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Published March 2015.

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And once again the 20th of the month rolls around, and that means another big party here at Ferreira Fest where we celebrate the acting career of Louis Ferreira (Justin Louis) and his friends and check in on our charitable causes and mentorship work. This month we have  an exclusive interview with Eric Banerd, the Motive Season 3 opener, photos, Q&A, the big Birthday Project wrap-up and a homework assignment for all of us! Grab an age-appropriate fancy pineapple cocktail at the bar and come on in - let's polish off those birthday cake leftovers!

The Children's Aid Foundation

The Children's Aid Foundation has a few exciting events coming up next month:

April 15th: Volunteer Appreciation Night

April 19th: The Corsage Project - Boutique Ball
The Corsage Project, working in partnership with the Children’s Aid Foundation, is a non-profit program in Toronto dedicated to giving the authentic prom experience to young women and men who would not otherwise have the opportunity to celebrate with their peers due to the high cost of formal wear. Through the scholarship program, the Corsage Project also helps local high school graduates achieve their post-secondary goals.

Check out the official newsletter of CAF: The Buzz - the February issue can be found here.

Click on the banner below to donate to the Children's Aid Foundation.

If you choose to make a donation to The Children's Aid Foundation The Friends of Louis Ferreira will send you a small Louis-related gift. Donating is easy and donations are tax-deductible.

The Good Neighbours' Club

The Good Neighbours' Club in Toronto has made several posts this past month.

The club members are in desperate need of towels. It has been extremely cold in Toronto this winter and we all know how good a nice hot shower feels. If you live nearby please drop off some towels at GNC or make a donation below. Join the folks who have generously donated towels already!

At their recent Board meeting GNC honored their past chairs.

And we got a #FollowFriday shoutout from The Good Neighbours' Club!

If you'd like to contribute to the towel fund or any other needs of The Good Neighbours' Club, please click on the banner below - the donation process is quick and easy, and all donations are tax-deductible, and of course we will also send you a small gift as a thank you!

Project Limelight

Louis is a regular supporter of Project Limelight, a children's art organization in Vancouver. Here he is with the kids and with co-star Adam Greydon Reid after participating in one of their recent film projects, a short film called The Review.


The Review screens on March 22 at 2pm in Vancouver, at Simon Frazier University's Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, 149 W. Hastings St. If you're in the area this weekend don't miss it!

The March 16th edition of  Westender has the following blurb:

Project Limelight – the busy non-profit that provides valuable performing arts opportunities to Eastside kids – presents a special afternoon screening of its short film, The Review. Directed by Michelle Ouellett (Afterparty), the short stars the Project Limelight kids and a bevy (or is it a gaggle?) of local film & TV industry pros, including Louis Ferreira (Motive, Breaking Bad), Erica Carroll (Supernatural, When Calls the Heart), and Adam Greydon Reid (Gracepoint, Continuum). Watch for a special live presentation by the Project Limelight performers. 2pm, March 22 at Djavad Mowafaghian Cinema at SFU Woodward’s (149 West Hastings).

Here's a short promo video that includes Louis:

Project Limelight invites you to our short film, THE REVIEW, on Sunday March 22nd. from Project Limelight Society on Vimeo.

Watch this space for a special feature about Project Limelight in Ferreira Fest 64 next month!


MOTIVE's Season 3 is finally on the air! Alas, there is still no word about who will pick up the series for their summer lineup (ABC will not pick it back up). Meanwhile people in Canada can enjoy the new episodes while the rest of the world has to bide their time.

But here are a good number of online articles, photos and tweets about the first few episodes! Hopefully MOTIVE's ratings will remain high and entice networks elsewhere to pick up the series.

The Vancouver Sun - February 27, 2015
The Vancouver Sun’s Francois Marchand visits the set of CTV crime show Motive, shot in Vancouver, for an exclusive look at Season 3 and interviews with the stars.

