Ferreira Fest 074

Published February 2016.
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It’s February 20th – and this means it’s this year’s BIRTHDAY EDITION of Ferreira Fest, the monthly party where we celebrate the acting career of Louis Ferreira, his charities and the works of his friends! We have lots of input from Louis himself, show updates, a bunch of photos, friends news and our exclusive Reading Series, so grab a slice of pineapple birthday cake and an age-appropriate pineapple cocktail at our virtual bar and come on in!


Louis received his birthday package yesterday. Check out the very end of this newsletter to read all about it!


Ability Online

February 24th is National Pink Shirt Day, a way to raise awareness about bullying. Disabled children are often victims of bullying – check out the info on Ability Online‘s Pink Shirt Campaign!

Ability Online has a new blogger – Zach MacLean Szwaz!

This month’s child at Ability Gives is Emmanuel.

Emmanuel is six years old and a true bundle of joy despite his many challenges. Emmanuel is unable to walk, stand, talk or sit independently. He is rolling a lot now. Recently Cerebral Palsy was included in his diagnosis. Emmanuel is having surgery at the end of the month and requires specialized seating that will position him so he can heal, but more importantly, be able to engage in a variety of activities to help with his development.

Rifton Chairs are amazing for children like Emmanuel, but they are also extremely expensive.

Please help Emmanuel and other children like him by clicking on the button below and making a donation – every penny helps! Don’t forget to visit the Ability Online Website to learn more about why Louis supports this worthy cause as a “Cyber-Dad”.

Project Limelight

The kids are back! June 12th will be the date for their next big show with Project Limelight.

There are lots of great photos from their latest music video shoot “Paradise” on Project Limelight’s Twitter so be sure to follow them at @ProjLimelight and on their Instagram Page!

The next Tuesday Night Live fundraiser will be on February 23rd – next Tuesday! Storytellers will be Crazy 8’s Film Event people from their 2016 competition. Don’t miss it if you’re in the vicinity!

And if you can’t make it please make a donation instead and help talented Vancouver youth get proper performing arts training. Just click on the logo below!

Also, be sure to watch the short film Louis made with the kids last year. You can do so right here!

The Good Neighbours’ Club

There’s new rec equipment at the Good Neighbours’ Club! Check it out! As you can see it was immediately put to good use.

“The Good Neighbours’ Club held its annual pool tournament last week and the competition was amazing. 83 year-old GNC member Don Dupree won the championship over fellow member Mike St. Denis. Congrats to you both for a well played tournament!”

Project United, a platform for discussing poverty in Toronto and York Region through the stories of those experiencing it, is a collaboration by Ryerson Media Production students Laura Heidenheim and Madelaine Sawyers McKechnie and The United Way. This outstanding project features stories from two GNC members and counselor Elliot Nourse. Check it out at www.projectunited.ca

Here are the videos by GNC member Al and GNC counselor Elliot.

The Annual General Meeting will be held May 26th.

The renovations on the building continue: sewer drains were replaced and new flooring is being installed.

Please visit our GNC Page for lots more information on the Club’s life-saving mission. This is a very hard winter for homeless people in the North. Please help make their life a little more comfortable by supporting The Good Neighbours’ Club. Fighting homelessness is a cause that’s very dear to Louis’ heart. Perhaps you’ll consider making a donation to honor his birthday this month? Click on the logo below; the process is simple and safe.

The Children’s Aid Foundation

Upcoming Events:
February 25th – Suitcase Party! Read all about it!

You can always read the latest news in the monthly newsletter The Buzz.

The Children’s Aid Foundation was the recipient of The Slaight Family Foundation‘s $1M donation. Congratulations!

There is always a great need to help children in foster care, both as they enter the system and as they leave it to live on their own. As a father Louis has a vested interest in child welfare, and he’s always willing to help those less fortunate than his own. Won’t you please join him? Click on the logo below to make a donation.


As you may have heard by now MOTIVE will end with the last episode of Season 4.
Louis shares some thoughts on the ending of this chapter in his professional life. Listen to the sound clip here:

FF – Motive is definitely over now…

LF – Right!

FF – I’m assuming you’re coping okay?

LF – Oh, it’s strange, but I seem to be doing just fine.

FF – Yeah?

LF – Yeah. I’m being sarcastic. Yeah, I’m being sarcastic only because I loved the show, I love that crew, I will miss that crew more than the show itself, if that sounds like a weird thing to say, but… to be completely honest, it was the best season ever. My last episode of this show was probably my favorite episode I did the entire time. And so I’m just thrilled, I mean it just could not have ended being much more… the best that we could do is do our best. And we did that. And be grateful. And we did that. And come together. And we did that.

