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Published November 2015.

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In our hearts and thoughts...

Henna artwork by Nicole Pilich, Healing Body Art

Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate;
only love can do that.
 - Martin Luther King, Jr.
As temperatures go down in the northern hemisphere we invite everyone in for Ferreira Fest 71 where we celebrate the acting career and the charities of Louis Ferreira and his friends. Every 20th of the month people from all over the world gather here in friendship and to enjoy the great company. We have an incredible interview with Greyston Holt, lots of filming news, our exclusive Reading Series, a special Thanksgiving message from Louis at the very end, and so much more! Grab some hot pineapple cider at our virtual bar and come on in!
Ability Online
Ability Online held their Making History Event at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto -check out many photos on their social media sites.

"We used the dinosaur theme to help make our fund raiser special."
The kids helped selling lots of dinosaur eggs.
Here's Zophia having fun at the event!
From left to right:  Executive Director Michelle McClure and Celebrity Guests Colin Mochrie and Deb McGrath

Have you joined Ability Online yet? If not, watch this video and learn more about this wonderful cause that helps disabled children. November is Learning Disability Awareness Month - find out more!

Please help support Ability Online! Click on the logo below to make a quick, easy and secure contribution. Or donate to Ability Gives which uses every penny you give to purchase equipment for disabled children.


Project Limelight
Louis' short film The Review which he filmed with Project Limelight in January is now available for public view, and you can watch it right here on Ferreira Fest or on the Project Limelight Page and the Video Page.

Here's a quick introduction from Louis:

"Project Limelight was something started by Maureen Webb who is a casting director here in Vancouver. And when she approached me I was more than happy to do it because I love what she’s doing with those kids, in that neighborhood, to begin with. It’s such a great cause and to have someone who’s… she’s done very well for herself out here, it’s a way of her giving back and I think I share that in common with her.
And it was a thrill to work on it just because the kids were so into it and they were so amazing, and these are young, talented people and, just encouraging young people to pursue their dreams, like being an artist, when they’re really young.
I had a great time, on every level, just because the kids were so excited about it, so it was infectious. So I was just happy to be a part of it."

And here's the movie!

This movie is Vickie-approved!

Our junior member Vickie loves this!
Donalda Weaver writes:
"Project Limelight is about to start a 6 – 8 week mini-program.  This short program will concentrate on those who love to sing and make music.  The participants will have the opportunity to learn various techniques including looping, a specialty of our Music Director, Chersea.  The mini-program will culminate in a music video featuring a song the participants will help write and record.  Our next full 4-month program will start in February and finish with our production on June 12th, 2016.  (The video of our last show, EAST SIDE STORY, can be found on our website.)"

The next TNL (Tuesday Night Live) will be on November 24th at 7pm at Lux Lounge. It's their first ever Holiday Edition. Storytellers include Andrew Airlie who currently stars in The Romeo Section, with Eugene Lipinski and Louis Ferreira.

Learn more about this wonderful organization on the Project Limelight Page, or on their official website.
Donations to Project Limelight are easy to make online - just click on the logo below and go directly to the donations page!


The Good Neighbours Club
The Good Neighbours Club was featured in Global News Toronto's "Make A Difference" segment.

Five of the men were interviewed for a Toronto Star article on voting.

Dinner For Sam is scheduled for January 6th.
"Salvatore "SAM" was a paranoid schizophrenic who passed away at the age of 28 on Christmas Day 2000. To not have his death be in vain we started this annual dinner. Generous people have contributed to making this the success it is. A lot of the club members ask about the SAM Dinner and anxiously wait for us to come with good food, entertainment and gifts."

The Members' Holiday Luncheon is scheduled for December 16th.
"We will host a full turkey lunch for the members followed by a festive gathering and the giving of presents to the men."
Remembering Veterans

"This photo is proudly displayed on our main floor and is from the cover of Ken Bell's book The Way We Were.
The World War II veteran in the picture, Jim Moreland, was also a long-standing member of the club.
We honour and remember Jim and all men and women who have served in our military." #LestWeForget

As temperatures plummet our homeless brothers and sisters face a difficult time. Please help them make it through the harsh winter by supporting The Good Neighbours Club which provides a safe place for elderly homeless men during the day while the shelters are closed. Click on the logo below to donate - every penny helps.


