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Published May 2016.

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Welcome! It's the 20th of the month and time for another Ferreira Fest where we celebrate the acting career of Louis Ferreira and the work of his charities and friends. We have a lot of goodies for everyone this month, so pick up an age-appropriate pineapple cocktail at our virtual bar and come on in!


Ability Online
Ability Online will have an exhibit (Booth #235) and a reunion  at the People in Motion Trade Show May 27th-28th, 10am-5pm, in Toronto.

Here's news about an upcoming fundraiser:

Ability Gives is asking for donations for Jack who needs an adapted bike. Read more about Jack's story and the challenges he faces every day. Your donation - however small - will make a huge difference in Jack's life. Go here to help out!
You can make a donation to Ability Online anytime by clicking on the logo below. It's easy and secure and you're supporting kids with all sorts of disabilities who are able to connect online.

Project Limelight
The incredibly talented kids from Project Limelight are staging their newest show Fairytale on Sunday, June 12th at 2pm & 6pm at SFU Woodwards in Vancouver. Buy your tickets here!

Maureen Webb, Kyla, and Ombu were on Roadhouse Radio 98.3 Vancouver speaking about Project Limelight and Fairytale - it's a great interview and you can stream it right here!

Maureen has received two Leo nominations, one of which was for Best Casting in a Dramatic Series for MOTIVE's "A Problem Like Maria" (shared with Colleen Bolton). Congratulations, Maureen!

Tuesday Night Live  is back on May 24th:
"It's BBQ Season and what better way to kick off the summer than joining us MAY 24th at Lux Lounge for a BBQ 5pm-7pm. $15 gets you a drink and a Burger with side!! ALL THE PROFITS goes to Project Limelight. Join us after the BBQ for Tuesday Night Live, Season 3 with a panel of industry professionals!"

If you can't make it to any of the events, why not buy a few "virtual tickets" by making a donation to Project Limelight? It's safe and easy, and you can do it right now by clicking on the logo below. Here's to a fantastic performance!
The Children's Aid Foundation

CAFDN has several big fundraisers and related events coming up where you can help children in foster care succeed in life. No matter how well it works out, being in the foster care system is difficult for many children, and they all need your love and support in their difficult situations.

Upcoming Events:

June 8th - Women's Golf Classic

June 14th - Illumination Circle

June 22nd and 23rd - Joe Carter Classic

The Corsage Project’s Boutique Ball garnered a good amount of press coverage. Here's a newspaper article, a photo and a report.

There a lots of photos and video clips about the 2nd Annual five14 Talks on CAFDN's social networking sites. You can start by checking out the photos on Instagram. Then watch the video below:
For lots of other news please be sure to check out the monthly newsletter The Buzz!
And if you can't make it to any of their events please consider giving by clicking on the logo below. It's easy and you don't even have to leave the house!


The Good Neighbours' Club

There will be a special film event at GNC:
"The Good Neighbours' Club (GNC) and the Royal Canadian Military Institute (RCMI) commemorate Canada's role in D-Day with a screening of 'D-Day: Canada's 24 Hours of Destiny'. This fundraising event for the GNC will take place Monday, June 6 at the RCMI. Please join us!"

Tickets can be purchased online.
Renovations at GNC continue, and occasionally this means moving offices and cramming together into a small space. Here are Heather, Bruno, David and Fred sharing a work space.

GNC's Annual General Meeting is coming up on May 26 at 5pm. Please attend if you can!
As always, please consider helping out older homeless men in the Toronto area. GNC provides life-saving services every day, as well as a chance of normalcy in an otherwise uncertain situation. Please click on the logo below to contribute.


Louis has just received his third nomination for Best Performance by a male in a Dramatic Series at the 2016 Leo Awards! He's already won it twice - could there be a third one in the works? We'll keep our fingers crossed!

All in all MOTIVE received 17 Leo Award nominations.
MOTIVE is on summer hiatus on CTV with Season 4 - new episodes will resume on July 5.

