Ferreira Fest 66

Published June 2015.

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The heat is on and it's time to get your kicks at Ferreira Fest 66! Come on in and help celebrate the latest works of Louis Ferreira and his friends - we have so much good stuff for you this time, from fond memories to exciting news, photos, videos, our exclusive Reading Series, screen caps, and an interview with Patrick Gilmore! There's free pineapple drinks at the bar and the air conditioner is running. Welcome, everybody!


Louis' big dog Charlie passed away on May 22 after a brief illness. To honor his memory we now have a special web page In Memory of Charlie where Louis, his family and friends shared photos and thoughts about Charlie. There is now a direct link in the sidebar on the Home Page as well as the Friends tab.

Louis wants to know: Have you ever lost a beloved pet? Please share your memories and maybe even a photo. Please send an email, leave a note in the Guestbook or respond to the new thread in the Forum.


The Children's Aid Foundation
The Children's Aid Foundation's 15th Annual Women's Golf Classic was held on June 2nd. There are some great photos here. There are also photos from this month's 6th Annual Joe Carter Classic here. Both are important fundraisers for CAFDN.

There are lots more photos and videos of all of this summer's events are on CAFDN's social media pages: FaceBook  Twitter  Instagram

May's Five14 Talks Event in review can be found here.

The monthly Buzz Newsletter can be found here.
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The Good Neighbours' Club

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders has agreed to be a Vice-Patron for the Good Neighbours' Club. Congratulations to both Chief Saunders and GNC!
Here is a new view of the lovely mural on the streetfront of The Good Neighbours' Club. Click on the image to see the original Twitter post.
Selfies are SO last week! Purchase the GNC mug at the club for $20 and take a Muggie - that's a photo of you with your GNC mug! Come in anytime while they're open and get this handsome mug which will surely become one of your favorites!

Three years ago TVO Parents posted a short documentary about GNC. TVOParents.com is an online resource for parents of children ages 2-11. They offer expert advice and the latest research on early-years education issues designed to help parents help their child succeed in school. Watch the documentary here.

Caterina Scorsone, whose father Dr. Bruce Scorsone is the executive director of GNC, is a great supporter of this organization. Caterina also launched a t-shirt fundraising campaign for GNC. Read more about it here, and watch the short video clip in which she talks about GNC. Caterina was Louis' colleague for two years during the filming of 1-800-Missing.
A fan of  Caterina Scorsone put together this YouTube montage to solicit donations in support of their work. It's a lovely tribute to GNC's vital contribution to making this world a better place.

Toronto will be hosting the 2015 Pan Am Games, and the Athlete's Village and many of their venues are only a stone's throw from GNC. If you're in town be sure to stop by and say hi!

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Project Limelight
Project Limelight's recent show East Side Story was a great success. Congratulations to the talented cast and their directors and designers! Check out the playbill here.

There are lots of great photos on Project Limelight's FaceBook Page - check them out! They've posted three short videos of scenes from the show - check them out, they are amazing and very very funny!!
The Goldilocks Tap Dance Routine
The Three Little Tenderloins

Here are some Project Limelight Society participants posing for a photo with Maureen Webb, one of the directors of Project Limelight, for her Women in Film & Television Vancouver Spotlight Award where she received the Wayne Black Service Award. Congratulations, Maureen!

Project Limelight also performed at Central City Foundation's Fair In the Square, the newest batch of photos on the FaceBook photo page is from that event.
If you'd like to make a donation to Project Limelight and help them get their next show on the road and support free arts education please click on the logo below - it's quick, easy and secure, and every penny matters.
Many thanks to Alma for all the Charities updates!

Louis won his second consecutive Leo Award for his portrayal of Oscar Vega! Congratulations, Louis! It's good to know that the industry appreciates your talent as much as we do.

MOTIVE won the award for Best Dramatic Series, another well-deserved honor! Congrats to everyone involved, especially producers Dennis Heaton, Rob Merilees, Louise Clark, Erin Haskett, Rob LaBelle, Lindsay MacAdam, John Lenic, Ben Brafman and James Thorpe!

Lisa Binkley of Motive won the Leo Award for Best Editing , an award that's WAY overdue as the editing on MOTIVE is of consistently spectacular quality!
And last but not least, Katherine Collins won the award for Best Screenwriting for a Dramatic Series for MOTIVE's Season 2 episode "Pitfall".

The Vancouver Sun has a nice article celebrating the 2015 Leo Award winners, and Louis gets a mention!
Congratulations, everyone!
So yes, ABC, eat your heart out: cancelling MOTIVE was a BIG mistake. Our loss in the US, though: there is currently no plan for MOTIVE's season 3 to air in the US. We will simply have to wait for another country to come out with DVD versions.

Here are two articles about ABC cancelling MOTIVE in the US, one by EW and one by TVSeriesFinale.

Meanwhile, the 4th Season of MOTIVE has been announced by CTV. Read the Official Press Release. The good news was also celebrated by The Toronto Star and Crave TV.

