Ferreira Fest 066

Published June 2015.
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The heat is on and it’s time to get your kicks at Ferreira Fest 66! Come on in and help celebrate the latest works of Louis Ferreira and his friends – we have so much good stuff for you this time, from fond memories to exciting news, photos, videos, our exclusive Reading Series, screen caps, and an interview with Patrick Gilmore! There’s free pineapple drinks at the bar and the air conditioner is running. Welcome, everybody!


Louis’ big dog Charlie passed away on May 22 after a brief illness. To honor his memory we now have a special web page In Memory of Charlie where Louis, his family and friends shared photos and thoughts about Charlie. There is now a direct link on the Friends Page.

Louis wants to know: Have you ever lost a beloved pet?

Please share your memories and maybe even a photo. Please send an email or leave a note in the Guestbook.


The Children’s Aid Foundation

The Children’s Aid Foundation‘s 15th Annual Women’s Golf Classic was held on June 2nd. There are some great photos here. There are also photos from this month’s 6th Annual Joe Carter Classic here. Both are important fundraisers for CAFDN.

There are lots more photos and videos of all of this summer’s events are on CAFDN’s social media pages: FaceBook  Twitter  Instagram

May’s Five14 Talks Event in review can be found here.

The monthly Buzz Newsletter can be found here.
No time to go play golf or lacking the mad skillz needed to compete for such a good cause? No worries. Click on the banner below to make a donation to help underprivileged kids. Are you having a good summer? Make sure all children do!

The Good Neighbours’ Club

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders has agreed to be a Vice-Patron for the Good Neighbours’ Club. Congratulations to both Chief Saunders and GNC! 
Here is a new view of the lovely mural on the streetfront of The Good Neighbours’ Club. Click on the image to see the original Twitter post.

Selfies are SO last week! Purchase the GNC mug at the club for $20 and take a Muggie – that’s a photo of you with your GNC mug! Come in anytime while they’re open and get this handsome mug which will surely become one of your favorites!

Three years ago TVO Parents posted a short documentary about GNC. TVOParents.com is an online resource for parents of children ages 2-11. They offer expert advice and the latest research on early-years education issues designed to help parents help their child succeed in school. Watch the documentary here.

Caterina Scorsone, whose father Dr. Bruce Scorsone is the executive director of GNC, is a great supporter of this organization. Caterina also launched a t-shirt fundraising campaign for GNC. Read more about it here, and watch the short video clip in which she talks about GNC. Caterina was Louis’ colleague for two years during the filming of 1-800-Missing.

A fan of  Caterina Scorsone put together this YouTube montage to solicit donations in support of their work. It’s a lovely tribute to GNC’s vital contribution to making this world a better place.

Toronto will be hosting the 2015 Pan Am Games, and the Athlete’s Village and many of their venues are only a stone’s throw from GNC. If you’re in town be sure to stop by and say hi!

No talent for making videos? Too far from Toronto to buy a mug? Not going to the Pan Am Games? You can still help by clicking on the banner below and making a donation – it’s quick, easy and completely secure. Every penny helps!

Project Limelight

Project Limelight‘s recent show East Side Story was a great success. Congratulations to the talented cast and their directors and designers! Check out the playbill here.

There are lots of great photos on Project Limelight’s FaceBook Page – check them out!

They’ve posted three short videos of scenes from the show – check them out, they are amazing and very very funny!!
The Goldilocks Tap Dance Routine
The Three Little Tenderloins

Here are some Project Limelight Society participants posing for a photo with Maureen Webb, one of the directors of Project Limelight, for her Women in Film & Television Vancouver Spotlight Award where she received the Wayne Black Service Award.

Congratulations, Maureen!

Project Limelight also performed at Central City Foundation’s Fair In the Square, the newest batch of photos on the FaceBook photo page is from that event.

If you’d like to make a donation to Project Limelight and help them get their next show on the road and support free arts education please click on the logo below – it’s quick, easy and secure, and every penny matters.


