Ferreira Fest 72

Published December 2015.

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As we finish out our 6th year of monthly parties we have so many goodies to share this time - an interview with Louis' long-time co-worker Amanda Alexander, Charity and Friends news, a new column by Nicole Pilich, our exclusive Reading Series continued, photos, screencaps, videos and much more! Come on in - the fireplace is going, and virtual pineapple cocktails are on the house while you enjoy Louis' special holiday treats!

Ability Online
Watch a message from Colin Mochrie whom you might know from the hit comedy improv show "Whose line is it anyway?". Colin was a special guest at Ability Online's recent fundraiser at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Ability Gives introduces Norah and Chloe who are in dire need of specialized equipment to help them improve their mobility and thus their ability to interact with their community. The campaign goes until the end of the month, so if you've been thinking about giving to a charitable cause, read the story of those two little girls and then give what you can. It's easy and safe.

Want a tour before joining Ability Online? Send them a tweet!
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Project Limelight
Project Limelight has posted a lot of photos from the workshop led by musician Chersea.

As the good folks of Project Limelight are gearing up for their next big production please consider helping out by making a donation. Click on the logo below - it's quick and easy.
The Good Neighbours' Club
Interior repairs at GNC headquarters are underway! Our friend Lauro Monteiro writes: "Our offices packed for more moves to allow interior renovations, including the replacement of floors, walls and sewage drains in the basement. Floor to ceiling packing boxes ready for movers."

Additional "In Their Own Words" pictures and write-ups have been posted on GNC's Facebook page. You can view the collection of the volunteers' photos on the GNC Page here at The Friends of Louis Ferreira.

Lots of great photos are also available from the recent Friends and Supporters reception.
"Sgt. Sin Chin and constables Michael Jeffery and Susan Crawford from Toronto Police Service 51 Division join Adrienne McLennan, host of The Good Neighbours' Club's friends and supporters reception November 19 at the Royal Canadian Military Institute."
Our friend Lauro Monteiro at GNC writes:

"There was some awesome musical talent on display at The Good Neighbours' Club today as members of the University of
Toronto's music department performed a wide range of Christmas carols for the members. Thank you Jackson, Pauline,
Adrian, Edmee, Stacy and Elaine. And, thanks to Andrew Clark for arranging this festive event!"

The Club has a fundrasing goal of $5,000 for this holiday season. Won't you help out? It doesn't take much to support their cause, and our private donations page makes it easy. Click on the logo below to donate now.


The Childrens' Aid Foundation
We've received a lovely holiday card from Jess Brayne, our liaison at CAF:
The Buzz - the monthly newsletter of The Children's Aid Foundation - has tons of info about what's going on at CAF during the holiday season, including the Annual Holiday Season Celebration, and there's also a CIBC Miracle Day 2015 video.

Here's a photo from their recent Gala Event "Teddy Bear Affair", and you can also watch a video right here.
Missed this great teddy bear extravaganza?

You can still contribute by making a donation to CAF at our very own donations page. Click on the logo below, and help make sure that a disadvantaged child will find some joy this holiday season - warm clothing, school equipment, or even a teddy bear.

Great news for our friends living in France: MOTIVE is now airing there! Read more about it here. Shooting for Season 4 will continue right up to the holidays this year when everyone goes on a short hiatus.
Darren Mann is a young and very much up-and-coming actor who has had a guest role on MOTIVE's episode "Pitfall" (Season 2 episode 7) and was featured in a recent interview. He says that working with Louis was one of his favorite acting jobs. Read the article here.

Kristin Lehman posted a lovely photo of herself and Louis during the filming of MOTIVE's Season 4. Thanks for sharing, Kristin!

And lastly, the MOTIVE cast and crew went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens together. Can you spot some familiar faces? Thanks to Rob LaBelle for the photo!

Look who was featured in an official episode 9 Twitter ad!

Fred Foy rides again!
You can watch a sneak peek of the episode right here. At press time it wasn't geofenced - let's hope it stays available, because Louis is in it!
Here's another direct link to trailer.