The Vancouver Sun - March 1, 2015  (same video, different picture)
“I like Vega — he’s someone that still has the values that existed in what seems like a past tense: Things like integrity and honesty and nobility and loyalty,” he said. “There’s also always been a spiritual aspect to Vega, and it’s something I personally strive for and believe is super important for all of us. That’s something I’ve definitely tried to embrace in this character.”

The Star - March 19, 2015
The homegrown crime drama begins its third season on a new night, six months after the dramatic events of the Season 2 finale.

VanCityBuzz - March 6, 2015
Check out an exclusive preview of one of Motive’s stunts in photos! Who's the man with the fire extinguisher?

TV-eh.com - March 6, 2015
Secrets keep Motive rolling!  “We’re both playing characters that are in their 40s and there is a strong codependence between them. We’re taking out the sexuality, but we’re enhancing the intimacy.”

The Televixen - March 6, 2015
Angie and Vega have to sort out a separation as the season begins, and Lehman says she and Louis Ferreira had questions about how it unfolded, and whether it was a formal estrangement. She likened it to something that most close friends can relate to. (Contains several high-resolution cast photos - grab them while you can!)

CTV.com - February 19, 2015
Vega will have some battles ahead as he will face a crisis that not only threatens his career, but his personal life as well.

CTV.com Preview Trailer (only watchable in Canada)

Bellmedia - February 19 2015
Kristin Lehman leads the returning ensemble cast for a third season, including 2014 Leo Award-winning actor Louis Ferreira, along with Brendan Penny, Lauren Holly, and Warren Christie.

Bellmedia - high resolution cast shot on location from article above: download now!

Bellmedia - lots of nice high quality photos, cast photos are at the bottom

Bellmedia - ratings for the season opener

Bellmedia - A press release in pdf form with a great Oscar Vega photo - download now!

Thanks to Agi for the links!

There were countless others but they tended to be quoted or copied from the articles above.

Here are a few MOTIVE-related Tweets (click on the thumbnails to read the original posts):


Motive Season 3 Episode Titles

301: Six Months Later
302: Calling the Shots
303: Oblivion
304: The Glass House
305: The Suicide Tree
306: Fallen
307: Pilot Error
308: Reversal of Fortune
309: Best Enemies
310: Purgatory
311: The Amateurs
312: Frampton Comes Alive
313: (Untitled)


For the past half year Louis participated in a young artists mentoring program called FYA - Fulfilling Young Artists, and he was asked to mentor a young actor and musician named Eric Banerd. Here's how he got involved in FYA.

Listen to the sound clip here:

LF – One of the guys had just gotten in touch with me and, yeah, the two guys who run it are actually great, great guys, and I don’t really know them that well but I love what they were saying and represented, and I actually went to the day of their graduation, where all students put together a five-minute piece, some was poetry, some was music, others did short films, including Eric.

And it was pretty brilliant. I mean, there were some really amazing performances. And so that was really neat to see the young people, and it’s an opportunity for me to give very little but be part of a cause that I certainly believe in, what a great thing they started there.

FF – Right.

LF – So that was very cool.
Transcript by Casey.

Here is Louis with Eric (to Louis' right with his arms in the air) and several of the participants of the program, celebrating the successful conclusion of their partnership through FYA.


Eric was kind enough to do an exclusive interview with The Friends of Louis Ferreira for this month's Ferreira Fest.

Listen to the sound clip here:

FF – Hi Eric, tell us a little bit about yourself first. Who is Eric Banerd? What do you do? What is your passion? And what gets you up in the morning?

EB – I consider myself an all-around artist. At the moment, I am writing, I’m playing music, I’m acting, I’m involved in producing a film, I’m taking classes, I do a lot of different things. My main passion is film making. But I’ve played music for a long time—I’m a drummer. I play in two different bands.

FF – Wow. What kind of bands? What kind of music?

