Ferreira Fest 65

Published May 2015.

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Welcome, everybody! You're just in time for this month's Ferreira Fest, the monthly celebration of The Friends of Louis Ferreira where we have updates on our charity work and the many projects of our extended family. This month we also have an interview with Alex Appel, lots of shows news, our exclusive Reading Series, photos, videos and so much more! The free pineapple drinks are ready with their little paper umbrellas, so come on in, this party's going to be a great one!


The Children's Aid Foundation

The Children's Aid Foundation has two golf fundraisers coming up:
"Climbing Cranes"

The film Climbing Cranes offers extraordinary insights into the ever-changing needs of young people served by Canada’s child welfare services who battle tremendous adversity to lead meaningful lives. The video opens the 2015 five14 Talks and sets the stage for a very important public conversation. Ultimately the video will serve as a legacy to David (former youth in care) who wanted to create a video to tell the story of his peers in and from care.

The Children's Aid Foundation's monthly newsletter The Buzz is available here.
As always, one of the easiest ways to support The Children's Aid Foundation is with a donation - it's easy and quick, and it's tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law. Click on the banner below to donate now!


The Good Neighbours' Club

Sad news from the Good Neighbours' Club's FaceBook Page:

"The Good Neighbours' Club has lost a dear friend, Nir Bareket. He was a great supporter and advocate for the men and co-authored and the photographer in our e-book: A Day in a Homeless Life: Images of Homelessness Among Older Men. We mourn his passing with heavy hearts and offer our condolences to his family and friends."
Meanwhile, work on the new elevator continues. Now that the warmer days are here things will be a little more bearable during the major reconstruction at the Good Neighbours' Club's headquarters. After days without running water and no heat during the brutal winter weather everyone there is looking forward to an end of the much-needed building improvements.
When was the last time you had to take the stairs because the elevator was out of order? While it is a minor inconvenience for most people those who are elderly or physically disabled can sometimes not go where they need to in that case. Please help by clicking on the banner below and making a quick donation. Every penny helps! And be sure to check out a list of services provided by The Good Neighbours' Club.


Project Limelight

It's almost time! Project Limelight's new production "East Side Story" has two shows this upcoming weekend. Click on the poster to pre-order your tickets now!
There are two performances on Sunday May 24th - a matinee at 2pm and an evening performance at 6pm at SFU Woodward's - click here for more info and directions to the venue.

There will be music, dancing, audience interaction and fairies! It's great fun for adults and kids of all ages.

Buy tickets here: https://projectlimelight-eastsidestory-tickets.eventbrite.ca

Check out Project Limelight's FaceBook Page for lots of great photos!

We'll have more show photos next month! In the meantime, to everyone at Project Limelight, both onstage and behind the scenes: BREAK A LEG!!
There is a nice interview with Project Limelight's founders Maureen Webb and Donalda Weaver on the SFU website. Check it out!

Want to help out but can't go to see the show because the planet's just too big and you live on the other side? Click on the logo below and donate enough money to buy a ticket! It's very easy and quick. Thank you!


We're so thrilled to bring you an exclusive interview with Alex Appel this month! Alex and Louis worked together in Season 3 of 1-800-MISSING where Alex played FBI agent Janey Cooper opposite Louis as her boss, Assistant Director John Pollock.

Louis was happy to share a few thoughts on Alex. Listen to the sound clip here:

LF - We met on Missing and always got along and clicked. She was different, the best kind of different, a very creative person in every way, and very unique, and along the way every time we ran into each other, it’s that kind of friendship where you just pick up where you left off.

She joined the show and I loved the character she played and how she played it and she was just a sweet person who had obviously had a very different upbringing certainly than I did but we just clicked just because I find unique people unique! And she’s definitely creatively very different and that’s how I see Alex.

Alex has her own take on things and is very in tune with who she is which I admire greatly.

Alex met up with us at Dragon Con last year and was delighted to join The Friends of Louis Ferreira.

Listen to the sound clip here:

FF – Hi Alex, and welcome to Ferreira Fest.

AA – Hello. I’m happy to be here!