The Romeo Section airs on Wednesdays at 9 on CBC. You can watch full episodes at the Official Website if you reside in Canada. Louis plays Fred Foy in episodes 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10.
Keep your fingers crossed that The Romeo Section gets picked up for another season, because Louis would be continuing as a recurring character!

Amanda Alexander is currently the script supervisor for MOTIVE and also worked with Louis on Stargate Universe. A veteran of all three Stargate series and dozens of other shows and movies Amanda is one of the busiest people you'll ever meet, so it was a very special treat to catch her for an exclusive interview.

We'll let Louis introduce his long-time friend and co-worker on a daily basis. Click to listen to the sound clip:

LF: "So, Folks, meet my beautiful friend Amanda Alexander, we’ve been working together for about six years now, and Amanda is a script supervisor. I think – probably one of the most important jobs on any set; she’s a person you go to when you need help in so many areas; she’s also the director’s right hand person. And Amanda is definitely one of the best at her job. And beyond that she’s this incredible human being who keeps things calm and centered and peaceful, so when you’re stressing going “I don’t know my lines!” Amanda will take you aside and work with you until you are comfortable, and things like that, which is a gift in itself because it can be very stressful sometimes on set.
Amanda is the calm, the cool, collected one who’s there to keep the peace in every way, and she does that beautifully. We’re so lucky to have her on Motive. She’s also exceptional as a human being in every way and very much just a beautiful person inside and out. I’m thrilled that she did Ferreira Fest and was able to give some time to us, so – enjoy the interview!"

FF – Hi, Amanda. This is Bea from Ferreira Fest and we’re so happy to have you with us this month. Welcome!
AA – Oh, thank you so much, I’m so happy to be here.
FF – All right. Let’s start with something really simple. Who is Amanda Alexander and what gets you up in the morning?
AA – Oh my goodness. Well, usually work gets me up because I have to work. But I do enjoy it. I also am a mother of two. I have a thirteen year old and a nine year old, and a wonderful husband who allows me to do what I love to do, which is work in film.

FF – Wonderful. So you are, currently, the script supervisor for Motive. How did you get to be a script supervisor, and who helped you along the way? How did you get into this business?

AA – Well, many, many years ago, in high school, you had to decide what you wanted to do, and I knew from a really young age that I wanted to get into film or television. And, I decided to go to film school. I went for a two year program. And when I graduated, in order to get into the business of film, you needed to join the union. And that's when it gets a little complicated.
So, I looked into it, and I found out that in my local, where I lived, which was in Calgary, Alberta, there was one script supervisor in the union. And I thought, well, they need more than one. So that’s really how it started for me, was simply to get in the union.
FF – Yeah.
AA – And I ended up meeting the one script supervisor in Alberta who was kind enough to say to me that she would take me on and train me. And the rest is kind of history. I trained with her for about a year and a half on a television series, a Canadian show, called North of 60. And she ended up leaving the show and I took it over. And twenty-four years later, here we sit.

FF – That’s amazing. So you saw a need and an opening and an opportunity to make a difference and you took it. That’s fantastic.

AA – Exactly, exactly.

FF – That is great.
AA – It worked out very well for me.
FF – Yeah, who needs another one of a thousand whatever is already there when you find one place where there’s only one.

In New Mexico for SGU with Andy Mikita, me, Rohn Schmidt, Billy Mizel
Atlantis goes to Vegas. Working hard on set.
AA – Yes. And script supervising now is a lot more well-known. People know what we do more. Back then, it was kind of a position that nobody really knew much about. There was no place to go and learn it. They didn’t teach it in school. If you wanted to learn anything, you had to go check out the one book that was available.