EB – One band, they’re called The Wild Romantics, and they play a folk/ rock/ blues kind of feel. And I play for another girl, her name’s Jodi Pederson, and she’s a singer/songwriter, and she is more like Lana Del Ray, she’s more pop. So it’s interesting, as a drummer I get to play in a lot of different projects and different styles and I get to blend into the music that the songwriters play.

FF – How fantastic. So, what gets you up in the morning? What’s your get up and go and wow what another great, wonderful day?

EB – I live in Vancouver and I love it here. It’s pretty amazing. The view, I live right by Stanley Park in Vancouver, and I have a view of Stanley Park and the mountains and it really does get me up every day and just puts me in a good mood. And usually every day I’m doing what I want to be doing. I’m creating art. And that fills up the majority of my time, so, it’s awesome. I’m actually the happiest I’ve ever been, right now.

FF – Oh, that’s wonderful! That’s wonderful. So, how did you get involved in the acting profession, or in acting in general? Where and how did you catch the bug?


EB – I had it really early, when I was young. I remember, I wanted to be an actor when I was a kid. I think it’s because my mom had put me in this workshop for one day when I was six or seven or something, I can’t even remember. It was this acting workshop for kids.

And I didn’t even really know what it was. I just went there and we did these exercises where you just connect with other people. I did this exercise with this other little girl who was my age as well. And we just had to look into each other’s eyes and feel something. And from then on, I think I associated that idea with acting, which is essentially what it is. So I always wanted to be an actor but I didn’t really start acting until I was, I guess, twenty, and my friend was taking an acting class.

And I had always wanted to be an actor so she said I should just come watch her class, so I did. And I instantly signed up for six months of training. Like that night.
FF – Talk about contagion!

EB – Yeah, and since then I’ve been doing it. And I love it.

FF – That’s great. Now, Eric, based on what I’ve seen on your IMDb page and various other social media, you do a lot of different things. So, we’ve touched on acting, there’s also directing, producing, and you even composed music for a short film, right?

EB – Yep.

FF – Tell us more about your many talents.

EB – I made my first short film last year. Co-directed and produced. And we’re in the process of making one right now, as well. And, yeah, I’ve been acting for a while. But, as a young actor it gets difficult because you’re not acting all the time.

FF – Right.

EB – You have to be auditioning and then you have to get the role, and usually the roles you get are relatively small, because you’re starting out. So, my friend and I, because we were a little angry, because we weren’t working, we wrote a short film and just made it.

We produced it on our own. And I co-directed it and he acted in it. I had a small, tiny role in it but I mostly directed it. Now we are starting our own little film company and we’re in the process of making another short film right now. And I’m in the process of writing a web-series that hopefully will be made at some point this year, as well.

FF – Oh, that sounds fantastic! So, Eric, tell us a little bit about your participation in FYA, Fulfilling Young Artists. There was a picture of you on Twitter and so I looked it up. Tell us little bit about that.

EB – It’s so cool. It’s a mentorship program here in Vancouver that a guy named Sage Brocklebank started. Sage has been an actor in Vancouver for a long time, and basically I had just heard about it through a friend. I can’t even remember, they just mentioned something about it—oh, you should send off an application to this mentorship program—because they had done it the year before and said it was cool.

So I did that and, to be honest, forgot that I had done it. And then they called me up to come in for an interview. And I went in to the interview and I was just myself, completely honest, and then they matched me up with Louis, which was hilarious because, they didn’t even tell me that they had matched me with Louis, or matched me with anybody; all of a sudden I just got a FaceTime phone call from L.A. It was Louis driving in his car. He’s like, “Hey! I’m your mentor now.”

So since then Louis has been a hundred and ten percent in my corner and has been there for me for whatever I’ve needed him and has turned into a really good friend.

So I can’t say enough about that program. And also, the web-series that I’m writing, we have to make a project, to show everyone at the end of the six months, and I made my pilot episode for my web-series and showed it to everybody, and I got a lot of good feedback from that. And from making that pilot I’ve written an entire season and have producers interested in producing it. So, it’s been a really awesome experience.

