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Published September 2012
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And once again it’s the 20th of the month, and that means it’s time for Ferreira Fest, the monthly celebration of the acting career of Louis Ferreira (Justin Louis)! Grab a pineapple drink at the bar and come join us – we have so much exciting news about several new roles, transcripts, sound clips, screencaps, updates, Ferreira Fest on Twitter and more!


It’s been a true challenge tracking Louis down these last few months but it looks like things will settle down a bit now, because the great news is that Louis just got cast in the new series MOTIVE which is filming in Vancouver! Here’s what Louis said.

Listen to the sound clip here:

LF: Yeah, I guess I can say I got cast in a new show that’s gonna be up in Canada on CTV. Hopefully American distribution will follow. Don’t know. Hoping so. I’d like to think we make the kind of quality project that it could be the case. Great group of people.  Now I got lots to worry about, including finding a home for probably Charlie and Leo, because I can’t really take Charlie or Leo because I now only have a condo and they only allow small dogs, so there’s a lot to do, but I’m gonna find the best possible scenario, I’m sure that it will all work out. So that’s that, I think we can say that I got a series in Vancouver, and the great thing about that is that I’m close to my son which makes me happy, and I’ll be in the city where he is and that makes me feel good.

You know, you get to that place where shit happens, and it does to all of us, but this is really how you react to it and how it can make you stronger, and I just feel that’s where the growth happens. And boy, what a testament to it in the last little 2 or 3 months where I just all of a sudden feel the universe has opened up. Even with my name, as far as the Louis Ferreira name and having that pilot go away and I thought it was over. You know, I’d learned to just let things go. I’m a little overwhelmed cause I know I got a lot of stuff to do in one week. I literally start this thing in a week! Between now and a week I’m going to be doing 6 flights.

FF: Oh my god…

LF: It’s pretty insane. Just to get myself organized, it’s a lot of work to do. But at the same time I know that once I’m settled and hopefully doing the show I can find a groove and it will be good! And I’m very happy, I’m very grateful, because I know that I feel that I’m back on track for myself, more importantly, more than ever. Yeah, talk about things coming together! It’s a nice role, it’s a really nice role.

Note: Shooting began on Monday September 17 for the series MOTIVE. When Louis called two weeks ago he was very excited about having just been cast the new series. There is, however, a very strict nondisclosure agreement in his contract which he told us about today, and which we will honor according to his obligations. More info will be posted here as it becomes available in official releases, so stay tuned! For now, let’s keep our fingers crossed that the series will get picked up by channels outside of Canada as well.

The Line Producer for MOTIVE is none other than John G. Lenic (formerly with Stargate: Universe). Carl Binder, Martin Gero and Amanda Alexander of the Stargate Franchise are also involved with the show. It’s like a little SGU reunion!

Publicity is starting to get out as well:
The Province

And a few more general press releases. Thanks, Agi!
YVRshoots (1)
YVRshoots (2)


Perhaps you were able to catch Louis in his recurring role on “The L.A. Complex”, which is produced by veteran SGU showrunner Martin Gero. “The L.A. Complex” airs on the CW on Monday evenings, and the season finale is coming right up!

Listen to the sound clip here:

Q: Can you talk about your role on The L.A. Complex? In episode 8 we could only hear your voice on the phone at the very end.

LF: You heard my voice on the phone?

FF: Yeah!

LF: Oh, that’s funny! Yeah, so that’s the first time I think that I’m introduced, and I think –  no, I don’t think I’m in for another two or three episodes.

FF: OK. Yeah, I think the preview, well, the lowdown for episode 10, which is two episodes from now (Sept 9), said that “Simon and Beth get a surprise visitor”.

LF: That’s me.

FF: That’s you. So he might not be in the episode tomorrow (Sept 10) but you will be in the one after that.

LF: Is tomorrow episode 9?

FF: Yeah. Tomorrow is “Help Wanted”, is the name of the episode.

