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Peter Kelamis: Actor - Writer - Comedian

Peter worked with Louis on Stargate Universe and Motive. Read an exclusive interview with Peter in Ferreira Fest 34.

Learn more about Peter's voice-acting career here!

Follow Peter on Twitter at @PeterKelamis and on Instagram at @RealPeterKelamis.

Peter's official website is at

Watch an excerpt of Peter's Standup Comedy Routine:

Go here to download the whole performance!

Here's Peter doing one of his many voiceover recordings:

One of Peter's current projects is voicing Yoda in The Lego Star Wars series.  Click on the screencap to go to the series website and watch!

Note: it's very cute AND very funny!!

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Actor/ Voiceovers
Chuck's Choice
(TV Series)
Norm / Various Characters / Leprechaun Leader
- Grown Up Chuck (2017) ... Norm
- Sunny Daze (2017) ... Various Characters (voice)
- Cool Hand Norm (2017) ... Various Characters (voice)
- Maid in Cedar Hills (2017) ... Various Characters (voice)
- The Dentalist (2017) ... Various Characters (voice)
iZombie (TV Series) 
Mr. Huntsman
- Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1 (2017) ... Mr. Huntsman
- Twentysided, Die (2017) ... Mr. Huntsman
- Zombie Knows Best (2017) ... Mr. Huntsman  
Killing Gunther (2017)
A Dog's Purpose
- Dad's Boss

(TV Series)
The Man in the Yellow Jacket
- Into the Light (2017) ... The Man in the Yellow Jacket
- Out of Darkness (2017) ... The Man in the Yellow Jacket
- Last Action Hero (2017) ... The Man in the Yellow Jacket
- Ties That Bind (2017) ... The Man in the Yellow Jacket
- The Hour of the Wolf (2017) ... The Man in the Yellow Jacket
- The Man in the Yellow Jacket (2017) ... The Man in the Yellow Jacket
- Tempus Fugit (2017) ... The Man in the Yellow Jacket
- Pilot (2016) ... The Man in the Yellow Jacket
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
(TV Series) Trainer 2 / Barker / Stage Manager / ...
- Fluttershy Leans In (2017) ... Big Daddy McColt (voice)
- Top Bolt (2016) ... Vapor's Dad (voice)
- Viva Las Pegasus (2016) ... Trainer 2 / Barker / Stage Manager (voice)
- The Hooffields and McColts (2015) ... Big Daddy McColt / Hooffield Pony 1 (voice)
- Canterlot Boutique (2015) ... Fashion Plate / Incidental Pony (voice)

Beat Bugs (TV Series)
Cockroach / Melvin / Dr. Robot / ...
- I Am the Walrus (2016) ... Cockroach
- Blackbird (2016) ... Cockroach
- Glass Onion (2016) ... Cockroach
- The Word (2016) ... Melvin
- Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite (2016) ... Cockroach
- Getting Better (2016) ... Dr. Robot
- Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (2016) ... Uncle Wilbur
- Honey Pie (2016)... Cockroach

Dead Rising: Endgame (2016) - Simon Collins

 Open Season: Scared Silly (Video) (2016) - Serge (voice)
Bob's Broken Sleigh
(TV Movie) (2015) - Puffin Minion 1

Santa's Little Helper
(TV Movie) (2015) - Ezra Fells
Disney Infinity 3.0 (Video Game) (2015) - Randall Boggs (voice)
The Unauthorized Full House Story (TV Movie)  - Stage Manager (2015)
Barbie in Rock 'N Royals  - Eddie (voice)(2015)

All of My Heart (TV Movie) - Inspector  (2015)

No Men Beyond This Point 
- Exodus Man  (2015)

Big Eyes
  (Movie) - Real Estate Guy (2014)

Barbie and the Secret Door - Sniff (voice) (2014)

Barbie & Her Sisters in a Pony Tale (Video) - Monsieur Philippe (voice) (2013)

(TV series) Primo / Teammate / Technician 1 – Slugball (2013) 
Motive (TV series)  Jack Carlin – Against All Odds (2013)
Fringe (TV series)  Tobin (2013)
Barbie: The Princess & the Popstar  Seymour Crider (voice) (2013)
NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (TV series) Bruce Johnson – Rekindled (2012) 
The Cabin in the Woods  Demo Guy #1  (2012)

Mr. Young (TV series) Hercules – Mr. Apartment (2012)
 Iron Man: Armored Adventures (TV series) Whiplash / Marc Scarlotti
Hostile Takeover (2012) … Marc Scarlotti (voice) (uncredited) / Whiplash (voice) (uncredited)
Whiplash (2009) … Whiplash (voice)
50/50   Phil  (2011) 