FF – How many people are in the FYA program, at this point, do you know?

EB – I think there was about twenty.

FF – Oh, so it’s fairly exclusive, then.

EB – Yeah, it’s not a huge program. There’s about twenty mentors and mentees.

FF – Oh, wow. What a coincidence, what an opportunity, to be able to get that, and not even expecting anything, really, and there it is. And it’s like one of the best things to ever happen to you.

EB – Yeah.

FF – What is the role, or the project, that you’re most proud of up to this point, and why?

EB – That’s a good question. It’s funny, a lot of actors will say this, because I haven’t had any roles on TV or film that have been very big, I’ve done a lot of short film and, you know, smaller principal roles and stuff like that, so I think the best work I’ve done has been on stage and theater.

And I’ve done a few plays. Either on stage, and it’s funny, you do a lot of your best work in class. I’m in class all the time.

FF – Right.

EB – And every week I’m giving it in class, which is why I’ve started to make my own films. Because I want to show people that now. I want to show what I’ve been working on. Other than just going into these TV shows and having a few scenes, where you can’t really sink your teeth into the character.

FF – Right.

EB – I mean, you can. “There is no such thing as a small role, only small actors”, is another saying. But I’m really making my own films so I can show people what I can do. But, yes, I think some of the best work I’ve done has been in the theater that I’ve done. For sure.

Scenes from the pilot of Eric's webseries

FF – Now, I’ve also read on your Twitter that you are involved in charitable projects and fundraisers for good causes. And so your desire to help others certainly rings a bell with all The Friends of Louis Ferreira, this is what we’re in many ways all about - supporting young artists and charitable causes that Louis is interested in and so forth. So it’s the birds of a feather thing. So, what’s in it for you? Why do you do it?

EB – I want to do more of it. It just makes you feel good about yourself. It makes you feel good that you’re helping other people. I mean, there’s so many people out there that are struggling with so many different things. And I feel really fortunate that I’m not really struggling with a lot of things. And it’s just important to me to help other people. I think you get what you give, too. I’d like to do more of it, to be honest. I haven’t done a lot of it recently.

I used to own my own company. I owned a franchise for a painting company and we would do big fundraisers every year for the MS Society. That’s where a lot of my fundraising came from, was through that, through the MS Society.

And I met a lot of people with MS, it’s such a crippling disease, you can’t help but want to help these people.

FF – Right.

EB – Because it’s not like they’ve done anything wrong, it’s just out of nowhere, the MS shows up and just takes over their life.

FF – Right.

EB – Some people, they can’t move anything below their head, they can only move their head. It’s just a terrible disease. I don’t know how you would not want to help out with something like that. And especially, as an actor, you can draw from all of these experiences, too.

FF – Yes.

EB –They affect you, and you can use that in your work as well.

FF – Right, right. Let’s talk a little bit about Louis. You just mentioned that he became your mentor through the FYA program. And the first phone call in the car, and that sounds so typical to me. What are some of the activities that you’ve done together? And how has he helped you? What kind of advice do you get from him? So, basically, tell us a little bit about what he does as a mentor when he’s working with you.
EB – It’s funny, we talk about acting of course, but mostly we’ve just talked about what we’re going through, like each of us is going through in our life. And he’s more or less become like just a really good friend. We’d go to our favorite restaurant in Yaletown called The Parlour, it’s my friend’s restaurant, and we would just hang out there and just chat and he’s helped me in so many ways. From getting a new agent to helping me run auditions, to setting up meetings with casting directors for me, and just supporting me. I could call him or text him at any time, if I had a good audition or a bad audition, I’d talk to him about it. And he was always open ears about everything.

I don’t know, he became like my dad, in a way.

FF – Yeah.

EB – I just can’t say enough good things about him. And I enjoyed every moment I spent with Louis.