LF: I don’t know the names of the episodes… If it’s episode 9 – I’m definitely in episode 10, and then 11 and 12!

FF: Oh, okay! So it’s a total of four, then? Plus with that little phone call.

LF: Yeah, with the phone call probably, yeah… I was gonna say in “L.A. Complex” I play the dad of the two kids, who abandoned the kids. It was sort of written as sort of the deadbeat dad – we’ve seen him a hundred times, the deadbeat dad who just, you know, messes up the thing. But I chose to play him from more of, well, not completely personal, but I made it a little more personal, for me, in a lot of ways. I wanted it to be the dad who recognized that what he did was wrong and screwed up and had a very guilty conscience about it. Accepting responsibility for his mistakes and realizing that he really blew it. So there’s something very endearing about it. It gives him a little softer side as opposed to, oh, look, no wonder those kids shouldn’t be around him, I mean, he’s horrible, you know. He’s not horrible. He’s just messed up.

FF: Well, it’s always nice if your character actually has some kind of development to go through, one way or the other.

LF: Yeah!

FF: Playing a static person is just not that much fun – either kind of development, one way or the other, is what’s kind of interesting to do, then.

LF: Yeah.

Here are three screenshots from the official L.A. Complex webpage, all from episode 2-11, “Now or Never”.

Credit: Stephen Scott/Courtesy of Epitome Pictures Inc. — © 2012 Epitome Pictures Inc.
Credit: Stephen Scott/Courtesy of Epitome Pictures Inc. — © 2012 Epitome Pictures Inc.
Credit: Shane Mahood /Courtesy of Epitome Pictures Inc. — © 2012 Epitome Pictures Inc.


If you’re a regular visitor at Ferreira Fest you already know about his guest role on the series Rookie Blue which airs in the US on ABC (they are currently on hiatus – check your local listings).

Listen to the sound clip here:

Q: What can you tell us about Rookie Blue?

LF: Rookie Blue – I play a drug squad sort of tough guy (laughs) intense dude named Jacob Blackstone, and he’s doing sort of like the no-nonsense thing that I sometimes get to play, but he’s a little more “streetier” than anything I’ve done in a while, he’s got a little bit more of a – he’s a little bit looser. He’s certainly not Colonel Young. So he’s definitely just more of a drug squad kind of leader dude who’s out to… he’s got an operation happening, and then the Rookie Blue unit 15, their unit sort of crosses into mine and we end up working kind of together.

Ferreira Fest on Twitter!

Yes, we are finally on Twitter! Please pass the word, re-tweet everything and mention us a lot so we can rack up a lot of followers. Our name is @FerreiraFest, and the hashtag #LouisFerreira needs lots of exposure. In case you didn’t know – you don’t need a smartphone to be on Twitter – you can use it straight from your computer. It isn’t difficult, and it’s free. @FerreiraFest was created to promote Louis’ TV appearances, especially the ones that come along unexpectedly, since it’s a great way to spread the word quickly.

Webdomain News

We have a new list of Vancouver charities for Louis to peruse, but as you can imagine he’s quite busy right now, so once things settle down a bit he’ll pick one for us to support, and then we will launch the new domain with fanfare!


As you may remember, DANCING STILL was recently screened at the LA Shorts Film Fest. Since then it has garnered several MMAs (Maverick Movie Awards) nominations: Best Actor (Louis Ferreira), Best Actress (Ingrid Rogers) and Best Director (Rob Munic)!

Congratulations to Ingrid, Louis, Rob and Jeff!

From the Dancing Still Facebook Page:
We had fun at LA Shorts last night! And more good news for ‘Dancing Still’… We’ll screen at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts NYC, September 27-29; LA Femme International Film Festival, October 11-14; and OFF International Film Festival in British Columbia, October 11-14… Sweet!!! If you have a moment, check out my recent blog on my website and I hope you’ll be inspired by my ‘Dancing Still’ journey. Peace and love and keep creating!

