Ferreira Fest 111

Published March 2019.

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It’s the beginning of Spring and time for another great party at Ferreira Fest, where we celebrate the acting career of Louis Ferreira and check in with his current shows, friends and chosen charities. This month we wrap up the 2019 Birthday Project with photos and a video; we have screen caps and our exclusive Reading Series and so much more! Grab a freshly made pineapple cocktail at our virtual bar and come on in!


Louis loved the “Birthday Movie” we made for him! It took him almost 4 hours to “watch” it all. Here is a short video clip (the quality isn’t too great because it was sent via phone but you can tell what’s going on). It was made on a hiking trail near Palm Springs, CA.

LF – Okay! Well, this is just beyond humbling in every way! I can’t thank you all enough for just being the sweetest, most beautiful people ever! I’m sending love and every happiness to all of you, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful, kind, amazing gesture. (blows kiss) You’re the best! Every happiness to all! How fantastic!!!


Ability Online

As the first social media technology platform for young people with disabilities to connect to each other and the world around them, Ability Online offers its members the following:
Supportive online community for kids, teens & young adults with all kinds of disabilities or health challenges.

  • Dedicated sections for Parents/Caregivers & Professionals !
  • A Safe, monitored online experience also rich in resources and skill development modules.
  • Connections to peers, role models & mentors for info and support.
  • Equipment grants for qualifying members (parents) of the online community. Grant recipients are children with disabilities or chronic illnesses under 18 years of age (See Ability Gives)
  • FREE membership

If you need help – just ask. Email or call (toll free 1-866-650-6207) and we will do our best to answer any and all of your questions. Ability Online members celebrated Pink Shirt Day on February 27 to raise awareness about bullying – in particular cyber-bullying.

Read new posts on the Ability Online blog.

Ability Gives

The current fundraising campaign does not support any one specific child. Instead of raising funds for one individual, it is for The Children of Ability Gives, to benefit those whose parents are not comfortable having their child featured in an online fundraising campaign. While you may never know just how big a difference your contribution made, rest assured that it most certainly did. Read some of the success stories of past campaigns here.

To make a general contribution please click on the logo below.

Project Limelight

Project Limelight is a non-profit performing arts program in East Vancouver offering residents ages 8 to 15 years old of the Downtown Eastside, Strathcona and Mount Pleasant programming at no cost. Project Limelight provides youth with a safe place to build an artistic community alongside professional actors, directors, dancers, singers, costume designers, filmmakers and musicians. As part of their commitment to the community, nutritious meals and snacks are provided to every child at each workshop and rehearsal.

Louis participated in one of their first short films, The Review, a few years back.

Their most recent movie The Girl With No Superpowers is currently making the festival rounds and will be available online afterwards. Stay tuned for links!

In the meantime, please support Project Limelight’s vital work to educate young performers by clicking on the logo below. Contributions are much appreciated!

Haven Toronto

There are so many ways to keep up with Haven Toronto, Canada’s only shelter dedicated to elder homeless men. Whether you prefer to read, listen or watch, here are links for easy access:

–  Homeless News Magazine
The monthly eMagazine offers engaging and entertaining news and insights into poverty, homelessness and isolation.

–  Homeless News Podcasts

Radio and television personality, Jay Michaels speaks with national experts and advocates on poverty, homelessness and isolation.

 –  Homeless News Television
Haven Toronto takes to the streets to cover local and national stories of poverty, homelessness and social isolation.

As winter turns to spring Haven Toronto’s clients are in dire need of season-appropriate clothing, especially underwear. The easiest way to donate is to use the Shop & Share site: anything you purchase there goes directly to an elder homeless man in need, saving you all the hassle of shipping and worrying. It doesn’t get any easier than this! You can also purchase meals – single servings or an entire meal for everyone! Here is one easy party idea – and no clean-up afterwards! Every purchase is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law, and you receive a tax receipt for your records.

To make a general donation please click on the logo below. Please note that the link will take you to our very own donations page for Haven Toronto, which still bears the old name of the organization (The Good Neighbours Club). It will go to Haven Toronto all the same! 

The Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada

The Children’s Aid Foundation has some major events and fundraisers coming up this year! Here is a brief overview:

We are happy to share a new resource we’ve developed in response to feedback from the 2016 Bus Ride Home Project and in consultation with Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada’s Youth Engagement Task Force.

Leading with Lived Experience: Youth Engagement Guidelines For The Child Welfare Sector highlights the need for consistent youth engagement practices across the child welfare sector and the importance of clear guidelines and training.

We encourage our partners and other youth-serving organizations to use this resource in their own work and to share it within their networks.