FF – So, based on his influence, and this whole FYA program, do you yourself have an interest in mentoring others when you get to that point?

EB – Absolutely, yeah. I definitely will, because I see the benefit. It benefited me so much, and I would love to give that back to someone else. And I can’t wait until I’m at the point where I can do that. I absolutely will for sure.

FF – And, now, we’re actually at the bottom of the list here, so here comes the infamous question that looms over everybody who does an interview with us—if you could describe Louis in four words, what would they be?

EB – I would say, loving—he says that all the time, that he loves everybody—he is genuine in loving.

Genuine is another good one, too. He’s genuine, loving. When he goes into a room, he can change the room. And when you see him, like I got to go to set, to see him on set, he can change the vibe of someone.

He’s uplifting.

And extremely talented.

FF – Wonderful! Those are great words, Eric, thank you so, so much for taking the time. I know this happened all very, very quickly. And very impromptu, but I promise you it will have an impact. Maybe not right away, but word gets out there about those people and that’s the most important thing.

Thanks to Casey for the transcript!

Here are ways you can keep up with Eric between Ferreira Fest issues:

Hang out on his Web Page.
Follow Eric Banerd on Twitter.
Friend him on Facebook.
Check him out on IMDb.
Visit him on Instagram.
Watch his reel on Vimeo.

Want to see Eric perform in a band live on stage? Here are his upcoming tour dates:

March 26th - Queens Hotel, Nanaimo - The Wild Romantics
March 27th - Duncan Showroom, Duncan - The Wild Romantics
April 6th - Railway Club, Vancouver - The Wild Romantics
April 9th - Skinny Fat Jack's, Vancouver - The Wild Romantics
April 12th - The Hindenburg, Vancouver - The Wild Romantics
May 1st - 10th - Canadian Music Week- Various Shows, Toronto - The Wild Romantics / Jodi Pederson
May 14th - The Port Theatre, Nanaimo - The Wild Romantics / We Are The City
June 19th - Revelstoke - Jodi Pederson
June 20th - Vernon - Jodi Pederson
July 1st - Kelowna - Jodi Pederson

Please visit Eric's Page here at The Friends of Louis Ferreira!


After a year on the Festival Circuit, Pauline Egan's short film starring Louis Ferreira is still wiping the floor with the competition!

The latest win was at the Legacy Filmworks Awards which was held March 6-9, where Through The Pane won 1st Place! Congrats, Pauline, and way to go!

Watch this space for an exclusive interview with Pauline Egan later this year!



Here's a really old photo posted by Edunio Silva on his Facebook page. Thanks for sharing, Edunio!

Announcing: MOTIVE Season 3 is finally here - for those lucky enough to live in Canada...

Louis shows a photo of himself being the ever-serious Oscar Vega, discussing strategies with the SWAT Team

Behind the scenes of shooting MOTIVE Season 3, hanging out with Kristin Lehman.

This photo was taken on the balcony of the condo where the crime scene was located in MOTIVE Season 3, episode 2 "Calling the Shots".



Louis tweeted before the Motive Season 3 premiere.

And this Tweet has a short video clip of Louis! Thanks, @MotiveTV!
Click on the picture to watch the video!

SCREENCAPS and Q&A: Grey Gardens

Legendary filmmaker Albert Maysles died two weeks ago. Albert and his brother David became famous for their unconventional movies which inspired a whole new way of making documentaries. Read a press release here.

From Wikipedia: The Maysles Brothers have shot over 30 films. Their films Salesman, the Rolling Stones film Gimme Shelter, and Grey Gardens are considered examples of Direct Cinema. Albert Maysles said: "Remember, as a documentarian you are an observer, an author but not a director, a discoverer, not a controller."

Albert pioneered the "fly on the wall" perspective in documentary cinema. His success from a technical aspect was based on separating the camera from the sound recording device (David used a Nagra) by accurately controlling the speed of the camera and the tape recorder allowing the two devices to be moved independently with respect to each other; an impossibility in commercially available equipment at the time. Long takes with ordinary equipment of the era would invariably lose synchronization.

