: Group exercise. Scott doing sit-ups.]

LF – And you my friend, nice! Nice!

BJS – Up and down!

MN – Nice! (giggle)

LF – Nice, the sit up action, fantastic!

[Scene: Young observes Rush remotely via Kino.]

LF – Oh, the…

MN – The Kino!

LF – There’s the evil Rush!

BJS – (laugh)

MN – So…

LF – This is fun! (giggle) This is awesome!

BJS – I know!

LF – This my first time doing this (commentary), there are probably people out there…

[Scene: Park in bed with Rivers. She flips her hair.]

MN – Oooh!

LF – Uh oh.

MN – Uh oh. Uh, so far…

BJS – Remember that gesture.

LF – Yes, remember.

BJS – Remember that little hair flip.

LF – Remember his (Rivers’) face.

MN – Ooookay.

[Scene: Eli, tired, stares at a screen.]

LF – (sad voice) Oh! (about tired Eli)

MN – All right, so I think we’re supposed to talk about, um, our experiences, right, with, these, um…

BJS – Yeah. Well, what did you guys think when you read the script?

LF – We loved Life. Right from the get go, I thought it was really well balanced, I thought, that sort of like…

MN – Yeah.

BJS – From the get go?

[Scene: Wray drawing tropical island scene.]

MN – And, and I actually didn’t draw that, although I could.

BJS – (slight disbelief) Oh sure.

LF – You could draw that, I, yeah.

BJS – Really?

MN – I could, I could.

LF – That’s, oh yeah.

BJS – You could probably knit that.

MN – I… (small laugh)

LF – That is… (distracted by next scene)

[Scene: Spencer takes last of his pills.]

MN – Now, this is, um, Spencer?

LF – Spencer!

MN – Taking his um…

LF – He’s kind of been losing his, uh, you know what.

MN – Mmhmm.

LF – And so, uh, he’s, uh, relying on those pills a little bit too much…

[Scene: Spencer looks out the window, outside, flashes of blue light.]

MN – Now that, that’s the ship’s FTL, right?

LF – That’s the look, yeah.

BJS – I think that, I think that was really neat how they do it all on projection now, right?

[Scene: Telford in COMMUNICATIONS LAB on Earth.]

MN – Right. Now, what do you guys think about the Stones?

LF – The Stones are interesting. I particularly love this episode because both you and Brian use the Stones in this for the first time,

MN – Mmhmm.

BJS – Yeah… no, no, no, you’ve (Ming) used the Stones before.

MN – No, no, no, I’ve used them before, but it’s my first time going for personal reasons.

LF – But what I… but what I loved about it is that the Stones are used, and you guys both are using them but completely for two different purposes.

[Scene: LOCKER ROOM. Telford shirtless, changing, talking on cell phone.]

MN – Lou’s naked.

BJS – Torso.

MN – Torso.

BJS – It’s LDP (Lou Diamond Phillips) torso.

LF – Hey (deep, mimicking voice), I’m a celebrity, get me out of here.

(Everybody laughs)

[Scene: Telford having romantic dinner with Young’s wife.]

MN – Wait, wait, wait, now this is your wife.

LF – Yeah.

MN – Now, what’s the actress’s name?

LF – Ona Grauer!

BJS – Why haven’t I met (her)?

MN – She’s beautiful.

LF – She’s absolutely beautiful and delightful!

BJS – But um, wait wait wait…

LF – And Lou (LDP), look at him, look at him. How could she not pick up on the whole like, the shadiness and seediness? Look at him…. oooh! (laughs)

BJS – It’s a meddler.

LF – Listen, watch, watch, watch this.

[Scene: TELFORD: And as such I feel a certain…obligation to tell you some things about your husband.]

BJS – Ooooh…

MN – And that was the uh…

LF – She doesn’t get my back, baby! Like there’s no, like, ah! You know what, you know what, you would’ve said, you know what…..

