Ferreira Fest 120

Published December 2019.

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It’s almost Winter Solstice, and time for our last big Ferreira Fest of 2019! As we finish up our 10th year online we have tons of great stuff for you – friends and charity news and updates, plenty of current shows news, our exclusive Reading Series and a very special video message from Louis at the end! Grab an age-appropriate pineapple cocktail at our virtual tiki bar and join us on our holiday beach!

photo by I. Pinedo


As in every December we’re ramping up next year’s birthday project now! Louis’ birthday is on February 20th, which is why Ferreira Fest happens on the 20th of the month. It’s time to get ready for the big date!

Everyone is welcome to participate. Please check out the Birthday Project Page for details!


Ability Online

Ability Online is making a change! The big news is coming in the new year with the launch of a brand new online community! Check out myability.ca for the announcement. Once there is a firm launch date we’ll let you know.

From the new website:

After 28 years, we’re ready for the next chapter in our journey.

We’re excited to be creating a new and improved experience for all members – from how the community is set up and organized to the activities and features offered. It will also be mobile responsive which means the layout will adjust to fit the screen size being used – laptop, tablet and mobile phone!

Together, we want to make it even easier for kids, teens and young adults to:

  • Make new friends
  • Build confidence
  • Learn new skills
  • Have fun

And for families, educators and health professionals to:

  • Connect and share with others for support
  • Gain knowledge from credible resources
  • Learn new strategies and skills

Ability Gives, the equipment fundraising arm of Ability Online, is still supporting Lamitta. The campaign to fund a stairlift for this lovely young lady is almost over! Please read more about her here and donate what you can to bring this fundraiser to its completion!

To donate to the general fund and supporting a safe online environment for children and young adults with disabilities, please click on the logo below – the process is simple and secure.

Project Limelight

Two Project Limelight alums were recently featured on Global News BC. Kyla Matthews and Celestine Hilechi explain how the program helped them gain confidence and open up their creative talents. Watch the clip right here!

Project Limelight is a non-profit performing arts program in East Vancouver offering residents ages 8 to 15 years old of the Downtown Eastside, Strathcona and Mount Pleasant programming at no cost. Project Limelight provides youth with a safe place to build an artistic community alongside professional actors, directors, dancers, singers, costume designers, filmmakers and musicians. As part of their commitment to the community, nutritious meals and snacks are provided to every child at each workshop and rehearsal.

Please help provide a free high-quality performing arts education for kids that would otherwise never have such an opportunity. It’s a great place where everyone’s talents are appreciated. To donate please click on the logo below and follow the easy instructions.

Haven Toronto

Haven Toronto is Ontario’s only daytime drop-in shelter for elder homeless men. The organization is also a tireless advocate for affordable housing, which is a root cause for homelessness. They are also on the forefront of raising awareness of homelessness as well as the plight of the elderly.

The monthly eMagazine is always full of information about how easy it can be to help, and fighting to remove the stigma of homelessness.

This month it covers The Health Benefits of Giving and Loneliness During the Holidays.

Click on the image to the right to read it online.

If this is your usual time of the year for giving to charities, please consider giving items directly to those in need: Haven Toronto’s Shop and Share Program lets you buy winter gear or meals online, and everything goes directly to an elder homeless man in need – there is no in-between. What you buy is what is given. It couldn’t be any easier, no wrapping required! Click on the image on the left to shop!

Of course you can also give to the general operating fund of the organization by clicking on the logo below. Please note that you will be linked to our very own donations page which still bears the former name of the shelter – The Good Neighbours Club. Your donation will still arrive at Haven Toronto.

The Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada

Recently, Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada announced that, by bringing together and through the support of like-minded philanthropists and child welfare experts, we are investing in an approach that can bring positive change for families, children, and youth who are struggling in our community. We want to achieve better outcomes for at-risk families and lay the groundwork for permanent change in the child welfare sector.

The Journey to Zero Program, which has been informed and inspired by proven practices and models that have existed in other parts of the world, as well as Indigenous models, is a pilot initiative that will bring innovation to current child welfare practice in Ontario, including new methodologies, like intensive in-home supports and family group conferencing.

Here are some easy ways to get your holiday shopping done in one place and help kids in foster care at the same time!

The CAFDN Amazon Wishlist:

Shopping for youngsters can be really hard – one can never be quite sure of what they really need.

