The 3rd Reading Series

Mr. Mugs - Peek In, Please

The third monthly reading series is Mr. Mugs - Peek In, Please by Martha Kambeitz, Denise Burns and Josephine Proctor.

Louis credits the Mr. Mugs books series with helping him to learn English at a very young age. The Mr. Mugs books have been out of print for many years but occasionally you can find them on eBay, Amazon Marketplace or various other antique book dealers.
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Mr. Mugs
is the title character in a series of children's books written by Martha Kambeitz and Carol Roth and published by Ginn and Company (now part of Prentice Hall). Mr. Mugs was an Old English Sheepdog who lived with two children, Pat and Cathy. These readers were used in Canadian elementary schools in the 1970s and early 1980s to teach reading. There were 3 different series (with seven levels within each series) of "Mr. Mugs" books: "Ginn Integrated Language Program"; "Light and Life Reading Series"; and "Sharing Points in Language Arts". While two titles were published in hardcover, the rest of the "Mr. Mugs" titles were published in softcover.

To learn more about the Mr. Mugs books please visit the Meet Mr. Mugs Page. You can also watch dramatic readings of two additional Mr. Mugs books there.
Part 1/ Pages 1-6 (January 2018)

Chapter 1: Grandpa's Surprise

Lakes and rivers
And all that lives in the water
Praise the Lord!

Daniel 3 (adapted)

Grandpa's Surprise
Come on!
Come on for a ride!
We'll see something.
It's something you'll like.
In you get, Tom.
Come on, Pat and Mark.


This is fun, Grandpa.
We like surprises.
Good-bye, Mom! Good-bye, Dad!
Good-bye, Mr. Mugs!
We'll see you!


The surprise is boats!
This is a good surprise, Grandpa!
It's fun to see the boats
come and go.
Part 2/ Pages 7-9 (February 2018)

Chapter 2: A Funny Boat

A Funny Boat
What a big one!
I like to ride on a big boat.

Grandpa, can the boat go fast?
I like fast rides!
Can we go for a ride
on the big boat, Grandpa?

We can't go on the big boat, Pat.
See this boat?
It's a funny one!
And see the funny monkey!
We can go on this boat.

This is a good boat, Grandpa.
It's not a big one.
It's a funny one!
Thanks for the surprise, Grandpa.
Part 3/ Pages 10-12 (March 2018)

Chapter 3: Peanuts

"Here's the apartment, Grandpa.
  This is fun!" said Pat.
"Here's the elevator.
  Come and get on," said Tom.

   "Hi, Grandma!" said Mark,
Tom and Pat.
   "Hello," said Grandma.
   "Come on in.
     See what I made.
     Here's a surprise for you!"
   "Oh, Grandma," said Mark.
   "We like this surprise!"
   "M-m-m-m! It looks good!"
said Tom.

   "Grandma, LOOK!" said Pat.
   "Peanuts likes the surprise
you made.
     What a cat!
     Oh, Peanuts! You'll get it!"
  It's not for you!
  Out you go!" said Grandma.
Part 4/ Pages 13-16 (April 2018)

Chapter 4: Look Out!



Look Out!
I see a fish.
Hello, little fish!
Can you jump, little fish?
Jump and play out here.
Come on! Jump and play out here,
     little fish!

Oh, Peanuts, it looks like fun!
It's not fun for a little fish
     in here.
I'll come out, Peanuts.
Good-bye, little snail.
Out I go.
Here I come, Peanuts!


Come back, little fish!
Come back here!
The cat will get you!
You can jump and play in here.
Come back! Come back!
The cat will get you!

Hi, Peanuts.
Here's something for you.
It's some fish in a dish!
The Goldfish
My darling little goldfish
Hasn't any toes.
He swims around without a sound
And bumps his hungry nose.
He can't get out to play with me
Nor I get in to him.
Although I say "Come out to play,"
And he "Come in and swim."
Dorothy Aldis
Part 5/ Pages 17-21 (May 2018)

Chapter 5: Up and Down


Up and Down
   "Here's one you'll like.
   It's a good one," said Grandpa.
   "You'll see a frogman go down
and look for something.
   See what he will get."
"Here he is!" said Tom.
"It's fun to see him swim down.
He looks like a frog!"
"Oh, look!
See him go down!
What will he get?" said Pat.
   "He looks like a big fish!" said Mark.
   "Look at him swim down
and come up fast.
   It looks like fun to go
down and up."