MOTIVE's Season 3 finale - a major cliffhanger for Oscar Vega - aired on June 7th on CTV. The Toronto Star posted an announcement. 

Watch the trailer here: https://twitter.com/MotiveTV/status/606229937444372480

Mathias Herndl, MOTIVE's Director of Photography did a great interview with Markee Magazine about his work on the show.

Here is a short excerpt:
“Louis Ferreira is a brilliant actor,” Herndl continues. “He plays Vega by projecting a sense of mystery and creating the sense that he doesn’t talk unless he has something worth saying. I light him generally the way I light the show — by trying to keep the lighting from getting in the camera’s way.”

Read the full interview here.

Louis with his MOTIVE colleagues Mark, David and Mathias
Scroll down for some nice BTS shots of MOTIVE.


This month we are thrilled to bring you an interview with one of Louis' best friends and Stargate Universe colleague - Patrick Gilmore!

Here is a brief introduction by Louis. Listen to the sound clip here:

LF – Okay, so this week we’re meeting my buddy Patrick Gilmore, for those of you who’ve seen our laptop chat.

I’m such a huge fan of him on so many levels. First and foremost as a friend. Our relationship is really that. We’re the two guys who will sit down and just chat for hours. Let us just say we’re in touch with our feminine side. For a lot of guys, you know, that’s just not the kind of conversations guys have. Patrick, him and I can talk about anything for hours and hours.

And I just love his mind and he’s super intelligent, funny, and he’s just such a kind, beautiful spirit. That’s one of those beautiful relationships that rarely have I, out of a job… I can’t really count on one hand people that I’ve kept in touch with, with someone that I’ve worked… and we met on Stargate, and have continued to grow… our relationship has continued to grow. And that’s got to be now, what, Stargate, getting close to six, seven years.

He’s part of my family to me. And I love that guy and I just find him so beautiful in every way, so I can’t say enough about Patrick. He’s a wonderful person and everyone should support and follow him in everything that he does.


Patrick kindly agreed to do an interview for Ferreira Fest 66.

Listen to the sound clip here:
FF – Hi Patrick, it’s so nice to have you at Ferreira Fest this month. Most people at Ferreira Fest here know you as Dr. Dale Volker from Stargate Universe. And, of course, Laptop Chat number 5, and most recently, Louis and Patrick Go for a Drive. So, let’s start by you telling us a little bit more about yourself, your career, what gets you up in the morning. So, who is Patrick Gilmore?
PG – Hi, Bea, thank you for inviting me, I’m honored. What gets me up in the morning? Typically I have to pee. It’s what wakes me up, and then I finally get out of bed.
I’m an actor.

I’m from Alberta, which is, I guess, the "Texas of Canada". I’m a prairies boy that moved to Vancouver in 2002 to pursue acting. And, yeah, I was lucky enough to meet Louis, I guess it was, was it five, six years ago? 2009?

(Patrick, age 4, singing with grandpa)

FF – Well, let’s start with something completely different here. You have two degrees, actually, academic degrees, that are unrelated to acting. Where did you find the time to study acting? Was that at the same time? Or, what attracted you to acting? And what made you decide to want to be an actor, when did you get bitten by the bug?

PG – Well, to clarify, I have one degree. It was an English Literature degree. My minor was History, so it’s all part of the same thing. I think actually they’re not unrelated. I think it’s quite on point with acting. It’s all storytelling. English Literature, and the study of the English language, that’s prose, that’s fiction. And history is non-fiction. And I think that through no conscious decision, I was following the art of storytelling.

I got bit by the bug when my dad brought home a video camera, in the mid-eighties, I guess. It was one of these video cameras that some people probably don’t remember, but…
FF – You put the big VHS tape in on the side?

PG – Oh, man, it was a piece of furniture! You had to have a backpack to hold the battery. I mean, it was the size of a VCR for the battery, it was the size of a VCR for where the tape goes in. And then the camera was like one of these ENG, you know, on the spot news cameras that were on the shoulder.

I remember my Dad asking me, do you want to see yourself on TV? And I was confused, I thought, how? Am I going to be on the news? And he pulled out this little black and white TV in his office and he played this tape of me playing in the backyard. And I was fascinated that that was actually me. I could watch it over and over again, what I had done. I was so young.

And then as the cameras became smaller, I ended up taking ownership of them and making sketch videos with my friend. And, fast-forwarding, you get into junior-high and high school, and people start asking you what you’re going to be when you grow up, and I never had an answer. So I would just dismissively say “actor”, just to get people off my back.

Until they actually call you out on it and you graduate from high school and they say, okay, so how are you going to do it?

I had auditioned for the theater school in Edmonton, Alberta. And they only accepted a handful of people every year. And I got in, but I wasn’t really educated in the ways of the theater, of dance and movement and voice.

I was really a neophyte. I was naïve, if not ignorant, and I dropped out the first day. That afternoon, at lunch, I dropped out. I went to the dean and I said, “Listen, this isn’t for me.”
And so the only place that would take me was a small college in town, and eventually I transferred to the University of Alberta.

