Ferreira Fest 068

Published August 2015.
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It’s the 20th of the month and thus time for another big bash at The Friends of Louis Ferreira where we throw a monthly party to celebrate the acting career of Louis Ferreira (Justin Louis) and catch up with his chosen charities and his friends. This month’s issue is huge – please be patient while the page loads if your internet speed isn’t greased lightning fast. So come on in, grab a free pineapple drink of your choice at our virtual bar and join us!


Ability Online

Louis is getting ready to start his tenure as Ability Online‘s first ever “Cyber Dad”.

Learn more about how it all happened and what Louis’ contribution will be by visiting the Ability Online Page at The Friends of Louis Ferreira.

There are interviews with Louis and with Michelle McClure who is the Executive Director of the charity.

Michelle shared a picture from the dinner with Reena Punani and Pete Lavecchia where Louis was “knighted” Cyber Dad at Terroni‘s in Toronto. Thanks, Michelle!

Many more photos of recent Ability Online activities can be found on their Facebook Page. Please follow them on Twitter as well, and also friend them on Facebook!

Please consider becoming a member at Ability Online. If you can spare a few minutes here and there to go to their Forums and join in the discussion you will see how rewarding such a simple act can be. Joining is easy and free.

If you simply can’t spare the time you can always make a contribution to this worthy cause that helps children and young adults of all ages cope with a variety of disabilities. Click on the logo below to donate.

Project Limelight

Tuesday Night Live (TNL) is an ongoing fundraising event for Project Limelight. There is a speaker, referred to as a storyteller, you can grab a nice drink and relax with friends while hearing from the movers and shakers of the Vancouver entertainment world.

Check out their Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter!

The next TNL will be August 25th at the Lux Lounge in Vancouver. It’s Ladies’ Night!

Storyteller #1 is Alexandra Raffé, VP of Production at Thunderbird Films
Storyteller #2 is Casting Director Judy Lee

Project Limelight also appears in SFU’s Vancity Office of Community Engagement’s 2015 Community Partners Video. Way to go, everybody!

Is the Lux Lounge too far away from your humble abode? Never fear, you can always make a donation to benefit the awesome kids at Project Limelight. To learn more about their mission please visit their website or the Project Limelight Page here at The Friends of Louis Ferreira. Click the button below to donate!

The Good Neighbours Club

Volunteers – In Their Own Words

In Their Own Words

These photos were taken in April as part of our annual volunteer recognition event.  We have volunteers from all different areas of the community – students, retirees and Club members themselves, etc., and we wanted to explore why each of them chose The Good Neighbours’ Club as a place to volunteer.

Volunteers were asked to describe their motivation for volunteering in as few words as possible (which was quite difficult for many of them).  They were then photographed holding up these words, and the photos were shared in a slide show at the GNC recognition dinner.

– Heather Lockie
   Volunteer Development Coordinator, The Good Neighbours’ Club

There are over a dozen photos, all strikingly beautiful and bearing heartfelt sentiments. You can view them all on GNC’s Facebook Page or on the GNC Page here at The Friends of Louis Ferreira.
Do you live in the Toronto area and are looking to volunteer? GNC is in need of a Kitchen Assistant and General Assistants.

Read a poignant Google review of GNC.

And if all else fails you can always make a donation. We have our very own secure donations page just for friends of Louis Ferreira – simply click on the banner below and follow the instructions. It’s quick, easy and secure, and every penny helps older homeless men make it through another day.

The Children’s Aid Foundation

Upcoming Events at The Children’s Aid Foundation:

September 9th – 16th Annual Recognition Night honoring CAFDN’s scholarship recipients

Victor Barry will be this year’s Teddy Bear Affair chef! If you’re a foodie you don’t want to miss this event!

And keep up to date with CAFDN at their monthly newsletter The Buzz – in the latest issue you will meet CAFDN’s Young People’s Advisory Council and learn about Wendy’s Wonderful Kid’s Program.

If you are perfectly happy eating sandwiches and cereal, and the fine dining world is just not your thing it’s easy to make a donation – just click on the banner below and enter our very own donations page which makes giving quick, easy and secure.