In May 2002 the New York Times referred to Albert as "the dean of documentary film making". Two of their films, Salesman and Grey Gardens, have been preserved in the Library of Congress' National Film Registry.

In 2009 HBO released a movie about the making of the Maysles' documentary of Grey Gardens. Louis played David Maysles, Albert's brother, who was the sound engineer genius half of the film maker team.

Louis has fond memories of making this movie.

Listen to the sound clip here:

FF – Here’s a thing that also happened. Did you hear that Albert Maysles died?

LF – Yeah, I just read that like four days ago. Did I play Albert or David?

FF – You played David. You played the brother.

LF – David was already, had passed away.

FF – Yeah. And now Albert is gone too.

LF – Yeah.

FF – Oh, what a shame. Grey Gardens is one of my favorite movies. It’s just phenomenal and so wonderful. Do you remember making that? Was that filmed in Toronto?

LF – Yeah, we shot it in Toronto, it was during that period where I was kind of stuck there. When I was like, I can only take jobs in Toronto, and it was a gift that came through. And I auditioned and I remember, I was such a big fan of Jessica Lange as a younger actor, I thought, as far as actors, it was her and Meryl Streep, those were my two queens of acting, and so seeing her act and being around her was like a real treat.

And then Drew Barrymore, it was interesting to see Drew because she’s usually the cute girl, the quirky next door friend type of thing, and she was really pouring her heart and soul into her character, she stayed in character the entire time. And she introduced herself to me at the wrap party. She said, “I’m Drew.” Up until then she was Little Edie the entire time.

FF – Oh my gosh.

LF – So, it was nice to see her method-act. And she had a vocal coach through the entire time who was there, and it was nice because of course there was a little flirtation between my character and hers. You just were happy to be part of that kind of project, and then it went on to win, didn’t it win eight Emmys or something?

FF – Oh, yeah, it was huge.

LF – It won a lot of Emmys and so it was just a nice feeling to be part of that kind of… that’s one, as an actor, when you get those, those are the homeruns, and for me it’s never been about, just to be part of something like that where you’re just grateful and you’re like, wow, it’s a nice feeling when you’re in a film that so many people love and respect and that gets that kind of accolades.

So, I remember it well, I remember enjoying my experience very much. Again, I got to be a fly on the wall, as we, in fact, were the documentary filmmakers making - it was "the making of the making of", so, we got to watch them act. So, a lot of the times we were the ones recording, pretend-recording, and filming and recording sound.

But you saw very little of us, but we were there for a lot of it.

FF – Yeah. Oh, it’s just so well done. And I’ve watched the original documentary, after I had…

LF – Which is also great.

FF – I’d seen actually the Grey Gardens version first, and then I watched the original documentary afterwards. And it was amazing, the overlaps and just the care that went into the historical research that they had done. And to replicate the situation and the looks and even the fabrics, it’s just amazing!

LF – Yeah, they did a great job. It was definitely a cool piece, I was very happy to be a part of that.

FF – I was wondering, also, how different is it when you play a character that is entirely made-up, such as Colonel Young or something vs David Maysles who, at the time, was still alive, right? When you filmed it?

LF – No, I think David was already deceased.

FF – David was already dead?

LF – I think so. I knew one of the brothers, I feel like, was already passed. So it must have been David, if Albert just passed. Yeah, it’s always interesting. The weird thing is, a lot of times you’ll take liberty with it. When you’re playing a real person, I feel for me it’s like you’ve got a lot more advantages because you’ve got so much more to go on. There’s a sound, there’s a look, there’s a history, there’s a life. There’s real stuff, whereas if you’re creating something, it’s great in the sense that you are the one creating it, but at the same time, a lot of times it’s explorative in that, as you’re doing it, more and more is revealing itself.