Please visit Ingrid’s web page sometime. She would also like for you to stop by at her Facebook page and friend it – that way you get all the updates when they happen!


Twitter spy Agi spotted a tweet that stated that the series begins airing on the Space Channel in Canada Mondays at 10E/7P, beginning October 29. To all those who get the Space channel: program those DVRs now!! And then let us know so we can mooch a copy off you!  🙂

And here is a behind-the-scenes picture from the show from the new Primeval: New World Facebook page!


Check out this little gem from a Portuguese TVGuide (scroll down to the last post).

Patrick Gilmore has posted a video of stuff blowing up during the shooting of SGU’s “Blockade”. It also includes a snippet of Peter Kelamis doing his “Monkey” routine, and Louis laughing his head off (he’s in the light-colored coat at the end). 

Be sure to watch Peter’s skits about “The Monkey and the Pylon” and “The Monkey and the Drone“, they are absolutely hilarious!

Shay Lowe took a picture of herself and an appropriately adorned Louis in Toronto and posted it on Twitter. 

Nice bracelet, Louis!!

Eric McCormack (former co-star from “The Andromeda Strain“) posted a nice buddy picture on Twitter.

Eric is the one on the left.

You may have noticed the big mess with Louis IMDb page, when it suddenly disappeared for a few days. Thanks to everyone who alerted me to the issue. I reported it as soon as I noticed it. So, what happened? – For years our Louis has been Louis Ferreira II, since the original Louis Ferreira name was already taken by a crewmember with exactly one credit to his name. Earlier this year the NCIS people created yet another Louis Ferreira, which I was able to merge with Louis #2 (our Louis). Still with me? Apparently someone merged Louis #1 and #2 together, with #1 taking precedence, thus wiping out Louis’ entire career in one fell swoop. It took some doing to reverse the damage, but the new merged Louis is now back up. I’m trying to get Louis #1 removed from his file, but it’s complicated. Meanwhile, his starmeter is all out of whack, since he has literally millions of points to catch up with before going back to his normal status. You can help by visiting Louis’ IMDb page daily.

And for those of you who wonder why there’s never any Louis news on GateWorld: it’s a mystery to me as well. I send every mention I can find, with links, in a timely fashion, and then they are not used by the moderators. So, to circumvent the issue I now post TV appearances on the GateWorld Forum in the “Actor Appearances” thread. You can help by posting replies there and suggesting those posts as actual main page news.


And to finish it up, here is another outfit from Colonel Young’s closet. This is the shirt and jeans that Louis wore in the flashback scene during the episode “Air part 1”, where Young collapses in the kitchen.
Click on the thumbnails for large versions. Photos © by Ferreira Fest. Screencap by GateWorld Galleries. Please do not repost.


Listen to the sound clip here:

Q: What was the impact of your guest role on Breaking Bad?

LF:  It’s unbelievable what two scenes have done, I mean it’s really… people did react to not just me but obviously the show is the reaction to begin with, but I certainly know that personally just with my little bit, just when you’re on that kind of show just how, you feel very privileged, you feel very blessed, and you really feel like… I’m getting text messages from people I haven’t heard from in 20 years, going “Hey man, saw you on my favorite show!” It’s wild! It’s just crazy, so, you know, that’s a gift.

FF: Was it hot when you shot there? Or did you shoot early in the morning? Do you remember?

LF: Oh, it was very hot, it was very dusty, the altitude’s a problem. You kind of like – my head was spinning. I didn’t realize you have to adjust to the altitude, and I was on set, and I was “What’s wrong?” and they were like “When did you get in?”, and I was like “Last night!” and they’re like “Oh, no, no, you need to come in and adjust to the altitude!” Lots of water, lots of dry mouth, but, I mean, you know I had a great time. I mean it could not have been a – that whole Breaking Bad thing to me is just fantastic.