Meanwhile, Season 3 continues to air on USA Network on Sunday nights at 10/9c. You can also watch full episodes online.
Here are some thoughtful reviews of the last several Season 3 episodes from Hidden Remote:

As promised in last month's Ferreira Fest we have an interview with the Affolter Brothers this time! We were lucky to catch all four of them for a chat.

Here's Louis with a short introduction:

LF – Folks, meet the Affolter Brothers! I had the pleasure of working with these four brothers who get along, who can teach us all a lesson about brotherly love as they work together, in a very complex business, seamlessly. They were the winners of a Short contest and then I had the privilege of being part of their Short that won that contest.
And I can’t say enough about seeing these young men, not only work together, but how they execute and how respectful they are, and inclusive they are, and all the things that we should be with each other.
They’re just these beautiful spirits that I’ve been blessed to have encountered along my journey, so enjoy, because I certainly did, working with them.

And so, without much further ado, here is the interview with Nathan, Jon, Heath and Thomas Affolter. Listen to the sound file here:

  FF – Hi everybody, this is Bea from Ferreira Fest and I’m so thrilled to be talking to the Affolter Brothers tonight. They made the short movie Counter Act that Louis was in a little while ago and that we’re about to see very soon.

So anyways, hi, and, who are the Affolter Brothers? And what is it you do? What gets you up in the morning?

NA – Hello!

JA – Hello!

NA – Hello, how’s it going? I’m Nathan Affolter. I’m the oldest brother, I’m trained in animation as well. We all kind of collaborate on animation and live action.

JA – And I’m Jonathan, I’m the second oldest, also trained in classical animation.
HA – I’m Heath. My training is all in live action.
TA – Yeah, and I’m Thomas. I’m the youngest. I’m the baby of the family. Proudly the babe. And I’m also trained in live action.
Heath, Nathan, Big Bad Wolf, Jon, Thomas
accepting an award for the stop-motion animated web series "Food Flix"
at the 2015 Vancouver Web Fest
We all work together and we love writing and developing stories, themes, characters, things that we’re passionate about. Then, if we can, whenever we can find financing for the project, ultimately producing and directing together as well.
Because, well, quite frankly we produce our best work when we’re all working together, and  we’re all on the same creative wavelength but we all have strengths and weaknesses, we all bring something different to the table.

So we find that the more minds on a topic, the better the end result is.
FF – Fantastic.
HA – We have a production company together called Affolter Entertainment, and that’s what we do. We do short films and music videos and commercials, web-series and we’re working towards doing our first feature.
FF – Okay, and who’s the water-color artist?
NA – Oh, that’s me, Nathan.
FF – That’s Nathan, okay, because I saw the picture on Twitter today and I was like, damn, that’s good. So, very multi-talented there.
HA – Thanks. Both Jon and Nathan are extremely talented artists.
TA – Both Heath and I are extremely not talented artists.
FF – Again, perfect match, right? All right, well, if somebody could tell us a little bit about Counter Act and maybe about the story of the movie. What’s the plot?

Cinematographer: Stefan Berrill
HA – Well, Counter Act is a short drama, it takes place in a Tennessee diner circa 1960. And it’s about a young woman named Alice who witnesses a sit-in protest happening at the diner that she’s in, by two young African Americans named Mary and Ray, and she somewhat naively decides to get involved and join them in their protest. But that kind of raises the ire and anger of the racist patrons. And she soon gets in over her head.
But eventually through the example set by the sit-inners, she learns to stand up for what she believes in.
FF – Great! How did you come up with that idea? With the storyline, even wanting to make a movie about this particular topic?
HA – Yeah, originally it started about five years ago or so when the last short film that we had in film festivals was playing at the Santa Cruz film festival, and one of the films playing there was a documentary called Soundtrack for a Revolution.
And part of that documentary is about the Civil Rights movement and the music within it, and they showed some clips of sit-in protests that were happening, like old news footage.

Naika Toussaint, J. Alex Brinson, Jacqueline Robbins, Louis Ferreira 
photo by Amanda Oakes

And we just found it incredibly inspiring, and a really amazing story.