   "Up he comes!" said Grandpa
   "Can you see him?"
"He's up!" said Mark.
"What's the boat for?" said Pat.
"The boat will go out to get him.
He'll get into it," said Mark.
"I see him," said Pat.
"I see something in the boat.
What is it Grandpa?
It looks pretty!"
   "Come on, Pat.
   Come on, Mark and Tom,"
said Daddy.
   "Okay, Dad.
   Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa.
   It's fun to look at a frogman
on TV.
Part 6/ Pages 22-24 (June 2018)

Chapter 6: Pat Helps

Pat Helps
"Look, Mark.
He can't see!
I'll help him," said Pat.

"Come, we can go," said Pat.
"It's green.
I'll help you."

"Thank you, thank you, " he said.
     "Let's go into the church,"
said Mark.
     "Come on. Let's go in."
     "You can't come in, Mr. Mugs.
      Dogs can't come into church,"
said Pat.
     "A church is God's house."
Part 7/ Pages 25-26 (July 2018)

Chapter 7: Let's Pray and Play

Let's Pray and Play
Hello God, my Father.
I like to pray to You.
I love You and thank You.
I can see what You made.
Thank You for my eyes.

"Hello, Mark and Cathy.
  Hi, Pat and Tom," said Father.
"Let's play ball.
  Will you play?"

"Do you play ball, Father?"

"I do," he said.

"Look out, Father!" said Mark.
"Here comes the ball!
  Get it, Father! Get it!"

"That's good, Father. That's good.
  Good for you!"
Part 8/ Page 27 (August 2018)

Chapter 8: My Eyes - God's Gift

My Eyes - God's Gift
Eyes of black,
Eyes of blue,
Green and gray,
Brown eyes, too!
Eyes that wonder,
Eyes that look,
Eyes that blink
Into a book.
Eyes that wink,
Eyes that rest -
What kind of eyes
Do you like best?
Part 9/ Pages 28-31 (September 2018)

Chapter 9: Cathy Can Help

Cathy Can Help
"Good-bye, Mommy! 'Bye, Daddy!
I'll help Pat's daddy."
"Here it is," said Pat's daddy.
"O-o-o-h! That's big!" said Cathy.
"Do we go in here?"
"This is it. Let's go in.
  You can be a big help, Cathy."
Cathy said, "Oh, that's pretty!"
Let's go and see it!"
  "Come on, Cathy.
    Do you like to ride
on the escalator?
  Let's ride up on it.
  On you get," said Pat's daddy.

  "You can help me, Cathy.
    This is a surprise for someone.
    Will you try something on?
    Try that one on, Cathy."
  "Someone will look good
in this hockey suit," said Cathy.
  "I look funny," she said.
  "Thank you, Cathy.
    This is a big help to me.
    It will be a good surprise!"
Part 10/ Pages 32 - 36 (October 2018)

Chapter 10: Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
   "Mommy! Daddy! Here's Cathy!"
said Pat.
   "Happy Birthday, Pat," said Cathy.
   "My little sister can't come.
     This is Mary's surprise for you.
     And here's my surprise!"
   "Oh, thank you," said Pat.
   "Come on in."
"Look, Pat.
  Here's a surprise," said Mark.
"A surprise for me?" said Pat.
"Let me see what it is, Mark.
  Is it something funny?"
"You'll see," said Mark
"Look out!
  Here it comes!"
"What a surprise!" said Pat.
"It's a good joke on me!"
"Here's my surprise for you, Pat.
  See what it is." said Daddy.
"Oh Daddy! A hockey suit!
  I like it!
  Thank you, Daddy!"
"Try it on," said Grandma.
"Let's see it on you!"
"Let's sing Happy Birthday.
  Come on. Sing and be happy."
said Grandma.
"Happy Birthday to you,
  Happy Birthday to you.
  Happy Birthday dear Pat,
  Happy Birthday to you."

Part 11/ Pages 37 - 40 (November 2018)

Chapter 11: Down We Go

Down We Go
This is fun!
Come on! Let's go down!
Don't play up here.
Let's go down to play!

I'll play up here.
I like it here.
Hello! Hello!
Can you see me down here?
I like it here!
Come on! Don't be frightened!
Come down here and play!
You'll be happy down here.
What's this?
Oh! I don't like it up here!
I'll try to go down
and not be frightened.
I'll be down in a flash!
What a ride!
I like it here!
I look pretty up here,
don't I?
Part 12/ Pages 41 - 44 (December 2018)

Chapter 12: Happy's Ride

"Hi, Happy.
  Come on out and play.
  Don't play in the house.
  It's fun out here.
  Try to get me.
  Here I go . . . . . . !"
shouted the snowman.
"Here we come!
  Look out! Here we come!
  We'll get you.
  You'll see!"
   "Can you do what I do?"
said the snowman.
   "I can go fast.
     You can't get me.
     I'll go for a fast ride!
     Try to get me! Try!"
he shouted.
"Look out, Happy!
  Jump, Happy! JUMP!"
   Help me!
   Help me get out!"
shouted Happy.
"I can't get out!
  Come back and help me!"
    "Come on, Happy.
      Jump on my back and
don't be frightened.
      We'll go for a fast ride!
      Down we go!"
"Look out!
  Here we come!
  I like to ride fast!
  WHAT A RIDE! ! !"
Part 13/ Page 45 (January 2019)

