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Published June 2016.
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It’s the 20th of June, the beginning of summer and time for another gathering here at Ferreira Fest where we celebrate the acting career of Louis Ferreira, the activities of his friends and the works of our chosen charities. It’s cool in here so come on in and chill out with news, screencaps, photos and a brand-new Reading Series!


Ability Online

Ability Online‘s big fundraiser, the Axion Golf Tournament, will take place on June 23, 2016. Go play a few holes and help raise money for our charity! Louis is participating in Ability Online as a cyber dad – read more about it here.

After the big success of last year’s Making History event at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto another event featuring Colin Mochrie (from the comedy improv show Whose Line Is It Anyway?) is in the works for October 13, 2016. Check it out!

Read about last year’s event here.

You can find pictures from the recent “People in Motion” exhibition here – Ability Online participated with an information stand and lots of people stopped by to learn more!

If you donate to Ability Online before June 30 in the Great Canadian Giving Challenge they have a chance to win $10,000, so if you can spare at least $3 please donate now! Simply click on the logo below and your donation is automatically entered for kids with disabilities.

Project Limelight

Project Limelight‘s big annual show was performed at SFU on June 12 and 13 to sold-out crowds. There are lots of photos and videos on their social networking sites, such as Instagram. Those kids are AMAZING!! Read more about it here.

In addition, their Paradise music video teaser is now available online – you can watch it here.

Tuesday Night Live is a monthly fundraiser for Project Limelight – and our friend Troy Mundle was featured at last month’s event! The next TNL event will be on June 28.

If you missed the show because you live too far away, you can still help – there will be more spectacular performances of another new show next year! Click on the logo below to help kids get a quality arts education for free! And if you donate $3 or more, Project Limelight will be automatically entered in a $10,000 giveaway to help their inner city kids performing arts program! It’s easy and secure.

The Good Neighbours’ Club

GNC has a new Instagram Account – check it out!
Check out this awesome member’s painting of the Good Neighbours’ Club street view!

“This painting was made by one of our members in appreciation for us helping him and being here for him. We were totally surprised and humbled at this very kind gesture.”

We have again joined the Moss Park Rec. Softball League, our pitcher is 72 yrs old. Oldest team in the league!

CIBC donated surplus computers so GNC members can maintain an online presence.

The Good Neighbours’ Club is also participating in The Great Canadian Giving Challenge. From June 1 – 30, every dollar donated to the GNC via givingchallenge.ca or canadahelps.org  automatically earns us a chance to win a $10,000. Please donate and help us win. Thank you! Click on the logos below to give!

The Children’s Aid Foundation

‘Tis the season for golf tournaments, and on June 22nd and 23rd the Joe Carter Classic will be played, with proceeds benefiting The Children’s Aid Foundation! If your golf skills are non-existent you can still go cheer for the good cause!

The National Campaign for Child Welfare

“Last year, with the help of our donor community, we improved the lives of 20,352 young people. However, it is estimated that in Canada, more than 67,000 children are living in care, with many more are at risk of coming into care. We urgently need to reach more children and youth. That’s the ultimate goal of the Children’s Aid Foundation’s $60 million National Campaign for Child Welfare. Take a look at how you can help us achieve that goal.”

Watch the new video right here!
You can always keep up with the latest news at CAFDN’s monthly newsletter The Buzz.
And if you want to get a head start on the National Campaign please click on the logo below to make a donation. It’s fast, easy and secure.


MOTIVE won the 2016 Leo Award for Best Dramatic Series! Congratulations to the entire cast and production team, but especially the producers – Rob Merilees, Rob LaBelle, Lindsay MacAdam, Louise Clark, Ben Brafman, Erin Haskett, Dennis Heaton, Sarah Dodd and Daniel Cerone.

MOTIVE also won the 2016 Leo Award for Best Cinematography in a Dramatic Series. Congratulations to Directors of Photography Mark Chow and Mathias Herndl for their spectacular work in the Season 3 finale A Problem Like Maria (which, to no one’s surprise, was of course written by our uber-talented friend Dennis Heaton).

Hidden Remote has posted more reviews of MOTIVE episodes – read them here:

This weekend will be the Season 3 finale on USA Network. Season 4 is slated to begin airing the week after on Sunday July 3! Now would be an excellent time to send a note thanking them for airing the show. Here’s how: Go to the USA Feedback page at http://www.usanetwork.com/motive. Fill in the required information and then select “USA Network Programming (Shows, Movies, Specials)” in the drop-down menu. Select “MOTIVE” in the next drop-down menu. Then write your message of thanks. Fill in the Captcha code and hit “submit“. You may get an automated response but don’t let that deter you.  Thanks for your help!