The Children's Aid Foundation
The Children's Aid Foundation has a large number of events coming up, so if you find yourself in the Toronto area, bring some holiday cheer to foster kids who may not have much to celebrate.

November 28th - 29th: Annual Teddy Bear Affair
December 2nd - 18th: Drop-Off dates for Fill The Sleigh
December 13th: Holiday Season Celebration

The Hope for the Holidays Campaign - you can purchase Hope for the Holidays Greeting Cards here.

Read about the Gifts of Hope Event.

The monthly newsletter The Buzz has pictures and articles from all of last month's events. The same pics are on their social media sites. There's quite a bit, so be sure to check it out!

And finally - November is Adoption Awareness Month!

Whether you have an adopted or fostered child in your life or grew up in a white picket fence environment, please remember the kids who need your support, and the Children's Aid Foundation which works very hard to give those children a good start in life. Click on the logo below to go to our very own donations webpage - giving is secure and easy there!


Louis has filmed several episode of The Romeo Section, where he plays the recurring role of Fred Foy. So far he has appeard in episode 4 "Fragrant Harbour" and episode 5 "Five Spies".

He will also appear in episodes 7 and 8, where Fred Foy suddenly gets very interesting. For those of you unable to watch, here are a few screencaps of the first two episodes. We'll have more for you in the near future.

Louis was delighted to be working with his BFF Eugene Lipinski again, while Eugene also guest starred in an episode of Motive.

Our friend and showrunner Dennis Heaton shared a photo from an exciting day of filming at a rollerderby:

Although Louis did not win at the UBCP/ ACTRA Awards, his nomination got a good bit of press. Here's one from straight.com.
And here's a little Twitter snippet proving that there's never a dull day while shooting Motive:



Ferreira Fest managed to catch up with Greyston Holt at Dragon Con this year! Having worked on three different shows with Louis he was high on our list of future guests, and he graciously agreed to do an interview with us.

As usual, we'll let Louis introduce his young colleague. Listen to the sound clip here:

LF – "My beautiful son, Greyston. And I say that obviously as a joke. But Greyston played my boy in a series we did together called Durham County. I believe it was his first big thing that he was doing. He’s obviously gone on to do incredible things with himself and his career.
But what stood out for me, meeting Greyston, he was brought up on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia and he just reminded me so much of my actual son, Aidan. Such a beautiful spirit, inside and out. He’s now like a Greek god. But he is just this beautiful man who, and at the time this beautiful boy who was in a big city – Montreal – and was very much coming into his own. So it was interesting to catch him at that point of his life where the journey was beginning. And was inspiring. Because for me, more than anything, it’s about someone being conscious and being a good person and he was that, ten-fold, at such a young age.
I remember, he did this thing that reminded me so much of Aidan: he came down a stairwell and there in the corner was this spider web. And he took the time to stop and was so enthralled and intrigued with this beauty, this spider web, this thing, he just went on and on.
And we literally, and as it was raining on the outside, we were checking out the spider web and there was no way there was going to be any damage done to that beautiful piece of art that had been created. And I just sat there in awe, really.
But, it’s so amazing to see, and again, right away I was so touched by his spirit and who he is, was, and continues to be. That’s such a wonderful thing in acting, because when they do and you’re starting to share such a moment, whenever I see him I will call him son. We have that connection forever and that’s a beautiful thing, it’s one of the things I love about our biz, when you have that brotherhood."

Please welcome Greyston Holt to our circle of friends!

Listen to the sound clip here:

FF – Welcome Greyston, this is Ferreira Fest and we’re so glad to be talking to you today. How are you?
GH – I am fantastic. I’m happy to be talking to you.