Chapter 13: What Fun to Be a Snowman

"I'll have some fun,"
 Mr. Snowman said,
"Now that the children
 Have gone to bed."
 He stretched his arms
 And rubbed his nose,
 Adjusted his pipe
 And stood on his toes.
 His eyes soon spied
 The children's sled.
 And quick as a wink
 Away he sped.
 Over the hill
 He played in the snow
 Until Mr. Sun said,
"Time to go!"
 Next morning he laughed
 To hear children say
"Poor Mr. Snowman
 Never can play!"
Part 14/ Page 46 - 49 (February 2019)

Chapter 14: The Little One

The Little One

   This is the donkey for you.
   You'll like him.
   He's a big one and
he can run fast!
   Do you like him?

Thank you
He looks good to me.
I'll ride him.

Who will come to get me?
Who will ride me?
Oh! Here's someone.
Who is that? Who can it be?
Hello, Joseph!
Come on in!
What can I do for you today?
Can I be of some help?
Look at this one, Joseph.
He looks a little frightened.
He's little.
He can't go fast.
Do you like him, Joseph?
He looks good to me.
Come, little one, come.
Don't be frightened.
You'll make Mary happy.

    Come and see the donkey, Mary.
    Come out and try to ride
the little one.
    Mary looks at the donkey
and likes him.
    The donkey looks happy.
    Someone loves him at last.
Part 15/ Page 50 - 52 (March 2019)

Chapter 15: Jesus' Birthday, Part 1

Jesus' Birthday

Come, Mary. It's time to go.
Here. I'll help you get on.
Thank you, Joseph.
I like to ride on the little one.
Here it is, Mary.
I'll go in here.
Will you let me come in?
Will you let Mary come in?
You can't come in.
You can't come in here.
Let's go to this house.
We can go in here, Joseph.
Not here! Not here!
Try down the street.
Look, Joseph.
Here's one.
Let's go in here.
This looks good, Mary.
See, this is for little Jesus.
This can go into it.
Part 16/ Page 53 - 54 (April 2019)

Chapter 16: Jesus' Birthday, Part 2

Go and see.
You will see Jesus.
Jesus is God.
We will go and look for Jesus.
Is Jesus in here?
Come in!
Don't be frightened.
Jesus is here.
Here is Jesus.
He is God.
I love You, Jesus.
I love You, my God.
Jesus, we love You.
Happy birthday.
Part 17/ Page 55 - 57 (May 2019)

Chapter 17: Happy Christmas to you, Part 1

Happy Christmas to You
Red is pretty.
This will make pretty shoes.
Someone will get red shoes
for Christmas.
My! What's this?
This is a surprise!
Who made this?
Look at the pretty shoes!
Someone can make pretty shoes.
Who is it? Who can it be?
I'll make green shoes today.
Someone will like green shoes
for Christmas.
Who can make shoes like that?
Who is it? Who is it?
Who made the shoes?
Let's go back here.
We'll see who makes the shoes.
Part 18/ Page 58 - 59 (June 2019)

Chapter 18: Happy Christmas to you, Part 2

Happy Christmas to you,
To you,
To you,
Happy Christmas to you,
It's fun to make a shoe.
Round and round and round we go,
Round we go,
Round we go,
Round and round and round we go,
One, two, three... One, two, three.
I'll make something.
I'll make a Christmas surprise
for the elves!
We wish you a Happy Christmas,
We wish you a Happy Christmas,
We wish you a Happy Christmas,
And a Happy New Year!
Part 19/ Page 60 (July 2019)

Chapter 19: The Sorry Elf, Part 1


The Sorry Elf
Claire Senior Burke

I know the strangest little elf.
He works for Santa Claus.
He sews the ears on teddy bears,
And makes their big soft paws.
He puts the trunk on elephants
And hangs a tail behind.
He really is the strangest elf
That ever you could find.
Part 20/ Page 61 (August 2019)

Chapter 20: The Sorry Elf, Part 2

One day he made the wildest toy,
Dressed like a Mickey Mouse,
Who climbed up all the curtain poles,
And muddled up the house.
And when he was told, he would not stop.
So Santa said, "O-ho!
If you make naughty toys like this,
You can't work here, you know."
This made the elf feel very sad.
He began to sob.
"O Santa dear, please let me stay.
Don't make me lose my job."
Old Santa wiped his tears away
And took him on his knee -
And ever since, the little elf'
Is good as he can be.

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