FF – Wonderful, we’re so glad to have you! Now, many of our readers will actually be familiar with your face, but to start out, just tell us a little bit more about yourself. Who is Alex Appel and what gets you up in the morning?
AA – Well, usually it’s my cats that get me up in the morning because they want food. They usually like to walk on me and pat at my face until I feed them.

Other than that, I’m an actress, I’ve been working as an actress for, I guess, about twenty years now.

I’m also a producer, it’s something I’ve been doing probably for the last eight to ten years. Just slowly trying to produce stuff and probably have been focusing on that a lot more lately than acting, to be honest. Just because it’s a lot more work intensive to try to get films off the ground and that sort of thing.
FF – Right, right. Now, how did you get started in acting? When did you get bitten by "the bug"?

AA – Well, I was a really angst-y teen. I was also a goth, and I was at a private school where I wasn’t very happy because anything that’s different is not looked upon very kindly. But I had this really great drama teacher, and it was a class that I usually didn’t really take very seriously but she came in and she had like bright red hair, and I related to that right away.

She encouraged me to audition for the middle-school play. And I did and I ended up getting cast as the lead and I, after doing that performance, just loved it. Loved it all, and aside from being angst-y I think I was also always very shy. Not among people that I know, or situations I’m familiar with, but probably was on the more quiet side so I think that coming out of my shell was very freeing.

And she had recommended some young people classes outside of school. Through this theater, Tarragon Theatre, and so I started doing those, and just kept going on that track. I finally got out of the private school and went to an arts high school which I was so much more happier with and I wasn’t the funniest looking person so…. I was always told that I was just wanting to be a rebel and noticed and stuff and I was like, hmmm, maybe, is that right, I’m not sure.

And then I realized, when I was at the art school and certainly there were people that looked much more outrageous than I did and had more colorful hair and mohawks and all that stuff, and I actually walked down the hall without getting noticed, and I was like, it was just, for me, it was a way to express things, not really a rebellion. And I was a lot less angry.

FF – Right.

AA – Once I was put in a situation where I didn’t feel like I was so singled out and ostracized, I guess, in a sense. And through the young people’s program I met Bruce McCulloch, who was an actor and creator of this Canadian comedy troupe, Kids in the Hall, and they had a TV program.

And he started getting me on the show, just as sort of an extra. Which was so much fun. And then, I think that The Kids in the Hall was my first official acting credit. I was pregnant with the flying pig’s baby.

FF – Ohhh!

AA – And that was my first official union credit.

FF – Wow. That’s awesome. So, you got into this by a mentor? A teacher, right?

AA – Yeah. Yeah, I would say, I would definitely say that, I could look back, being at camp, and wanting to be part of plays. So, I could probably see I had an inclination for it earlier, but I didn’t really understand politics at the time and so when I got cast in camp just to move furniture that was pretty much in the play instead of being in it, I took that as an extreme sign of failure.

And I forgot about any desire to act until I guess I was probably like fourteen/ fifteen when that teacher really influenced me.

FF – Wonderful.

AA – Yeah.

FF – So, going back, to that teacher again, so what role has mentorship played in your life and career? We discovered that it was a teacher that gave you sort of the initial impetus to really pursue that.

AA – Right.

FF – What other instances can you recall where mentorship was really important to you to get you ahead?
AA – Yeah, I think right at the beginning, it was a lot of that, it was that teacher, of course, that got me on the track of this young people’s program in the theater, and made me make that jump to go to an art school. But, at that theater program there was the woman that ran it, she’s a producer now, we’re still in touch.
And I just remember I’d always go early and stay late after her program because I’d just hang out in her office and she’d just talk to me like a human, like an adult not like a child with no opinion. And so she was definitely a huge encouragement and influence to me in getting into the career and of course she’s the one who introduced me to Bruce McCulloch who I would say also had a great part.
Because I think I went from angst-y goth to a theater snob. Thinking I would never do TV, I don’t even think I’d do films. They’re just not real acting.

FF – Right.

AA – And when I got the opportunity to go on Kids in the Hall, I was just enamored with the fact that, with such a real environment, that they create, down to like, you know, a ketchup smudge on a table, and it was just like a much smaller version of acting. Theater’s always, sort of, you think of it as big.

FF – Larger than life.

