Ferreira Fest 51

Published March 2014.

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Ferreira Fest 51
It's the 20th day of the month and this means another huge party at Ferreira Fest, where we celebrate the acting career of Louis Ferreira (Justin Louis) with news, photos, Q&As, sound clips and reports! This month we have an exclusive interview with Louis' Stargate Universe colleague Jennifer Spence, so come on in, grab a free virtual pineapple drink at the open bar and join us for a plethora of smiles and good times!


Louis received his birthday package a few days after the big day, since he was out of town. As you can see in the photo below he was ecstatic about the many lovely cards and letters and chocolate bars from all over the world. It was a great Saturday morning surprise!

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Season 2 of MOTIVE started airing in Canada on March 6. The main cast has changed its lineup, as you can see in the new cast photo:

Angie Flynn and Oscar Vega continue to do what they do so well: tracking down killers and discovering their Motive. Here is our fabulous detective team:

And thanks to MotiveTV for sharing this Season 2 gem:

Please note that any of the articles or interviews listed below may contain spoilers - from mild to serious - for Season 2, so follow the links at your own discretion.

CTV has posted a press release for Season 2. MOTIVE viewership for the first episode was up compared to the Season 1 finale, according to a Bellmedia press release.

Spoilers for episode 2-02 can be found at digitaljournal.com.

Episode 2-02, guest starring Jennifer Beals, pulled in a record 1.3 million viewers in Canada - read the report on Newswire here!

Here is the new CTV Motive website header for Season 2:

New cast member Warren Christie has the following praise for Louis: “Louis is really brilliant and actually a funny, goofy guy and very sweet. He’s very different from the characters he plays–even Vega,” he says. “He’s put a lot of work into creating a strong, silent partner who’s a great balance to Angie. It’s been great to get to work with him. I’m a big fan of his work.”

Read the whole interview by The TeleVixen!

Warren shares some great insights into his character and his relationship with the other characters, particularly Flynn and Vega, in a nice interview with The Morton Report. There is also a new high-resolution photo of the show's male characters. Click on the image below to check it out.

Here are two interviews with Louis' co-star Kristin Lehman: one with the Huffington Post and one with the Vancouver Sun. Both mention Louis.
Lauren Holly who plays Dr. Betty Rogers was interviewed by the Toronto Star and also mentions Louis.
CTV posted a nice article about changes and new challenges in Season 2 for Brendan Penny's character Det. Brian Lucas .

Here are a few articles about Season 2, one by the National Post, one by The Manila Standard,  one by The Loop (warning: this one contains colossal spoilers for episode 2-01!).

Carlo Ricci has posted a picture from an editorial at Vanmag.com - if you live in the Vancouver area, be sure to pick one up. Thanks, Carlo!

  For our Canadian friends there are some extra perks!

There is now an online Motive Game which lets you follow the clues along with Flynn and Vega. (This feature will only work in Canada!)

And you can play the Motive Game here. (This feature will only work in Canada!)

If you don't live in Canada, here is what an issue of the game looks like: you compare two very similar photos for clues. Thanks to CTV for giving us a tiny glimpse of what the rest of the world is missing!

Alas, the game itself is geo-fenced, so unless you live in Canada you're out of luck... The same is true for this Motive Behind-the-Scenes interview. (This feature will only work in Canada!)

And the lucky residents of Germany can now order their own DVD copy of Season 1! Click on the image for the link to the post (okay, you can actually order the DVD from anywhere in the world, but you need to get it from this website, and needless to say the shipping costs will be a little higher).

You can order the DVD set here.

You can also watch Season 1 on iTunes.

In the meantime, here are some trailers you can watch:

Season 2 episode 3: Overboard

Season 2 episode 2: They Made Me A Criminal

And an oldie-but-goodie from last summer - the long ABC trailer for Season 1 which has quite a few Louis-moments in it:

Staff member Alma discovered these two gems from Season 1. Thanks Alma!