FF – All right, great. Now, so for the three people who might not know on this planet, who is Greyston Holt and what gets you up in the morning?
GH – Greyston Holt is an island boy at heart with aspirations of living in the big city. I love to act, I love to cook, I love new experiences, travel. I currently live in Vancouver which is my favorite city in the world, the rain and all, it’s a pretty magical place and my heart will always be there, however I’m in Toronto right now filming Bitten, our third season, and that’s kind of where I’m at right now.

FF – Greyston, for your age you have an amazing number of acting credits to your name.  Besides being ridiculously talented and just an overall nice person, to what do you attribute your success as an actor?
GH – I guess just staying real and focused and grounded and down to earth, and also having perseverance, you really have to stick with it in this industry.  You can’t be impatient, you know, you really have to just believe in yourself and hope that it’ll work out for you.
But, yeah, I think, just being grounded and down to earth has really helped me in this industry because it’s easy to get your head inflated with your ego and I’ve always remained a very grounded person and I’ve been kind to everyone I come across on set, whether it’s crew, fellow actors, producers, writers. When it comes down to it, this is a job as well. You know there’s the art part of it but there’s also the side that you need to work well with others, and people want to work with you, so…
FF – Right. And don’t run with scissors, right?
GH – Don’t run with scissors, exactly.
FF – Tell us a little bit about what your training was like, how did you get bitten by the acting bug? How did you get into this whole thing?
GH – I fell into it accidentally. When I was going into my last and final year of high school I needed an extra arts credit in order to graduate and there were a few different options. One of them was Acting 12 and I decided to take it on a whim and I just really fell in love with it, I had a lot of fun. I loved creating characters and stepping outside of myself, learning lines, just reading scripts, and so I obviously had talked to my parents about school and the things I’m liking and I was telling my parents that I was really into this acting class that I was taking.
And my mom, off the cuff, mentioned it to one of her coworkers, and I guess her coworker, her sister is an acting agent in Vancouver. And she’s like, well, if that person is really interested in acting maybe they should meet.
And so I flew over on the seaplane, because I grew up on Salt Spring Island, a small island near Vancouver, and I went to meet Kathy Carpenter who’s still my agent to this day. And, yeah, the rest is history we’ve just sort of been picking away at it since. That was, god, like thirteen years ago or something like that.
FF – Wow.

FF – So, tell us a little bit about who were, or still possibly even are, your mentors in this business. None of us do it alone, of course, so who are some of the people that have helped you along the way?
GH – Definitely Kathy Carpenter, my agent. She’s believed in me from day one. We really have collaborated in my career path and she’s like a second mother to me, in the city. And of course my parents have guided me, but as far as the professional side of it, yeah, Kathy would definitely have to be one of them. And just the various actors I’ve worked with throughout my career that have inspired me, taught me and guided me. So… it takes a village.
FF – Yeah, yeah. Do you think that maybe, a little bit further down the line – I mean, you certainly have the experience already, but is mentoring something that you have an interest in?
GH – Yes and no. Not in an official capacity. I find I just do it anyways, on set, when we have a new, a green actor and/or a young actor, I just always like to make people feel comfortable and welcome.

FF – Right.
GH – And then just really help them in the process. A lot of times, it happens to all of us when you first start out, you have a lot of nerves, if it’s a big scene and you have a lot of dialogue, or it’s your first scene ever and… you know, it’s just about making someone feel comfortable on set. Most of the time what kills an actor is nerves; you can use those nerves to your benefit, but if you don’t, it can squash your performance.
FF – Right, right, right. Now you’ve been on a lot of shows with a lot of big names, if you just read down your IMDb, but can you tell us something about maybe a lesser known role? One that you’re really, truly proud of - that you wish people would talk more about, or know more about.