So, while I was getting my degree in English Literature, I was doing theater. The local theater, amateur theater, and still doing videos with the camcorders.

I just kept at it and graduated in 2000. Did some traveling. Because I had no idea how to become an actor. It was terrifying. And a director that I was working with on stage gave my name to a casting director, I auditioned for this TV show, I booked it. They gave my name to a TV movie production and I booked that, went to Costa Rica for a month and a half. It was my second gig ever.

And, I thought, this is wonderful. Based on that, I moved up to Vancouver in 2002.

FF – What kind of role did mentorship play in your early career, and possibly even now? We never really stop being mentored or mentoring others, could you talk a little bit about that?
PG – That’s a good question. And to tie in Louis, one thing we always bond over is this idea that we are forever the student. And I like that. You know, I have friends that teach acting, and they’re really good at it, and they should be teaching, they have a lot to give.

I always think of myself as not knowing anything, and I want to learn. I don’t want to do the teaching. Teach me.

I like the idea of mentoring, of giving back, but I don’t think I’m ready for that.
But there have been people along my path that stand out. You know, a lot of them came from Stargate, in recent years.

I think of the entire writing and producing staff – Rob [Cooper], Brad [Wright], Joe [Mallozzi], Paul Mullie], Carl [Binder] – these are such sweet people that had such trust in me and loyal and honest guys that really changed my life in a direction that I didn’t expect it to go.

But going back to the very beginning, obviously my parents are the number one mentors that I’ll ever have and I’m so lucky to have parents that have such a moral compass that has become my moral compass.

And then teachers. Everyone wants a Mr. Keating from Dead Poet’s Society. You know, everyone says, did you have a Mr. Keating? And I’m so lucky that I did. I think the one that had the biggest impact was my grade six teacher. His name is Bruce Plante, and we’re still friends, which is rare and lovely. He was a combination of Jack Nicholson and Robin Williams, crazy and creative and dynamic. And he commanded a room.

I was kind of a troublemaker in school. And he was the first teacher to actually see these qualities in students that other teachers would dismiss as faults, see them as strengths, and encourage them. And so when I was busy trying to make my friends laugh, instead of slapping my hand and giving me detention, he would encourage it, and do the same and make us laugh, be crazy and do characters. Every year he would perform The Shining, in front of all of his grade six students.

Your teacher’s up there, his hair is crazy and his eyes are arched and he’s doing The Shining with dry ice and a black light, and this was an adult, this was an authority figure breaking the bounds of the strict life that we see as our authority figures in life. And here he was being creative and imaginative, and just breaking rules. And he, still to this day, echoes in my head.
And we’re still in contact.

FF – Oh, that’s wonderful. Patrick, what project are you currently working on, or did you just do? Any upcoming projects that you’re allowed to talk about? What’s hot and important, right now?

PG – There are three feature films that I’ve completed recently that will be coming out.
I think the biggest one is The Confirmation. And that was written and directed by Bob Nelson. He wrote Nebraska, and he was nominated for an Oscar for that, so this was his directorial debut. It’s with Clive Owen, and Spencer Drever. There’s wonderful names in it, including Patton Oswalt, Maria Bello, a lot of great local talent that have shown up on Stargate of course, and good friends of mine, Michael Eklund, Ryan Robbins, Jennifer Copping. It’s a beautiful script, and I think it’s one of those projects that we’ll be proud to say we’re a part of.

FF – Now, is that a feature film, like a big screen, or in a TV film?

PG – Yeah, it’s a big screen. You know, it’ll go through the same process, once they get it all completed. They’ll try and sell it. And if we’re lucky we’ll end up in theaters and probably lots of festivals.

And then another project that I have an attachment to and quite a deep interest in is a movie called No Men Beyond This Point.
FF – Yes, I’ve seen little bits and pieces that you’ve posted online.

PG – This is a movie that’s been in development for two years. And it’s a fascinating project, and I’m honored and thrilled to be an associate producer on it. It’s a documentary style film, based on the idea that women have stopped giving birth to men. And in fact don’t need the help of men to become pregnant.

It starts in the fifties, and then in 1976, the last male is born on Earth. And that’s me. It’s a documentary, in this universe, it touches on a lot of gender issues, and it’s very funny. I think we just put the finishing touches on it a couple weeks ago.
It’ll start making the festival circuit, and eventually be available online to rent or buy, and that’s something that’s been close to my heart. It’s such a great premise. The producers are good friends of mine – Galen Fletcher and Kaleena Kiff who sci-fi fans would know from the web-series called Riese.

FF – Yes, of course, I remember Riese.

PG – The director and creator of No Men Beyond This Point is Mark Sawers who is a certifiable, crazy genius. Every movie that he puts to paper is something that defies logic.  I will always be a fan of his. He’s such a wonderful man and I’m very excited to see what gigs he’s going to produce in the future. I will be first in line.
FF – You said three, so there was another one?