BJS – She’s vulnerable.

LF – Don’t even go there.

[Episode shot – Title: SGU, Stargate Universe]

(BJS and LF continuing talking about Young’s wife, MN commenting on title)


BJS – She’s very vulnerable, she’s very…

MN – That’s our show, that’s the name of our show.

LF – Not even, not even going to go there (about Emily being vulnerable and having dinner with Telford).

LF – There it is. (Commenting on title)

MN – Isn’t that pretty?

BJS – Stones… oh!

[Scene: Empty corridor]

LF – I love this little thing (the upcoming scene).

MN – Oh!

LF – Just the sound of this, this is one of my favorite things.

[Scene: brief flashes of a group of people running through the corridors breathing heavily.]

MN – Well, I love, um, Alex Chapple (episode director).

BJS – I’ll tell ya…

MN – Because he is able to create a lot of action, and movement, on the page. You wouldn’t think, that there would be action moments, but, you know, like when they were going really fast, that was a great shot.

BJS – Well, I was really surprised at how dynamic this episode turned out. Because again, it’s not like a big sci-fi, you know, explosion based show.

MN – Right, yeah, adventure based show.

BJS – But, it, there’s something about this episode, I think it has so much to do with Alex…

LF – Friend? (trying to get BJS attention)

BJS – The way he shot it, it’s so, so, uh… dynamic and interesting all the time.

MN – Yeah.

LF – Hey buddy I think, Brian, you need to explain to people what your relationship is with Alex and how he got on the series, because I think that was great.

BJS – Well… Well Alex, I did, my first TV job was in actually this past, uh, February…

MN – Mmhmm.

BJS – No, January, I’m sorry it was January. Right before I came on here I did an episode of Law and Order. And, uh, Alex was the director of this episode and I was shocked at the time he spent with the actors and how great he was working with the actors and I know for me, I mean I pretty much feel like I owe a lot of my performance…

MN – Mmhmm.

BJS – To the notes that he gave me, and the colors that he gave me and the freedom that he gave me and when I was coming to do this show…

MN – Yeah.

BJS – So much of the emphasis was gonna be on acting.

MN – Mmhmm.

BJS – And um, I thought well we need you know, some um, you know in addition to the great directors we have, if they want to bring some new blood in, why not bring someone in who is, in my opinion, a great actor’s director.

MN – Yeah.

BJS – And, and they matched him up with this episode, I don’t know if it was planned, or if it was an accident, but this episode suits him to a T.

MN – Yeah, well, I mean, and Carl Binder, um, who wrote this episode, he, he’s told me that he really, you know he, he’s enjoying sci-fi, but he’s really more a character driven story teller.

BJS – Right.

MN – When he writes, it’s, you know, the sci-fi world is still a little bit new to him.

BJS – Yeah.

MN – And, um, and I love that, I love that he’s challenged by the sci-fi aspect of our show.

BJS – But what he brings to it…

MN – But he brings so much nuances of the characters.

BJS – Yeah.

LF – And I think for, for people like you and me Ming, that we’ve been around television and worked with a lot of TV directors…. it was obvious to us how, how much of an actor’s director Alex was from the get go.

MN – Yeah.

LF – That’s, that’s a rarity and actually a gift in television world.

MN – Mmhmm.

LF – Where the speed doesn’t a lot of times allow for that kind of…

MN – I know, right.

LF – And he’s just, just the kind of director who just knows…

BJS – Very fast.

LF – Very fast, and the right thing to say to get the performances out. We embrace that.

BJS – Yup

MN – Oh, I love, I love when he’s… I kept calling him my cheer leader. He’s such a cheer leader.

LF – Yeah, he’s… and he’s such a great director….

BJS – I remember, uh, some say there was a quote from Elia Kazan, you know talking about directing and he said really, the director’s biggest job on a film set or TV set is to, is to fall in love with the actors.

MN – Mmm, mmhmm.