GH – Good question, I don’t know, I guess I’d have to be, I have to lose my modesty here. I did a film called Lonesome Dove Church, shot it almost two years ago. It’s just a little MOW that I shot, a Western, with Tom Berenger, and I had a lot of fun on it.
I’ve done a couple of Westerns in the past, but this was my first sort of lead in a Western and I just had a lot fun. I really immersed myself in the character and the role. It was a really tight shoot, we shot it over twelve days, which is very tight for a movie, and I just had a blast and I’m proud of my work, in the end. I’m proud of most of my work but that was one I had a lot of fun with.
FF – Okay. Great. Now, you’ve had the opportunity, over your career, to work with Louis Ferreira in three very different series, on three different occasions. Durham County, of course, Stargate Universe and most recently Motive. So that’s probably where most of our readers…
GH – I forget that we’ve worked… I always forget that we’ve worked on three separate things together.
FF – Yeah, it’s been three shows ... So, in those three shows you’ve gone from the sensitive youth to the soldier in distress to the criminal mastermind. That’s quite a range there. Can you tell us a little bit about how you perceive your own growth as an actor, looking at these three stations in your life?
GH – I think a lot of it just has to do with timing, you know. I booked some of these roles; I mean I’m not going to book the soldier role when I’m the age I was playing Durham County, right, so a lot of these things just go hand in hand. Run parallel with your off-camera life.

as Ray Prager Jr in Durham County
as Corporal Reynolds in Stargate Universe
as Scott Hayward in Motive
When I was doing Durham County I was that guy. I was young and angsty, maybe not quite as introverted as Ray Junior, and then when I booked Stargate I was craving some work, it had been a dry period for myself and I was coming into my own, physically. And I booked that role as a soldier which was perfect timing. And then I booked Motive, I felt more developed as an actor and more willing to take on… I felt more mature as a person, and more willing to take on a role that I thought I wouldn’t take on years earlier, which is the criminal type, you know.

FF – Well, it’s also interesting that all these three roles are, they’re very psychologically influenced roles. They were all thinkers.
GH – Yeah.
FF – It was the wounded soldier, you weren’t out in battle fighting and that kind of stuff but it was mostly with one other character in conversations, a lot of script in all of those three roles.
GH – Yep.
FF – Which is really an interesting connection between them. You have known Louis since Durham County or even longer? When did you first meet? 
GH – No, I met Louis on Durham County. When we started filming the first season. So that was, oy, 2005?
FF – It’s been quite a while.
GH – We filmed… it came out in 2006, yeah, so ten years ago. Geez.
FF – Yeah, wow. Would you share a memory of working with him?
GH – This doesn’t involve working with him, it just involves, this was off-set.
FF – Sure.

GH – Hanging out with Helene Joy who played Audrey. And Louis, the three of us were sitting around having some wine and we were getting into it, we were all sharing some life stories and heartache and heartbreak and Louis had a pretty heart wrenching story to tell and Helene the same thing, story of loss, when she’d lost in her life, and so it came around to me and… I wasn’t sheltered, but I had such a beautiful upbringing.
My parents were great parents. They were together, I didn’t have any major loss in my life, I lived in this sort of idyllic, beautiful paradise of an island and so I was like, “Uh… my parents gave away my dog when I was twelve...” 
It was like I had nothing to relate to. We had a pretty good laugh about that, I still remember that to this day.

I don’t know, on set it’s hard to say, we were pretty serious on set, so we just focused on the work.
I just remember, Louis really took me under his wing. And I learned a lot from him. That was my first large role. And we definitely bonded, we had a close connection and he showed me the ropes which was really great and I felt like I came out of that show a better actor for it.

FF – All right. We’re almost at the end here, Greyston. So, here comes the difficult question that all of our interview guests get to answer: So, you can take your time…
GH – Boxers, I wear boxers.
FF – You wear boxers? Okay. Great, we have that out of the way, but here comes the real difficult question.
GH – Okay.
FF – If you could describe Louis in four words, what would they be?
GH – Fantastic! Witty. Big-hearted. That counts as one word. And hilarious.
FF – Those are great words, Greyston, thank you so much. How can people keep up with you and your work online?
GH – I usually post most updates, career-wise, on Twitter which is @GreystonH, that’s my Twitter handle.
FF – Oh, fantastic. Great, thank you so much for your time, Greyston, and I hope you have a wonderful day and a great rest of the week.
GH – Awesome, thanks, you too.
FF – All right, bye-bye.
GH – Bye!