PG – Terry Miles is a prominent writer/ director in Vancouver. He’s made some really great movies. Everyone wants to be in a Terry Miles movie in Vancouver, it’s “what’s Terry doing next and can I get involved?” And I was lucky enough to get involved with this and it’s a fun thriller, it’s called Even Lambs Have Teeth. It’s violent, it’s gory, it’s quirky. I got to be a real nasty and play with Terry Miles.  I think that’s still in the editing process, but it’s starting to be pitched for purchase in certain markets and it’ll probably hit some festivals. It was a lot of fun. Very bloody, very gory.

FF – Sounds good to me.
On the set of Even Lambs Have Teeth
PG – I would like to tell you the arc of my character but I don’t want to ruin anything, but it was probably one of the bloodiest rooms I have ever had filmed in. I was washing blood out of my hair for weeks.


FF – You are also a pilot! Tell us more about that.
PG – Well, I’m not actually a pilot, I’m getting my pilot’s license. I’m not licensed yet, but yeah, I can fly a plane, which is fun to say.

FF – How did you get into that? It’s fascinating.

PG – My dad is a pilot. Not as a profession, but just as a mode of transportation, a hobby. My earliest memories are being in a Cessna, and I’m very comfortable around planes and it never occurred to me that I wouldn’t get my pilot’s license. I’d assumed, “when I get my pilot’s license”, and I kept saying that, it’s such a life thing, it’s such a microcosm of everything. You know, we keep saying, “when I get this, when I do this”, and then a couple years ago I said, well, when is ‘when’ going to happen?

Why aren’t I doing that? And it took just a phone call, as most things do, you just make one phone call and before you know it, your life’s going in a different direction. And I started taking classes and started flying and I’ve got six hours soloing.

I just kind of got busy in the last year and haven’t had the time to really in-depth study to get it, but…
FF – You also posted a picture, was it you and the Spruce Goose, or something imitating that picture of Hughes and the Spruce Goose? I remember seeing that.

PG –Yeah, the Spruce Goose used to be stored at Long Beach, in California, and my parents took my brother and I there in 1984. And it had a huge impact on me, it was so exciting. And the story behind it is that it only flew once and that it was this dream of Howard Hughes. It’s now stored in Oregon. And recently I drove through Oregon and of course I made sure that I stopped and got to see it and sit in the pilot’s seat.
FF – That sounds great. - Let’s talk about Dale Volker for a little bit. How has the role of Dale Volker impacted your life? Both personally, possibly, and also as an actor? And who was your inspiration for the creation of the character?

PG – Yeah, we all auditioned, the sides, the script portions that they gave us to audition with, were Franklin and Brody, so I think that every one of my age in Vancouver auditioned for either Franklin or Brody and then they picked five or four of us, however many there were, and then just gave us names.
So, Dale Volker, I think just the Stargate experience really impacted my career and my life.

And at the time we were filming, Vancouver was going through a very tough dip in film production. So, a lot of people in the industry were struggling to find work, for a number of reasons, but we were insulated because we had this dream gig of being locked on a ship for two years. That got us through some hard times. And I got to meet these people with incredible imaginations.
Photo © MGM
As far as Dale Volker goes, the creation of that, that’s all Brad and Rob and Joe, Paul and Carl. That was their baby. I remember the first time I got a script that was written in my voice, and it was so exciting and such an honor and it was that light that goes off that goes, oh, this is collaborative. And so through some sort of unspoken dance we created this character, this collaboration.
And, I really got to know Volker probably halfway through season one.
You pick up on certain quirks that seem to be showing up. And you add to them and whether or not the writers respond to that or not, and if they stay or if they go. And they add something and then before you know it, again like I said, an unspoken dance of collaboration, you’ve started adding on to this character.

And, it’s the first time I’ve been able to stay with a character for that long. Two years I got to hang out with Volker. And he became such a quirky, sardonic, almost a sad character. But I enjoyed him, I enjoyed seeing what takes he had on things. It might not have been perceptible to the audience because we’re more aware of what we’re doing than other people are. So at the end of season two, I saw him as such a colorful, quirky character, and I don’t know how much of that shows on camera but I was really excited to see what would happen in season three because it was just, you know, they gave us so much to do in season two.

FF – Oh, I know. I know. Well, and then Volker had this whole little arc with the kidney failure and then the unrequited love with Lisa Park, and it was just such a sweet storyline I thought.

PG – We always joked that the reason why they gave me kidney issues is because I was the only one of the entire crew that’s struggling to find food for two years that actually gained weight. I think I gained fifteen pounds while filming, and it had nothing to do with kidney failure, it had to do with the fact that I was getting free food for two years.

So, I ate my way through Stargate. But yeah, the Lisa Park stuff was wonderful. And just that whole triangle with Jamil. There were some really heartfelt moments, heartbreaking.  I was honored that they gave me Volker to play with.