And I’m so grateful. I played a much smaller part in the fourth season which suited me fine and beautifully and I loved what they did because I felt, there was some real nice character beats for me, in season four, even though it was a lot less. I liked the journey of Vega in the last season, it was my favorite. And the last episode, just as a, not to ruin it, but, well, I can’t ruin it, I’ll just tell you that it was my favorite.

Kristin Lehman’s husband Adam Greydon Reid (Louis’ co-star in the Project Limelight short film The Review) posted a few photos from the last days on set. He writes:

“What do you do when you experience and witness the best cast and crew the world has ever known? You attempt to capture the life, the energy, the love, of this team in pictures, on their last two days of production, and hope the universe conspires to bring this group back together to create something just as great. Not only did they produce a fabulous show, and a ratings winner, they had fun doing it.”

Mathias Herndl and Andy Mikita
Kristin Lehman, Karen LeBlanc, Victor Zinck Jr and Brendan Penny
photo by Amanda Alexander

Our friend Amanda Alexander also sent a photo from the last Monday of blocking. Thanks for sharing, Amanda!

Scroll down for more of her photos from those last days working on the show.
Here the crew watches a scene in Dr. Betty Rogers’ lab.

Here is the official press release for MOTIVE‘s final season.

The text appears in various forms in other announcements as well:

The new episodes begin airing on CTV in Canada on March 22. Other countries will have to wait a little longer, and of course the US is currently out of luck as the series was not picked up past season 2.

The CTV press release tweet has a great  photo of the Season 4 cast:

Lauren Holly, Louis Ferreira, Kristin Lehman, Brendan Penny: MOTIVE Season 4

Meanwhile, MOTIVE has racked up a lot of nominations in the Canadian Screen Awards again.

And finally, here are two reviews of Season 3 episodes on Hiddenremote.com:
For episode 2 Calling the Shots
For episode 3 Oblivion

Here is a quote from Oblivion: “In the B-story, Vega’s struggle to renew his firearms certification hints at a bigger medical problem for the detective, which could also spell trouble for the unit since he’s the rock of the team. Anything that lets Louis Ferreira sink his teeth into it is a good idea for Motive.”


Thanks to all the people who shared their photos with Louis during the last days of filming!

With the MOTIVE Hair and Makeup ladies Forest, Rebecca and Ceildh. Photo by Louis Ferreira
With the whole Motive Family – cast and production team. Photo by Louis Ferreira
With Amanda Alexander and Kristin Lehman. Photo by Amanda Alexander
With Brendan Penny and Kristin Lehman. Photo by Adam Greydon Reid
With Kristin Lehman. Photo by Adam Greydon Reid
With Kristin Lehman. Photo by Adam Greydon Reid
With Lauren Holly. Photo by Lauren Holly
With Brendan Penny, Lauren Holly and Kristin Lehman. Photo by Lauren Holly


To commemorate the ending of MOTIVE we have screencaps of Season 3 episode 8 – Reversal of Fortune, which contains some of the best Oscar Vega moments of the series so far.

Here is also a direct link to the album: https://ferreirafestscreencaps.shutterfly.com/pictures/8289


As we await news on a possible pickup for Season 2 of both This Life and The Romeo Section Louis reflects on his good fortune of having been able to work with his good friend Eugene recently.
Listen to the sound clip here:

FF – What’s it like to be on set with Eugene again after all these years? You also had lots of fun with Ghost Unit, I bet!
LF – Ghost Unit I got… that actually came out really, really fun and great.
FF – Because you get to work with Eugene in both, in both Romeo Section and in Ghost Unit.
LF – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, Eugene is my buddy, I mean it’s always so nice to work with a friend, where you’re personal friends. So the idea is that we were able to do some work together even if it was just a little bit in Romeo and Ghost Unit. It’s always a good thing.
He’s a very special man in my life and I admire him very much. So it’s always a nice thing when you can work together as friends in something.
He’s a very special person in my life. Any time you fall into that category, or you’re working with a buddy, it’s always a nice feeling.

Keep your fingers crossed for the renewals so the two friends can work together again!


Louis tweeted during the Superbowl on February 7:

Louis wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. At this point, he had no idea about the artwork Nicole made for his birthday book. What an amazing coincidence!