BJS – And to let them know that you love them and they’ll do anything for you and it’s true, because with Alex, he’s so encouraging, you feel like you can’t be wrong. Like a performance like this, right here…

[Scene: Franklin chatting with TJ for his psych eval.]

MN – Right.

LF – Mark (Mark Burgess) was brilliant in that scene.

MN – Mark was great.

LF – I love this scene.

BJS – And I think… he had permission.

MN – And he speaks, right, and he speaks about what everyone was feeling on the ship.

BJS – Exactly.

MN – You know, that this (being stuck on Destiny) sucks.

BJS – Yeah.

MN – There’s no getting around.

BJS – But, that’s such a great line reading because it’s not the way it’s obviously written on the page.

MN – Yeah.

BJS – He played a completely opposite emotion there.

MN – Right

BJS – I think you get that with someone like Alex.

MN – Right

BJS – Who lets you really go out…

[Scene: Franklin is intense and animated, angry about the bad food, angry at being shot. TJ smiles awkwardly, not sure how to react.]

LF – (sudden delighted laughter) That (TJ’s reaction) was funny, (more laughter) I love that part!

MN – (chuckles)

BJS – Yeah, that’s a great scene.

LF – Yeah, that was a great scene.

BJS – I love those little interview scenes with TJ.

[Scene: Young visits Eli in Eli’s quarters, Eli has been running simulations on Telford’s plan.]

MN – Oh, there you (Louis) are with David. (David Blue)

LF – Yeah (still talking about TJ/ Franklin scene) that was great.

MN – You and David.

LF – Well at this point, you know basically I’ve got Eli working for Young, making sure he keeps his eye on him. Because I’m clearly having mistrust issues with him so it’s got…

BJS – Yeah, it’s covert.

LF – Yeah, he’s essentially, I think that Young has that intention that if he can get this kid trained then maybe he doesn’t need Rush.

MN – Mmhmm.

LF – That’s definitely in the back of his… that’s maybe in the back of his mind, I think, that psychology.

BJS – Oooh, that’s really interesting. That’s very interesting.

[Scene: Young tells Scott it is his turn to use the stones.]

LF – Here’s you resisting wanting to go (via the Stones to Earth), which was always interesting for me, interesting choice.

[Scene: YOUNG: Take your turn. Wray’ll be going too.]

MN – That’s me.

LF – That’s you. Both of you are going.

MN – We are going.

LF – Now here’s what I was saying about the stones, we’ll get into it later. What I love about it is this, the idea with the Stones, and this is where you gotta suspend belief is that it’s your subconscious, this is a really cool…

[Scene: Greer discovers the Chair.]

MN – Now, this is an important…

LF – Yeah, discovery.

MN – Discovery.

LF – Very much.

BJS – In the whole arc of the season.

LF – Huge.

MN – I just love Jamil calling it the dentist’s chair.

LF – Oh, I love that.

BJS – Yeah.

MN (laughs)

LF – (laughs) Yeah.

MN – I mean, what I love is that we still keep the humor of Stargate Universe, I think, but it’s just subtle.

LF – It’s a different kind of humor, it’s not cartoony or whatever, that’s for sure.

MN – Yeah, it’s not.

BJS – It comes out of the circumstance.

MN – That’s right.

LF – And I think it develops more and more, because you really were dealing with the story of survival. I think people don’t… it’s really important to understand that aspect from the get go.

MN – Mmhmm.

LF – These are… (shifts focus to next scene)

[Scene: EARTH COMMUNICATIONS LAB. Scott and Wray have arrived]

MN – Ohp! And here we are.

BJS – Ohp!

LF – Okay now you’re on Earth. So, here’s the part I love. What I love was that you (Ming) go for your own personal reasons. And it’s completely important to you that the subconscious is realized.

MN – Mmhmm.

LF – And she (Sharon) believes it’s you.

MN – Yeah.

