Ferreira Fest 103

Published July 2018.

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It’s the middle of summer here, and a perfect time for another Ferreira Fest! We’re checking in with Louis Ferreira, his friends and chosen charities; we have screen caps and our exclusive Reading Series, so grab an ice-cold age-appropriate pineapple cocktail and join us in the back yard! Pool’s open!


Ability Online

The annual Axion Golf Tournament was a success!

On June 21st, 2018 Axion Insurance held the 21st golf tournament in support of Ability Online! That’s a lot of golf! The sun shone, the golfers had an amazing day on the course, and Axion surpassed its fundraising target! Thank you to  the Axion gang, and all the golfers and dinner guests! With your support we will be able to help even more youth with disabilities right across the country!

The Ability Online website is now KidSafe listed! Congratulations!

There are several new posts on the Ability Online Blog – check them out!

Ability Gives is still supporting Keanan for another 10 days. Read about him here and donate if you can so Keanan can have his new specialized chair.

You can always contribute to Ability Online by clicking on the logo below, and help kids with disabilities have a safe online gathering place.

Project Limelight

Project Limelight has a brand-new website! Check it out!  

We’re making a movie and we need some HELP! As part of our current program, we’re shooting a short film called The Girl With No Super Powers, and we’re looking for a HAIR/MAKEUP person to come aboard & work their magic! Small honorarium offered. Email !

PLAY Management Inc. talent agency and management company is organizing a big fundraiser for Project Limelight which will now be an annual event.

Off To The Races will take place at an actual racetrack on Friday, 10 August 2018 from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM (PDT), at Hastings Race Course, 188 North Renfrew Street, Vancouver, BC V5K3N8

Tickets are available here, but you can also make a donation there if you are unable to attend the event.

Nothing is currently scheduled in the Tuesday Night Live fundraiser series, but drop a bookmark on their Facebook page to keep up with future events.

You can always donate to the general fund for all programs by clicking on the logo below, it’s quick and easy.

Haven Toronto

Read Haven Toronto‘s monthly e-magazine online – click on the thumbnail of the July issue title page on the right. 

The Toronto daytime shelter for elder homeless men is still in the process of signing up a group of individuals who are aware of their privileges and do what they can to help those less fortunate than them.

Watch a video about The Fortunate 500 right here.

Haven Toronto is dependent on donations to keep running, but if one-on-one help is more your thing, their Shop & Share site has got you covered. Here you can purchase anything from bottled water to sturdy shoes – and everything you buy there will be given straight to an elder homeless man in need. Toronto is a very hot place in the summer; dehydration can be deadly for those without shelter. You can help with every purchase you make! 

For donations to the general fund please click on the logo below. You will be taken to our very own online donations page. Please note that the page address is still for The Good Neighbours’ Club, the former name of the organization.

The Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada

The Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada supported World Youth Skills Day on July 15.

According to data from the United Nations, young people around the world are more likely to be unemployed or exposed to low-quality jobs, labor market inequality, and difficult school-to-work transitions. In Canada, youth aging out of care earn about $326,000 less over their lifespan than the average Canadian.

On World Youth Skills Day, we celebrate the many ways your support is helping youth from care build the skills they need to reach their full potential. Your generosity provides these young people with access to financial literacy training, cooking and nutrition workshops, employability skills training, counseling on managing interpersonal relationships, and education and career support programs. Thank you!

Read more about the foundation’s programs in their monthly newsletter The Buzz.

If you wish to help youth in foster care make a successful transition into adulthood please donate what you can by clicking on the logo below – it’s easy and secure!


Louis’ latest short film with the Affolter Brothers just won the Golden Sheaf Award for Best Drama at the Yorkton Film Festival. Congratulations to everyone involved!


This month we have well over 300 screencaps from the series This Life, Season 2, episode 2 Perfect Day. Louis plays David K. Crowley. The series was filmed in Montreal, and Louis enjoyed working there very much.