SCREENCAPS: "Pushover", Motive Season 1 Episode 3

In honor of MOTIVE's season 2 start on March 6 we have 659 screencaps of another season 1 episode for you - episode 3 "Pushover".

Here is a direct link: https://ferreirafestscreencaps.shutterfly.com/pictures/23908




News from The Good Neighbours Club

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The Keynote speaker will be Sheldon Levy, President and Vice Chancellor of Ryerson University, a respected postsecondary leader and analytical visionary for the past forty years.

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We continue with our mini-series of kids' questions for Louis. Today it's Sarah's turn. This Q&A was recorded last month (February 2014).

Listen to the sound clip here:

FF – Then we have a question from Sarah, who is fifteen. And she’s from Atlanta. And she wants to know: “What TV shows do you like to watch?”

LF – Sarah. I’m not a big, I don’t watch a lot of TV. I’ve recently enjoyed Veep with Julia Louis-Dreyfus on HBO. That’s her name, right? Yeah, that’s the right name.

FF – Yep.

LF – Yeah, Veep, I’ve enjoyed Veep. But other than that I love, like right now, I’m watching the Olympics, I’m an Olympic junkie, love the Olympics. And I love shows like American Idol and I love The Voice and I look forward to catching up on the shows up here that people are saying are great. I just haven’t really had the time yet, but, so…

And I also love, I mean, I love the shows that I grew up with. Going back to like stuff like Happy Days and Gilligan’s Island. Beverly Hillbillies, and Cheers and The Cosby Show and Family Ties, and Saturday morning cartoons, you know. I don’t watch a lot of TV generally.


Ferreira Fest staff members Casey and Bea met up with Jennifer Spence at Dragon*Con 2013.


We had a great time and planned to do an interview with her for Ferreira Fest. It's taken a while to line things up, but here it is now!

Jennifer worked with Louis on Stargate Universe and was delighted to talk about her experience on the show as well as her career and current projects. Click on the sound file icons to listen to each section of the interview.

Please be sure to visit Jennifer's personal page here at The Friends of Louis Ferreira.
Thanks to Casey for the transcript, and to Alma for sleuthing out tons of Jennifer-related links and photos here and on her personal page.


FF – Hi Jen, this is Ferreira Fest. We’re going to do an interview and I need to get your express permission to record this interview first.

JS – Yes, you have my permission to record the interview.

FF – Fantastic! All right, well, let’s jump right in. So, most people on Ferreira Fest know you from Stargate Universe, which is also your connection to Louis. Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself, your career, your hobbies, and something that people always want to know—who are your heroes?

JS – Oh, who are my heroes? Good question. You know, I think my heroes are actually, for the most part, people in my life. I know it sounds kind of cheesy but it’s true. Those are the best role models I’ve got.

My parents, my husband, my friends, you know, those are the people that do every day ordinary things and live their lives but they’re all extraordinary people. And they’ve inspired me in a lot of ways and helped me see the best way to be in life, you know. If that makes sense. Those are probably my biggest heroes and role models.

Source: IMDb                                                                  Down River

FF – Anything about your career, hobbies, yourself, that you want us to know?

JS – Yeah, well, right now I’m working on a show called Continuum which I’m sure a lot of your subscribers or followers will have seen. It’s a fantastic show on Syfy.

FF – Absolutely. Yes.

JS – It’s on Showcase here, but Syfy in the States. So that’s been a lot of fun and we’re in the middle of, actually, we’re not in the middle, we’re close to the end now. I think we’re episode 310. So the tenth episode of the third season. So we’re getting pretty far in and close to the end.

FF – Yeah.

JS – So, yeah, that will be airing, I think it’s April 4th, in the States on Syfy. So that’s been a lot of fun, working on that, and SGU was also a tremendous amount of fun. The cool thing about both those shows was that I was fortunate enough to be working with really cool people on both those shows.

FF – Yeah!