This wishlist takes all the guesswork out of the equation – click to buy any item and it goes straight to a young person in need! There is something for every budget, and you might be surprised what small items are the most requested and most urgently needed!

Make a Holiday Tribute Donation:

Holiday giving couldn’t be easier and more meaningful! Honor someone special with a holiday e-card and a gift to Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada. Your donation will show them they matter while providing kids in the child welfare system with the programs and supports they need to remove barriers, and transform their prospects for a successful future. Choose one of three e-cards, and CAFDN will send an acknowledgment email to the person you’re honoring.

Keep up with all the latest news and programs with the online info page The Buzz.

You can donate year-round as well as during the holidays on our very own donations page by clicking on the logo below. It’s easy and quick, and every penny helps!



Coming up next: Bad Cop – Street is caught between his duty to SWAT and his commitment to his foster brother, Nate (Cory Hardrict), when Nate is ensnared in a criminal enterprise that could ruin them both. Also, the SWAT team goes after a ruthless crew that uses deadly force while stealing from card casinos, and Buck (Louis Ferreira) approaches Deacon to partner on a private security opportunity, on S.W.A.T., Wednesday, Jan. 15 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Mark your calendars now!


Louis’ second episode on SEAL Team, Kill or Cure, aired on CBS. Here are a few reviews and episode recaps:

MEAWW.com: Exploring Jason’s toxic masculinity

Dailycaller.com: Episode recap

Militarytimes.com: Detailed Episode recap with military focus

Celebdirtylaundry: Episode review

There will be one more episode featuring Louis later in Season 3! Scroll down for screen caps from Kill or Cure.


Vulture.com has posted terrific recaps/ reviews of all Season 4 episodes of The Man In The High Castle. Here are links to the episodes in which Louis appears. Although his character Brad Bellows is never mentioned directly they give you a good idea of his role as a local Resistance leader. Louis appears in episodes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10.

We will have screen caps of his role in the series in an upcoming Ferreira Fest, so stay tuned!


Reviews and recaps of the series Limetown are now available at Purefandom.com. Each write-up covers two episodes, so here are the ones that deal with Louis’ episodes:

Episodes 5 and 6 (includes 3 screen caps of Louis)

Episodes 7 and 8 (includes 1 screen cap of Louis)

Episodes 9 and 10

You can watch the series online for free on Facebook Watch.


Here are 243 screencaps from Louis’ second episode Kill or Cure of SEAL Team. We only hear his voice on the first one (Danger Crossing) so there are no caps to be had! The ninth episode of Season 3 deals with Jason Hayes’ therapy sessions and the team’s entry into a hot Ebola zone. Louis plays psychiatrist Dr. Conners who shows Hayes that his severe case of toxic masculinity is at the root of his current mental instability. Here is a direct link to the album: https://ferreirafestscreencaps.shutterfly.com/pictures/41343


The third monthly reading series continues in Mr. Mugs – Take A Peek! by Martha Kambeitz, Denise Burns and Josephine Proctor. It is almost identical to the volume Mr. Mugs – Peek In Please! except for 11 pages which served as non-religious substitutes for the bible stories.

Louis credits the Mr. Mugs books series with helping him to learn English at a very young age. The Mr. Mugs books have been out of print for many years but occasionally you can find them on eBay, Amazon Marketplace or various other antique book dealers.

You can listen to the book readings under the Reading Series Tab.

This month’s issue is Chapter 4 of Mr. Mugs – Take A Peek.


Sebastian Bellamy

Sebastian writes:

“Recently I have been submitting to a lot of student films and I am working on my cover letter so I can create a packet and send it to some agents. I have also been doing some background work on a couple of shows. I have worked on Sabrina, Charmed, Legends of Tomorrow, and Batwoman!”

Congrats on getting started on these great shows! We’re all looking forward to seeing you featured very soon!

Franco Lo Presti

Franco’s TV movie Christmas Catch aired on December 13th on Foxtel in Australia! Franco plays Carson, a suspected thief in this lighthearted romantic comedy.


Detective Mackenzie Beckett is a smart and tough detective who loves Christmas. When she meets Carson, he’s handsome, chivalrous and loves Christmas too. But when the FBI asks for her precinct’s help with a diamond theft she discovers that Carson is their lead suspect. When they send Mack in to investigate Carson up close, things get complicated.