LF – And Brian uses it for the exact opposite thing – you mask it.

BJS – To mask it.

MN – To say… yeah.

LF – He masks this thing and I thought that was brilliant.

MN – Mmmhmm.

LF – Those two (Scott and Wray) like uh, contra…

BJS – Well, it’s interesting for Scott, because he has no one to go home to.

LF – Yeah.

BJS – I mean he says after all these months he’s been away, he has four letters, and they’re probably bills.

LF – Yeah.

MN – Mmhmm.

BJS – He’s got nobody.

MN – Which is sad….

LF – But what I love is… so many of your reactions with her (Annie) is you’re just like being… it’s all discovery for you for the first time. And that all those reactions are beautiful, so the audience is really in tune as to seeing, you know, what’s happening with Scott.

[Scene: NEW CHAIR ROOM. Young and Rush argue. YOUNG: Do you know what a device like this did to General O’Neill?]

BJS – No (answers for Rush)

MN – Mmm. (intrigued)

LF – Have you seen that episode? (Referring to SG1 episode with General O’Neill.)

MN – No, I’d like to.

BJS – No.

LF – I guess that’s uh… SG1 episode…

MN – Do we know which episode?

BJS – Is it like a classic?

LF – Well, there’s only a hundred and twenty of them we should be able to find it. (laughs)

BJS (laughs)

MN – Yeah! Google! Can someone Google it?

BJS – It’s on YouTube probably.

LF – I know. It’s like, how many episodes did they do of SG1, 200?

LBW – 200 something, yeah.

LF – Oh my gosh!

MN – Mmm! That’s a lot of episodes.

BJS – That’s a lot.

MN – Ten years!

LF – Hey! Can we talk about the fact that Ming just wrapped her first season actually today… as we watch this!

MN – Aaaaah! I know. That is kind of cool!

LF – Yay, it’s just kinda very cool.


MN – That is really cool!

LF – It’s a season wrap on Ming!

MN – Pretty amazing.

BJS – Are you sad?

MN – It’s, yeah, it’s like…

LF – No, she was singing. What were you singing? That was awesome…

MN – Oh! (laughs)

LF – (deep, silly voice) That was good!

MN – But uh, you know it is, it’s so amazing how fast time has gone by and at the same time you just feel like we’ve only begun.

BJS – Oh yeah. We’ve only scratched the surface.

MN – Yeah, and, I mean, I’m going to miss everybody.

BJS – Oh yeah.

[Scene: Rush and Young in CHAIR ROOM. YOUNG: Even if we could turn this thing around…]

LF – I love that they kept that slight out of focus in the back, you know what I mean?

MN – Mmmhmm.

LF – a lot of shows… I love that they did that there.

BJS – Messy, it’s messy.

LF – Yeah!

MN – Mmmhmm.

BJS – I love these scenes between Rush and Young.

MN – Yep.

BJS – I love, I love the tension between the two of you. It’s, it’s sooo tight!

[Scene: Young greets Telford in COMMUNICATIONS LAB. TELFORD: Why haven’t you given…]

BJS – Louis, you and, you and Bobby (still commenting on the preceding scene between Rush and Young) have so many scenes together, do you have like a shorthand, now, working together? I mean, do you talk a lot about these scenes before you shoot ‘em or do you just kind of find you just… like a tennis match.

LF – No I think we do have a shorthand for the most part, but then we’ll try to, since you’re using a tennis analogy, perhaps put a, uh, different spin on the ball. (mischievous laughter)

BJS – Oh, wait a minute! Wait a minute!

MN – (joins the laughter)

LF – You know what I mean, though, find something amidst it all so that we’re not, you know…

MN – I like that look between… (commenting on the look Young gives Telford as he leaves.)

BJS – Isn’t that great?

[Scene: EARTH, PARKING LOT. Wray greets IOA representative Strom.]

MN – Now the… okay… can I just tell you that we shot this in our parking lot and those Pentagon type buildings….