Motive’s Season 4 is currently in pre-production so there’s not a lot of news to be had yet. Once filming begins next month we’ll have more goodies!

In the meantime here are two tidbits:

MOTIVE gets a mention in Buzzfeed’s “11 Canadian Dramas That Americans Should Absolutely Watch“. Read the full article to find out what the other 10 are. Sadly, folks living in the US have no way to watch Motive episodes – they have to wait for the video releases in either Germany or the UK and purchase the DVDs.

Remember: you must have a region-free DVD player to be able to watch those DVDs!

Oscar Vega’s ID badge has already become a coveted collectible at YourProps.com, an online movie props museum.

Please note that this item is a replica, not the real thing – presumably that’s still being used by Louis.


We’re so thrilled to bring you an interview with Troy Mundle this month! Troy is a young actor and film maker living in Vancouver BC, and he has been a good friend of Louis for many years now, since he worked as his stand-in during the filming of Stargate Universe. Many thanks to Louis for lining up this connection!

Read and listen to the full interview and an introduction by Louis on Troy’s Page!


Louis attended former co-star Vivica A. Fox‘ birthday party in Toronto a few weeks ago. The paparazzi were having a field day and many celebrity magazines ran photo spreads of the attending guests. Vivica and Louis starred in 1-800-Missing, the series that incidentally also featured our friend Alex Appel!

Here is a page scan from Hello! Magazine.

View the full size spread on the Magazines Page.

But wait – there’s more old and new photos with friends that have popped up online lately! Please be sure to click on the images to go to their original posts, and let the owners know how much you love their photos with Louis. And to please post more…

with Viveca Fox and Lauren Holly
with Vaticano chef Felice Vacca
with Anthony John Howell
Louis with Bob Presner, line producer of Urban Angel, way back in the olden days…
Bob also shared this goodie from the Urban Angel days, which shows him with Micheline Garant, Vlasta Vrana, Louis and a few other friends. Thanks, Bob!
Hanging out with Johnny Cuthbert…
…and a selfie with Steve Anthony!

Louis shared these beautiful sunset photos from English Bay near Vancouver. Beach Volleyball is always in!

photo by Louis Ferreira
photo by Louis Ferreira


This month we have almost 500 screencaps of the Motive Season 1 episode “Against All Odds” in celebration of Troy Mundle being Louis’ stand-in for that entire season. Although Troy does of course not show up in any of the caps you can rest assured that before they shot the scene with Louis Troy was standing or sitting in the exact same spot.

Incidentally, our friend Peter Kelamis also starred in this particular episode! See if you can spot him in the caps!

Here is a direct link to the album: https://ferreirafestscreencaps.shutterfly.com/pictures/11137


Every month Louis reads a chapter from one of his favorite books, Are You as Happy as Your Dog? by Alan Cohen. Mr. Cohen has kindly granted his permission for us to post Louis’ book reading clips here. Please join me in thanking him and be sure to visit his website at alancohen.com.

Click on the thumbnail of the book cover to purchase a copy of the book.

You can listen to all the book readings on the Reading Series Page.

This month’s reading is chapter 30 of the First Reading Series Are You As Happy As Your Dog?


Margo shares the following memory of her dear companion Carlos:

Carlos – who occasionally answered to Charlie, ironically enough – was my beloved Toy Fox Terrier Mix, who I recently lost following a fatal confrontation with another dog. He more than made up for his small stature with a large personality, and an even bigger heart. Carlos was a grumpy sleeper, but loved to snuggle; my constant shadow and companion. Somehow, he always knew when I was about to leave town. About a week before I would leave, he would ignore me until the very last day and would constantly attempt to stop me from leaving – sleeping in my suitcase, hiding things I needed for my trip, jumping in the car to tag along. Until we meet again, champ, love you.

Thanks for sharing, Margo!

Have you lost a dear animal friend? Please share your memories and photos here. Leave a post on the Forum or send an email.


Dennis Heaton

We have updated Dennis Heaton’s Wikipedia page – check it out and please leave a comment to vote for his notability (in the Talk Tab at the top of the page next to the puzzle globe logo).