You can keep up with all the latest news at the online newsletter The Buzz or the Instagram Feed. To make a contribution to help youth in foster care get a good start in life please click on the logo below – it’s simple and secure.



Louis has finished filming Limetown which will air on Facebook Watch in the near future. Stay tuned for release dates! The series started out as a podcast, and the story as well as audio files can be found here.

Louis has high praise for the writers of the show. Listen to the sound clip here:


LF – I finished up Limetown. And I probably would say it’s probably the best work I’ve done in a very long time just because the writing was so good. So that was fun. And I feel like it’s the best work I’ve done in a long, long time. Certainly, the script, and the guys who wrote it I really like. They’re these three new guys who wrote a podcast and they’re the sweetest guys ever. So, for them, I would love to see it be anywhere near as good as what they wrote because… the podcast, you can hear, you should check them out. It’s called Limetown. Listen to it. It’s really slick. They’re really great. Because of all the characters’ rapport.

Thanks to Casey and Paco for all the transcripts in this issue!

The Man In The High Castle

We currently anticipate a release date sometime in late Fall of this year on Amazon. We will keep you updated as details become available. Meanwhile, some of your questions may be answered at Screenrant.com. Louis got to work with his friend Peter Kelamis, which he enjoyed a great deal. Louis plays Brad Bellows, a member of the resistance.


Season 2 of the BET series Tales will start airing in April. Louis appears in the episode Deep Cover where he plays a character named Cole. The episode was written, directed and produced by our friend Rob Munic.


This month we have almost 500 screencaps from episode 204 Communion from the series This Life, in which Louis played David K. Crowley, a wayward dad who returns to his family after his ex-wife is diagnosed with cancer.

The series was filmed in Montreal, and Louis enjoyed working there very much. Here is a direct link to the album: https://ferreirafestscreencaps.shutterfly.com/pictures/36217. You can also simply click on the screen cap below.


The third monthly reading series is Mr. Mugs – Peek In Please by Martha Kambeitz, Denise Burns and Josephine Proctor.

Louis credits the Mr. Mugs books series with helping him to learn English at a very young age. The Mr. Mugs books have been out of print for many years but occasionally you can find them on eBay, Amazon Marketplace or various other antique book dealers.

You can listen to the book readings under the Reading Series Tab.
This month’s issue is Chapter 15 of Mr. Mugs – Take A Peek.


Alaina Huffman

Alaina was at Wizard World Con March 8-10 in Cleveland, OH. Visit the Wizard World Twitter feed for photos!

Her recent short film Vagabond was shown at the Sedona Film Fest – check out the screen cap on the right, and look for the movie at upcoming film festivals!

Please visit Alaina’s new official website at bambilain.com – lots of great photos and info!

The Affolter Brothers

The Affolters have been busy doing some live action shoots lately!

Music video shoot with Krystle Dos Santos…

… and filming some documentary interviews.

Justin Breault

Justin had a recent gig doing background work portraying a police officer. Of course he couldn’t resist playing the old cliché of the donut-loving cop…


Amanda Alexander

Amanda has a very odd parking spot at her current gig with Altered Carbon – literally.

Mika McKinnon
Mika was interviewed by Michael Pilosov for the Scientist Spotlight Series. Read it here!

Here’s a new article by Mika: Why Are Huge Landslides So Damn Weird?

“There’s something terrifyingly strange about a landslide, of any size. The solid ground moves under your feet, and geographical features are displaced. But the larger they get, the weirder landslides become. When they get big enough, they start acting like fluids. Here’s why really big landslides are completely bizarre.”

Mika participated in this year’s Peep Science Diorama contest! Here is her entry:

photo by Dorian Gunnels

Here’s the dramatic story behind the scene depicted in the diorama:

“At 4:10am on April 29, 1903 on the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains, 30 million cubic meters of rock slammed down Turtle Mountain. The landslide engulfed the eastern edge of Frank, Alberta and buried the only entrance into the coal mine. 17 nightshift coal miners were trapped beneath the slide.
     They tried to reopen the sealed shaft, but couldn’t.
     Water from a subterranean stream redirected by the slide hampered their efforts, and the air grew increasingly toxic. A miner remembered a coal seam slanted up, one they were sure reached the surface. With no other options, they mined the seam. The bad air took its toll, with just 3 of the 17 still digging when their picks reached surface.
     But the seam crumbled, too unstable to exit.
     Encouraged, they cut a side shaft under a protective overhang.
     13 hours after the landslide, the 3 broke free at last. Turning their backs on the rubble, they pulled their companions free. All 17 nightshift coal miners survived.