As opposed to, when I got to play, for example, the Trump thing, I had a whole history and a biography and a sense of everything about him. It feels like it’s an advantage only from the perspective of having information more at your fingertips.

FF – Right. The background, yeah.

LF – Yeah.

FF – Well, and I guess it also…

LF – It makes a difference, as opposed to, because the fictional ones, you’re creating the background.

FF – Right.

LF – You know, with Colonel Young I had to imagine him. This is his childhood. This is how he got into the military. This is why. Why is he hard and cold and stern? You know, all that stuff, that’s all coming out of your own, you do that kind of work, and that’s just as fun. It’s different, I don’t know, they’re both challenging, just in different ways I guess.

Transcript by Casey.

To commemorate Albert Maysles and his brother David who died in 1987 we have 339 screencaps from the HBO movie for you this month. Please be sure to watch the actual movies - they will be well worth your time, and these iconic all-star classics don't lose their appeal even after repeated viewings.

The original Albert and David Maysles during the making of Grey Gardens

Arye Gross and Louis Ferreira as Albert and David Maysles in the HBO movie Grey Gardens

Here is a direct link to the album: https://ferreirafestscreencaps.shutterfly.com/pictures/14268



This month we have a question from Brian.

Listen to the sound clip here:

FF – When I was reading the Song of Ice and Fire books, I pictured you as Prince Doran Martell. At any point, were you ever up for the part, or had you considered trying for a role in Game of Thrones? Alexander Siddig is a great actor and I’ve seen him in a few parts. He should do fine in the role, but I still think you would have been better.

LF – Well, thank you very much. The answer is no and no. Very, very sweet of him to say. I will take that, and say thank you to that!

Thanks for the great question, Brian!

Got a question for Louis? Please send it to ask_louis@louisferreira.org.


It's been a while since Louis gave us all an assignment, but here we go: inspired by his memories of playing an actual historic character Louis wants to know which actors playing historic characters you like.

Listen to the assignment here:

LF – I want to know people’s favorite biographical performance by an actor of somebody else. And I will say that I just love the kid who won best actor for The Theory of Everything, Eddie Redmayne, for playing Stephen Hawking. He’s brilliant.

So that’s my contemporary choice.

I love Jim Morrison in The Doors.

And I love Jim Carrey in Man on the Moon. I feel like this is what it is? The Andy Kaufman one. He was brilliant. Yeah. But those are my three off the top of my head.

I’m sure there’s others but that’s a great question and have people come in with their answers. I want to know who - that’d be fun!

Transcript by Casey.

Please leave your answers at the special topic thread in the Forum. Not a Forum member yet? Joining is easy and free, and nobody will pester you or send you spam since we own the site completely! Click here now to sign up and join us!

I will send everyone's response to Louis next month so we can compare notes.

Please join us and respond to Louis' request!


Every month Louis reads a chapter from one of his favorite books, Are You as Happy as Your Dog? by Alan Cohen. Mr. Cohen has kindly granted his permission for us to post Louis' book reading clips here. Please join me in thanking him and be sure to visit his website at alancohen.com.

Click on the thumbnail of the book cover to purchase a copy of the book:

Here is this month's chapter.

Listen to the sound clip here:

Chapter 25:
If you can’t get over it, go under it

When the Munchster and I come to a fence that he can’t climb, he squeezes under it. In olden times people had a high value on humility. If you’re too puffed up you can’t get through a lot of openings. If you’re willing to be flexible, you can get through lots of spaces that an arrogant dog couldn’t.

Bradley Stryker

Bradley writes:
Hi there -- Lots of fun things coming!  Lizzie Borden starts airing in April on Lifetime and Thai-Sanity is almost finished, which will then be another exciting adventure of its own!
Hope you're great!
     Bradley Stryker

Bradley was recently seen on stage in "Lu Ann Hampton Laverty Oberlander" at ReGroup Theatre in New York City. He shared a few pictures:

(Screencap from Supernatural)
Please visit Bradley's Page here at The Friends of Louis Ferreira!