FF – I’ve always thought he was a really likeable character. And kind of relatable to an audience. And, because he goes through all of these things that not all of us go through, okay, so he’s on a spaceship a billion miles from Earth, but he goes through things that we know. You know, we can sympathize.
PG – Yes, there are great moments, like not knowing your place and trying to fit in. Dealing with authority figures. One of my favorite relationships that Volker has is with Rush. He hated Rush but admired him. And Rush was harder on him than almost anybody. I keep thinking of that scene, I don’t know what episode it’s in, it’s around that storyline with Jen Spence, where I come in from, you know, with a bit of a skip in my step from an interaction with Jen Spence.

FF – Right. Yeah, I remember that one.

PG – Rush clocked it, and then just knocks me down, says no, you’re not the romantic type, you’re the best friend. It’s never going to happen.

And he has his own reasons for saying those things, but I love that relationship. But you know, Volker was also a bit of an elitist. He was very particular, which made the Brody relationship so much more fun.

I mean, Brody was a man, he liked to drink and he was kind of a loud character. For two years, Volker kept wearing his bloody vest. He carved a flute out of wood, liked clean shoes, it was just all these little things that may not have been picked up by the audience but that were there subtly and he could be a bit of a stick in the mud.

FF – Right, well, both Volker and Brody were such a comedy team, too, just the interaction between the two characters. And I could tell, this is a personal interaction that’s coming through here, that’s why those two characters together on screen have such chemistry. It’s so funny, it’s always like a Laurel and Hardy, or something.
PG – Yeah, you know, that all came from our writers and producers watching Peter Kelamis and I on set. Peter is just, I ended up crying every day on set because he was making me laugh so hard. Making everybody laugh so hard. And we just kind of got this frick and frack, Tom and Jerry thing going. And they started writing for it. And it was fun, it was great to have that comedy partner and again, it was always exciting to see how Volker was going to piss Brody off this episode.
FF – Right. Of all the characters you’ve played, so far, which one do you think is the closest to the real you? And what is the role that you’re most proud of?

PG –I think the first half of season one of Volker was most like me. Because it mirrored life. There was a group of people that you didn’t know, thrown into a small space. And where do you fit in? And I’m sure a lot of the looks of being lost that you saw on my face were actually Patrick going like, what am I doing here?

Most recently, the character I played, Andrew Myers in No Men Beyond This Point, there was a lot of me in that. And, again, it’s where do I fit in? And trying to figure it out while keeping a brave face for the public perception of “I know exactly what I’m doing. I got this. And you don’t.” And I think everyone feels that way.

So, I don’t know if there’s one specific, because you try not to be, every time you get a role you try to do something different, you want to stretch yourself. I don’t want to play myself every time.

As far as the one I’m most proud of, I think maybe Tom Drexler in The Killing. I did a character arc in season one of The Killing, on AMC, and that was such a departure from characters I’ve played and he was such a pompous megalomaniac, and, oh, it was so fun. It was like getting back into theater. Because in theater, I played women, I played children, I played hundred year old men. There was such a breadth of characters you could play in the theater, and then you get on camera and you start playing Deputy Number One, Deputy Number Two, Best Friend… and there’s not a lot of range, so to be able to go on there and play this coke-fueled egomaniac, was like going back to theater for me. And it was such a high quality show. I think that was the one that I’ve most recently been very proud of.

FF – Wonderful.

FF – You’ve also worked with Bradley Stryker on Unexpected Guest, the short movie, and we’ve had Bradley as a guest here before on Ferreira Fest, so…

PG – Did you really?

FF – Would you share a memory, about working with him?

PG – Well, Bradley was the first person I met on Stargate. The very first scene I filmed was the evacuation of Icarus Base. And going through the Gate. And they brought me in early, and I sat in my trailer for hours before they finally called me in, and then they called this other actor in. It was the two of us walking up to the studio that held the Icarus Base. And it was Bradley Stryker. And we knew of each other, we’d seen each other around town. But we just started chatting.
Bradley is probably the best friend I have. He’s one of my closest friends, I saw him last week in New York.

You’re lucky if you have Bradley in your life, and there’s a reason why Bradley is friends with Louis, and there’s a reason why I’m friends with Bradley and Louis. They both are cut from the same cloth that when you leave their presence, you’re standing straighter, and you have a more excited, energetic view of the world. He is the most positive, driven, sweet, sweet man. If I could just get a fraction of his drive and energy I’d be better for it.
FF – Let’s talk a little bit about the Laptop Chats, and how did you come up with the idea, and how did you develop that?

PG – The Laptop Chat stems from my innate laziness. Social media became a big part of being in the sci-fi community. When you are on a sci-fi show it comes with a built-in fan base, a family, which is overwhelming. And I mean, you know all about this.

FF – Oh, yeah.