Every month Louis reads a chapter from one of his favorite books, Are You as Happy as Your Dog? by Alan Cohen. Mr. Cohen has kindly granted his permission for us to post Louis’ book reading clips here. Please join me in thanking him and be sure to visit his website at alancohen.com.

Click on the thumbnail of the book cover to purchase a copy of the book:

You can listen to all the book readings on the Reading Series Page.

This month’s reading is chapter 36 of the First Reading Series Are You As Happy As Your Dog?


Amanda Alexander

Amanda was very sad when MOTIVE wrapped filming. Here are some photos of her and her favorite colleagues.
Read an exclusive interview with Amanda on Amanda’s Page!

Watching the dailies with her colleagues, among them Dennis Heaton
A final hug at the office – with Brendan Penny

Greyston Holt

Season 3 of Bitten has begun! The series airs Fridays on Space in Canada, and on Mondays at 11pm on SyFy Channel in the US. Check out its Official Webpage!

Greyston plays Clayton Danvers in the werewolf saga.

Did you know that Greyston does a really good Chewbacca impression? Perhaps there is some furry kinship with his Bitten character! And when he’s not speaking Wookie he likes to really jam out.

Finally, here is Greyston with friends from the Bitten cast. What a shame the show has been cancelled! We all look forward to seeing him again soon – on another show!

Mika McKinnon

Mika tweets several times a day – to keep up with her just follow her on Twitter at @mikamckinnon. She’s also currently recruiting adults and students for the Summer Science Program.

Here’s Mika with her hedgehog Mr. Tibbers – BFFs!

Troy Mundle

Troy has new IMDB listings!
 – Actor
Dogs (Short) (pre-production) (2016)

 – Writer
Single & Dating in Vancouver (TV Series) (8 episodes, 2013 – 2015) (created by – 1 episode, 2015)
– Episode #2.3 (2015)
– Episode #2.2 (2015) … (creator)
– Episode #2.1 (2015)

“You can find me on the Tweeter.”
Click on the funny guy to watch the episode!

Single And Dating In Vancouver has just released the first 3 episodes of Season 2!

Louis and Billie make an appearance in episode 201 – be sure to watch it, it’s absolutely hilarious! Troy actually used to be Louis’ stand-in, both in Stargate Universe and MOTIVE‘s season 1.

SADinVAN also got an Indie Series Awards nomination for Best Comedy Ensemble!

Congrats, Troy! Unlike your alter-ego’s life yours doesn’t suck one bit!

Dennis Heaton

Like everyone working on MOTIVE Dennis tweeted his regret over the show’s ending.

The name badge is now going into the box with all the other name tags from shows that are over…  #sadface
Karen V. LeBlanc shared a selfie from the set with Dennis Heaton and Victor Zinck.

Patrick Gilmore

Patrick has a new IMDB Listing:

Scorched Earth (pre-production)
Logline: A bounty hunter named Atticus Gage tracks down criminals in a post-apocalyptic Earth.

He’s also been filming a short for Crazy8s:

Patrick’s Valentine’s Day Hallmark movie “Anything For Love”  got a great review, and there’s a nice write up about Patrick about halfway through.

No Men Beyond This Point” can be seen at the Shuswap International Film Fest February 19th-27th. Check it out if you’re in the neighborhood!

Here is Patrick’s “Leaving an Audition Song“.
Click on the image for a link to watch it.

Patrick’s photographer friend Aaron RTS strikes again with a new incredible portrait!

Eric Banerd

Eric just performed in The Motherf**ker with the Hat.

“Feeling very fortunate to be on a wall with all of these amazing people.”
“It’s been a ton of fun making this drum kit, coming up with rhythms that tie into the show and watching my mentors work.”

A review of the show at Straight.com has the following praise: “Director Brian Markinson’s decision to ask percussionist Eric Banerd to rocket us through the transitions was inspired.”

Eric writes:
“Here’s a short video of me playing outside The Firehall Arts Center. I’ve made about $200 so far that I’m putting towards my campaign. Please help me raise some more money for this great cause, I only have 2 weeks to raise another $2,000! This is a cause that is way bigger than me and I need your help.”

The fundraising campaign has ended. Eric met his goal! It’s a really cool video, so watch it here.

The Wild Romantics
Watch the Who Ya Foolin’ Official Video – Eric appears several times. This band is awesome!!