JS – I mean, that’s not always guaranteed when you work on a show. But with SGU it was such a family feel, such a tremendously close knit bunch of people. And, I was concerned it was never going to happen again.

FF – Yeah, you got lucky, with two in a row.

JS – Yeah, but thank God, it did happen again on this show.

FF – Do you want to tell us a little bit about Down River?

Jen as Aki in Down River. Source: Down River website

JS – Oh yes, I would love to. Yes. Down River is a film, a feature film, that my husband, Ben Ratner, wrote and directed. And we shot that in 2012. And released it at festivals in late 2013. We’re just about to have our U.S. premiere at a film festival in San Jose called Cinequest.

FF – Yay!

JS – So that will be, the very first screening will be on March 6th. So we’re very, very excited.

FF – Absolutely.

JS – And then we’ll be releasing theatrically in Vancouver on March 14th at Fifth Avenue Cinemas. And in Toronto on March 21st. I have to figure out the exact cinema there, too, but if you look at my Facebook page online all the info will be up there. Or you can follow Down River on Twitter which is @DownRiverMovie and Down River also has a Facebook page, so there’s more info on there too.

FF – What attracted you to acting? What made you decide one day, or maybe it was over a course of time, that you wanted to be an actor?

JS – I always love this question because it’s just, okay, at what point did you decide to pursue this crazy crazy avenue we call acting and showbiz. You know, because I’ve always really enjoyed performing and pretending and doing that kind of thing, as many kids do. And as I was growing up, I guess I kind of figured, oh, maybe I’ll do this as a hobby, you know, because family often encourages you to get kind of like a backup plan. Or a little more of a secure career choice, understandably. But as I got older I realized that it was just something that I really wanted to make a life out of.

And at that time I was just like, "oh, I don’t care if I’m going to be broke and… at least I’ll be happy doing what I want to do". So I chose to get into it as a career so I went to theater school shortly after high school. And then I guess really started in film and TV around the year 2000-2001. So, yeah, I guess it was always a lifelong desire. But in terms of really starting it was around the year 2000.

FF – Okay. Fantastic. So you’ve got a few years under your belt there.

JS – I know, it’s crazy.

FF - I’ve also noticed you popping up on other shows. I know I saw you on Eureka a while back. That was a fun show, too.

JS – Yeah.

FF – I was like, oh my God, it’s Jen Spence! There she is again!

JS – And driving a car!

FF – It’s always nice to see those familiar faces.

FF – All right. Well, let’s go and talk a little bit about SGU, and specifically the role of Lisa Park, one of my favorite people on the show. What attracted you to the role of Lisa? Did you know a lot about that character before? Or were you involved in creating that character? Sometimes with those “at the beginning smaller roles”, and then they get bigger as you go along. Sometimes you are able to help in the development of the role. So, did you know much about her when you auditioned for the role? How did you get thrown into this thing?

JS – You know, I didn’t actually know that much about the role. It was one of the situations where I’d auditioned for other roles on the show and it just wasn’t a right match in terms of my energy and look and such with those characters. So the producers and creators were kind enough to find me something else.

The role of Dr. Lisa Park was actually written as a man. A male scientist in the first place. Miles Henry, I think, was the name initially. And so they changed it to a woman. Thank god! We need more women scientists on board this crew, but there’s like so many other male scientists.

Source: screen cap

FF – Yeah.

JS – So that was fantastic. So it was a great opportunity to kind of be within that little clique as the token female scientist. And yeah, and then because the writers and the producers and the creators of the show were just so open to everything that we did, they were very generous, they gave me more to do on the show. So it was, it was really nice because it was definitely a collaborative environment, which you don’t always get.

FF – Right, right. And I also remember, I spoke to, I think, Peter Kelamis about his role and he said he auditioned for Scientist #2, and he didn’t really even have a name. And then, you know, as he went along, they gave him more and more to do. And as they discovered his chemistry with other actors, and then he got a name and that kind of stuff. And it just really grew from there. And he was just amazed at how that character grew over time.