AA – And I really kind of enjoyed the kind of performances I really look up to, you know, it’s the more quiet performances that are just all in the eyes and stuff, which you kind of have to have a camera to make that happen.

FF – Right.

AA – Because, only a camera can get right in there for, to see that expression.

FF – Absolutely.

AA – So, yeah, I’d say those were the three really main ones that got me on the track to really go out there and get an agent after high school and start working.

FF – What do you think about now, do you still benefit from mentorship? And who are your role models right now, at this point in your life?

AA – I think now it’s more shifted into producers and filmmakers. Just because that’s what I’ve been mainlining to doing more, creating my own projects. And so the people that I’m getting stuff from, and drawing from, are all the behind the camera, above the line, kind of people.

FF – Right, right. That’s fabulous. We never really lose the mentorship approach. It’s just it sometimes shifts to different areas. And sometimes you don’t even realize, oh, somebody really is your mentor until sometimes much later.

AA – Oh, yeah, for sure.

FF – So, do tell us a little bit about your career and even future projects if you’re able to talk about them. What are your passions and causes? And I remember when we were communicating via e-mail, you mentioned starting a company. So, can you tell us a little bit more about Alex now?

AA – Right, as I said with the acting, and you know this is also, I would love to say, oh, it’s just all by choice, but you know acting’s a tough gig. And you can go from being a lead in a series, like Missing, to really having trouble getting the next job. And your next job is a few lines, or something. So, it’s just one of those careers where, unless you’re in that percentile that’s just really gets the momentum and keeps it going, it’s sort of feast or famine. So there’s a lot of down time to do other things. Which I think is a fantastic thing.
FF – Right.

AA – It depends on how you look on it, you know. So as far as acting, I think the last thing I did is I played a goblin, which was really fun, in Lost Girl. I always wanted to get on that show. Because sci-fi kind of shows are really kind of fun.
FF – Of course.

AA – It’s funny when your focus changes, I sometimes even forget things I’ve done. But I guess the easier thing to talk about, which has been taking most of my focus, is, I have a new feature. It’s a script that I developed, with a writer, my concept, and we’ve been developing for the last few years and I can tell you about it now because I think we’re far enough ahead that it can be talked about.

FF – Right, right.

AA – It’s called Modern Persuasion. And it’s a modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion.

FF – Oh, okay!

AA – Which we’re setting in New York and I’m Canadian, and I am trying to make this film decidedly not Canadian, just because I really feel you always have to service the material and for me the best story was going to be in New York.

Now my problem as a producer is I’ve been an indie producer in Canada so I know how to do that, but, going the Hollywood route is definitely a little foreign to me. So I have an agent in L.A. and we’ve been bringing it to other producers. Because I’m looking for a producer that is a lot more established that, that likes the project and is just as passionate and can work with me to take it to the next level.

FF – Gotcha. Yeah.

AA – And, this means starting a company because I do have a few producers that are interested in making it. Too soon to talk about that. But, I was quite humbled by the level of what they’ve done and that they’re excited about my project.

FF – That’s great!

AA – And I’m in a nice position where I guess I finally get to make a decision on who would fit best rather than just take whatever… I mean, as an actor you’re just… people will say, how do you choose your part, and I’m like, pretty much someone says they want to hire me and I go, great!

FF – Yeah, I hear you! I hear you!

AA – So it’s always really nice when you’re in a place where you can actually make a decision on something.

FF – Right. When you get to choose.

AA – Yeah. So, you know, the next step with this is we need to do a polish on the script because it was written and developed by Canadians and it’s set in New York. And it needs to sound a little more New York than it does right now.

FF – Right, right, right.

AA – But I’m starting up a production company of my own because I’ll be coming together with a producer with their company and I need to have my own.

FF – That sounds wonderful and I can’t wait to hear more about it.

AA – Oh, it’s wonderful, and now we have to write a business plan.

FF – Yeah. Of course.

AA – That’s like teeth pulling.

FF – Yeah, and it’s like, you have corporations and a company and then there’s LLC and all of these various… it’s incredibly complicated out there but if you find the right business model that works for you it makes it so much easier.

AA – Yeah, and I think it’s the job of a producer anyway:  your instinct is, what you don’t know, you find someone to do that. You hire that, you bring it together.

FF – Exactly.