MOTIVE Season 3 is now available On Demand at Amazon.com.

The Globe and Mail did an interview with actor/ playwright Norm Foster, and when asked what he watches on TV he said:

“I am a fan of the series Motive, a police procedural set in Vancouver. The two leads, Kristin Lehman and Louis Ferreira, have great chemistry, and the premise is original.”

Norm, we always knew you had good taste! Read the rest here.

Universal Channel has announced that Season 4 will start airing in the UK Sunday July 17th at 9pm. Oddly, the announcement uses the season 1 cast list – someone didn’t do their homework… So to help fix this mistake here is a photo of the real season 4 cast!

Lauren Holly, Karen LeBlanc, Kristin Lehman, Louis Ferreira, Brendan Penny. Photo by Jeff Weddell.


Louis’ latest short film with the Affolter Brothers is now online with a website and various social media accounts. Check them all out for constant updates, photos, video clips and much more! Find out more about the making of this movie in an exclusive interview in Ferreira Fest 77 or on the Affolter Brothers Page.



Since we finished our first reading series last month it’s now time for a brand-new one!

Louis has read two of the Mr. Mugs books for young readers before, so now we have Mr. Mugs – Meet My Pals by Martha Kambeitz, Denise Burns and Josephine Proctor.

Every month you will get a short chapter from the book which was published in 1968. You can find all the chapters on the 2nd Reading Series Page as they are introduced. When the entire book is complete it will be assembled into a movie so you can watch and read along.
Learn more about the Mr. Mugs book series here.

You can listen to the book readings under the Reading Series Tab.
This month’s issue is chapter 1 of Mr. Mugs – Meet My Pals.


Happy Sunday from May 22, 2016
Happy Sunday from May 29, 2016
While filming scenes for This Life in Montreal Louis had the opportunity to visit the Cirque de Soleil show Luzia.
Louis’ annual Father’s Day Tweet


In 2007 Louis filmed the action thriller Shooter, featuring Mark Wahlberg in the title role. Louis starred as the steely-eyed FBI boss Howard Purnell who is in charge of tracking down and apprehending the hero, and who becomes a first witness to his innocence.

USA Network has turned the movie into a TV series which will premier on Tuesday July 19th. Louis will not reprise his role (which may not even be in the series), so to celebrate the beginning of this suspenseful tale we have 207 screencaps of the original movie. Enjoy!

Here is a direct link to the album:


The Affolter Brothers

The four Affolters are at it again!

“Check out this off-the-wall, manic music video that Thomas directed for JPNSGRLS! The video was live-streamed to fans as it was filmed – so it was 100% one take, one shot, one chance at insanity. Crazy awesome team effort, thanks to all involved!!!”

Watch it here!

The Vancouver Web Fest 2016 Awards Ceremony

The entire Vancouver Web Fest 2016 Awards Ceremony has been posted on Daily Motion. Check out the 30:00 minute mark if you want to see those shameless Affolter Brothers embarrass themselves as Awards Presenters! This is why we usually stay BEHIND the cameras. 🙂  Or just watch the entire video for a night of all around good times!”

Sky Wyatt’s new music video “Shoes has been released – Thomas directed and produced it:
“JUST RELEASED!!! Check out the brand new video for country music singer Sky Wyatt that Affolter Entertainment was extremely proud to have created and produced. Directed and produced by Thomas with the wonderful and talented crew of Simone Swan, DOP Stefan Berrill, Costumer Mackenzie Serin, Colourist David Tomiak, PA Danny Rodriguez – love these folks! AE had a wonderful time producing this heartwarming story of one man’s life in love, from childhood to old age, told entirely through the perspective of shoes. Enjoy!!!”

And for much more about the four talented brothers check out the Affolter Brothers Page!

Justin Breault

Justin has a new IMDB listing, he plays a protestor in the ABC mini-series When We Rise which is currently filming. ABC Studios is producing the series – we’ll keep you posted about air dates and times.

Summary: A chronicled re-telling of the gay rights movement in the United States, beginning with the Stonewall riots in 1969.

Please visit Justin’s Page for more on his work and career.