PG – And it came to me unexpectedly and overwhelmingly. And I’m not very good with that, admittedly. I’m not good in crowds, I’m not good with that attention. And so, when I’m on Twitter, which is rare these days, people were asking questions. And someone like Peter Kelamis is very good with answering and talking to fans of the show and getting involved. And I never was. And I felt bad about it because these are really committed people who love the projects that you’re involved in, and they’re some of the nicest people that I’ve ever met.
And I wasn’t participating. So I came up with an idea of, well, why don’t I just gather up all their questions instead of tweeting them individually? I’ll just set up a video camera in my kitchen and I’ll just read them and answer them. Get them all done in ten minutes and then post that and move on. Maybe do that once every few months.

It felt really narcissistic to sit there in front of the camera answering these questions, so I asked my friend Ivon [Bartok], why don’t you join me? So in the very first one, which unfortunately I made into two parts, I shouldn’t have, it should have been just one, no one ever watches the second part, so Ivon and I sat there, having a few drinks, and answering these questions, and I found I actually enjoyed it more when he answered the questions and I asked them. So, when it came the second time to do it, I sent out a request for questions and, instead of answering them, I asked them to Peter. So it was kind of killing two birds with one stone. I got to, kind of, not say anything about myself, and get answers from other people. It was perfect. So it just became this recurring thing, and I intended to do more. But you get busy, and then once I did Louis’…

FF – That’s a hard one to top!
PG – Well, exactly. Where do you go from there? I’m looking at some post-its on my wall right now, of projects, irons in the fire, and one of them says “Laptop Six”.
I want it to continue, but what I need to do is do something different. Because I got bored with the format of it, I want to do something a little different. That was a long answer to your question, but it came out of me just trying to communicate with friends online and answer questions, and then it just became a thing of its own. I had no idea that people would actually watch them, there’s only five of them. But people ask about them and I’m flattered and I wish I could give them more and I’d like to and I’m sure there will be more.

FF – Now, your latest crime, with your partner in crime, was Louis and Patrick Go for a Drive. And how did that come about?

PG – Louis and I always wanted to do other things and he always said let’s do another laptop chat. Well, you can’t do the same thing twice. And so, we’re always talking about it, but you know, people get busy, and he’s been doing Motive for the last number of years.
I was driving back to L.A. from Palm Springs a couple months ago and I was listening to music, and Paradise by the Dashboard Light pops on and I start singing my heart out. I texted Louis immediately and said, “You, me, driving, lip-syncing to Paradise by the Dashboard Light.” And he immediately responded, yes! So two days later I showed up at his place, and we played the song, sang our parts, told him what I was thinking, and then we just drove around his neighborhood for an
hour, we did it four times. The one you see is the fourth take. And there was a bunch of other songs that we had flirted with doing too, if this one didn’t work out.

Everything from Islands in the Stream, to Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, and The Girl is Mine, which you see a little of…

FF – There’s a little bit at the end.

PG – That’s how that came about. And then of course, we had so much fun with it, and we were laughing so hard, that we’re like, okay, what are we going to do next?

"Comedy & Tragedy"
We can’t do a lip-sync, so we’ve got to do, we’ve got to do something different. So, I’m sure that it’ll continue, as long as Louis and I are in the same city we’ll… there’ll be little videos popping up unexpectedly.

FF – Come up with something crazy and fun! Oh, that sounds good, I’m looking forward to whatever it is! Now, when and how did you first meet Louis? Was it during Stargate Universe?

PG – Yeah, so the first time I met Louis he spent two weeks lying unconscious on the floor of the Gateroom on set and Alaina Huffman hovering over him, and so I never really got to chat with him, for the first little while. Because there were so many people on set.

It was such a big cast that we never really hung out. But we worked together and he was so fun to work with because he’s fun off set, when the camera was not rolling, and then on set, I can’t speak enough about how talented this man is. It’s just something that the man is born with. He’s just a natural actor. And dynamic, someone you can’t take your eyes off on camera.
We never really started becoming that close until I think somewhere around near the end of season two. And then the show ended. I love it that he’s become such a close friend.
So, I can’t remember the exact moment, but there is one of my favorite photos of us, and I can’t remember what episode it was, but someone took it on set, and it’s with our arms around each other and we’re both covered in dust. And I remember I was so proud of that photo because this was Louis Ferreira and he’s the lead of our ship.

And I never thought that I would be that close with Louis. And I remember thinking that in that photo, too bad, because I like this guy.

And then it’s fun to look back at that now and go, oh yeah, this is one of my best friends. It’s fantastic. As Louis would say, fantastic!

FF – There’s probably many good… just one that’s standing out… any memorable or funny experiences that you had with him, on set or off, that you would like to share?

PG – I think that’s the toughest question you’ve asked. When you hang out with Louis, you never know what you’re going to be talking about. You never know what adventures you’re going to get into, you never know which stranger on the street he’s going to pick out and become friends with.

Even though you walk into a store with Louis, you never know what scene is going to happen, right? And it’s exciting and it’s fun and then you get Louis alone and you never know how deep you’re going to talk, of life and philosophy and it’s fun.

I was talking about Bradley Stryker, and like I said, there’s a reason why these people are in my life. Because when you leave their presence, you are richer for it.