We actually hadn’t even heard of the sit-in movement prior to that and the more we researched it the more we thought that was just a travesty that not only us but a lot of people in our generation didn’t even know that that took place.
We knew about the Civil Rights movement but you hear mostly about the Martin Luther Kings and the Malcolm Xs and the real leaders of the Civil Rights movement, but you don’t hear so much about the everyday Joes  who really took it upon themselves to get out there and do whatever they could, and they were such a massive part of the movement, and we just found that really inspiring and we wanted to tell a story about that.

Naika Toussaint, J. Alex Brinson. Cinematographer: Stefan Berrill

HA – But in doing our research about it we struggled with, a little while, with how to tell the story, because of the fact that we’re Canadian and we’re white and we’re not exactly directly tied to the movement in any way. Which kind of stalled us a little bit of being like why should we tell this story or why do we deserve to tell such a great story. And it was through that lens that we found our particular story which is about a white girl named Alice who witnesses it all happening and decides to get involved. We found our personal connection to it because of the  fact that even if you are an outsider who’s passionate about it, even if you’re not the one who’s actually being persecuted, doesn’t exonerate you from getting involved and for standing up for what’s right.
FF – Right. Exactly. So that was your personal connection, your hook into that particular part of history.
HA – Yeah, exactly.

FF – Now how did you end up casting Louis in the movie? How did that come about?

NA – We’re lucky that we got part of the Hot Shot Shorts Competition which was a script to screen competition here in Vancouver. Part of that sponsorship includes a casting director named Maureen Webb. She’s great, she’s an awesome person, it was just a treat to get to work with her.
Teal Fiddler, J. Alex Brinson, Louis Ferreira , Naika Toussaint
Photo by Amanda Oakes

She’s legendary in town, and everywhere. And, yeah, so she helped cast the film and got us in connection with Louis I believe, didn’t she?
TA – Yeah, yeah.
HA – We really couldn’t have done it without Maureen's casting, she has worked with Louis before. She’s the one that got in contact with him, gave him the script, stuff like that.
TA – Absolutely. Maureen’s the best, for sure. Project Limelight, too, is very worthwhile. All that work she’s doing, she’s definitely one to give back. We were one of the lucky recipients of that.
FF – Great.
TA – She’s out of our range, normally. We were fortunate to get to work with her.
JA –  At first we thought it was kind of a long shot, we didn’t know [Louis] personally, had never worked with him before. But we love his work, had seen him in feature films and television. And we’re just huge fans, so we were looking for somebody to play Jimmy, the manager and owner of the diner. So we contacted him and he read the script and loved it and wanted to get involved and contacted us and that’s how it just came to be that he was part of the project, and we were so lucky to have him.
J. Alex Brinson, Louis Ferreira, Naika Toussaint
Photo by Amanda Oakes

Louis brought so much, with his experience and just his personality, he’s such a great guy to work with. And he was on set, I think that all the younger actors, too, looked up to him and learned a lot from his technique, from his methods, and just the way he is on set. He puts everybody at ease but at the same time can turn it on.
And when the camera’s rolling and it’s time to do his job he’s very professional that way.

FF – Do you have a memory of the filming that you’d like to share? Something that surprised you, maybe a discovery that you made, as you made the movie? As you were actually working on set?
TA – You know what, there are so many stories to choose from. It’s hard to narrow it down to just one thing in particular and we’re kind of fortunate, too. Normally a lot of big stories come out of stuff going completely haywire or sideways or breaking down.
But we were actually, we were fortunate, we had a pretty smooth shoot. It kind of all went according to plan.

crew members and actors J. Alex Brinson, Naika Toussaint

Photo by Eric Jorgensen

I think definitely one of the most lasting impressions or memories that all of us took away from it was just the level of respect and comfort that everyone brought to it as well as their passion and hard work.

Photo by Eric Jorgensen
But, we start every day of our productions, we have a little thing that  us four brothers do, where every project we have, every day after the safety meeting we start with a big huddle. Like a team huddle, so everyone, all the cast and crew we all get around and put our arms around each other and have a little pep talk. And we like to treat everyone like a big family, basically. I mean, we are a big family, that’s where our background is.
FF – Right.