Alaina Huffman

Alaina celebrated Thanksgiving with her kids!

The Affolter Brothers

The Affolter Brothers and their company Foreshadow Films did all of the stop-motion animation for season 3 of the fun and informative history TV show BC Was Awesome, and it starts with the story of Prince George’s Sandblast! Started in 1971, this was a summertime ski race down a sketchy sand track. It lasted until 2003 when insurance issues shut it down after an unfortunate accident.

The Sandblast is an important part of the history of Northern B.C., and now you can watch the entire episode here! Stay tuned for the following episodes coming soon!

Mika McKinnon

Hangoutathon Hour 16: The science here is the science everywhere, and that means that landslides and other geological hazards rock many worlds. Let’s discuss with guest Mika McKinnon. Disasterpiece Theater is on!!

Saturday, Dec 21, 12 AM EST / Friday Dec 20, 9 PM PST on http://Twitch.tv/CosmoQuestX

photo by Mike Wakefield, North Shore News

Geophysicist Mika McKinnon examines rocks at the mouth of the Capilano River and charts their course through the North Shore’s eras of fire and ice. – Classic Rock: Here’s the story of North Shore geology

“Rocks are stories. Geologists, then, are storytellers.”

Here are two recent and/ or timely articles by Mika:

When Mining is at Stake, Defining Continents Is Harder Than You Think  –  Mika McKinnon for DSM Observer

Why fire-scorched California is now readying for mudslides: “You keep it from happening in the first place, or you’re not there when it happens. That’s it.”  –  An interview with Mika by Rachel Becker
And finally, a hilarious self-cartoon from Mika, illustrating her frustrations over grading huge stacks of final exams at the end of the semester… anyone who has ever worked in formal education knows how true this is!!

Troy Mundle

Troy will appear in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 which starts to air January 21st 2020! He writes:

“Had a BLAST working with this team and can’t wait to see what’s in store!”

Troy can also be seen in Project Bluebook in Season 2 which is also starting in January:

“So thrilled to have had the opportunity to play on this amazing series.”

And finally – Troy’s Star Wars movie Bucketheads is now available on YouTube! There’s a terrific podcast about it that you can listen to before diving into the story.

Watch the whole movie right here, or go full screen on YouTube!

Dennis Heaton

Dennis writes about Season 2 of his latest show The Order:

“I keep bugging Netflix to let me post a trailer, but they refuse to get started on any of that kind of publicity yet. As soon as I get something, I’ll let you know. “

We’re standing by for more creepy goodness!

Jennifer Spence  

Jen’s new series Traces premiered on Alibi Channel in the UK, as well as on Virgin and Sky on December 9!

Jen appeared in Supernatural on November 11. She played Melly Krokowski in the episode Golden Time.

And finally, here is a nice shot of Jen and her husband Ben Ratner on the red carpet at the UBCP/ ACTRA Awards in Vancouver last month.

Peter Kelamis

Peter participated in the #WeWantStargate campaign on Twitter and posted a few pix with his buddy Louis. After Stargate Universe the two worked together on Motive (left) and The Man In The High Castle (right).

Stargate Universe memories:

Peter’s first SGU Chairback…

… and at the Old Brody makeup test.

“Get off my lawn!”

Bradley Stryker

Bradley writes: So apparently this happened last night on Arrow: “firearm” – check. “Stylish comb over to keep mom happy” – check. What else could you ask for?

Bradley and Caitlyn attended the UBCP 2019 Awards festivities. Here they are on the red carpet!


Every month Vancouver artist Nicole Pilich shares one of her henna creations with Ferreira Fest. Please visit her website for lots more photos and fascinating facts and information about this ancient artform. And if you find yourself in Vancouver – visit her studio and treat yourself to some Healing Body Art made just for you.

This month Nicole writes:

“With henna I work with monochrome, one colour, brown. So I have recently gone back in time to my youth before I used henna and started to draw with pencil colours. I’m excited about the results and will keep playing around with colour.”


And here’s Louis joining everyone at Ferreira Fest in wishing you all Happy Holidays and all the best in the New Year!

“I wish you a Merry Christmas
I wish you a Merry Christmas
I wish you a Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year!
Happy Holidays, everyone!”

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