FF – Right.
AA – So, there wasn’t a lot of people around doing it, or at least where I was there wasn’t. So, yeah, it kind of worked out really well for me.
FF – That’s fantastic. Tell us a little bit about what a good day on the job looks like. What’s the holy grail for a script supervisor? When everything goes like, "yes, I’m top of the world and I’m the queen of all script supervisors". How does that work?
AA – There’s no day like that. Because every day is new and every day is different. And I’m learning something new every day. A good day, though, for me would be just basically having everyone on set trust you. Because if you say something to them, they have to trust that you know what you’re talking about. That goes all the way from the actors to the director to the director of photography to the gaffer. When you speak, you have to know that what you’re saying is absolutely true and right. And have all those people also believe that for you.
Me and John Lenic on the SGU New Mexico set, 
Alamogordo, New Mexico

If we speak, everybody just kind of groans because they know we either have to do the take again, or something has happened that we have to fix. And so you have to be the person who can fix the problem quickly and keep moving. And you have to have everyone trust that that’s exactly what you’re going to do.
New Mexico: Me and Andy Mikita
So, when something happens on set that you need to fix, to walk into that and be able to say what you need and have everybody go, “Yep, okay, no problem,” and just do it, is the best feeling ever.
FF – Yeah.
AA – Because you know that you have everyone’s trust. 

FF – So, you’re on set with the film crew and you’re sitting there with a script, and what exactly is it that you do, during the shooting?
AA – Well, that is a very complicated answer. The best, the quickest way to describe the script supervisor job would be a liaison between the director and the editor. So everything that happens on set, our job is to make sure that it seamlessly gets put together by the editor. That the editor isn’t going to have to try and find something to make it work. We work with everybody, we work with the actors, we work with the director, we work with lighting. There isn’t a day that goes by that a script supervisor doesn’t talk to pretty much everybody on the set.

On the set of a Movie called Love Me in Calgary with Rick Bota directing
And the first thing you have to do when you first sit down at a job is to get the director’s trust and the actors’ trust. And once you have that, your job can be pretty easily done.
FF – So, it’s all about continuity, for you?

Robert Cooper and me, Alamogordo, New Mexico
AA – Yes and No. I’ve been doing this job a really long time and for me, continuity is important. It’s very important because you don’t want to take an audience away from something because something’s off, that it doesn’t match. You want it to go seamlessly. Nothing is seamless, though. And actors, when they’re acting they’re doing their thing and they don’t necessarily want to think about their continuity. Because they’re in a moment.
So for me, having done this job for so long, the most important part, is the acting and whether or not I believe it. If I can believe it, I can forgive a continuity error. Does that make sense?
FF – Yes. Absolutely. 
AA – And so for me I would rather not go in to try and correct an actor on a continuity error if I think it’s going to screw up their performance. Because some actors, it gets in their head then and they start thinking too much about what they should be doing as opposed to just letting it live.
So that’s something I’ve learned over the years. Continuity is very important, but it’s not the most important thing. The most important thing is that the story is awesome, and that you believe the actor.
FF – On the opposite end of the spectrum, what kind of day makes you want to run screaming into the night? 

Billy Mizel, 1st Assistant Director, SGU

More Osoyoos... sitting with Robert Cooper and John Smith
AA – When they have six cameras and 10 cast members in a scene, and every other person on set has extra help, except you. You’re a one person department, all the time. And you have a director who is difficult to deal with, who doesn’t necessarily like to listen to what you have to say. The same goes for actors, too, you can have some actors who don’t want you near them. And so those days can be very difficult and challenging, to say the least.
FF – You deal mostly, on the job - I’m guessing here - you deal mostly with other people’s scripts. Are you a writer as well? Do you do any writing?
AA – I don’t. I’m not a blank page writer at all. And I would never profess to be one. It’s a really difficult job, that’s not my skill set. What I am really good at is fixing problems. If something’s on set and it’s not working, which happens all the time, actors having trouble with dialogue because it just doesn’t fit in their mouth, or doesn’t seem to fit the character, I’m really good at quick fixes. So I can rewrite things quite quickly and make them work. That is something that I’m actually very good at.
FF – Fabulous. You’re working on one show after another and I know you’re sort of alternating between Motive and Cedar Cove, right? Just depending on when they’re shooting?
AA – Yes.
FF – What makes working on Motive different from other shows that you’ve worked on?