Amanda Alexander

Amanda is crazy busy on the set for her new show Travelers. Watch out for a VERY special guest star when the series airs on Netflix – we’ll keep you in the loop! The series also stars our friends Patrick Gilmore and Jennifer Spence. Want to know what a script supervisor does for a living? Check out Amanda’s Page!

On the set of Travelers; Amanda is the second from the right.

No room for our 1st, Bryan Knight.
All of the Travelers Season 1 scripts in one place!

Greyston Holt

If you live in Canada, you’re in luck –  Season 3 of Bitten is now streaming on CraveTV! Get you daily werewolf fix there!

Chilled Magazine has an interview with Greyston – read it here.

Then hop over to Greyston’s Instagram Page and watch a few short videos with music he wrote himself. And for much more, visit Greyston’s Page.

And here is Greyston at the Houston Comicpalooza, trying on a spacesuit and discovering just how uncomfortable they can be. Between meeting all his Bitten fans he also had time to visit some other exhibits and have some more fun last weekend!

Mika McKinnon

Undersampled Radio has a new podcast for Mika, which is unsurprisingly called Master of Disaster. Check it out here.

Yeah, that’s right: Mika is a licensed amateur radio operator, and her call sign is SCI for SCIENCE! Find out more!
Mika also just published a new article for The Week about the planet Venus.

Cascadia Rising
Mika writes:
“I am deeply honored to be one of 20,000 (!) people participating in Cascadia Rising, a massive earthquake and tsunami preparation exercise. I highly recommend learning more because it’s a very cool project.”

However, in the meantime Mika’s little hedgehog has far more immediate concerns:

Clover flowers – to eat or not to eat?

For more on Mika’s exciting life (and adorbs wee hog pix) visit Mika’s Page!

Eugene Lipinski

Eugene has a new IMDB listing – check out Eugene’s Page for a great interview and photos of this veteran actor!

Movie: Warcraft (2016)
Character: Finden
Summary: The peaceful realm of Azeroth stands on the brink of war as its civilization faces a fearsome race of invaders: orc warriors fleeing their dying home to colonize another. As a portal opens to connect the two worlds, one army faces destruction and the other faces extinction. From opposing sides, two heroes are set on a collision course that will decide the fate of their family, their people, and their home.

Troy Mundle

We’ve updated Troy’s Page! Here’s his latest project:

Demon X (TV Series) (post-production) 2016
– Episode #1.4 (2016) … Deacon John

Logline: Kidnapped at birth and raised in secrecy by the Church, Lilith is the most powerful exorcist in known existence. Unbeknownst to humanity and to Lilith herself, is Lucifer’s grand plan of creating an eternal hell on earth. The only thing standing in his way is his own daughter, who has forsaken her royal lineage to fight for humanity one epic battle at a time.

They’re working on a Dragon Con screening for this year so stay tune for news!

Troy was also just cast in Luna – read more about it on Troy’s website. He also shared two production shots of his recent project No Compassion, No Mercy.

Working with the team before the screening
Setting up for an insert shot. — left to right with Indiana, Ranjani Prasad, Troy Mundle, Diego Lozano, Jay Curras and Kristopher King.

Dennis Heaton

MOTIVE won the 2016 Leo Award for Best Dramatic Series – congrats Dennis and the whole production team! Well-deserved and rightfully earned!

More photos of Dennis at the Leos can be found at Vancouversun.com (photo #8) and Westender.com (photo #10).
Now Dennis has to make room for yet another award on a shelf somewhere. Meanwhile, check out our in-depth interview with the MOTIVE showrunner and some really cool photos on Dennis Heaton’s Page!

Patrick Gilmore

Patrick had been nominated for a Leo Award for Best Lead Actor in a Motion Picture for his role in No Men Beyond This Point, but alas, the award went to someone else.

Still, just in case, Patrick filmed himself – click on the screencap here to watch Patrick NOT winning a Leo in 2016…

(yes, that’s our friend Bradley Stryker at the end, photobombing Patrick’s loss)

Patrick filming Netflix’s Travelers episode 1-09. Patrick is standing by the window.

Patrick recently celebrated his 40th birthday by re-enacting his first!

For more on Patrick please visit Patrick’s Page here at The Friends of Louis Ferreira.

Eric Banerd

Eric will be touring with his band The Wild Romantics later this summer. Upcoming shows are scheduled for Western Canada in July and August.  Stay tuned for the dates and venues!