AA – And I do have a friend that is very good at writing business plans. So she’s going to be writing it up for me and I have a meeting with someone I’ve met before who is very good at starting up companies and managing that.

FF – Oh, that’s wonderful.

AA – So, hopefully that will take a bit of the not-so-fun business-y stuff side of it out of my hands.

FF – Right, well, best luck with that. And we’re going to keep our fingers crossed!

AA – Thank you.

FF – And, I hope we’ll hear more about it in the very near future.

AA – Yeah. Hopefully it’ll be out on the big screen soon.

FF – Yay! We’ll be watching. What was your favorite role so far? And why?

AA – It’s hard just to pick one because, there’s something about each one that holds a special place like whether it be this was the first big part I played, or it’s the first time I did something like this, and it’s just a fun experience to work on. So, it’s something that always ends up being very difficult.
If I had to pick one, what would make the most sense is the lead I did in The Death of Alice Blue. I mean, not only did I produce that movie but it really is that role, it just had everything.
FF – Yeah.

AA – Because, Alice Blue is in every frame. She starts out very meek and a little bullied and, as she’s becoming a vampire,  she becomes really strong and rock’n’roll and kick-ass, and in terms of developing a performance that has a real arc and a lot of depth and layers to it, that certainly encompassed all that.

Another part which is more recent that I played, Stacy in Mr. Viral.

FF – Right.

AA – It was also another lead in that film and she was just so much fun because for the whole film she’s going through heartbreak which is, it sounds weird that I say that’s fun to play but it’s actually kind of cathartic to funnel all of that stuff out of your body as someone else.

FF – Right. Right.

AA – Her wife had cheated on her. Who was an actress and she becomes a bit of a stalker and a weirdo and she’s kind of a klutzy live wire. So, she was fun to play.
And of course, how we met, through Louis. Missing was a really big thing for me to play because I remember when I had the audition and Janey’s first scene, when she gets introduced, is almost a full page of dialogue.

FF – Right.

AA – And it’s all informational dialogue. Which I’d literally never done before.

And she was also so different from what I’ve ever played.
And, I kind of got stuck, learning it, there were points where I thought maybe I should, because I don’t like doing bad auditions, I thought, maybe I just should not audition for this because I don’t think I can play this part, like it just wasn’t clicking.

Sometimes when I fall asleep and wake up the next day, something clicks for me. If anyone wants to know my method of acting, it’s sleep.

FF – Sleep!

AA – Magical sleep! But, I woke up the next day and it just kind of clicked and I always had a fascination with Becky Sharp from Vanity Fair, and also Eve Harrington, you know, All About Eve.

FF – Right.

AA – And those characters, they’re so charismatic and you kind of like them and root for them, even though they’re really bad and evil and kind of bitchy.
FF – Mmmhm.
AA – There’s something you still like about them. I know from the audition I think a lot of people were going in and playing her as a little more two-dimensional bitch. And I went in there and made her a little quirky and funny, too, and it worked out well in my favor. I got to play her. But, yeah, that was the big thing because I remember when I started out, there was a point where I thought, I just can’t do this part.
FF – Oh, that’s wonderful. Because my first impression of Janey Cooper was, okay, yeah, she’s a little bitchy but she’s funny and she’s cute and needles everybody a little bit and really shakes things up. And so, to me, she never came across as an unlikeable person. Quite the contrary, but…

AA – Well, I’m glad you say that. That certainly was my goal because I think it’s so much more interesting when you have a character like that that you know they’re kind of doing bad and you’re not really liking what they’re doing all the time but you somehow still like them.

FF – Your character’s journey, from when we first meet her to when we lose her, was such an important aspect of season three, of that whole series. And especially how she affected the other characters on the show, both good and bad. And then the fallout of course is being dealt with over several episodes thereafter.

And, so, can you share a memory or two from the days of actually filming the series?

AA – Being on set, Mark Consuelos and Justin Louis, as I knew him then, were just hilarious. They were the most fun to work with between takes because they would just be running jokes and were hilarious.

FF – Right.

AA – And Janey was very serious so I’d have to disengage and so I wouldn’t be starting the scene too laugh-y or giggly.