FF: Yeah… Well, we’ll all keep our fingers crossed that maybe they’ll bring him back because there’s certainly a setup for that, but we don’t know, right, because they haven’t finished filming yet.

LF: And that’s the thing. I’ve learned you let go, that’s my mentality and if it’s meant to be it’ll happen.


Needless to say Kimmy threw caution to the hot desert wind making tons of beautiful screencaps for us of the two episodes “Buyout” and “Say My Name”. Thanks, Kimmy – they are truly beautiful!! Click on the episode titles or the screen caps to view the whole collection.

Breaking Bad: Buyout
Breaking Bad: Say My Name


Listen to the sound clip here:

Q: Did you finish recording the song for Peanut the Jazz Monkey in Goola City?

LF: I haven’t done the song yet, I’m gonna have to go back into a second session. The entire recording was kinda fun. First time! I think I learned a lot. I hope that I can go back and clean up. I certainly feel like I was getting into it by the second day. The first day I was actually kinda nervous. It was just something I hadn’t done before, and I was hearing a lot of terms I didn’t understand. It was really a learning curve for me. But again, I’m doing a film for kids, and so it was kind of finding that line between silly fun and normal, so it was like, I’m hoping that… I think what they do is they hear it, the sound, and then they re-record, they do a lot of pick-up sessions, so I’m hoping that that’s – they’ll pick up as they need and I’m excited about it. It was fun! Either way I can say I did something that I hadn’t done and that’s always that one that’s for some “Actor Bucket List”. I gotta get a musical on that somehow. No, apparently, they’re gonna come and that’s very much the process. You do a second session and they do a lot of cleaning up.

FF: So you think you’ll be able to do that while you’re filming the new series? When you’re there?

LF: Well, the good news is I’ll be in Vancouver, I didn’t even think about that. Yeah, that connects. That works.

FF: So, perfect timing, see? It all works out.

LF: Mmmhmmm…


Listen to the sound clip here:

Q: What was it like filming in Toronto again after all these years? How is working there now different from back then?

LF: And then, I’ve been up in Toronto. I think I told you I did L.A. Complex in Toronto? And so after L.A. Complex I went back to LA, and then shortly after got Rookie Blue, and then came back to Toronto which was great cause I got to spend some more time with my daughter which was wonderful. Just dropped her off today. We had a wonderful day, making videos and going to apple farms and doing stuff that matters.

And then the Toronto Film Festival is also happening here so I went to one function and realized that’s really not my scene so much but great people… It’s nice to see old faces that I hadn’t seen in a while. Oh, it was great.

It was great to come back home. This is where I started. There was something actually really welcoming about it for me because this is where I got my start, in Toronto. This is where my roots are, where my family is… And so, coming on the set, and there are some people I had worked with many many many years ago, of course as Justin (Louis), and all that was interesting, so I felt very very very comfortable to come back home, so nothing changes so much. So I was like “Wow!”.

It was nostalgic for me – it was the little bit of nostalgia of the time that had passed. And if anything, that ended up being kind of a cool thing, because it’s like if you were to re-visit your elementary school now, and you sit there and you remember yourself as a kid. That nostalgia does something for you, and it generally puts a smile on my face and I had that experience, which was nice.


DVD: SGU Season One – Episode Six “Water” Commentary part 3, with Louis Ferreira, Brian J Smith, Elyse Levesque, episode Director Will Waring and script coordinator Lawren Bancroft-Wilson. Transcript by Kimmy.

Note: Commentaries are recorded while the actors, directors and producers watch the episode and provide their insight into its filming. There are often multiple conversations taking place at the same time as well as the episode soundtrack playing the background. We will attempt to piece those conversations together to decrease reader confusion. At times, the commentators get caught up watching an episode and fail to discuss which will be noted as [episode soundtrack]. We will note scene progression by first sentence using GateWorld transcript of the episode for tracking purposes.