Louis won his second consecutive Leo Award for his portrayal of Oscar Vega! Congratulations, Louis! It’s good to know that the industry appreciates your talent as much as we do.

MOTIVE won the award for Best Dramatic Series, another well-deserved honor! Congrats to everyone involved, especially producers Dennis Heaton, Rob Merilees, Louise Clark, Erin Haskett, Rob LaBelle, Lindsay MacAdam, John Lenic, Ben Brafman and James Thorpe!

Lisa Binkley of Motive won the Leo Award for Best Editing , an award that’s WAY overdue as the editing on MOTIVE is of consistently spectacular quality!

And last but not least, Katherine Collins won the award for Best Screenwriting for a Dramatic Series for MOTIVE’s Season 2 episode “Pitfall“.

The Vancouver Sun has a nice article celebrating the 2015 Leo Award winners, and Louis gets a mention!

Congratulations, everyone!
So yes, ABC, eat your heart out: cancelling MOTIVE was a BIG mistake. Our loss in the US, though: there is currently no plan for MOTIVE’s season 3 to air in the US. We will simply have to wait for another country to come out with DVD versions.

Here are two articles about ABC cancelling MOTIVE in the US, one by EW and one by TVSeriesFinale.

Meanwhile, the 4th Season of MOTIVE has been announced by CTV. Read the Official Press Release. The good news was also celebrated by The Toronto Star and Crave TV.

MOTIVE’s Season 3 finale – a major cliffhanger for Oscar Vega – aired on June 7th on CTV. The Toronto Star posted an announcement. Watch the trailer here: https://twitter.com/MotiveTV/status/606229937444372480

Mathias Herndl, MOTIVE’s Director of Photography did a great interview with Markee Magazine about his work on the show.

Louis with his MOTIVE colleagues Mark, David and Mathias. Photo by Lauren Holly.

Here is a short excerpt:

“Louis Ferreira is a brilliant actor,” Herndl continues. “He plays Vega by projecting a sense of mystery and creating the sense that he doesn’t talk unless he has something worth saying. I light him generally the way I light the show — by trying to keep the lighting from getting in the camera’s way.”

Read the full interview here.

Scroll down for some nice BTS shots of MOTIVE.


This month we are thrilled to bring you an interview with one of Louis’ best friends and Stargate Universe colleague – Patrick Gilmore!

Read and listen to the full interview and an introduction by Louis on Patrick Gilmore’s Page!


To celebrate our interview with Patrick Gilmore this month we also have 695 screencaps of the MOTIVE episode “Ruthless” (Season 1, Episode 12) which features Patrick as Ian Brauer, the killer’s husband. Unfortunately Louis and Patrick are never in the same scene except at the very end of the episode where Oscar Vega can be spotted walking towards Ian Brauer whose wife has just been taken into custody. One can assume that Vega and Brauer were about to have a conversation.

There are literally thousands of caps of Louis and Patrick on screen together in 39 Stargate Universe episodes. You can browse through them here: Season 1 and Season 2.

Here is a direct link to the album for the MOTIVE episode: https://ferreirafestscreencaps.shutterfly.com/pictures/12466


This time we have two lovely Behind-The-Scenes images posted by @MotiveTV. Thanks for sharing! Click on the images to go to the original posts.

Motive Season 3: Flynn and Vega rockin’ the detective style 
Detective Vega – getting his crime-solving swagger on


Every month Louis reads a chapter from one of his favorite books, Are You as Happy as Your Dog? by Alan Cohen. Mr. Cohen has kindly granted his permission for us to post Louis’ book reading clips here. Please join me in thanking him and be sure to visit his website at alancohen.com.

Click on the thumbnail of the book cover to purchase a copy of the book.

You can listen to all the book readings on the Reading Series Page.

This month’s reading is chapter 28 of the First Reading Series Are You As Happy As Your Dog?