FF – Right, right.
AA – I remember it being a really nice set to work on and, I’ve done some recurring stuff before, but you do a few episodes and that’s it. This was the first time where I was really on a series intensively and I remember it being a really good, and sometimes not-great challenge, with the directors that would come in because you’re always getting a new director on. And some of them have different ways of working and they either work with you or not, and what you feel is right for your character or not. And some of them are great and it’s just like each one can bring something new to your character development, which is also exciting.

I remember that experience being really enjoyable. Whenever Janey had a scene it was just always so much fun because she she got to say bad things, you know what I mean?

I remember there was one where I’m actually saying something to Caterina (Scorsone), my character refers to her as possibly being fat, I can’t remember the line.

FF – Oh, god, yes, I remember…

AA – When we got to that, in the read through –  me and Cat actually got along really well, I think she was a little worried about me at the start of the show because, when someone’s coming in and they’re new and…

FF – Right.

AA – …a new actress, and I’m playing a character that’s not so nice and I think she probably was a little reserved. But we definitely hit it off and I’d get to these read-throughs and I’d have to say these lines to her, and especially the fat one which I thought was ridiculous because I think she’s actually skinnier than I am. But that’s how Janey operates. I’d actually start feeling bad that I had to say these things to her.

FF – Right, right.

AA – I mean, it was fine while I was in character but when you’re just reading through or practicing, I’d be like, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry!

FF – Yeah, I remember that one scene where, I think it was in one of the first episodes that Janey shows up where she says something about that and then says something like, “Oh, I wish I could gain a little bit of weight because it would give me more presence.” Or something.

AA – That’s it! I’m so glad you remember that line!

FF – Yeah.

AA – I love that line, I mean, it’s a hilarious line if you think about it, because what a thing to say to someone! But, it’s certainly not how I would ever talk to someone in a million years.

FF – Right. I remember I was just howling at that scene. It just gets me every time. It’s, you say something that’s presumably supposed to be nice but it’s the exact opposite, of course.

AA – Right. I mean, she had passive-aggressive down to a T.

FF – Yeah, yeah, so it’s just like whatever she says gets taken the wrong way. And you’re never quite sure whether her character actually means to do that or whether that’s just accidental and I think that’s part of the fun of the character. That she manages to constantly put her foot in other people’s mouths.

AA – Right.

FF – Or, if it’s actually, if it’s genuine, or if she really means to do that. And I think, to me, that was such a fun aspect of that character.

AA – Yeah, I always like to keep it on the line there, not make it so black and white on what the intentions were because, first of all I think it just gives the character a lot more levels, but, it’s also more fun and funny to watch. I think if you know outright if someone is just being an outright bitch it’s not funny anymore. You’re just kind of going, oohhhh.

FF – It becomes a schtick.

AA – You know? And, I can’t believe she said that!
FF – Right. Tell us a little bit about if you remember anything working with Louis on the show. You mentioned specifically that he and Mark Consuelos were just cut-ups between scenes. Anything specific you remember?

AA – I have such great memories of Louis. Whenever you’re coming onto a series, and you’re  a new lead in the cast, and for that season it was me and Aaron Ashmore that were the newbies, when you’re coming into a season three, they’re a close-knit group.

And you’re sort of foreign. And I would say, Louis hands down was so welcoming and just coming to my trailer to say hi, and joking around and…  It was really early on and I do remember going home and feeling really tense and a little upset and all of a sudden my phone rings and Louis had gotten my number from Production and he called me and he said, look, you know, you’re great and everyone really likes you, and you’re at home. And he’s just a very sensitive human being. He just picked up on what was going on and went right in there and tried to make me feel at home and he won me over almost immediately. I just thought he was so special.

FF – Here comes the question that each interview guest at Ferreira Fest gets: if you had to describe Louis in four words, what would they be?

AA – Okay. I don’t think that’s actually that hard. Hilarious. Warm. Caring. And talented.

FF – Those are great words, Alex. Thank you so much.

AA – Well, thank you!

FF – And, thank you so much for being with us today, and telling us a little bit more about yourself. And, I hope you have a wonderful evening.

AA – Thank you, you too.

FF – Bye-bye.

AA – Bye-bye. 

Thanks to Casey for the transcript!