On the set of Cedar Cove with one of my favorite people and Directors Gary Harvey

AA – Motive is a completely new situation and it’s unlike any show I’ve worked on before. The actors are amazing. A joy to watch. And the style of Motive is a very different. There’s no rhyme or reason to how we shoot. We kind of just let it happen. Which can make my job very, very difficult.
When every time we roll the camera we’re shooting something new and something different. It makes my job a big challenge because I have to figure out what’s important, what I definitely need to make sure matches, and how it’s going to flow together, because we shoot so organically on that show that sometimes you kind of get lost in it. And I’m the only one on set who has to keep track that we’re getting everything we need and that the story is coming through and it’s all making sense. It’s a very fast paced show.

FF – That’s awesome. You’ve worked with Louis for almost four years, on Motive. And before then you’ve worked with him on Stargate Universe for two years and you also worked on that one episode of Millennium that he was in, The Pest House. So, do you have any special or funny memories of working with him?
AA – Oh, Louis is one of my most favorite, favorite actors to work with. He comes prepared like no other actor I know. He knows exactly what he needs, and what he needs to do for the scene. It’s a joy to work with someone like that.
He’s very warm and giving and he allows me to be part of his process, which is huge. I get to give him my opinion on things when he’s either stuck on something or something’s not working for him.
He allows me to have a dialogue with him to help him get to where he needs to be or pull him back from where he’s going because sometimes it’s not working. And he really trusts that I know that. And for me, working with actors like that is phenomenal. It just heightens my job to the next level. And he does that for me.
FF – Any special moments that you remember?
AA – Any special moments? You know, when we did SGU, which was still a pinnacle in my career, one of the best experiences I’ve ever had on a film set, I remember him and Bobby Carlyle were kind of the adults among the actors, and they kept everyone straight. And, when you have two lead actors who are so professional and so sweet and so prepared all the time, it filters down to everyone else.
And I remember that about Louis, that he would come in and, because he was playing our commander, he had to be in charge of everyone. And he kind of did that even amongst the crew when we weren’t rolling the cameras. And I remember just watching him keeping everybody together and keeping the set really light and fun, because a lot of times the subject matter that we were shooting on SGU was pretty heavy stuff. And so he would always be the voice of comedy and of fun and I really remember that about him.

New Mexico: John Lenic, Brian Smith, Andy Mikita, me, Robert Cooper
FF – That’s great.
AA – And he’s still that way today.
FF – Yeah, and you know what, it’s funny, but it really does show when you watch it on screen. You do notice that ensemble feeling. Very, very much.

New Mexico again, with some very cool ladies of the AD team
AA – Completely. And like I said, SGU and Motive are two of my favorite jobs. Motive has a great crew and a great cast. And, you know, when you work with people for twelve to fourteen hours a day every day they become your family. And it’s "instafamily '. And you either have it or you don’t. And both those two shows had it in spades.
And to this day I’m still in contact with most of the cast from SGU. We became friends and  we’re interested in each other, and what we’re doing outside of work. Which is fantastic.
FF – Right. That’s great.
So now, here comes the tricky question. If you could describe Louis in four words, what would they be?
AA – Oh boy. It’s not that hard actually.
Definitely energetic. Sweet. Okay, maybe it’s a little hard. Because those two words just encompass him so much.
Powerful. I would say powerful. And prepared.
FF – Those are great words, Amanda.
AA – I have a different perspective on Louis, than I think a lot of people, because of how we work together, so...
FF – Yeah. You are on Twitter. Is that the best way for people to keep up with you?
AA – I try to do Twitter as much as possible. Yeah, I’m always checking it out and seeing if anybody’s contacted me and wants to know anything about what I’m working on and all that kind of thing. I use Twitter pretty much for my professional life, but occasionally I’ll put something personal on there but most of the time it’s about the shows I’m working on. So if anybody’s interested in anything that I’m on or have worked on, yeah, Twitter’s a great way to get a hold of me and ask any questions they might have.
FF – All right, fabulous! Thank you so much for your time, Amanda. It’s been an adventure getting you on the phone but it was totally worth it.
AA – Thank you for being interested in me, it’s kind of nice!
FF – Thank you so much for your time. And we’ll talk to you again soon.
AA – All right, thank you so much.
Thanks to Casey for the transcript, and to Amanda for the edits!
Visit the new Amanda Alexander Page for many more photos and a list of professional credits!