Upcoming Shows:
Friday, March 18th
Sugar Nightclub
Victoria, Canada

Justin Chance

Chance is working on a children’s book right now. The artist that is illustrating it should have the art done within the next couple months and then they will self-publish it so they can pitch it to other publishing companies.
Chance also posted two new poems. Check out the rest of his poetry here. Adult readers only, please!

Jennifer Spence

Jen will appear at WISHCon Nov 18th-20th, 2016 in Columbus, Ohio.

Her new seriesYou Me Her” will premiere at SXSW in Austin, TX in March 2016 (Patrick Gilmore is starring as well).

And here’s a throwback to Jen’s role in “Alcatraz“. Thanks for sharing, Jen!

Rob Munic

Exciting new projects for Rob!

Rapper/ producer Dr. Dre is filming Apple’s first scripted television series and Empire co-exec producer-writer Robert Munic was hand-picked by Dre to write all six episodes and exec produce. Congrats, Rob! Check it out at Hollywoodreporter.com.

MGM is developing a NASCAR movie with Empire Co-Exec Producer Rob Munic – read more about it at Variety.com.

Peter Kelamis

Peter is participating in Beat Bugs, a Netflix original series with over 50 songs made famous by The Beatles, performed by today’s top artists, coming August 2016!

Bradley Stryker

Bradley’s feature film Land of Smiles is a 2015 Top Indie Film Awards Nominee for the following categories:
– Best Feature
– Best Cinematography
– Best Music

Congratulations to Bradley and his team!
Here is the official website for more info and a really creepy trailer. If you hate clowns you may want to skip this one!

The Lizzie Borden Chronicles is now available on Netflix in the US. Some clips of Skipjack and other projects can be found here and here.

Healing Body Art

This month’s feature is not painted on someone’s body but on a piece of linen that Nicole designed to be a cover for Louis’ 50th Birthday Book. It was painted with henna, just like her other artwork, so yes, it smells wonderful!
Nicole writes: 

“I wasn’t sure what my cover piece for Louis’ birthday book would look like at first, but it came to me while working on my first draft. The henna heart tree happened while I sipped coffee next door to my daughter’s karate class. A couple of days later I found some linen at Opus and made a few drafts, each one better than the one before. Basically, I used henna paste and applied it to the linen as a I would to someone’s skin. The tricky part of using this medium is the wet paste is easily compromised until completely dry, so I had to be super careful not to smudge the painting. Once dry I sprayed with lacquer to set it.”

Here are some photos of the final product.


It’s Louis’ 50th birthday today!

Many online resources have his birth date as 1967 but it is actually 1966. The trouble is that the wrong date has been out there for so long that it’s nearly impossible to eradicate, and it’s not that important to him anyway. But that didn’t stop us from celebrating his 50th birthday on the actual day!
Listen to the sound clip here:

FF – So it’s your 50th! Do you have any words of wisdom?

LF – None. I don’t like what’s happening to my tummy at 50! Words of wisdom at 50… it’s kind of cool. No, I don’t think I’ve even thought about it much, I haven’t had any real… I remember when I worked with Tyne Daly, she shaved every part of her body. All of it. Her whole head. Anywhere there was something to be shaved, it was shaved.
And I said, “Why’d you do that?” And she was playing my mother in that movie of the week [Perfect Mother].
She said, “I figured I wanted to come into my second half of my hundred years as I did my first half as a baby.”
So metaphorically, in her mind it was a rebirth at 50. I thought that was neat, that stayed with me.
I don’t want to shave everything, but I like what that represents and so I think for me it’s just that. I feel that at 50 my whole thing is, my intention is on the importance of the bigger picture, spirituality. It becomes more and more evident as I get older.
FF – Right.
LF – Just how important that is. How small we are. How humble I feel. Things like that. I also like the idea of living my life with the consciousness of making good choices. Like everything I put into my body that I’m responsible for, so just a healthy, a more healthy, more loving lifestyle. For myself, first and foremost. And I think because of that, that will translate to everybody else.
So that’s my own desire and my own wish. Thinking about it right now. I like that idea of it. So that’s really my focus.

And here is Louis’ thank you note for everyone who participated in this year’s Birthday Project (and all those who didn’t as well!). He read the book cover to cover!

Click here to listen to the sound clip:

LF – Hello Ferreira Festers!! I just want to thank everyone for even thinking of me on my birthday and sending me birthday wishes. I love everybody. I love you all, my brothers and sisters. And every happiness to everybody. Bless!

And that, dear Friends, is about it for this month! Thanks for visiting often! Be sure to follow us on Twitter for all the Louis news you can handle!

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