More about Alex Appel:

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This time we have a question from Paul in Cincinnati.

Listen to the sound clip here:

FF – Hi Louis. I love your dedication to mentoring. As a teacher, I understand how important it is for our children, teens, and younger colleagues. Have you ever considered teaching in a classroom or workshop setting to share your life lessons?

LF – Thinking of it, Paul. Great question. Hi. I would say that’s exactly where I’m at in my life. I always knew that you do the work… you know, I didn’t want to start doing it at thirty or thirty-five, I wanted to do it when I felt I had a journey behind me. And now I feel like I’m there, and that’s definitely something that I’m thinking about, interested in, and would like to do.

This is something that I should put a little effort into. And I should do it because I enjoy it. It’s not very, polished, it’s just, you know me, I’m off the cuff and I just don’t want to define anything, which is fine, but I could actually feel like, if I was to sit down and actually format a structure to my lecture, on the importance of mentoring, and all the things that matter to me.  Because it would be actually interesting because my story is interesting and I realize that. It would be nice to sit down and go, okay, what would I say?

Got a question for Louis? Ask here!


Louis' current series has earned a stunning 21 Leo Award Nominations! Here are all the categories:
-  Program
-  Direction (2 nominations)
-  Screenwriting (3 nominations)
-  Cinematography
-  Picture Editing (2 nominations)
-  Production Design
-  Make-Up
-  Hairstyling
-  Casting
-  Guest Performance by a Male
   (2 nominations)
-  Guest Performance by a Female
   (3 nominations)
-  Supporting Performance by a Male
Lead Performance by a Male
-  Lead Performance by a Female

You can check out all the other nominees either by name or by program.

The Vancouver Sun has a nice write-up about the awards nominations. Check it out here!

As the show's third season draws to a close on CTV in Canada other countries have announced the beginning of airings.

Motive starts in the UK Monday June 8th at 9pm!

Unbelievably there is still no distributor for the series in the US. What a shame!

Motive Season 2 on DVD is coming out in the UK on May 18, 2015 and in Germany on December 30, 2015.  Pre-order your copies now! Oddly, the German release seems to have more material on it (608 mins. of play time vs. 532 mins in the UK version.)

***Please note: to be able to watch these DVDs in North America you need a region-free or multi-region DVD player. These DVDs will NOT play on a standard DVD player!***

C Thomas Howell posted a blurb about his guest appearance on Motive on his own website. He's a friend of Louis and the two also met up at Dragon Con last Fall. Check out his post!

@MotiveTV has been a true blessing for those fans who are unable to watch Season 3 on TV and can't even catch up online because all CTV episodes are geo-fenced, so they can only be watched in Canada. @MotiveTV has been posting short Behind-the-Scenes video clips that would otherwise be completely inaccessible to many viewers. You guys rock! Please follow @MotiveTV on Twitter!

Louis and his favorite noisemaker - April 21, 2015

Kristin Lehman visits the Motive morgue - April 24, 2015

Useful Skills 101: How to Make Realistic Vomit - April 28, 2015

Lauren Holly prowls the Motive wardrobe warehouse - May 14, 2015



Breaking Bad

The fallout from Louis' role on Breaking Bad just won't quit! And EVERYBODY knows the "Say My Name" scene - it has truly become a pop culture icon and a way to sum up the entire series in a few moments.

You know you have arrived as a cultural phenomenon when someone does a LEGO scene of your work. And here we are!

Proudly presenting: "Say My Name". With LEGOs.

And speaking of pop culture phenomena: you may be familiar with VH1's series "I love the 2000s". It's a collection of popular music, TV shows, movies, sports events, celebrities, scandals - anything that was worthy of water cooler gossip and discussions in a particular decade (VH1 also did "I love the 70s", "I love the 80s", and "I love the 90s", plus a variety of spinoffs).

Breaking Bad began airing in 2008, so in that particular episode they show clips of the two main characters of the series, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Only one other character is shown. You guessed it - Declan in the infamous "Say My Name" scene.

Watch the entire episode right here or at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzIOUhAUwA0
The Breaking Bad sequence starts at around 19:20, the "Say My Name" scene is at 20:45. Enjoy!


