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CO-OP Radio Interview on "When Spirit Whispers"

Sound clips from the 12-08-2014 CO-OP Radio interview with host Gunargie O'Sullivan and guests Gary Olver, Eugene Lipinski and Louis Ferreira.

A transcript is available in Ferreira Fest 61.

Please note that these sound clips include only the interview portions of the program. To listen to the complete program which included several tracks of music please  go to the CO-OP Radio archives: (Part 2 with music)

CO-OP Radio Interview part 1:

CO-OP Radio Interview part 2:

CO-OP Radio Interview part  3:

CO-OP Radio Interview part 4:

CO-OP Radio Interview part 5:


Interview with Matt Horn
on DemonFM (a UK radio station) 

Listen to the interview here.

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

You can also listen to the entire interview or download it at DemonFM Vault.

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