I couldn’t pick one, there’s so many that they just blend into this kaleidoscope of positive energy.
One of the most recent moments, and it actually leads into Louis and Patrick Go for a Drive was the last weekend that Louis was in Vancouver, at the end of the recent season of Motive, he and Jackie and I went to Whistler together. Just for the day, and we went to this incredible spa. The dogs were with us and they were playing in the snow and it was so fun.
Then we went to a restaurant and had this incredible dinner.
We never even spoke, we just kind of giggled like we were drunk. It was Zen, we were so content. It was a beautiful meal, and by a fireplace, and we walked out into the air and then we drove back to Vancouver and of course we were all so relaxed that we couldn’t fall asleep so we pulled up YouTube and started playing Karaoke songs.

And we sang the whole way back.

Yeah, it’s funny how that one would stand out when I’m sure there are moments where I was shocked, horrified, dying of laughter over an incident, but that one, where there was silence, it stands out for some reason, I’ll always remember that, and look forward to more. So I don’t have any salacious, hilarious prank or anything but that, I think, is one of my favorites.

FF – It’s perfectly okay. So now we’re at the end here, Patrick, I hate to say it, but here comes the difficult question that all of our interview guests get: If you had to describe Louis in four words, what would they be?

PG – Four words?

FF – Four words.

PG – You know, typically I would go for the laughs, but after the last question I’m just kind of in that zone of who Louis really is.

First one that pops in is energy. There’s an energy in Louis that I don’t even know if he’s fully tapped but when it washes over you it’s infectious.

Talent. I mean, the man is dripping with it. Obnoxiously dripping with talent. And his ability to express it with seemingly little effort, it’s fun to watch his different roles throughout the years and what he’ll do next because he is forever the student and so, when he’s done something, he’s done it, and he’s ready to move on and try something different. That’s how I want my career to be, I want to push myself and find the limits of my talent. And I don’t know if he has any limits.

He’s loyal. Loyalty, I guess. I’m a hard guy to get a hold of, on good days. And he’s one of those friends that if he hasn’t heard from me in a while, he’ll check up on me. You know, if you haven’t seen him in a while, it’s like no time has passed.

And I’m honored to kind of be part of a group that he considers his, well, and here’s my fourth word—family.

Because I feel like I’m part of his family. And there’s nothing more precious to Louis if you know Louis than his family. His kids are his world. And if you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting these two, they’re fascinating, they’re beautiful, they’re joys to be around. And I love watching him interact with them and I love listening to him talk about his kids.

FF – If you could tell us real quick where people can find more information about you. So, you’re on Twitter, obviously.

PG – Twitter is probably the go-to. Twitter leads into Instagram and Facebook and anything else that I’m doing. It all kind of feeds through Twitter. So, @PatrickGilmore is my contact point.

FF – Thank you so much for being with us here today, Patrick. Thank you so much for this wonderful, long and detailed interview.

PG – Thank you, and I’m so sorry it’s long. I could talk about Louis forever. And evidently I can talk about myself for even longer. Sorry about that.

FF – Well, it’s what people want to know. So, thank you again so much for being with us today and you have a wonderful rest of the day.

PG – You too, thank you Bea.

  Thanks to Casey for the transcript and to Patrick for the edits!

For more info and photos of Patrick Gilmore please visit Patrick's Page here at The Friends of Louis Ferreira, as well as monthly updates on his latest projects from here on out!


To celebate our interview with Patrick Gilmore this month we also have 695 screencaps of the MOTIVE episode "Ruthless" (Season 1, Episode 12) which features Patrick as Ian Brauer, the killer's husband. Unfortunately Louis and Patrick are never in the same scene except at the very end of the episode where Oscar Vega can be spotted walking towards Ian Brauer whose wife has just been taken into custody. One can assume that Vega and Brauer were about to have a conversation.

There are literally thousands of caps of Louis and Patrick on screen together in 39 Stargate Universe episodes. You can browse through them here: Season 1 and Season 2.

Here is a direct link to the album for the MOTIVE episode: https://ferreirafestscreencaps.shutterfly.com/pictures/12466


This time we have two lovely Behind-The-Scenes images posted by @MotiveTV. Thanks for sharing! Click on the images to go to the original posts.
Motive Season 3: Flynn and Vega rockin' the detective style 

Detective Vega - getting his crime-solving swagger on


Every month Louis reads a chapter from one of his favorite books, Are You as Happy as Your Dog? by Alan Cohen. Mr. Cohen has kindly granted his permission for us to post Louis' book reading clips here. Please join me in thanking him and be sure to visit his website at alancohen.com.

Click on the thumbnail of the book cover to purchase a copy of the book:

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Here is this month's chapter.

Listen to the sound clip here:

Chapter #28: The best biscuits are inside
If something in the outer world can make you high, its absence can make you low.
Munchie doesn’t depend on a substance or a particular person to make him feel good.
He just decides to feel good, and his world revolves around his original choice.