LF – Were never there.

MN – Were all CGI’d in.

LF – Ah!

MN – Isn’t that incredible?

LF – That’s am-… but you’re giving away the secrets!

MN – Nooo, we can do that, we can do that!

LF – Did I mention it’s my first time (doing a commentary)?

MN – Nooo, we can do that in the commentaries!

LF – Well, that’s awesome.

MN – Because the people want to know!

[Scene: Wray chatting with representative Strom.]

LF – I love Carlo (Carlo Rota who plays Strom), this is a good man, right here.

MN – Oh, yeah. Carlo Rota.

LF – Man, I like the Carlo.

BJS – You (Ming) actually look like you fit right in.

LF – (snickers)

MN – Yeah.

BJS – You know what I mean? Like, in the, in the Air Force.

MN – In the military.

[Scene: WRAY: Right now Young seems to be winning that battle.]

LF – Yaay! Young!

(All three laugh at Louis’ enthusiasm)

BJS – For now.

MN – For now.

LF – Boooo, you two.

BJS – There’s still, what, twelve episodes?

MN – Yeah.

LF – It’s true.

BJS – A lot could happen in twelve episodes.

LF – It comes around. Let me enjoy the moment, though.

[Scene: On EARTH, Dr. Mehta hands Scott several envelopes.]

BJS – Yeah, I love that, four letters he’s got. I always thought that was really interesting and sad. And again, that’s something that comes from Carl (Carl Binder), you know. I mean, that’s a great writer’s touch.

MN – Mmmhmm.

LF – You know but this is one of your, this is where I love Scott.

[Scene: Scott opens his first letter.]

LF – I love that look. You have this, this innocent quality in that character that just works beautifully. Because he is very young, this is his first mission.

BJS – Yeah.

MN – Mmhmm.

LF – He’s really, you know… on every level, all of us are fish out of water.

BJS – Yeah.

MN – Right.

LF – And I love, I love everyone’s very defined in their way.

MN – But his is, his is like, there is that innocence.

LF – Oh, yeah, absolutely.

MN – Yeah.

[Scene: Park speaking with TJ. TJ asks Park what she does to relieve her stress. PARK: Oh. I, um… read.]

LF – And this would be the opposite of innocence with our (laughs) with our Park.


LF – For the record, right, she becomes the, uh, essentially the ship’s, uh…

BJS – Well, you know what I love, that’s what I love about the show…

MN –That’s how she relieved her stress.

LF – Yes, sexual release!

BJS – Because you wouldn’t expect that from her.

MN – No.

BJS – It kind of comes out of the blue, in the way that it happens on Life, you meet someone and you find they have this completely contradictory quality.

LF – (In mock sternness) Let that be a lesson for all of you out there.

BJS – Yes, right.

LF – Yes. Never judge a book by its cover.

[Scene: Spencer harangues Franklin to exercise harder. Franklin throws up.]

MN – Oooh!

BJS – Oooh!

LF – Aaaah, pasty mushroom soup!

BJS – Pea soup!

MN – Peeew.

LF – (laughter)

[Scene: EARTH. Doctor Mehta drives Scott to a house and pulls up outside.]

MN – Okay, could this TV be any, um, the coloring is wrong on this, right?

(BJS and LF laugh)

MN – (to their laughter) Really?

LBW – When you’re back on the planet it’s all (the look of the show) desaturated.

MN – Oooh.

BJS – Ooh!

LBW – Because everything…

LF – (laughing) Ming’s like, I’m not happy with the color!

MN – (laughs)

LF – (mocking Ming) I don’t like the way the color looks.

MN – We look pale!

LBW – All your senses are dulled. Because nothing tastes right…

MN – Oooh, see, I didn’t know that….

LF – You actually have that line.

MN – I just learned something new.


Transcript by Casey

(continued in Ferreira Fest 35/ November 2012)

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