Check out Amanda's IMDb listings.

Follow Amanda on Twitter!

To honor Louis' long-standing working relationship with Amanda Alexander we have 245 screencaps from their very first show together - an episode of the series "Millennium" called "The Pest House". It takes us back to 1998!
Here is a direct link to the album: https://ferreirafestscreencaps.shutterfly.com/pictures/9075


And the winner of this year's Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest is...

Slightly blurry but no less funny: good times with Patrick Gilmore, Aleks Paunovich and Michael Eklund.

an Oldie/ Goodie shared by David Blue

with David Blue and Patrick Gilmore at Dragon Con 2011
with Aleks Paunovich on the MOTIVE set

Louis also worked with Aleks on Ghost Unit.
Louis shared some photos of Billie:

Louis posted some Happy Sunday tweets and a Thanksgiving Greeting. Click on the images to see his original tweets.


Every month Louis reads a chapter from one of his favorite books, Are You as Happy as Your Dog? by Alan Cohen. Mr. Cohen has kindly granted his permission for us to post Louis' book reading clips here. Please join me in thanking him and be sure to visit his website at alancohen.com.

Click on the thumbnail of the book cover to purchase a copy of the book:

You can listen to the book readings on the Reading Series Page.
Here is this month's chapter.

Listen to the sound clip here:

Chapter 34: Venture into new territory

When we go for walks Munchie loves to poke his nose in holes, run into unfamiliar fields, and meet new people.

He is not satisfied with the familiar.

Sometimes he gets his nose stung, but most of the time his world keeps expanding.

Greyston Holt
The 3rd season of Greyston's werewolf saga Bitten will air on Space Channel, starting February 12th. However, Space will not renew it past that. Sign the #Howl4More petition for a fourth season! Watch this video for a Final Season Sneak Peek!

In the meantime Greyston is in Vancouver laying down tracks in the studio and working with his mom. He's part owner of the "She's Some Kind of Wonderful" Boutique with her. They just set up their online store. Check it out - there's some really cool stuff there!

Mika McKinnon

Mika was a guest on Cara Santa Maria's "Talk Nerdy" podcast. For those of you watching the show, Mika is also still doing her "Elementary" recaps.
A field geologist's work is never done, and hair dryers sometimes save the day...
And Mika's Mr. Tibbles does his best to wreak some havoc in the fresh laundry!

Troy Mundle
Troy shared a photo of the SADinVAN Season 2 Crew. Troy is the one on the bottom left.

"...aaand - ACTION!!"
- Filming Season 2 0f SADinVAN
Dennis Heaton

We've updated Dennis' professional credits with new MOTIVE episodes. Check out the Dennis Heaton Page for much more info!
Dennis has signed on as a mentor with From Our Dark Side. He writes:
"They contacted me about the program and their need for story editors/advisors for the contestants. Having benefitted from several mentors in the early stages of my career, I know how important it is for the fresh talent to get access to and information from the more experienced members of our industry."

From Our Dark Side is a Canadian genre concept competition for women-driven stories by women writers of thriller, sci-fi, fantasy and horror.

Finally, below are two photos from last month's Canadian Screenwriter Magazine photo shoot by photographer Jeff Weddell
Patrick Gilmore

Patrick's movie No Men Beyond This Point won the Best Feature Audience Award, Feature Script Award and Feature Editing Award at Other Worlds Austin Sci-Fi Film Festival. And
Patrick won the Feature Actor Award! Congratulations, Patrick!

And here is that fateful visit with Santa where the beard got the ultimate "is this real?" test...
A short time later the beard was history.
Watch below.


Santa's competition is being eliminated. Click to watch.