Transcript by Casey.
© by Ferreira Fest 2015 - please do not repost without permission.

For lots more photos, info and a filmography please visit Greyston Holt's Page here at The Friends of Louis Ferreira.

In honor of Louis' collaboration with Greyston Holt in Season 1 of Durham County we have 844 screencaps from episode 2 of the series: "The Lady of the Lake".

Here is a direct link to the album: https://ferreirafestscreencaps.shutterfly.com/pictures/9321


Louis hangs out with Lauren Holly and others at Casting Workbook.

A Happy Sunday tweet from 11-08-2015



Every month Louis reads a chapter from one of his favorite books, Are You as Happy as Your Dog? by Alan Cohen. Mr. Cohen has kindly granted his permission for us to post Louis' book reading clips here. Please join me in thanking him and be sure to visit his website at alancohen.com.

Click on the thumbnail of the book cover to purchase a copy of the book:

You can listen to the book readings on the Reading Series Page.
Here is this month's chapter.

Listen to the sound clip here:

Chapter 33: Dream with your feet moving

When Munchie dreams his little feet move as if he is running.
I imagine he is dreaming of chasing cats, and he is so excited that his legs have to do something even though he’s asleep.
If you want to make your dreams come true, do something about them, even while you are dreaming.
Don’t wait until you are done dreaming, ‘cause then it might be too late.

Mika McKinnon
As you have gleaned from her interview Mika's last month has been a whirlwind of adventures, travels, sharks, volcanoes and conferences.

Knitting in the Rocket Garden at Kennedy Space Center
The one that got away...
Mika also does "Elementary" recaps - read them here and here and stay tuned for more!


Eugene Lipinski
Eugene can be seen on The Romeo Section every Wednesday night on CBC at 9pm. You can watch full episodes on the Official Website -  if you reside in Canada. The rest of us have to wait until the DVDs come out...

He tweeted about Louis' appearance on the show; Louis has been in two episodes so far.
And when he's not busy filming The Romeo Section, Eugene likes to take selfies...

Troy Mundle
Troy writes: "I’ve just been cast in an upcoming short entitled 'Dogs' directed my Marco Bossow. 'Dogs' takes place in Bosnia during the early 1990's. More info posted soon."

"Dogs" poster

Getting makeup done


on the set of "Dogs"
News from the Ghost Unit set: Troy shared this great behind-the-scenes photo with Louis looking all gangsta and badass while swinging his pal Rusty Pipe. Troy is the one sitting in the foreground, obviously waiting to get whacked, but still looking like he's having lots of fun!

Troy writes: "More good news! I’ve just been cast in an upcoming short entitled 'Runts' directed by Martin Calvo. More info posted soon."

Season 2 filming of Single and Dating in Vancouver has begun!

Until we can watch it, here is a Season 1 Behind the Scenes video for you to enjoy:
SADinVAN posted to their Facebook Page:
"Thank you to the Friends of Louis Ferreira for their support. Little do they know, our first cameo of the season might be JUST want they ordered."

Yes, Troy, we WILL be watching!!

Patrick Gilmore
Patrick has a new IMDB listing - check out his work on Patrick Gilmore's Page!

There's an awesome new photo of Patrick by photographer Aaron Smedley. Don't mess with this guy!

And finally, here's Patrick's "Going to an Audition Song". Click to play it.

(We would totally cast you in anything, Patrick. ♥ ♥)
Dennis Heaton
Dennis is on the cover of Canadian Screenwriter's Fall 2015 issue. The magazine is published by the Writers Guild of Canada. We will have the entire article for you when it becomes publicly available, so stay tuned!
Meanwhile, Dennis has been flying through his work on Season 4 of Motive!

Monday's office

With Matty Herndl in the helicopter

Justin Chance
Chance posted a short video of himself playing the guitar.

And here's a link to his single "Glock" on SoundCloud.
For his artwork and poetry, please visit Chance's Page!