From the TWR Facebook Page: “Stoked to announce that we will be joining in on the fun at this years RIFFLANDIA FESTIVAL! Saturday night we’ll be burnin’ down the house at CMCT Presents!” Rifflandia is Sept 15-18 in Victoria, BC.
Check out Eric’s Page for the latest updates or visit the TWL FaceBook page.

The Wild Romantics are back in the studio, recording new tracks…

On-set adventures: Eric got to ride a tank at a recent film gig!

Jennifer Spence

Jen’s new series You Me Her has been renewed for Seasons 2 and 3! Congrats, Jen!

The show will be available in Canada beginning July 10th on HBO Canada and The Movie Network.

Jen was also at YukYuk’s Comedy Club enjoying one of Peter Kelamis’ shows. Those SGU alumni support each other whenever they can! Please visit Jen’s Page for more on her career.

Ingrid Rogers

Ingrid did a fantastic podcast interview with Alex Barnett for Multiracial Family Man. So much love and wisdom in this conversation! Please give it a listen here.

And here’s an older – but still lovely – headshot of Ingrid, which surfaced on the web along with the podcast interview.
For newer photos please visit Ingrid’s Page.

Rob Munic

Rob is currently working as Executive Producer for a new TV series called Ice. It’s filming in Vancouver July through November. The series is for DirecTV. Stay tuned for more info! Check out Rob’s Page for more on his busy life and career.

Rob’s wife Ingrid Rogers writes about this photo:
My handsome husband being interviewed by the uber talented Cady McClain for her doc Seeing Is Believing: Women In The Directing Field.”

Way to go, Rob! We can’t wait to watch the documentary!

Peter Kelamis

Peter is in the Dead Rising: Endgame trailer! You can watch it here (grown-ups only, please – it’s a zombie movie). Peter appears at 0:43, and Patrick Sabongui from FYA is also in there! The movie will start streaming beginning June 20th.

Peter taped material for a new a comedy DVD last month – The Best of Peter Kelamis Vol. 2. We’ll keep you posted on how to purchase it as soon as details become available. You’ll find more videos and links on Peter’s Page.

Here’s Peter in action at YukYuk’s Comedy Club, hamming it up for his new DVD.   Thanks to Jen Spence for the photo!

Peter watches Peter on SGU. He played engineer Adam Brody, who was galactically famous for his home-brewed hard liquor.

Here’s Peter on his way to an audition.

Peter attended a panel at Everfree Northwest, Seattle’s My Little Pony Convention, last month. Peter has been voicing various characters on the popular children’s (and lots of grown ups as well!) show for over a year.

Bradley Stryker

Our friend Bradley keeps racking up awards! His script for Black Tar Bangkok won 2nd place at the Cannes Screenplay Contest. His full-length feature  Land of Smiles won Best Direction and Best Screenplay at the NYC Indie Film Awards,  and Best Direction at the American Movie Awards. For more awards and honors check out Bradley’s Page.
Bradley attended the 2016 Leo Awards and got to hang out with his good friend Patrick Gilmore.

Here is the Land of Smiles team at the SOHO  International Film Festival (SOHO7)

It was Beckett’s first Red Carpet appearance – and most certainly not his last!


Every month Vancouver artist Nicole Pilich shares one of her henna creations with Ferreira Fest. Please visit her website for lots more photos and fascinating facts and information about this ancient artform. And if you find yourself in Vancouver – visit her studio and treat yourself to some Healing Body Art made just for you.

This month Nicole writes:
“Hair loss happens to many people, including those going through chemotherapy. Having to endure a cancer diagnosis and treatment can be truly difficult. When I am asked to design a henna crown and spend some precious time with these individuals, I feel that I am making a small but significant difference.”


This Life

Louis recently filmed scenes for the next several episodes of the TV series This Life, where he plays David Crawley, the estranged former husband of the main character. The series films in Montreal and Louis enjoyed his time there very much.

Life On The Line

Sometimes movies and TV series disappear without a trace without ever having been publicly released. Just as that fate seemed fairly certain for Life On The Line the movie stirred again! Perhaps the 2015 movie starring John Travolta will be released at some point. There is now a trailer available, and Louis’ character was added on IMDb and given a name – Mr. Fontaine.
Watch the trailer here.

Naked Lunch – Literally

Louis starred as a young exterminator in the 1991 cult classic film adaptation of William S. Burrough’s novel Naked Lunch. A new restaurant named Bunyadi has just opened in London where guests literally eat naked. So if you’re a fan of the movie or novel, be sure to have lunch at Bunyadi’s sometime!

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