On the set of Hallmark Channel's "Dating Game". Click to watch.

Eric Banerd

We've updated Eric's professional credits on Eric's Page. Here he is on the set of The Man in the High Castle where he plays one of the bad guys. Eric is the one on the left.

Eric's band The Wild Romantics will play at Peaks Grill in Golden, BC on December 31st - can you think of a better way to ring in the new year? Don't miss it if you happen to be spending New Year's Eve in the area!

Justin Chance
Chance's new single "Glock" was featured on SoundCloud's "Who's Up Next".
Congratulations, Chance!
We've updated Chance's Page with new artwork and some great new portraits.
Here's Chance on The Dr. Jack Steele Show.
And here's Chance with a fluffy friend!
Jennifer Spence

Jen's last Short Film The Adept is an Official Selection at The Philip K. Dick Sci-Fi Film Festival in New York City (January 14th-17th, 2016).

At the same time the movie is also an Official Selection at The Miami International Sci-Fi Film Festival (January 15th-17th, 2016).

For more info about The Adept check out Jen's Page.

Ingrid Rogers

Ingrid has a new Demo Reel! Watch it here, and check out Ingrid's Page.


Here are Ingrid and Rob at a recent
Charity event.
Rob Munic
Rob's new series Empire has received 12 NAACP Image Award Nominations and a Golden Globe Nomination! Congratulations to Rob and the entire Empire Team!

We have also updated Rob's professional credits listing on Rob's Page.
You can watch Season 2 of Empire on the Official Website.
Rob writes of the enclosed photo collage:

"Christmas at Empire. Where your boss is very Rick Ross, the soul food keeps calling, and the squad is... Festively embracing the season! Happy Holidays to you and yours."

Peter Kelamis

Peter is scheduled to appear at Everfree Northwest, Seattle's My Little Pony Convention, on May 13th - 15th, 2016.
Peter also voices "Rolf" in an Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy Christmas episode.
Below are three of the characters from My Little Pony that Peter is voicing. And Peter himself.

Looking sharp on set!
Bradley Stryker
Bradley won a Best Director "Gold Lion" for "Land of Smiles" at the London Film Awards. Congratulations, Bradley!

His recent series The Lizzie Borden Chronicles will be released on DVD on February 2, 2016, so if you missed it or online viewing is not your thing or your internet connection is too slow, check out the DVD.
And here's Bradley in iZombie, episode 2-13.


We've had several emails complimenting Nicole Pilich's beautiful Paris Peace artwork that was featured on our Home Page after the terrorist attacks on Paris last month. Nicole has kindly agreed to share a photo of her artwork every month.

Here is this month's offering, with a brief comment by Nicole.
"This is a dream catcher done with a South American fruit dye called Jagua. Like henna, jagua  stains the skin semi permanently for up to two weeks.

Henna is the most prominently used skin dye for semi permanent staining, and turns the skin brownish red. Jagua results in a blackish stain."
For much more info please visit Nicole's website at http://healingbodyart.com/

It's that time of the year again when Ferreira Fest gears up for Louis' birthday on February 20th. We want to gather birthday wishes from all over the world for him! If you'd like to participate please send a brief email to ferreira_fest@louisferreira.org and you will receive instructions and the mailing address. Please don't delay - some overseas mail services take several weeks to ship a letter. All correspondence has to be received no later than February 1st, 2016, so please plan accordingly.

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We hope to see you all next month!

And here are our two little Holiday treats.
First, Louis shares this funny little animated movie featuring the Ferreira Family. 


This movie is

Our junior member Vickie loves this!
And here is Louis' special holiday message for you! Click on the sound clip to listen.

"Merry Christmas, everybody and a Happy New Year!
I wish that 2016 brings everyone joy, peace, love, in short – every happiness to all my friends, and thank you so much for supporting us and for being a part of our lives.
We wish you a happy happy holiday season and we love you very very much.
Be the love that you are!"
Happy Holidays and best wishes for 2016
from everyone at Ferreira Fest!

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