Listen to the sound file here:

[Scene background: YOUNG: Just keep the Gate active. We’re gonna make it back in time with your damn ice, which is all you really care about.]

LF: I’m not liking Rush too much at this point in this script.

[Scene background: YOUNG: Damn, he’s a lotta work.]

General laughter

BJS: Oh, I love that. I love that carry-over from those other episodes.

EL: Oh, the classic line.

BJS: Again, that’s that great thing about a serialized show. Right? Even a line can have an arc. You know what I mean.

EL: Yeah, that’s true.

LF: Now, let me ask you Elyse and Brian, what, what, how are you guys feeling in terms of the… because this was episode five, but we shot it episode six. At this point in the show were you comfortable, were you like, kinda like, I got my groove, I know what I’m doing, I felt…

EL: I don’t think I’m ever comfortable. To be honest.

LF: Really?

EL: Yeah.

LF: Brian?

BJS: Yeah.

EL: Because I think every episode there’s something different that tests you in a way that you’ve never been tested before as an actor.

LF: But in terms of your process, you guys, I mean, essentially, this is your first series. How did you find the grind of series television? Because it really is different than, Brian you’ve done theatre. It’s night and day.

EL: Well, this was, this was a light episode for me. I mean, I think that question is something better applied to somebody like Brian.

BJS: Well, it’s not so much, it’s not so much, it’s like time. You know, you don’t have, at least for me, you know, you have so little time to make magic happen.

LF: You’re fighting the clock, yeah.

BJS: And then once you figure out, well, this is basically what I’m doing in the scene, then all the little intangibles that make something special, you think about those things two weeks later. It’s like that old theatre clock you’re on, you know, because you can let things digest and your subconscious will come up with an answer two weeks or three weeks later. In TV, you have no time for that. You show up and you just let it go.

WW: How early do you get a script before you shoot?

LF: Three, four, a week?

EL: Two weeks.

BJS: Two, two weeks. Sometimes, two. Right?

LBW: Noooo, no.

LF: Two weeks? Really? Really? Why did no one tell me?

LBW: Five days, I think.

EL: I love that shot! I just want to pipe in quick that I love that. I love that shot.

[Young has fallen onto his back, breathing hard, staring up into the sky. The lights create a flare effect over his helmet and face. Close up of the left side of Young’s face.]

LF: That?

EL: Yeah.

WW: With the flare?

EL: With the flare and the lighting on your face and mask.

BJS: But it’s not. You can read something for, for a year and it’s not going to make a difference to you. It’s doing it and having a visceral response about what’s happening.

EL: Yeah. Playing with it. You don’t get that luxury so much of working it out and playing together.

LF: Yeah, that’s series television thing where it’s just your…

EL: It’s the blocking. You know.

BJS: And that’s just, you know, I mean, man that’s just something you learn over the course of a career. It doesn’t happen over, you know.

EL: But at this point it’s easier. We’re more ingrained in the character, we’re more used to, you know, working with each other, so we can get things done faster than we would have.

LF: Look you can see my nose hairs.

Louis and Brian laugh.

[Scene background: GREER (into radio): A few of them got out.]

LF: You know, just from acting perspective, it’s so different whether you’re doing, like the different processes, say, between theatre, film and television. And what you we saying speaks to just the idea that in television, the big thing is time. What were you saying?

EL: I just liked that. I thought that was cool.

LF: That shot? Of the sky? Oh, I love that.

EL: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It reminds of that movie, Contact. Whenever I see anything like that. Have you seen Contact, with Jodie Foster? Ohhhhhh!!

LF: No.

EL: Love it.

LF: But sometimes when I’m doing this thing, and this is only like, the third time, I guess I’ve done this audio. Whatever this is called?

LBW: Commentary.

LF: But you can’t help but think of that show.

LBW: Oh, Mystery Theater 3000.