Eureka (TV series) Dr. Mark Timmons – Of Mites and Men (2011) 
SGU Stargate Universe (TV series) Adam Brody - 39 episodes (2009-2011) 

The Killing (TV series) Michael – A Soundless Echo (2011)
SGU Stargate Universe Kino (TV mini-series) - Adam Brody (9 episodes) (2009-2011)
Glenn Martin DDS (TV series) Cho – Dad News Bears (2010)
Care Bears: The Giving Festival Movie (Video) (voice) (2010)
Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale (video) Spencer/Farmer (voice) (2010)
1001 Nights (TV series) Majid  (13 episodes)  (2013)
Dreamkix (TV series) Byrne / Gazelle team captain / Pierre Pierre (11 episodes) (2010)
Care Bears to the Rescue (voice) (2010)
Riese (TV series) Ormand (2010)
La première étoile (short) Shadowy Figure (2010)
The Thaw   Mike  (2009)
Killer Hair (TV movie)  Agent Thorn  (2009)
Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show (TV movie) Rolf (voice) (2009)
The League of Super Evil (TV series)  Mysterio Villaino/ Force Fighter V Magenta/ Robot
Slam Dunked/Evil-est in Show (2009) … Force Fighter V Magenta/Robot
Oggy and the Cockroaches (TV series) Bob (194 episodes)  (1998-2008)

Bratz Babyz Save Christmas (video) Max/Dad (voice) (2008)
The Art of War II: Betrayal (video) Director (2008)
Ace of Hearts Deputy D.A. Hilliard  (2008)
George of the Jungle (TV series) Parrot Husband / Cousin Larry (9 episodes) (2007)
 Psych (TV series)
Pilot (2006)  Dr. Metz (uncredited)
Smallville (TV series) – Noir (2007)
Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy (TV series) Rolf  (26 episodes)  (1999-2007)
Unthinkable (TV movie) Martin Parker (2007)
Four Extraordinary Women (TV movie) Mickey (2006)
Class of the Titans (TV series)  Granny Hercules Star  (8 episodes)  (2006)
Scarface: The World Is Yours (Video Game) (voice)  (2006)
Almost Heaven  Kenny  (2006)
Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses (video) Brutus/Sentry #4 (voice) (2006)
Everything's Gone Green  Kevin  (2006)
Saved (TV series)  Art Hayes – A Shock to the System (2006) 
Daingerfield (short) Jeff Howard (2006)
Dr. Dolittle 3 (video) Rodeo Announcer (2006)
Comic Genius (TV movie) Judge (2006)
Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures (Video Game) Rolf  (2005)
Devil Kings (Video Game) Reaper (voice) (2005)
Robson Arms (TV series) Funeral Salesman #2 – The Missus Dubois Turn Out the Lights (2005) 
Baby Looney Tunes (TV series) 13 episodes  (2005)
Krypto the Superdog (TV series) Tail Terrier – Meet the Dog Stars/The Streaky Story (2005) 
Edison  Editor (2005)
ToddWorld (TV series) Pickle – Monkeying Around (2004)
Dead Like Me (TV series) 
Ashes to Ashes (2004) … Morgue Attendant
A Cook (2003) … Patty Melt Guy
Jiminy Glick in Lalawood Hotel Clerk  (2004)
G.I. Joe: Valor vs. Venom (video)  Polly (voice)  (2004)
Alienated (TV series) Dr. Lockner – Human Gas (2004) 
Corner Gas (TV series) Bob Lang – Comedy Night (2004)
Rugged Rich and the Ona Ona (short) Rich (2004)
Miracle  Reporter (2004)
The L Word (TV series) Movie Type – Pilot (2004)
CSI: Miami (Video Game) Ron Preston (voice)  (2004)
Gadget and the Gadgetinis (TV series) Dr. Von Headnerd  (5 episodes) (2003)
G.I.Joe: Spy Troops the Movie (TV movie) Polly (voice) (2003)
Stargate SG-1 (TV series)
Space Race (2003) … Coyle Boron
Smoke & Mirrors (2002) … Dr. Langham
Transformers: Go-Bots (video)  (2003)
The Lizzie McGuire Movie  Dr. Comito (2003)
Comedy Night in Canada (TV movie)  Don Cherry  (2003) 