Eric Banerd

Eric has a new IMDB listing:

The Man in the High Castle (TV Series) 2015
Episode #1.7 … Nazi Security Guard

Here is Eric (left) on the set of The Man in the High Castle

From one of Eric’s FaceBook posts:

There are a few things I am proud of over this past week. I spent a few days on set and was directed by Michael Rymer who directed one of my favourite shows – Hannibal. We also threw an awesome party last night and have momentum towards making our own film this summer! Thank you to everyone who came and our amazing volunteers. Means a lot!

Watch Eric on drums in action!

Here is one of his bands The Wild Romantics with their new song “Fist Fight“. It’s a very catchy tune!

The Wild Romantics are featured on the CBC Radio 3 podcast for the Best of Searchlight 2015. They’re at 11:15 minutes.

Eric at the Beer Olympics!

And an Eric Banerd self portrait…

Justin Chance

Chance has posted a new poem, some new art and a hint at a new movie! Click on the thumbnails to see the original posts. And be sure to check out all of Chance’s other poetry, artwork and music.

Storyboarding with writing partner Josh Thrower

Jennifer Spence

Jen has a new IMDB Listing:   

Ties That Bind (TV Series) (filming) 2015
It Doesn’t Show … Ms. Lowens

Jen’s latest sci fi short film The Adept made it into the Official Selection at FilmQuest. In addition, Jen’s co-star Adam Greydon Reid was nominated for the Best Actor Award. Incidentally, Adam co-starred with Louis in the Project Limelight short film “The Review“.

The Adept was also accepted into the Tenerife International Film Festival where it garnered nominations for Best Short Film and Best Director.

Congratulations and way to go! Stay tuned for news as The Adept is making the film festival rounds.

Ingrid Rogers

Ingrid has a recurring role as the character Holly on Murder in the First which airs on Monday nights at 10pm on TNT.  Her first episode, Blue on Blue, airs on Monday June 22.

Rob Munic

Rob’s IMDb listings have been updated with several items:
Murder in The First (TV Series) (2014) Writer
Schizofrenzy (2015)

Murder in The First (TV Series) (2015)Co-Executive Producer
The McCormack Mulligan  
My Suger Walls
Blue on Blue 

There is a nice interview with Co-Creator Steven Bochco about Season 2 at The Hollywood Reporter. Incidentally, Steven Bochco also produced the series Public Morals, which starred none other than Louis Ferreira!

Murder in The First airs on Monday nights at 10pm on TNT – please check your local listings. You can watch missed episodes at on the Official Site.

Peter Kelamis

Peter will be back at Dragon Con on Labor Day weekend this year!

Stop by at his table, grab an autograph or two and say hi!

Peter will also host the Masquerade this year.

Peter is keeping very busy doing stand-up comedy.

It’s a barrel of laughs, as our friend and Peter’s SGU colleague Jen Spence can confirm!

Peter is writing jokes before a show. Click on the image for the hilarious comments!

One of the best Comedy Posters EVER!!
Peter is locked and loaded with laughs!

Bradley Stryker

Bradley’s most important project ever – a Little Stryker! Congratulations to Caitlin and Bradley – we can’t wait to be swamped with baby pictures!

Caitlin – looking fantastic as the mom-to-be!

Bradley’s new Profile photo by Kyle Cassie

There are several new pictures on Bradley’s IMDb listing and on his official website from recent and upcoming projects. Check them out!

Working on post-production for Land Of Smiles in Vancouver BC

Working on a script with the ever-present cuppa and the shades

The script for Silent Hero is a finalist for the 2015 Script Pipeline!

Pauline Egan

Louis’ colleague Pauline Egan from the short film “Through The Pane” is getting ready for her trip to Chibanane, Mozambique where she’ll make a movie of her humanitarian mission as a nurse while working on a clean water project for the local residents.

The Vancouver magazine WestEnder has a lovely article about Pauline’s great adventure.

This is the schoolhouse of Chibanane, where Pauline will be setting up her base of operations for two months.


News from Austria

MOTIVE is now available in Austria on the Puls 4 Channel. For exact air dates and times check out MOTIVE’s air page.

News from the UK

MOTIVE airs in the UK on Monday nights at 9pm. Check out the article at BT.com for more info and a season 3 video clip!

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