TA – So we have to tell people we’re not just coworkers, we’re not just all members of a team,  we’re all a big family,  and each and every day that we work together that’s how we’ve got to treat each other, with love, dignity and respect.
TA – And especially for a project like this where, not only for Louis but for all the performers, in particular Naika Toussaint and J. Alex Brinson who  play the sit-in characters, and Teal Fiddler, for that matter, who played Alice, our lead character. It’s not easy content to do,  the nature of the story is quite heavy and any time you dabble in racism and prejudice you’re  entering into a dark area, a dark aspect of human nature. And it’s important for performers of any creative practice, but especially for actors on a film set, to be able to feel comfortable. 

Naika Toussaint, J. Alex Brinson, Dakota Daulby, Teal Fiddler
Photo by Amanda Oakes

And to just feel like everyone’s there to support them, and everyone is there to help them out. And that they’re allowed to go to those places, and to have no fear of doing so. We really felt like our crew, all of the cast members as well, but especially the crew, they all,  the below the line crew members, every person just brought such a level of respect and decency to it and we really felt like it was a big family out there.
We were super honored and super humbled and just unbelievably grateful for the level of passion and love that all the members of the family brought.
FF – That’s wonderful.

J. Alex Brinson, Louis Ferreira, Naika Toussaint
Photo by  Amanda Oakes

HA – Louis in particular, I think, it’s not necessarily one particular memory, but he’s just such a veteran that he really became a leader for everybody on set, especially the cast, because we had a lot of young up and coming cast in this and every time he stepped on the set it just made everything so light and fun and people could turn to him and he always, he had some pointers for people, but as well just would always be making jokes and saying things that would keep the crew and the cast just feeling positive throughout the entire experience.

FF – Right, and that’s so important, especially when you’re dealing with a heavy subject. You need a little bit of levity here and there.
TA – Absolutely.
TA – Yeah, and there was a point, we found out that Louis, he was still doing Motive while we shot this short film. Normally the way Motive works is like a Monday through Friday shoot, they don’t shoot on weekends. But we found out like, what was it, a day or two before we were about to shoot that Louis had just gotten word that that particular episode of Motive that they were shooting needed to shoot on the Saturday, and our production was a Saturday/ Sunday shoot.
There was a time where Louis called us up and [said], I’m due on Motive so I won’t be able to get to set until later in the evening. And is it even going to be possible to be a part of the project. And he really wanted to but he was worried about being a hindrance to us, the team making, the production team and we just said, no, you know what, we’ll figure it out with the schedule.

Robert G. Heimbecker, Louis Ferreira, Jason Logan
Photo by Amanda Oakes
We’ll figure it out, and the way it ended up working was that we started Saturday morning and probably worked for, I don’t know, seven, eight, nine hours before Louis even got to set that day.
Photo by Amanda Oakes
So he had actually done two productions; he had done a full day on Motive, then came all the way out to Maple Ridge, which is outside of Vancouver, so it’s a bit of a drive out to our set. He came all the way out there to our little production, our little Indie short film, coming from this big hit TV series, and for everyone on set he was like a spark plug. As soon as he got there everyone was just elevated by him. And as Heath mentioned that the humor that he brings, he’s making everyone laugh, making jokes, just having a great time and just really brought this incredible energy.
I remember thinking, myself, that I was pretty blown away that this guy who’s, you know it’s not like he’s a twenty year-old or anything. He’s a veteran actor now but he still has this incredible energy where he can do two completely different productions, plus travel time, in the same day, and still just set the standard for the level of energy and passion that’s there on set. It was really an amazing thing.
HA – And on top of that he worked the entire Sunday for us and then on Monday had to go back to Motive. So we were extremely grateful just that he was willing to put in that time for a little Indie that wasn’t paying him anything.
TA – Dedication, truly.