Peter Kelamis

Peter has a new IMDb listing! Check it out:

All of My Heart (TV Movie) - Inspector (2015)
Tagline: After inheriting half of a house, a young woman develops an unexpected friendship with her co-owner.
Website: http://www.hallmarkchannel.com/all-of-my-heart

Louis and Patrick Gilmore attended Peter's show at the Ice House Comedy Club in Pasadena. Louis mentioned it our last conversation and just how awesome the show was. Congrats, Peter! It's always nice when you have friends cheer you on...

Please visit Peter's Page here at The Friends of Louis Ferreira!

Rob Munic

Rob's IMDB listings have also been updated:   

Murder in the First (TV Series) (co-executive producer - 4 episodes)
            - Episode #2.4 (2015) ... (co-executive producer)
            - Twenty-Fifteen (2015) ... (co-executive producer)   [was Episode #2.1 before]

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Jennifer Spence

Jen has been busy filming the Sci Fi  short film The Adept. Check it out on Twitter
                       Uh-oh, something's happening...

Something funny's going on!
And finally, a great shot from one of Stargate Universe's most memorable episodes: Season 2's "Epilogue". Here we see Jen in her old-age makeup. Still fabulous!!

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David Dingess

Here's a cool picture of David performing which appeared in The Colonnade, Georgia College's student newspaper.

The Dance Performance for which David wrote some of the music, "Body: How Truth Moves" took place earlier this month to sell-out crowds. Congrats, David!

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Justin Chance

Chance has posted four new poems. Click on the thumbnails to see the full text.


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     News from Hungary

Ildi reports:
There's only MOTIVE on Hungarian TV now, and it's only on TV2. It's on Thursday night at 11:35pm.

Also, Saw IV will be on Film Mania on the 20th at 10:55pm.

Apart from these, there's nothing else Louis-related in Hungarian TV. Not a very exciting month I'm afraid.

Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Ildi!


Last month Louis' IMDb file pushed back into the Top 5000. It was right around the time when all the press releases about MOTIVE Season 3 started coming out.

It's been a while since we've featured the Wikipedia hits page for Louis. Here is a screenshot of a recent one. Which day do you think was the Season 3 premiere for MOTIVE?


Alma writes: Did you ever watch the videos of the llamas being chased in Arizona? They're weaving between stand-still traffic while people try to catch them. Vicky, who is 4 years old, saw it and said "Elmer says no playing between cars." I guess Elmer's still teaching kids about safety... but not llamas!

Know any young kids who could use some traffic safety training that's fun and potentially life-saving? Check out our Elmer Page - we have booklets, flyers and Elmer's Safety Song for kids of all ages!


The 2015 Birthday Project Wrap-up

Thanks to everyone who sent in a birthday card for Louis. The package was sent straight to Los Angeles where Louis enjoyed unpacking everything and reading your notes.
Here's a picture of all the birthday cards
that were sent to Louis this year.
And here is Louis with one of them.
And here's Louis with a message for everyone!

A big thank you to all my friends! I am so grateful for the birthday wishes and the birthday love, and I send it right back in the form of every happiness to all of you. I was truly humbled and felt very, very loved, and so a big, big thank you to you guys!

A week earlier Louis' Vancouver friends threw a surprise party for him at the Blue Water Cafe. Here is the birthday cake with the wonderful old photo on it. Thanks for keeping us posted, Pauline and Jackie!


Finally, we welcome a new staff member to Ferreira Fest! Margo will work on archiving all the various news articles that we link to in each Ferreira Fest. Many of these articles and columns disappear within days; links break, websites go defunct. Thanks to Margo, those articles that are still out there will be available for you to download through an external site. Please watch this space for news about this project. Welcome, Margo!

You may contact Margo at margo@louisferreira.org.

All of our staff member can be reached via email through our CONTACT page. We are always happy to hear from you!

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