Plot Summary:
It’s the day of Maggie’s housewarming party, to which she’s invited the entire family minus Matthew; the two who still are not speaking to each other. Despite Maggie having moved frequently in her life, she has ulterior motives for holding this party, which the guests will discover. Prior to the party, Natalie, believing that her dizzy spells are signs that she is actually taking the experimental drug in the blind drug trial, wants to have what she considers a perfect day – a “normal” day doing something special – which means spending time with her kids. As they are all busy – most just wanting to avoid issues they are hiding from her – Natalie instead turns to Tia, her new friend from the support group, who may have a different view of what a perfect day constitutes. The only one who truly does have a planned morning is Emma, who has probably decided to accept her father David’s invitation for lunch. Following the party, Matthew decides to confront David about trying to reenter Emma and Romy’s lives. In the process, Matthew may get a better picture of his own family dysfunction. And Oliver seriously considers Romy’s request to live with him instead of Matthew if her mother passes away.              (adapted from IMDb)

Here is a direct link to the album: https://ferreirafestscreencaps.shutterfly.com/pictures/33577


The third monthly reading series is Mr. Mugs – Peek In Please by Martha Kambeitz, Denise Burns and Josephine Proctor.

Louis credits the Mr. Mugs books series with helping him to learn English at a very young age. The Mr. Mugs books have been out of print for many years but occasionally you can find them on eBay, Amazon Marketplace or various other antique book dealers.

You can listen to the book readings under the Reading Series Tab.
This month’s issue is chapter 7 of Mr. Mugs – Peek In Please.


Alaina Huffman

Alaina recently attended a get together with the women of Supernatural. A good time was had by all – all women playing strong women!

Karyn Mott

Li’l Ginge broke her big toe! Send lots of painkilling good thoughts her way!

The Affolter Brothers

Two of the brothers were guests at the Saturday Morning Cartoon Crunch

… and you can watch the episode on YouTube! Enjoy!

Justin Breault

Justin’s Instagram header is pretty awesome. Take a look!

And then go visit Justin’s feed which has awesome recent vacation photos as well.

Greyston Holt

Greyston guest starred in episode 4 Ex’s and Oh’s of the new series Take Two on ABC Network.

Logline: A private investigator in Los Angeles reluctantly teams up with a former star of a hit cop show.

Here is a still from the episode. Greyston plays Dylan, the main character’s ex-fiancé. Trouble ensues!

Mika McKinnon

Offworld, Episode 9: Isolation Trope in Sci-Fi Space Travel
By Norman Chan on July 16, 2018
“This week on Offworld, we explore the trope of isolation and loneliness in science fiction space travel, and how both fictional and real-world astronauts cope with being away from home for extended missions. Joining us are neuroscientist Indre Viskontas and field geophysicist Mika McKinnon for a lively discussion on how sci-fi depicts the very real challenge of isolation in space!”

Mika Wants Rocks!
PSA: If you’re meeting me at a convention (DragonCon and GateconE soon!), I’d be delighted if you brought me a wild rock common in your region.
Please collect ethically (no parks!) and grab a photo of where you found it (bonus if it includes scale). Small pebbles are best.

Eugene Lipinski

Eugene is playing Polozin, a Russian FSB agent in Siberia with Keanu Reeves and Ana Ularu. The movie was released in US theatres on July 13 – put it on your summer movie list now!

The movie also stars Molly Ringwald and Aleks Paunovic, who guest starred on Motive.

Logline: The film tells the story of an American diamond merchant (Reeves), who travels to Russia to sell rare blue diamonds of questionable origin. As the deal begins to collapse he falls into an obsessive and passionate relationship with a Russian cafe owner (Ularu) in a small Siberian town Mirny. As their relationship builds, so does the treacherous world of the diamond trade from which he is unable to extricate himself.

Troy Mundle

Troy’s Star Wars movie Bucketheads will screen at DragonCon 2018, and Troy will be there as well. We’ll post the films screen times and location as soon as they’re published.

Dennis Heaton

Netflix’s The Order is filming its first season in Vancouver this July. The new show is said to be a ten episode horror series that revolves around a college freshman who enters into a secret society and stars Jake Manly, Sarah Grey, and Matt Frewer.