  FF – What’s next in the development of this project? Where are you with the movie at this point and when can we expect to actually catch a glimpse of it?
NA – We’re currently sending it out to film festivals right now. So we’ll be doing that for about the next year. It will play at some of them, hopefully. You’ll be able to keep track of that on our website, and our Facebook and Twitter.
After the film festivals, we really want people to see this film, just to spread the word. So we’ll be figuring out the next avenue, whether it’s online, and what avenue that online is basically.
FF – Fantastic. How can our readers and Ferreira Fest members help? Where can we contribute? Is there a way we can contribute, how can we help promote the movie?
TA – Well, for right now we dabbled with potentially doing a crowd funding campaign, to raise some money to help with film festival entries, shipping and distribution costs that way.
But we haven’t quite landed on that yet so we don’t have that going. If we do start something like that we’ll obviously be in touch with you and let you know about that and hopefully you can put the word out to your readers and your listeners, that would be amazing if it comes to that.
But we’ve got a couple other avenues to explore first for additional financing to help with the distribution costs, so for right now it would just be great if everyone could look us up online. We’re just about to launch the website, the Facebook page, the Twitter, and the Instagram, all the social sort of thing for the short film Counter Act and if people could look us up, google us or whatever or search us on Facebook and all that then it would be a great help, just to have people like and subscribe.
crew members and actors Chelah Horsdal, Pippa Mackie, J. Alex Brinson, Genevieve Buechner.
Photo by Eric Jorgensen
Stay in the loop and as news and updates occur, as we have exciting stuff to announce, then if they can just share it on their own Facebook and spread it around and tell anyone and everyone that they think might be interested in the project, or something like this that they should check it out.
Basically the more, the larger the following the better our chances are of getting into the film festivals where we’re actually going to end up playing and get this film in front of some audiences.
FF – Absolutely, well we can certainly do that. What’s your next big project? I mean, you’re still very much involved in this one but what’s on the horizon?
TA – Well, this one’s kind of winding down actually, so now our attention is, now that it’s completed it’s basically just the film festival marketing angle for Counter Act. Our next big production is, [we] haven’t fully decided yet. The way we work is, we often end up pitching television series ideas or feature film concepts to bigger studios and networks and the people that have the money and the financing to make these things become a reality. So, a couple ideas for some feature films, we’ve got a lot of ideas for television series ideas and not just the dramatic historical content, but lots of stuff. We’re heavy into, as we mentioned earlier, animation, and have a lot of ideas for kid shows and comedies and lots of fun stuff.

We’re hoping that Counter Act  opens some doors with regards to the bigger projects for us.
Accepting two awards at the VanChan Awards Thomas, Nathan, Jon & Heath Affolter
photo credit Bren MacDonald

JA – We also have a YouTube channel called Comedy Blender which you can check out. We have tons of different web-series on there, a few different ones, a different variety, some animation, some live action, a mix, you know, hybrids of both. Just a lot of fun stuff that’s all kind of just experimental and just to keep our tools sharp and keep entertaining people and trying out different styles and different types of comedies and film making and get our name out there and show people what we can do.
FF – Something for everybody then.
JA – Yeah.
FF – Quite literally. Thank you so much for being with us this evening and thanks for all the information and we hope to hear and see a lot of you guys in the very near future.
TA – Well thank you, and [we] really appreciate it.
TA – It’s an honor to be interviewed by you. It’s an absolute pleasure. Thanks be to you for sure.
FF – Well, thanks so much for your time. We’ll talk to you soon.
HA – Take care.
FF – Okay, bye!
Thanks to Casey for the transcript. All photos courtesy of Affolter Entertainment; used with permission.
Please visit the Affolter Brothers Page for lots more photos and info, and yes, animated videos!

We'll let you all know as soon as the Counter Act website is active!

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Louis celebrated Earth Day 2016!

Earth Day 2016
Louis wanted to wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mother's Day!
Mother's Day

In the past month Louis has been traveling on the West Coast. Here are some tweets from along the way:



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And here are a few Happy Sunday greetings:
Happy Sunday 4-24-2016  

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This month we have screencaps from "Interference", the last Season 4 MOTIVE episode that aired before the summer hiatus. Here is also a direct link to the album:  https://ferreirafestscreencaps.shutterfly.com/pictures/7005



For the past 3+ years Louis has read a chapter from one of his favorite books, Are You as Happy as Your Dog? by Alan Cohen every month. Mr. Cohen has kindly granted his permission for us to post Louis' book reading clips here. Please join me in thanking him and be sure to visit his website at alancohen.com.