Sawyer Ferreira

From a FaceBook post by Laura Sarah from the Ontario Me To We/ Take Action Camp:

Drum roll please... Sawyer Ferreira is not only going to Ontario Take Action Camp for LIT but she is also heading to KENYA with Craig Kielburger of Free The Children for the summer! This incredible world-changer has the most phenomenal, jam-packed summer ahead of her! We are so excited to see all the wonderful things you will accomplish!

Congratulations, Sawyer! We look forward to reading all about it!

Stay tuned for Sawyer's web page, coming soon to The Friends of Louis Ferreira.

Eric Banerd
Eric has a new IMDB listing:

The Man in the High Castle (TV Series) 2015
- Episode #1.7 ... Nazi Security Guard

Here is Eric (left) on the set of The Man in the High Castle

Watch Eric on drums in action! Here is one of his bands The Wild Romantics with their new song "Fist Fight". It's a very catchy tune!
The Wild Romantics are featured on the CBC Radio 3 podcast for the Best of Searchlight 2015. They're at 11:15 minutes.

From one of Eric's FaceBook posts:
There are a few things I am proud of over this past week. I spent a few days on set and was directed by Michael Rymer who directed one of my favourite shows - Hannibal. We also threw an awesome party last night and have momentum towards making our own film this summer! Thank you to everyone who came and our amazing volunteers. Means a lot!
Eric at the Beer Olympics!
And an Eric Banerd self portrait...

Justin Chance

Chance has posted a new poem, some new art and a hint at a new movie! Click on the thumbnails to see the original posts. And be sure to check out all of Chance's other poetry, artwork and music on Chance's Page.


Storyboarding with writing partner Josh Thrower
Jennifer Spence

Jen also has a new IMDB Listing:   

Ties That Bind (TV Series) (filming) 2015
- It Doesn't Show ... Ms. Lowens

Jen's latest sci fi short film The Adept made it into the Official Selection at FilmQuest. In addition, Jen's co-star Adam Greydon Reid was nominated for the Best Actor Award. Incidentally, Adam co-starred with Louis in the Project Limelight short film "The Review".

The Adept was also accepted into the Tenerife International Film Festival where it garnered nominations for Best Short Film and Best Director.

Congratulations and way to go! Stay tuned for news as The Adept is making the film festival rounds, and be sure to visit Jen's Page here at The Friends of Louis Ferreira.

Ingrid Rogers

Ingrid has a recurring role as the character Holly on Murder in the First which airs on Monday nights at 10pm on TNT.  Her first episode, Blue on Blue, airs on Monday June 22.

The filmography on Ingrid's Page has been updated accordingly.
Rob Munic

Rob's IMDb listings have been updated with several items:
Murder in The First (TV Series) (2014) Writer
- Schizofrenzy (2015)

Murder in The First (TV Series) (2015) Co-Executive Producer

There is a nice interview with Co-Creator Steven Bochco about Season 2 at The Hollywood Reporter. Incidentally, Steven Bochco also produced the series Public Morals, which starred none other than Louis Ferreira!

Murder in The First airs on Monday nights at 10pm on TNT - please check your local listings.

You can watch missed episodes at on the Official Site.

Check out Rob's Page!

Peter Kelamis
Peter will be back at Dragon Con on Labor Day weekend this year! Stop by at his table, grab an autograph or two and say hi! Peter will also host the Masquerade this year.

Peter is keeping very busy doing stand-up comedy. It's a barrel of laughs, as our friend and Peter's SGU colleague Jen Spence can confirm!

Peter is writing jokes before a show. Click on the image for the hilarious comments!
Visit Peter's Page for videos and more!

One of the best Comedy Posters EVER!!
Peter is locked and loaded with laughs!

Bradley Stryker

Bradley's most important project ever - a Little Stryker! Congratulations to Caitlin and Bradley - we can't wait to be swamped with baby pictures!
Caitlin - looking fantastic as the mom-to-be!

Bradley's new Profile photo by Kyle Cassie
There are several new pictures on Bradley's IMDb listing and on his official website from recent and upcoming projects. Check them out!

Bradley's Page has also been updated with the episode names of his role on The Lizzie Borden Chronicles.
Working on post-production for Land Of Smiles
in Vancouver BC
Working on a script with the ever-present cuppa and the shades

The script for Silent Hero
 is a finalist for the 2015 Script Pipeline!
Pauline Egan

Louis' colleague Pauline Egan from the short film "Through The Pane" is getting ready for her trip to Chibanane, Mozambique where she'll make a movie of her humanitarian mission as a nurse while working on a clean water project for the local residents.

The Vancouver magazine WestEnder has a lovely article about Pauline's great adventure.

This is the schoolhouse of Chibanane, where Pauline will be setting up her base of operations for two months.
Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Pauline later this year!

Many thanks to Alma for all the Friends updates!
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MOTIVE is now available in Austria on the Puls 4 Channel. For exact air dates and times check out MOTIVE's air page.


     News from the UK
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