Here’s Dennis on the set of The Order with Emmy Nominee Matias Herndl, Director of Photography. Matias also worked on Motive.

“She wore it better…” Dennis writes, “It’s Devery Jacobs, she’s an incredibly talented up-and-comer who’s cast on the show.”

In other news: Dennis’ series Call Me Fitz (2010-2014) now has all 4 seasons available on Amazon! Check it out!

Patrick Gilmore

Patrick’s current series Travelers wrapped principal photography of Season 3 on July 5.

Joe Mallozzi shared a photo from the Stargate Universe days – here are Patrick and Peter, a.k.a. Dale Volker and Adam Brody, with new scripts that were just handed out…

FYA – Fulfilling Young Artists

Summer Potluck Picnic

“Come one, come all! If you have been part of FYA in the past, or would like to be part of FYA in the future, come on by!!! We are gearing up to launch another Season of FYA and we would love to see you! And try your potato salad you say? A veggie dog? Fresh Guac? What else is on the BBQ? So much delicious flavour will be there… not to mention talent!!! This is the summer BBQ that peeps are talking about. SAVE. THE. DATE.”

Sunday, August 12 at 1 PM – 7 PM PDT
Spanish Banks
4707 North West Marine Drive, Vancouver, British Columbia V6T 1A1

Eric Banerd
Eric is back from his dream vacation in Bali – visit his Instagram Feed for amazing photos and videos!

EB Painting is hiring!
Business is great at Eric’s high-end painting company – a full time position is now available. If you want to work with this fabulous young man and you’re an experienced painter in the Vancouver area (or know someone who is), check out the job ad!

Jennifer Spence  

Jen’s new seriesl Bletchley Circle: San Francisco will begin on BritBox on July 26th.

Logline: Two female British code breakers team with American cryptographers to solve a series of murders in San Francisco.

Here’s Jen with the Bletchley Circle SF cast! Jen plays Olivia Mori.

Remember to order your DragonCon 2018 tickets soon so you can meet Jen in person! 

Travelers Season 3 filming has wrapped. The new season will air in December.

Ingrid Rogers

From a recent Instagram conversation, starring Ingrid and Rob…

Rob: Modern theorists have surmised, “You can pick your nose. And you can pick your best friends. But you can’t pick your best friend’s nose.” We have proven them oh so wrong.
Ingrid: Omg! What is wrong with us ?
Rob: Absolutely nothing.  And everything. That’s why we’re perfect for each other.

Rob Munic
Season 3 of Rob’s latest series Star premieres Wednesday, September 26 on Fox. Check your local listings for channels and times.

You can watch a Season 3 Preview here.

Peter Kelamis

Peter ran into R2D2 at his recent con appearance at Shore Leave. Happy Peter!

Joe Mallozzi shared one of his photos of Peter as Adam Brody in Stargate Universe, hangin’ out at Brody’s Bar. If you ever meet Peter at a con be sure to pick up one of his Brody’s Bar shot glasses!

Bradley Stryker

Bradley got cast as the character Jack in the pilot of the new series El Recluso.

El Recluso tells the riveting story of Lázaro Mendoza, a former marine who enters a maximum-security prison on the U.S.-Mexico border to investigate the abduction of the daughter of a prominent U.S. judge.

Read more about it in the Latin Times. There is also a trailer you can watch, although Bradley does not appear in it.

Every month Vancouver artist Nicole Pilich shares one of her henna creations with Ferreira Fest. Please visit her website for lots more photos and fascinating facts and information about this ancient artform. And if you find yourself in Vancouver – visit her studio and treat yourself to some Healing Body Art made just for you.

This month Nicole writes:

“To honour my dear friend who passed away recently I drew her a butterfly on a cotton cloth to signify her metamorphosis from this life. As henna is so temporary on skin, it is permanent on cotton. Although this piece was placed on her body and went with her, I won’t hold it or see it again, but it lives on in my memory, as does my dear friend Estar.”

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