Just Cause (TV series) Dell Rogers – Bet Your Life (2002)
The Twilight Zone (TV series) Lew Gallo – Dead Man's Eyes (2002) 
Barbie as Rapunzel (video) Otto/Skinny Swordsman (voice)  (2002)
Super Duper Sumos (TV series) Dr. Stinger  (10 episodes)  (2002)
Life or Something Like It AM USA Producer  (2002)
The Chris Isaak Show (TV series)  Pirate Dan – Driven (2002)
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer & the Island of Misfit Toys (video) Elf Foreman (voice) (2001)
Andromeda (TV series)
A Heart for Falsehood Framed (2001) … Mayor Doge Miskich
Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way (2001) … Casino Thug #1
The Pearls That Were His Eyes (2001) … Grask
Barbie in the Nutcracker (video) Pimm (voice) (2001)
Suddenly Naked Jeremy (2001)
The Cramp Twins (TV series) Contractor – Alien Glow  (2001)
Action Man (TV series) Rikkie Syngh-Baines (24 episodes)  (2000-2001)
What About Mimi? (TV series)  (2001)
The New Adventures of Madeline (TV series) Additional Voices (2000)
The Immortal (TV series) – Wicked Wicked West (2000)
Improv Comedy Games (TV mini-series) Comedian (2000)
Dragon Ball Z (TV series) Goku / Master Roshi (64 episodes) (1997-2000)
Lion of Oz Tog (voice) (2000)
Best in Show Bartender (scenes deleted) (2000)
My 5 Wives Gambler (2000)
Becoming Dick (TV movie) Porter Smith (2000)
Hollywood Off-Ramp (TV series) – TKO (2000)
The Outer Limits (TV series)
Judgment Day (2000) … Stan Draper
Joyride (1999) … Brain Wakefield
Santa Mouse and the Ratdeer (TV movie) Bugsy/Easter Squirrel (voice) (2000)
Hayley Wagner, Star (TV movie) Mr. Greenfield  (1999)
Turbulence 2: Fear of Flying Mazzo  (1999)
The New Addams Family (TV series) Matt – Fester, the Tycoon (1999)
Can of Worms (TV movie) Inter-Gallactic Cop (voice) (1999)
Escape from Mars (TV movie) Robert Poirer (1999)
I'll Be Home for Christmas Conway The Bus Driver (1998)
The Net (TV series)  Bobby – Deleted (1998) 
Voyage of Terror (TV movie) Purser Jennings  (1998)
The Sentinel (TV series)  Ed Warner – Neighborhood Watch (1998)
The X Files (TV series)
Small Potatoes (1997) … Husband #2
Fresh Bones (1995) … Lt. Foyle
Lazarus (1994) … O'Dell
Terminal City (TV series) A.J. Allen (1998)
The Right Connections (TV movie) Sales Guy (1997)
Jitters (TV movie) Angelo  (1997)
Bliss Neighbor  (1997)
Roswell Conspiracies (TV series) – Monster Within  1997 

For Hope (TV movie) Writer One (1996)
Happy Gilmore  Potter's Caddy  (1996)
Strange Luck (TV series) David Benton
Hat Trick (1995) … David Benton
Key: The Metal Idol (video) Shuichi Tataki (voice: English version) (1996)
Hurricanes (TV series) 7 episodes  (1996)
Suspicious Agenda Police Photographer (1995)
Sliders (TV series)  Glenn – The Weaker Sex (1995) 
The Commish (TV series) 
The Golden Years (1995) … Bellman
Behind the Storm Door (1991) … Clerk
Madison (TV series) Mr. Stand Up – House of Cards (1995) 
Hawkeye (TV series)  Yves  – The Siege (1994) 
Sleeping with Strangers  Photographer  (1994)
Sherlock Holmes Returns (TV movie) Respiratory Therapist (1993)
Dragon Ball Z (TV series) Goku / Civilian / Master Roshi (37 episodes) (1990-1992)

Dragon Ball Z: Tree of Might - Goku (voice: Canadian version)  (1990)
Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest - Goku (voice: English version) / Master Roshi (voice: English version) (1990)
Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone (short) Goku (voice: Canadian version) / Master Roshi (voice: Canadian version) (1989)


The Debaters (TV series) – Hugh Hefner & Bears vs. Sharks (2011) 
Comedy Now! (TV series) – Peter Kelamis (2005)

Castaway Eh (Short) (2016)


David Blue has done two Out Of The Blue episodes with Peter Kelamis.

Out Of The Blue: Toon Town
Out Of The Blue: Peter Kelamis


Watch two sets of Peter's stand-up comedy routine!



(Peter lost another fight with the cafeteria lady. But it's just a flesh wound.)


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