Click on the thumbnail of the book cover to purchase a copy of the book:

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After 39 months we have finally reached the end of this lovely little book! Louis wanted to take a moment to reflect on this long reader's journey. Listen to the sound clip here:

LF – Okay, I can’t believe we’ve gone through the Munchie book! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. And I think we never say good-bye to Munchie. We all need to carry it with us as we all move forward sending out much, much, Munchie-ness. And spreading, spreading, we need to spread the Munchie-ness.
Spread the Munchie-ness!

Here is the last chapter.

Listen to the sound clip here:

Chapter 39:

As far as I can tell, Munchie is an enlightened being.

He doesn’t read a lot of books, has never gone to a seminar, and has no problem balancing his checkbook.

Perhaps, if I play my cards right, one day I will wake up as happy as him.



Justin Breault

Justin and his father Pierre Breault raised $1,150 for The Innocence Lost Foundation by running the Shakespeare half marathon in Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK! Congrats!
Justin running the marathon! Go go go!
Justin and his Dad Pierre Breault did it!
A selfie with Shakespeare
Justin's new headshot by Roger Mahler http://www.rogermahler.com


Amanda Alexander

Amanda's IMDb listing has been updated - visit Amanda's Page for details!

She is currently working as the script supervisor on the new Netflix series Travelers.
And here is the t-shirt no Script supervisor should ever be without...

Greyston Holt

With the conclusion of his hit series Bitten Greyston's IMDb listing has been updated. Check out Greyston's Page for more!

Two recent interviews discuss Greyston's role as Clayton Danvers on the werewolf drama:
Mika McKinnon

Mika proudly celebrated her first byline freelancing for Ars Technica. Congrats, Mika!

Mika is a big proponent and enthusiastic educator for emergency preparedness. She writes:
"Little hedgehog has his own Grab&Go bag. It contains: Food, water, & dishes; a first aid kit (including nail clippers); heat source; bed & blanket; an enclosure; and a pet/owner photo. The photo is to help with ID or verifying ownership if we get separated. He hates it, but he gets packed up and goes out with us during every fire alarm as practice and just in case it's really a fire."

For more on Mika's science education mission (and cute hedgehog photos) please visit Mika's Page.
Eugene Lipinski

Eugene's series "The Romeo Section" (in which Louis had a recurring role) received 14 Leo Award Nominations. Congrats to all!

Visit Eugene's Page for more on his part in the show.
Troy Mundle

Troy's web series Single and Dating in Vancouver is a 2016 Official Selection at the Austin Web Fest - the festival runs June 23rd-26th.

Troy shared two stills from the short film "Dogs". Check out Troy's Page!


Dennis Heaton

While MOTIVE garnered 17 Leo Award nominations Dennis received two nominations specifically for his work on the show:
  • Best Dramatic Series
  • Best Screenwriting in a Dramatic Series - "A Problem Like Maria"
Congrats, Dennis! Be sure to check out Dennis Heaton's Page.
Dennis was very active on Canadian Film Day - he went on a road trip with Diana Frances for a video shoot  and then attended a screening of "Fido" (which Dennis wrote) in Armstrong.

PS: That is not Diana Frances in the selfie. That's a moose. On a poster. Diana is a really funny comedian. And perfectly human.

Patrick Gilmore

The IMDb listing on Patrick's Page have been updated with several new shows!

Patrick's recent movie "No Men Beyond This Point" has received 6 Leo Award Nominations - Patrick was nominated for Best Lead Performance by a Male in a Motion Picture! Congrats, Patrick!

The movie is now available on iTunes. You can watch the official US Trailer here.

Netflix has picked up the time travel drama series ‘Travelers", starring Eric McCormack and featuring Patrick as well! Our friend Amanda Alexander is the script supervisor, and SGU co-creator Brad Wright is in charge. Check out this YVRShoots article with on-location pictures of Patrick!