A few more goodies about Dennis have surfaced during the work on that page:

You can listen to a podcast with TV-eh about writing for Motive, and then you can read an article about the interview as well! Dennis has also been the Pacific Region Councilor for the Writers Guild of Canada since 2010.

Here’s Dennis accepting an award at the New York Television Festival for My Pal Satan.

Be sure to visit Dennis Heaton’s Page here at The Friends of Louis Ferreira! Lots of great advice for aspiring young writers!

Patrick Gilmore

Patrick’s last project No Men Beyond This Point is an official selection for the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Read about it at the Toronto Star!

Follow No Men Beyond This Point on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! And be sure to visit Patrick’s Page for lots more!

And here is another awesome photo by the uber- talented Aaron RT Smedley.

Smug or debonair? You decide.

Eric Banerd

Eric’s band The Wild Romantics will play the Golden Sound Festival on Aug 21 & 22 in Golden, BC Canada. Get your tickets here!

They have also just finished a new record. Stay tuned for more info!

Also, be sure to check out Eric’s Page for all the latest news, concert dates, videos, photos and more.  
Eric celebrated his birthday on August 3rd. Happy Belated Birthday, Eric!

Here he is giving his drum set a serious workout during a concert with The Wild Romantics and at the Rock of the Woods Music Festival.

Photo by @foxxfoto

Jennifer Spence

Jen’s latest movie The Adept is a Seattle Shorts Film Festival Official Selection. The festival runs Nov 14th-15th. The screening schedule has not been posted yet – stay tuned for more info.

Ingrid Rogers

Every time we check her IMDb file Ingrid seems to have racked up another episode guest starring as Holly in the TV series Murder in the First! The show airs on TNT on Monday nights at 10pm – check your local listings. You can also watch past episodes online.
Nothing But the Truth (newly added)
Bruja Blanca (was episode #2.9)
Way to go, Ingrid! We’re all waiting for the spinoff now!

Rob Munic

Rob’s current show Empire was named TV Program of the Year at the Television Critics Association Awards. Congratulations to the whole cast and crew!

Empire’s Season Premiere is Wednesday September 23rd on FOX – check your local listings.

The season 2 trailer has just been released and promoted on TheHollywoodGossip.com and Deadline.com.

And here is Rob with his colleagues in the Empire Writer’ Room.

Rob celebrated his birthday on July 25th. Happy Belated Birthday, Rob!!

Ingrid and Rob celebrated their 13th Anniversary on August 6th. Congratulations!

Peter Kelamis

Peter has a new IMDb Listing:    
Santa’s Little Helper (post-production) – Ezra Fells (2015)

Logline – After getting fired from his job, a slick, fast-talking businessman (The Miz) is thrown into an elf competition to become Santa’s next second-in-command. Put through a series of rigorous training exercises to prepare for the contest, The Miz and another aspiring elf go head-to-head in the hopes of becoming Santa’s Little Helper.

On the “Mum’s the Word” side, Peter has wrapped work on the unnamed pilot he’s been filming. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a pickup! In the meantime you can also visit Peter’s Page and read a nice long interview with him!

This past weekend Peter attended Creation Entertainment’s Stargate Con in Chicago, IL.

Someone slipped him a bag of (fake) Blue Sky:

Peter also did a stand-up comedy routine there:

At the Stargate panel with Rainbow Francks, Alex Zahara, David Blue and Dan Payne

And finally, the inevitable selfie with the crowd, Alex Zahara and Dan Payne

Bradley Stryker

Bradley is in the new movie Nightfire! From Nightfire’s IMDb page:

Logline – Two American agents are hired to retrieve military chips containing a large sum of government money. Their plan goes awry when an unexpected political prisoner enters the picture.

Here is the trailer – Bradley can be seen twice – as well as a still photo.

Bradley was also back on the stage in New York City as Joe in the play They Knew What They Wanted by Sidney Howard last month.

His script Twisted Games made the quarterfinals of Screencraft’s 2015 Horror Screenplay Contest. Congratulations!!

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