Louis and Patrick Go for a Drive
Alas, YouTube has removed the latest Patrick Gilmore/ Louis Ferreira hilariousness, but you can still catch it on Patrick's Facebook Page. Run, do not walk, and watch it there before it disappears!
There's also still a short trailer on Patrick's Instagram Page. Check it out! You can also find it on our VIDEOS page.


Here's Louis with Magda Apanowicz who guest starred in Motive's Season 3 episode "Reversal of Fortune". Magda played the part of Elizabeth Hillis.  Thanks for posting, @MotiveTV!

@MotiveTV also posted this gem of a portrait from the Oscar Vega-centric episode "Reversal of Fortune". Have a hankie ready. You have been warned.



Click on the images to see the original posts. Thanks, @MotiveTV!

No Motive... not that it makes a difference for those living in the US... (sadface)

And hot... We love Hero-Oscar!

"Yo, Vega - you do the best Robot, like, ever. Duuuude."

What's your caption? Let us know via email or on the Forum!


In honor of the interview with Alex Appel we have screencaps from her first episode on 1-800-MISSING "Anything for the Baby, part 1" (Season 3, episode 1). The series is available on Hulu and online at IMDb (if you're a member you can stream it there for free; it's also free to become a member!). Sadly, Season 3 never made it to DVD.

Alex plays FBI agent Janey Cooper - this episode shows her first day on the job where Janey manages to save the day and put her foot in her mouth, often at the same time. Louis Ferreira plays the tough-as-nails Assistant Director John Pollock who also has his share of awkward moments in the episode, along with some great scenes with Alex whose character - according to Pollock - is "fresh out of the box and still under warranty".


Here is a direct link to the album:  https://ferreirafestscreencaps.shutterfly.com/pictures/13162



Every month Louis reads a chapter from one of his favorite books, Are You as Happy as Your Dog? by Alan Cohen. Mr. Cohen has kindly granted his permission for us to post Louis' book reading clips here. Please join me in thanking him and be sure to visit his website at alancohen.com.

Click on the thumbnail of the book cover to purchase a copy of the book:

Here is this month's chapter.

Listen to the sound clip here:

Chapter #27: Trust the Force

Munchie has no bank account, makes no mortgage payments, carries no credit cards, doesn’t subscribe to Blue Shield, and doesn’t fret and scheme at tax time.

Yet he eats well every day, has a lovely little home, gets taken to the vet when he needs it, enjoys plenty of friends who love him, and has everything he needs to be happy.

He must know something I forgot.

Bradley Stryker

Our friend Bradley has been unbelievably busy. There are three nice interviews with him available online from the past month alone.

1. Hipcast did their ongoing series "22 Questions" with Bradley, where he delves into the struggles of keeping balance and taking control of your own creative process. The interview was recorded on June 13, 2014 but is now available online.

2. {C} Magazine did a lovely interview with Bradley in which he discusses his dedication to mentoring and the benefits to all parties involved.

3. Bradley was also a guest at Ghostman and Demon Hunter on PlanetParanormal, and you can listen to the podcast right here.

The final episode of The Lizzie Borden Chronicles will air May 24th at 10/9c on Lifetime.

Although Bradley's role on the show ended two weeks ago there is still plenty of blood and gore to be had. If you're into Victorian murder mysteries, this show is definitely for you.

Skipjack met his untimely end in bed - with a vital artery slashed by Lizzie herself he bled to death. Be sure to visit the Lizzie Borden Chronicles website to watch episodes you've missed!
Bradley's full-length feature Land of Smiles is coming along nicely. ADRs were done in the past few weeks.

ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement)  is the process of re-recording dialogue by the original actor after the filming process to improve audio quality or reflect dialogue changes.

Here he is with Donnie Dingus during an ADR session.

Peter Kelamis
Peter has had several auditions lately, many of them for Greek characters. Of course Peter is the perfect choice, as he is indeed Greek by birth, raised in Australia and living in Canada - a true world citizen!

The Comic Vision Vancouver charity event where Peter performed last month raised $170,000. There are lots of photos of everyone BUT Peter online, despite the fact that Peter did an amazing job and got tons of laughs!
See for yourself! Here are two video clips of Peter doing a stand-up comedy routine. The man is absolutely hilarious!

