Ferreira Fest 112

Published April 2019.

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As the 20th of the month rolls around again it’s time for another fun party at Ferreira Fest, where we check in with Louis Ferreira, his chosen charities and his friends. We have lots of shows news, screen caps, our exclusive Reading Series and much more, so grab an age-appropriate pineapple cocktail at our virtual bar and come on in!


Ability Online

Ability Online participated in the 2019 Abilities Expo! Here is their booth from the event, in case you were unable to attend.

There’s much information about it and their other activities on their website, as well as  new blog posts, ways to get involved, and simple actions all of us can take to be more inclusive and celebrate all our different abilities.

Check out the infographic below. How often have you said or heard these phrases? So let’s stop apologizing and start thanking instead!

If you’d like to help providing a safe online environment for kids with disabilities, please click on the logo below. There are so many ways we all can contribute!

Project Limelight

The Cory Monteith Project Limelight Alumni Bursary

Project Limelight Society understands the importance of education. In honor of our good friend Cory Monteith, who remains an inspiration and source of support, The Cory Monteith Project Limelight Alumni Bursary gives former participants aged 16 and over the opportunity to apply for a bursary to help fund their educational endeavors. Whether past participants decide to follow a path in the arts or forge a new path of their choosing, they are encouraged to apply for bursaries ranging from $300 – $500 to help with the costs of classes, books, workshops or equipment. Alumni are asked to contact us by email for more information.

If you would like to support The Cory Monteith Project Limelight Bursary or Project Limelight in general and receive a charitable tax receipt, please donate by clicking on the logo below. It’s easy and secure.

Haven Toronto

Haven Toronto, a daytime shelter and sanctuary for elder homeless men, has published the April news magazine. As usual, it is packed to the gills with reports and stories, inspirations and ways to get involved to help end and prevent homelessness for all ages. Click on the thumbnail to read this month’s issue, and go here to read past issues.

Donations are of course always appreciated by any charity, but if you want to know exactly what your money is used for, give the Haven Toronto Shop & Share site a try! Anything you purchase there is given directly to an elder homeless man in need, and there are items for any size wallet. It couldn’t be any easier – it’s online shopping you can feel good about, and it won’t mean more clutter in your closet!

National Volunteer Week was April 7-13, and so here are 19 Reasons To Volunteer. Go through the list. How many are reason enough for you to get involved?

19 – Meet people and make new friends
18 – A chance to socialize
17 – Gain confidence and self-esteem
16 – Feel valued and part of a team
15 – Get to know the local community
14 – Spend quality time away from work or a busy schedule
13 – Gain an accreditation
12 – Enhance your CV
11 – A chance to try something new that may lead to a career change
10 – Gain new skills, knowledge and experience
9   – Develop existing skills and knowledge
8   – Use one’s skills and knowledge to benefit others
7   – Grow your network of contacts
6   – Improve one’s employment prospects
5   – A route to employment
4   – Help the environment
3   – Help others less fortunate or without a voice
2   – Give something back to an organization that has had an impact on your life or the life of someone you know
1   – Make a difference in the lives of others

If you are looking to volunteer or would like to know more about how you can help, visit haventoronto.ca/volunteer. Sign up today. Bring friends and family with you. Make it a work and team building event. If you live too far away, inquire about homeless shelters in your area. Or simply donate by clicking on the logo below (Note: the link goes to The Good Neighbours’ Club, which was the original name of Haven Toronto. Your donation will still arrive in the same spot!)

The Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada

The Children’s Aid Foundation has some major events and fundraisers coming up this year! Here is an overview and reminder:

The Corsage Project’s Boutique Ball took place a week ago. Learn more about this fabulous event!

And then read more about the many programs benefiting kids in foster care by clicking here.

You can keep up with all the latest events and info with the online newsletter The Buzz. If you can spare a little money, please donate by clicking on the link below – especially if you don’t live anywhere near Toronto and can’t make it to any of the fundraising events. Never fear – as a Friend of Louis Ferreira you have access to our very own donations page, and your gift is tax-deductible.


Bad Blood

In the Canadian Screen Awards Louis was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Award for his work on the series Bad Blood. While he didn’t win this time his colleague Kim Coates brought home the Best Lead Actor in Drama Award, and writer Michael Konyves won Best Writing for a Drama Series.