Patrick shares two short videos. Click on the screen caps to watch on Instagram.
Car Karaoke on the Pacific Coast Highway
Patrick's haircut song video

Eric Banerd

Eric went to Nicaragua to help build a house he did his recent fundraiser for. He writes:

"View from the roof of the house I funded and built last week here in Nicaragua. It was the best way to start this trip. I want to also thank everyone who donated, it wouldn't have been possible without you.."

Here are more of his trip pictures:

Eric's band The Wild Romantics have a new music video for "A Monday In May". Eric doesn't appear in it but the music is still great! Stand by for news on upcoming shows...
Jennifer Spence

Jen's Page has been updated with several new IMDb listings. Her new show "You Me Her" is now streaming on DirecTV. Watch a hilarious short GIF here.
Ingrid Rogers
Ingrid shares a picture from her birthday, taken by her husband Rob Munic.

Happy Birthday, Ingrid!

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Rob Munic

We've updated Rob's IMDb listing on Rob's Page.

New episodes of Empire have resumed - the series airs Wednesday nights on FOX - check your local listings, or visit the Official Website where full episodes are available online.
Kids in the Spotlight
Rob writes: "I have 100's of on set pictures over the years. Literally, several hundred -- but this one may be my favorite. A brother and sister, side by side on a film he wrote that they are both starring in at the foster home that gave them their chance for their voices to be heard creatively. Kids In The Spotlight truly does just that. And we are lucky enough just to bask in their brightness."
Peter Kelamis
Peter had time to snap a selfie at his new (still secret) gig.

He even had time to reminisce about his Stargate Universe days...

Peter also posted a link to an "Ed Edd N Eddy" Behind the Scenes Documentary. Check it out! Peter appears at 27:37.
For more on Peter please visit Peter's Page!

Bradley Stryker

Bradley's full length feature film Land of Smiles continues to rack up awards left and right!

It recently received
Screenings are coming up at
2016 New Filmmakers New York
2016 Philadelphia Independent Film Festival
2016 Sunscreen Film Festival (see also here)

A new script of Bradley's called Black Tar Bangkok has just won 2nd place at the Cannes Screenplay Contest - congrats for all the honors!


Nicole Pilich is a henna artist in Vancouver who shares her amazing artwork with us every month. Here is this month's issue.

Nicole writes:
Unfortunately in the world of temporary henna tattoos, there are people who use a dangerous mixture of henna with black hair dye (PPD), and although this can give a darker black tattoo it is also very likely to burn the skin and cause dangerous allergic reactions requiring hospitalizations. I warn everyone to be cautious and ask your henna artist what they have in their henna paste, the ingredients should be basic; henna powder, sugar, lemon juice, water, essential oils and sometimes tea. Never accept a black henna tattoo!

When my clients started asking for black temporary tattoos I decided to source something safe and that is when I discovered Jagua. Coming from the Amazon forest, jagua is a fruit which can stain the skin a bluish black colour and lasts about 1-2 weeks much like henna.

The scorpion above is a custom piece I did for someone using both henna and Jagua. My client wanted a two tone design.

If you find yourself in Vancouver please be sure to visit Nicole at her studio, browse her store  and maybe get a fabulous tattoo for yourself!


The short film Louis did almost 2 years ago is still in the works. Filmmaker Paola Botero has kindly shared an autographed poster. Hopefully the movie will be available at film festivals soon!

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2. Leave a note in the Guestbook. Guestbook notes will get a response via email if available.

3. Contact admin@louisferreira.org or any other staff member. Everyone is listed on the Contact Page. If you have any questions that you need answered, email is the way to go!

We are always looking for volunteers who want to contribute, and there are perks associated with being a correspondent or staff member! Want your own email address at louisferreira.org? Contribute - it's that easy.

Please remember: all content of Ferreira Fest and indeed this entire website is copyright protected. That's what the note on the bottom of each page says. It means that you should never re-post anything you find here elsewhere. If you absolutely must do so please contact admin@louisferreira.org first so we can work things out. We all work for free here, and we all work very hard, and it's just not fair if you steal stuff and claim it as your own. Your mom/ dad/ parental unit/ teacher already told you as much. Please play by the rules.

We hope to see you all next month!

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