Peter also performed at the Manchester Pub on April 27 where former SGU co-star Mike Dopud watched his show. Thanks for posting, Mike!  Click on the photo to see a large version in the original post.

Rob Munic

Rob has just updated his LinkedIn with a credit for Writer/Co-Executive producer for Fox's Empire. His IMDB is not updated yet but of course our page is! The show's  season finale already aired and it was a huge hit for Fox.  You can watch full episodes online here. The 2nd season will premier in September.

The 2nd season of Murder in the First premiers June 8th on TNT. Watch the Season 2 trailer:

You can watch the last five episodes for free on the Official Murder in the First Website.

Ingrid Rogers

Ingrid will guest star as Holly in episodes 9 and 10 of Season 2 of Murder in the First. Stay tuned for air dates!

The DePalma Archives posted a great old photo of Ingrid Rogers and Al Pacino in Carlito's Way. Check out the hair!


Jennifer Spence

Jen's IMDB Listing has been updated with her role in the sci-fi short film The Adept. She plays the character of Maddy.   

The Adept will be screening at The London Sci-Fi Festival on May 31 at 4:30pm, and on June 5 at 4:30pm.

David Dingess

GPB Macon Radio Station is using some of David's tracks as underscoring for the news. Please read the short news item about it here. David donated the use of his music for the GPB fundraiser. Way to go, David!

Aaaaand... David graduated from Georgia College with a degree in Music Education!


Justin Chance

Chance has a new site for his music! He's got 5 tracks posted. Listen to them at

Chance has been posting new poems and artworks frequently in the past month. His gallery and poetry collection has be updated. Please check out the additions to his works on Chance's Page.

"It is not the strong one, swift one or mighty one
that overcomes all obstacles...
it is usually the one who in his mind believes he can!"


Eric Banerd

Eric will begin shooting his new short film "Night Fall" this summer. He will be producing and acting.
Eric got to hang out with his mentor and friend Louis a few weeks ago.
And here's a view from the stage at the Port Theatre in Nanaimo during one of Eric's recent gigs with The Wild Romantics. Very cool!

Pauline Goes to Mozambique

Pauline Egan, Louis' friend and co-star from the short film Through the Pane is going on a humanitarian mission to Mozambique. A Registered Nurse with a Post-Graduate Certificate in Primary Health Care in Developing Countries, Pauline will work on community health issues with the local people, which includes building new wells so everyone can have access to clean water.

Pauline will film a documentary of her time in Africa, and she needs your help! Please donate to her fundraising campaign to purchase medical supplies and film equipment for this wonderful project.

Please check out her IndieGoGo Page for more info and to make a donation! Go to the Water Underground slide show to see views of the community and the people you will be supporting.

Several Friends of Louis Ferreira are already on board! Won't you come join us?

The Children of Chibanane, Mozambique



Ildi reports:
1-800 Missing is being broadcast on Film Café on weekdays. There's a new episode at 8 PM which is rerun on the next day at 1:30 PM. So far it seems like only season 1 episodes are being aired, but hopefully they will hang on to it and we will get to see Louis episodes as well in season 2 and 3.

Stargate Universe is on both AXN and AXN Black again. Click on the banners below to go to the channels' websites. Thanks for the update, Ildi!

     United Kingdom

Motive starts in the UK Monday June 8th at 9pm!

Motive Season 2 on DVD came out in the UK on May 18, 2015.


Motive Season 2 on DVD is coming out in Germany on December 30, 2015.



Filmmaker Paola Botero reports that her short film Arthur which features Louis as Antonio is nearing completion. She's about to get started with the visual effects editing. Stay tuned for updates!

Stargate: Universe (SGU)

Every once in a while a web search will find previously undiscovered articles of this amazing show that was cancelled way too soon. Here is a report from a visit on the set of the series. Enjoy!

Louis Ferreira as Col. Everett Young. Photo by MGM.

New Online Archive

Every so often we have to remove a link to an online news article because it was taken offline, the link is broken or simply expired. Our newest staff member Margo is collecting all those online articles and converting them into Image, Rich Text and Raw Text files. They will all be uploaded to an external site where you can access and download them anytime!

To view and/ or download the first few files, click here

More will be added all the time, so be sure to check back often!

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