LF: Mystery Science Theater 3000 and want to just like… make it funny. (evil giggles)

WW: (laughter)

LBW: You want to ad-lib for the characters.

LF: You want to completely like go, this dramatic moment and go (snivelly little voice) “One time in band camp…”

(Laughter) BJS: I love that shot right there. Just the hole.

WW: Yeah. Ice. Hole.

BJS: Just the hole. Cause he could just turn back. He could go.

WW: Nobody would know.

BJS: He does that to Rush later on.

WW: We got to edit that out.

LBW: No, no. First ten. First ten.

WW: Oh right. First ten.

EL: Once again, a great score. Music is great.

LBW: Joel Goldsmith.

WW: I remember we had to spend half an hour, cutting slots so that you could get a foothold to pull him up.

LF: Yeah.

BJS: I remember that.

EL: Oh, really?

WW: Because the top surface is so slippery and slick and hard. You can’t actually stand there and pull. You just slide.

EL: Wow.

WW: So we had to get saws and cut holes.

EL: So you were actually pulling him up?

LF: Yeah! (macho man tone)

EL: Wow! Look at you!

LF: Look at me.

EL: Papa Smurf!

BJS: Very strong.

LF: Very strong. (laughter)

BJS: I always thought to that those space suits must have their own kind of weight to them. You know. [Scene background: YOUNG (still pulling on the cable): All right, I got you.]

BJS: And it’s also to, you hear about those mothers who have a kid who are trapped under a car…

LF: Yeah and they lift the car up. Yeah.

EL: That adrenaline

BJS: Super human strength. Those stress moments.

LF: That’s exactly what that moment was.

BJS: Yeah.

[Scene: Outside Destiny angling into her]

LF: That’s awesome. That floating up thing. Whatever that angle is.

BJS: Yeah.

LBW: How do they do that?

BJS: I really, really like TJ in this episode. I always do, but again, it’s great to see that she’s got this… you know. She could take control if she needed to. You know what I mean.

EL: Yeah.

BJS: She’s a leader. She trusts her instincts. And she’s got good instincts. [Scene background: As soon as they’re all in, T.J. – who has been holding the lid of the drum in front of her – places the lid over the top and starts to fasten it down.]

WW: When we were shooting this and Alaina flips that lid, and closes it back down on top of the bugs, at the end of the take, I walked in and there was blood all over the walls.

BJS: What!

WW: And she’s standing there like this, (assume: holding hand to mouth) and I’m like “what the…” and she’d clipped herself and I guess it snapped and pinched her…

LF: Oh, really?

WW: And pinched a big chunk of meat off of her thumb.

EL: Nooooo!

WW: And there was blood everywhere…

EL: What?

WW:…and we’re all like…

BJS: And she kept going.

LF: Naw, she is…

WW: And we’re all like, “Uh, you need like… stuff” and she goes “I’ve got two kids, whatever.”

LF: Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, that’s her. (laughs)

BJS: (Laughs) She’s had two kids. That’s like…oh, yeah!

EL: She is that. Yeah, that’s her.

LF: She’s tough.

BJS: Alaina’s a pro. She is a pro, pro, pro.

WW: But she did the whole take; bleeding.

EL: Wow!

LF: That doesn’t surprise me at all. [Scene background: Ice planet with moons risen and Young walking across desolate icescape pushing Eli’s kino sled with Matt Scott on it.]

BJS: Now, look at that.

LF: Look at that.

WW: That’s pretty.

BJS: Look at that. You’re not gonna see better CGI, better environment creation on a show anywhere. I’m sorry, you’re not. That’s beautiful.

[Scene background: Looking at TJ through the viewport in the hatch.]

LF: That’s a beautiful shot right there. I love that shot, Will.

WW: Yeah.

LF: Will, that was a great shot. Where were, where were you from the… ‘cause that was through the window from the other side.

WW: Inside the room

EL: Inside the room?

WW: Inside the room looking out.