     No one knows how many people died during Frank Slide, although we’re certain it remains one of the deadliest landslides in Canadian history. 30 million cubic meters of rock buries the eastern edge of Frank, its fringing encampment of transient workers, and the town graveyard.

     The town of Frank, AB transitioned from mining to tourism with 100,000 annual visitors gazing across the rubble up the still-stark rockface of a mountain that moved. Turtle Mountain is now a landslide monitoring test site, an engineering tribute & promise of a safer tomorrow.”

Read a great interview with Mika about her diorama on Vox. There are also more photos of other entries, and they’re all fantastic!

Troy Mundle

Troy’s recent short film Stalwart is a Bare Bones Film Festival selection.

Congrats, Troy!

Dennis Heaton
Season 1 of Dennis’ new series The Order is now streaming on Netflix – check it out! The series is currently #1 on the Netflix Binge Report. Congrats to the whole team!

There is an interview (with some comments by Dennis!) with the series lead Jake Manley and a new trailer on SyFy Wire.

Magic. Monsters. And…. midterms? At Belgrave University, college freshman Jack Morton joins a fabled secret society where he’s thrust into a dangerous game of life or death. As Jack goes deeper, he uncovers dark family secrets and an underground battle between werewolves and the magical dark arts. Watch The Order on Netflix.

You can also read a spoiler-free review at the Den Of Geek.

Patrick Gilmore

Patrick did a podcast at Zane’s World where he talks about his role on Travelers. Listen to it here.

HNMAG did an interview with Patrick in their Talent On Tap series. You can read it here

Patrick is co-starring  in the new series Jann. Read more about it and Patrick’s character Dave here.

Patrick made a PSA about St. Patrick’s Day! (click for a link to watch)

Everyone loves Patrick!

Everyone loves kittens!

Everyone loves Patrick WITH kittens!

Alex Appel

Alex’ new movie Modern Persuasion is now in post-production! Alex directed and produced. Stay tuned for more info, coming soon! 

Sawyer Ferreira

Sawyer and her Improv Troupe performed at the Ottawa Improv Festival earlier this month!

Photo courtesy of: @andrew_jsh & @kiwi_keewi (Instagram) — at Arts Court

FYA – Fulfilling Young Artists

‏”Branding/ Marketing” was the topic of FYA‘s recent Discussion Forum #3 on March 3rd, 2019.

Stay tuned for more upcoming events!

Eric Banerd

Check out some new projects on the Instagram feed for Eric’s company EB Painting! If you need a paint job done right and you live in the Metro Vancouver area (North Shore, Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Surrey, Langley), give Eric a buzz!

Justin Nannassy

Justin has a new pet. They recently went grocery shopping together. Click the thumbnail for a link to watch the video!

Jennifer Spence  

TVInsider has a first look at Season 4 of Jen’s series You Me Her with photos and videos. Check it out here, and watch it on Audience Network!

The series also stars our friend Patrick Gilmore.

Ingrid Rogers

Ingrid’s current series Bosch returns to Amazon on April 19th with an all new season. Watch a trailer here!

Rob Munic

Rob has written a second episode for the  BET Series Tales: Brothers (2019)
The new season is expected to start airing next month.

Louis appears in episode 3 Deep Cover.

Stay tuned for air dates!

Peter Kelamis

Peter will be at two Dragon Ball Z conventions this year!

And here is Peter at the recent ACTRA Day in LA on March 16!

Bradley Stryker

Bradley has several new IMDb listings:

Cake Day (Short) 2019
Logline: Cameron emotionally deteriorates as he contemplates the consequences of honesty on a day of celebration.

Altered Carbon (TV Series)
– Episode #2.1 (2019) … George the ‘Shifty Man’
Logline: Set in a future where consciousness is digitized and stored, a prisoner returns to life in a new body and must solve a mind-bending murder to win his freedom.

Writer & Director
Fatted Calf (Short)  2019
Logline: An aggrieved woman and her future ex-husband reunite to celebrate the holidays, but the evening takes an unexpected turn. Note: Patrick Gilmore is the lead in this short film.


Every month Vancouver artist Nicole Pilich shares one of her henna creations with Ferreira Fest. Please visit her website for lots more photos and fascinating facts and information about this ancient artform. And if you find yourself in Vancouver – visit her studio and treat yourself to some Healing Body Art made just for you.

This month Nicole writes:

I recently had a client who has never had henna but wanted to give herself a loving gift, she chose me to apply a design. I sat with her and we both drank coffee while I worked and chatted. She had so much to say and she was so relaxed in the end.

I enjoy meeting new people and it is wonderful how I learn so much about them. I also feel so relaxed during these individual sessions. There really is a lot of good energy being shared!

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