Jen Spence and Peter Kelamis, photo by J. Mallozzi

JS – Yeah, yeah. No, it’s really wonderful, right, I mean, the writers and producers and creators watch what you do and ideally they like what you do, and they watch your chemistry with the other actors and they get ideas of where the story arcs can go. Yeah, so it was great for, definitely for the three of us, we had a real blast together and enjoyed building stories together. And seeing where the writers were taking us as well.

FF – Did you know Peter and Patrick before you started on SGU? Because the chemistry between the three of you was just absolutely amazing.

JS – We didn’t know each other before. So, yeah, we just, we really did get along like a house on fire. They’re like, they still are like brothers to me, for sure, we’ll always have that connection and just really, really special guys. So, you know it happens every once in a while where, again, you just get lucky and you meet people that you really connect with, you know?

Jen Spence, Peter Kelamis and Patrick Gilmore. Photos by J. Mallozzi.

FF – Right. To me it was always like the trifecta of comedy when the three of them were together. And then, I mean, your character seemed to be lot involved in triangles. Like there was the scientists and of course with Jamil’s character and Patrick’s character.

JS – Yeah.

FF – You know with the two guys and the girl and the happy threesome that sort of happened there, in the background. But it was really interesting that Lisa was sort of that anchor point to these two different triangles, as a scientist and as a woman, and that that was really nicely played off.  And, yeah, she may have been a token scientist in the beginning but then towards the end, especially with her whole story line with getting blinded and stuff becoming so important in the story line. And to me this was just such a treat to watch.

JS – Yeah.

FF – So, really quite beautiful.

FF – How did you develop Lisa as you went along? Is there somebody, maybe, in your experience, that you know personally that you modeled her after? Or, how did that come about?

JS – You know, not so much. I was, I guess I was taking a lot of the cues from the writers. Also just having my own thoughts of where I wanted to see her go and making sure I knew how I felt, you know how Lisa felt about the different characters that she was on the ship with.

FF – Right.

JS – So, I guess it was kind of a combination of both the writers’ input and thoughts as well as where I wanted to see her go and who I thought she was. But I didn’t actually really base her on anyone specific.

FF – Okay.

FF – Do you have a favorite Lisa scene from that show?

JS – Interesting question. There were so many. I mean, I still think one of the most thrilling ones to shoot was when we got to go to New Mexico and shoot that scene in the desert. Malice, I think was the episode. And there was a scene with myself and Robert Carlyle and he was trying to diffuse a bomb on my back.

Source: MGM

FF – Right.

JS – Yeah, I think that was just one of the most thrilling scenes to shoot just because, again, getting to travel for work is always fun. And being in such a specific place like that where the look is so distinct to that region. And just getting to work with Bobby in that context. Because I’ve always been such a huge fan of his work and my parents had, and so he’s been a part of my growing up and so it was just such a thrill to get to do that.

FF – Right, right, right. I remember, since you mentioned that, I had a conversation with somebody about what happened to Lisa, what a pivotal point that must have been for her. You know, having that bomb strapped to her back and somebody disarming it at the risk of his own life. And we were talking about, well, maybe this was the point where Lisa said, okay, I’m done being the victim.

JS – Mmm.

FF – And we noticed her being more in charge and standing up to Young even, and you know finding her own way. And yeah, of course, the blinding, all that shattered her but then you know, when she said, well, no, I can still contribute and I can be like the mind of it.

JS – Yes.

FF – I can still solve these problems. That there seemed to be a bit of a shift in her character where she’s gone to the very edge in that moment and now, what can you do past that. You go and make up your own destiny and your own life. I thought that was really fascinating to watch.
JS – Well cool! I’m glad you got that from that.

FF – Yeah, it’s like, you know how you have these conversations, what would have happened later if I were in that situation. Well, it’s basically, I’ve already died. Okay, what else can I do?