Eric Banerd
We've updated Eric's IMDB listings - check them out on Eric Banerd's Page!

Eric has started filming on his new short film. He posted a casting call for extras on Facebook.
The Wild Romantics
have been filming a
new video...
  Their touring van broke
down before a show...
again... but they were still
able to make it to their gig!

Jennifer Spence
Jen has new IMDb listings - check out her filmography on the Jennifer Spence Page!

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce (TV Series) (2015) ... Editor
- Rule No. 23: Never Lie to the Kids
Logline: Follows a best-selling author of a self-help book series who is secretly hiding her separation from her husband as she starts to navigate her life as a single woman in her 40s in Los Angeles.
Here's a shot from the new TV Series "You, Me & Her" - Jen is listed as series regular along with Patrick Gilmore!
Looking beautiful on the red carpet at the UBCP/ ACTRA Awards in Vancouver earlier this month.

Jen's short film The Adept got a great review from the Seattle Shorts Film Festival!
Rob Munic
Rob's newest show Empire is a smashing success; it airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c.
You can watch full episodes here.

Rob wrote Empire's 6th episode of Season 2 (A High Hope for a Low Heaven.) It aired November 4th. There's a full analysis of the episode here.
Rob and his wife Ingrid have been very active with KITS (Kids in the Spotlight) - Movies By Kids, For Kids. Here they are at their recent awards ceremony.
Rob writes:
"Creativity cures. Yesterday, Salli Richardson Whitfield, Ingrid Rogers, Tamesha Scott, Mo McRae, Tige Charity, Inny Clemons and I were fortunate to be a part of what I can honestly say was the most rewarding creative endeavor of my career. Right now there are 30,000 (that's not a typo) kids living in the Los Angeles foster system. 30,000! Most of these kids go through their days, no voice, no outlet, invisible. Tige and Tami give these kids that outlet to be artists -- And the moment you see the results on their faces -- It makes you realize just how crucial it is not to disregard these beautiful souls as lost but as emerging creative forces. As the holiday season approaches and we all consider what gifts we should give each other... What sweater, bottle of wine, muffin basket, etc... What if we considered giving the gift of love. Kids in the Spotlight, Inc. needs support to continue to survive and give these kids a forum in which they can be seen and heard. Please help if you can. Much, love, all love - Munic."

Peter Kelamis
Peter also has new professional listings - check them out on the Peter Kelamis Page!
Peter attended the UBCP/ACTRA Awards.
With Patrick and Jen at UBCP/ ACTRA

Peter directed an ad for the Doritos "Crash the Superbowl" contest. There are two versions, and they are both absolutely hilarious! Watch them here and here, and VOTE for Peter's ad!
Bradley Stryker
Bradley is a dad!!
Beckett Shiloh Stryker was born October 25, 2015 (21 in, 9.7 lbs.)
Congratulations, Bradley and Caitlin!
Below are a few photos of Bradley at the UBCP/ ACTRA Awards where he and Carmen Moore presented the 2015 Best Actress  Award.
   This Life
Louis has a recurring guest starring role in the CBC series This Life, starting with episode 10 which will air in a month. Stay tuned for more info and screencaps!
   Comet TV
New channel Comet TV will be airing episodes of all three Stargate series as of October 31st. We'll let you know when it finally rolls around to Stargate Universe!

It's not yet available in all markets, though. There's a channel finder at the bottom of the page, so you can check on your area.
   Special Thanks
A very special shout-out to Alma for tracking down the countless updates for all our friends and charities!
Many thanks to Casey for doing all the transcripts in every Ferreira Fest!
And special thanks to Nicole Pilich for allowing us to use her beautiful henna painting in honor of the victims of the Paris attacks and their families. Please visit her website, and if you're in the Vancouver area, check out her body art services.
  Happy Thanksgiving!

And here is a personal Happy Thanksgiving message from Louis!


"A happy gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble.
Happy gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, my American friends!
A Happy Thanksgiving, mhm… gobble, gobble!"

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