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Jeff Cathrow, Photographer
Photographer Jeff Cathrow travels the world in search of evocative images. Cathrow’s success in capturing shadows, light and texture on film and portraying illustrious details via fine art, prints and posters, has secured him a well-deserved niche in the art world. Whether focusing on the architecture of Chicago, Paris or Morocco, or composing one of his compelling color “AbsTracktions” alongside a rusting railroad train, Cathrow consistently serves up luminous slices of life through his unique blend of fine art and travel photography.

Cathrow began his career in 1975, when he made a solo motorcycle journey to Baja California, snapping rolls of Ektachrome with a borrowed camera. Teaching himself darkroom techniques, he soon started exhibiting his art, prints and posters. Cathrow later expanded his portfolio, including destinations ranging from Tahiti, Barbados and Grenada to Scotland, France and the edge of the Sahara. Nowadays, with Europe as his primary focus, Cathrow is best known for his black and white views of Paris, Prague, Venice and Lisbon rendered timeless in his romantic, award-winning style.

Jeff’s art, prints and posters are included in numerous collections, such as The Birmingham Museum of Art, The Oakland Museum, Apple Computer, Adobe Systems and the Hilton and Marriott Hotels.

Jeff Cathrow has also made a name for himself by taking photos of shooting locations of the AMC hit series Breaking Bad.

Louis Ferreira portrayed Declan in the series in episodes "Buyout" (season 5, episode 6), "Say My Name" (season 5, episode 7) and "Buried" (season 5, episode 10). Jeff did a series of photos of the area used to film the exterior scenes at Declan's compound which is featured in "Buried", as well as the road leading to the meeting place in the desert in the first two episodes. Louis loves Jeff's photographs and proudly displays the "Declan Series" in his home.

You can view Jeff's photography from the "Declan Series" as well as read an exclusive interview with Jeff that was featured in Ferreira Fest 54 on the Jeff Cathrow Interview Page.

To purchase turquoises from Jeff's gem stone collection please go to his webpage on eBay.
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"Here is a snapshot I took of a white pineapple* which I bought at the Mamo St. Farmer's Market  in 1997 (Hilo, HI).  The photo was taken at South Point on the Big Island later that day and it insisted on wearing shades (to protect its identity, I suppose). 
It was eaten later that evening, as I recall."

- Jeff Cathrow
  *Note: The subject of this photo was officially named Declanito in July 2015.

 The Fruition Series

"The Fruition Series was born out of the combination of Ferreira Fest's use of my Declanito pineapple image in the Friends News section and a recent, purely by-chance "find" at a local garage sale---a  brand-new Bohemian crystal pineapple shaped serving platter with its Irish glassware company's little brochure still tied to its neck.  It gave me an idea.
The moment I saw that oversized pineapple sparkling in the Texas sun I immediately thought of Louis's predilection for All Things Pineapple---and how coming across it was meant to be for me.  Without hesitation I made an offer to the nice lady selling a few knick-knacks scattered around her garage and driveway and she accepted it without hesitation (I suppose it must have been some sort of gift that was quietly stashed away in a cupboard and forgotten about).
A minute later I was back on my scooter with an Irish-Slovakian crystal pineapple carefully resting between my feet on the flat floorboard.  I knew I would be utilizing it not so much for a fruit tray on the kitchen counter but another pineapple image that I could specifically create for the amusement of fellow FF followers as well as FF (For Fun)!
I emailed Bea and let her know that I had just discovered the existence of Irish-Slovakian pineapples in South Texas and that I would send proof in a few days, no kidding.
She didn't believe me at first and mentioned that I must be under the influence of some medication for a summer cold. Obviously.  Since when did pineapples ever grow in Ireland---or Slovakia---right?
Fast-forward to a couple of days later when the weather was perfectly appropriate here in Tropical Texas for Proof of Pineapple Photography:
I grabbed my new pineapple and camera and headed down to our local beach.  A few puffy Hawaiian-style clouds lingered all along the horizon.  I parked the pineapple next to a little palapa and began shooting a few "piña pix" to the consternation of a few beachgoers nearby.
Thus began my Fruition Series, a tongue-in-cheek look at fruits and vegetables and their motifs found in everyday life.
I have a hunch that the emphasis will remain focused on pineapples for the foreseeable future around here (don't ask me why).
I already have an idea for another Fruition image that should hopefully be ready for next month's FF, too.  Now if I can just keep this sun-loving creature from hopping down to the beach..."

- Jeff Cathrow,  October 2015


Irish-Slovakian Pineapple

In the New World

Arrival in Margaritaville

Der Heisenapple

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