LF: But how far back were you? Because I feel like we’ve done that shot before but never as… never got the distance from it.

WW: That room’s not all that far, so it was within the room. We didn’t pull the walls.

LF: That was cool.

[Scene background: Stargate activates on the ice planet with Young and kino sled coming up ramp.]

BJS: I love that!

EL: Ahhh. It’s beautiful. With you guys moving in there.

LF: Look at that. That’s crazy, I know. [Scene background: Ice Planet: The lid bursts open and the swarm races out, swirling angrily around the Gate before whirling towards the two men.]

EL: Really, HD just does this show justice.

LF: HD rocks. I know.

WW: Yeah. [Scene background: Alien bugs floating above Scott’s helmet form his face]

EL: I hope we revisit this.

BJS: There’s Scott’s friends.

LF: Huh?

EL: Those aliens. I hope we revisit it. Revisit those creatures. I’m saying I hope we…

LF: Yeah? You like them?

EL: Yeah, because I mean, I’m curious why they take a liking to his character in particular.

BJS: I think they sense the sort of the religious thing.

EL: Yeah.

LF: I love the sound.

BJS: In a weird way. That’s what I always thought. [Scene background: Young and Scott on kino sled come through Stargate and people rush forward to help.]

BJS: I love that Rush is just like, “yeah, yeah.”

WW: Here’s where you couldn’t breathe.

BJS: Yeah, right there.

EL: Yeah! I remember that.

LF: This was, this is it. This was the first scene we shot with these things on. And we were like, “Are you kidding me? We’re gonna die!”

EL: Yeah.

BJS: Yeah.

LF: I was like, bring everyone in, we need to have a (laughs) meeting.

BJS: I remember that!

LF: Remember that? I was like, “We need to talk to people right now.” I mean…

BJS: And you what, now, putting those things on is nothing.

LF: Now, it’s fine.

WW: Yeah.

BJS: Now, it’s like, honestly. We’ve done it like two or three times or so. It’s like… I love this right here.

[Scene background: Riley holds a water bottle up to Young’s mouth and he drinks deeply, then pulls away, almost gagging from drinking too much at once.]

LF: I look… I look horrendous.

(General laughter)

EL: I remember on the day you were really going for it.

LF: I was dying. Well…

EL: It was real.

LF: It was…umph, it’s not pretty.

[Scene background: Young cautioning Sgt Spencer in lockup.]

BJS: Your hair was so short.

LF: His was shorter. (re: Spencer – laughter)

BJS: His was short too (re: Greer) Well, he’s short now too. He got a haircut. You know what? I really love this episode, because it’s got that Stargate travel… [Scene background: Young walking down corridor ignoring people asking him questions]

LF: Will, talk about this shot, ‘cause you told me about it. Tell me.

WW: This? This slo-mo… I wanted to do the slo-mo here, because I wanted you to feel the weight of everything around you. Just to the… everything as you’re moving in the slo-mo, everything just has that weight to it. I wanted that weight on your shoulders.

EL: Yeah. I think this is a great way to end this episode too.

BJS: Do you guys remember – there, there…

WW: That’s cool. Very cool.

LF: Fantastique. (laughter)

BJS: There was a scene between you and me in the mess that was cut.

LF: Oh yeah, they cut it. That’s right.

WW: There was a bunch of stuff cut.

EL: Oh yeah, I was with you originally.

LF: As the credits roll, we are still talking. 

WW: (laughter)

BJS: I miss it.

LF: Me too, I miss it. Because it allowed us to bond. A little man love.

BJS: I miss it a little bit. Like, a little kind of wrap up.

LF: A little, little like dad, son, proud of what you, what you did, love. Whatever.

BJS: Anyway. It’s a great episode, Will. (clapping)

EL: It’s a good episode!

LF: Yeah, Will. Woo-hooooo! EL: Yeah!! (clapping)

(The End)

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