Congrats to everyone! For a complete list of nominees and winners go here.


UKTV’s Alibi channel has acquired the UK rights to Canadian police drama Motive after striking a deal with international distributor NBCUniversal International Distribution. The show’s first season premiered on the channel on Monday April 15th at 6pm.

This marks the second UK deal for Motive. NBCU previously licensed the series to their flagship UK channel Universal, who aired all four seasons of the show.

Louis played Detective Oscar Vega, opposite Kristin Lehman as Detective Angie Flynn.

Viewers in the US can binge-watch the series at USA Network.

MOTIVE – ABC’s “Motive” stars Louis Ferreira as Detective Oscar Vega. (ABC/Kharen Hill)

Stargate Universe

Stargate Universe is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video!

U.S. subscribers can now stream all 40 episodes of the sci-fi drama starting April 3, 2019.

Ready to go back to Destiny? All 40 episodes of Stargate Universe are streaming on Amazon Prime Video in the U.S.   Prime members can watch every episode online or through any Amazon Prime TV or device app for no additional cost.

The science fiction drama originally aired for two seasons on Syfy Channel, from 2009 to 2011. It stars Robert Carlyle as Dr. Nicholas Rush, a driven scientist working to unlock the Stargate’s ninth chevron. When a crew of humans led by Colonel Everett Young (Louis Ferreira) accidentally find themselves on a ship thousands of light years from home, every day is a fight for survival — and, ultimately, a search for meaning.


To celebrate the return of Louis’ series Motive to UK TVs we have 685 screencaps from the episode 3-05 The Suicide Tree.

Here’s a short recap:

The Killer: florist Ella Rollins. The Victim: Lee Ward.
Lee’s dead body is one of two at an attempted robbery of an armored security truck. The primary surviving eyewitness, Blair Morton, one of the two security guards who happens to be Ella’s husband, describes the events: after returning from a coffee run, his partner, Tony Lamot was shot in the back. As Blair rushed to Tony’s side to administer CPR the second gunman, Lee, approached and was ready to shoot him, when Lee just dropped dead, from what the medical examiner is later able to identify as a massive overdose of digoxin. Oscar believes that Blair may have been an inside person involved in the robbery. A break occurs in the case when they are able to locate who they believe is the first gunman, Tim Kelly. The issues in Tim’s involvement and tying him back to Lee and to Blair and then Ella are that all the evidence is circumstantial. Meanwhile, Angie and Oscar’s investigation into Neville Montgomery hits an official roadblock. And Oscar awaits the results of tests to see what is going on with his vision. (adapted from IMDb)

You can binge-watch Motive anytime at the USA Network site!

Here is a direct link to the album: https://ferreirafestscreencaps.shutterfly.com/pictures/36713


The third monthly reading series is Mr. Mugs – Peek In Please by Martha Kambeitz, Denise Burns and Josephine Proctor.

Louis credits the Mr. Mugs books series with helping him to learn English at a very young age. The Mr. Mugs books have been out of print for many years but occasionally you can find them on eBay, Amazon Marketplace or various other antique book dealers.

You can listen to all the book readings under the Reading Series Tab.
This month’s issue is Chapter 16 of Mr. Mugs – Peek In Please… and it’s Christmas in April!


Alaina Huffman

Alaina was a featured guest at Wizard Con. Here she is, protecting two vulnerable young men…

“It’s really important to have strong friends to make you feel safe!
Don’t worry guys I gotchu!”

The Affolter Brothers

Soggy Flakes was screened at the Cleveland Film Festival (CIFF) earlier this month.

‏ Congrats to the whole gang!

Click on the screen cap below to watch a short cartoon movie by Nathan Affolter.
If you use public transit you may remember having been in the same situation yourself, and the outcome is always the same as well…

Justin Breault

Donut Cop strikes again!! During his recent gig doing some background work as a police office, Justin couldn’t resist ramping the cliché up a notch:

“Hands up! Now throw ’em from side ta’ side….. Pew pew Pew pew”

Run for your lives! He’s got a… banana!!!

Mika McKinnon

Mika, back in Vancouver from her gig in New York, has kept super-busy writing sci-comm articles for various clients. Here are two recent ones:

Don’t forget – Mika will attend this year’s Dragon Con in Atlanta on Labor Day weekend!

Troy Mundle

The beard  is gone! Time to play some heavy metal again. Troy writes:

“Here’s another great riff by Metallica. Been working on the whole song but here’s a piece. Still a bit awkward as I recently switched from my 3rd finger to my pinky for power chords to be more Hetfield-like. You wanna play authentic Metallica rhythm guitar, play it like the master!”

Click the image for a link to see and hear Troy in action.

Dennis Heaton

Great news! Dennis’ new show The Order gets to film Season 2!

Dennis writes:
“You summoned it! The Order will return to Netflix for Season 2! Are you ready? Watch The Order now, only on Netflix!”

And then:
“If you were a The Order quote on a coffee cup, what quote would you be?
Totally asking because I want to make some coffee cups for season 2.”

Send your ideas to Dennis’ Twitter feed!

Not what he asked for.

Not even a quote.

But he liked it anyway.

Dennis writes:

“I’ll take a dozen.”

Patrick Gilmore

Patrick can currently be seen in the shows Jann and You Me Her.

In between he’s been hanging out with his dad (left) and six times Stanley cup winner Frank Mahovlich (right). NBD, y’all.

FYA – Fulfilling Young Artists

FYA held a panel discussion at the recent UBCP gathering (Union of British Columbia Performers UBCP/ACTRA).

Thanks to Alison Wandzura for the photo!

Eric Banerd

Eric has been out snowboarding. He has a rather… unique style of his own.

David Dingess

David has two upcoming gigs:

Both are in Central Georgia.

Jennifer Spence

Jen writes:
“Our short film Dog Bite Movie will be screening in LA at the Artemis Women in Action Film Festival on April 28th! Starring yours truly, Check ‘er out – get your tickets here!

SCREENING TIMES: Sunday, April 28th, at 4:15pm in the shorts block called Tenacious Women and again at 8:25 in the shorts block called Resilient Women.”

Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy. Dog bites girl’s face and things get complicated. Cool fact: this film was written, directed, produced, shot and led by women.

Check out this awesome makeup photo of Jen! Yikes!

Jen’s series You Me Her premiered its Season 4 on April 9th. Watch the first two episodes of You Me Her for free on Audience Network!
What begins as an impulsive date between suburban husband Jack and neophyte escort Izzy spins into a whirlwind three-way affair including Jack’s wife Emma, who’s been keeping secrets of her own. Over a span of just 10 days, their arrangement becomes something else entirely: A real romance with real stakes involving three real people.

Connect with YOU, ME, HER:
Visit YOU, ME, HER website
Like YOU, ME, HER on Facebook
Follow YOU, ME, HER on Instagram
Follow YOU, ME, HER on Twitter

There are two new interview podcasts with Jen available now!

One is on Podbean and covers the Travelers episode 1-11. You can listen to it here.

The second one is on YVRscreenscene:

Jennifer Spence is a bona-fide genre-hopper. From comedies (You Me Her) to sci-fi (Continuum, Stargate Universe, Travelers) to drama (The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco, Down River), Jennifer has shone in – and won awards for – an array of roles. What does it take to be a genre-hopper? In this episode of the YVR Screen Scene Podcast, Jennifer speaks with Sabrina Furminger about her life as a genre-hopper, and reflects on Travelers, success, and what it felt like to explore her family’s history of internment in The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco.
Note: This interview was recorded before Netflix announced that it wouldn’t be renewing Travelers for a fourth season.

Ingrid Rogers

Season 5 of Ingrid’s current series Bosch premiered yesterday on Amazon! Click on the screenshot to watch the trailer.

Rob Munic

Rob’s new series TALES Season 2 premiers on April 23 on BET. You can watch Season 1 here.

Louis’ episode Deep Cover is set to air on May 14 – please check your local listings since schedules can change without notice.

Bradley Stryker

Bradley is currently playing the role of author Clayton Morrel. He writes:

“Playing a published author! Who knew?! Mom will be so proud!”

Every month Vancouver artist Nicole Pilich shares one of her henna creations with Ferreira Fest. Please visit her website for lots more photos and fascinating facts and information about this ancient artform. And if you find yourself in Vancouver – visit her studio and treat yourself to some Healing Body Art made just for you.

This month Nicole writes:

“A lot of people have scars they don’t like showing off, and having a temporary Jagua or henna tattoo is a great way to divert the attention.”

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