JS – Or how else can I contribute.

FF – Yeah. Exactly.

FF – Let’s go ahead and talk a little bit about Louis. Let’s get to that. How did you meet Louis? Had you met him before SGU? Or, did you meet him on the set for the first time?

JS – Yeah, the first time I met him was on set. I’d seen his work before. And I’d seen a little bit of Durham County and just thought, who is this guy? He’s amazing.

FF – Yeah.

JS – And so, I was familiar with him in that sense. But yeah, the first time meeting him was on set. Yeah, and just, so not what I expected. Just because when you watch him on TV, depending on his characters, but most of the characters I’ve seen him play are more of the dramatic variety. And so he’s you know, just really slow and intense and riveting and so that’s kind of what I expected in meeting him. But he’s, as you know, the most effervescent, hilarious, crazy guy. And just never misses an opportunity to have some fun and mix it up. So, yeah, he’s a very, very special man, for sure.

FF – Do you have any memorable or funny experiences that you had with him that you would like to share?

JS – Um, let me think, there are so many... (laughs) I remember this one, I don’t know if it’s the best one to share, but it’s the first one that came to mind. But Louis has these two incredible dogs. One’s name is Charlie, he’s huge, I think he’s a doodle.

Source: J. Mallozzi

FF – A Goldendoodle.

JS – Yeah, so he’s a mix, he’s a huge dog, and Peter Kelamis used to joke around that he was such a big enormous, hairy, crazy creature that he just expected someone to unzip out of the dog. He expected the dog to unzip himself and a man walk out. Because this dog was that big and crazy. So yeah, so Charlie was one of the dogs and Giancarlo who’s this other little mix. He looks exactly like his name.

FF – Right. He’s a Pugapoo.

JS – Yeah, yeah, you’d know, I’m sure... He would walk these dogs around the lot and I remember one time we were running lines, we had the, you know, one of our many scenes where Lisa’s asking Young for permission to do something. And, so we were running these lines and so we got in one of the studio golf carts because on those stages, those studio sets, they’re you know, one stage can be quite far away from another. So often there’ll be a golf cart on the studio lot. So you can get from one to another and not have to walk.

So, we would get on this golf cart and we’d do loops around the studio lot just running lines with the two dogs running behind us and that’s their daily exercise. So that was fun, we’d do that kind of thing. But I remember, anyway, on this lot another time he was walking the two dogs. And, one of them had pooped and being a good dog owner he picked up the poop in a bag. And, um, just threw it over the side of the fence that was surrounding the lot.
And I guess it landed on somebody on the other side, like a pedestrian that was just walking along on the other side. And so, I don’t know if he thought there was a dumpster on the other side or if he was just hoping that it would land on the grass because it was like a biodegradable bag. But yeah, it was pretty funny. So he got in a little bit of trouble for that.

FF – Oops! Well, responsible dog ownership, you know, or dog parenting, as the case may be.

JS – Exactly.

FF – How was your relationship with him as a colleague? What was it like working with him? And how did you help or support each other on set?

JS – Oh, the best. He’s totally the best because he’s so smart and wise when it comes to acting in general and storytelling as a whole. So, I knew, he’s someone who just always has your back. You know you can go to him if you have a question about character, if you have a question about the scene, if you have a question or you know, about wanting to try something different. Or anything like that. And he’s just so smart about it.

Source: screen cap

So he’s incredible, and incredibly generous actor. You know, if there was ever a moment where I was having trouble finding a scene, like I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to go this way or that way or how much emotion to bring to it… you know, just things like that. He might give a suggestion, or he might help me find it in a way that I wanted to. And he was just really good about trying things. He’s just really generous that way. So you really feel like you’ve got a solid scene partner and it’s safe to try stuff which is so important.

FF – Right.

FF – Do you remember a favorite scene that you had with him in person?

JS – Oh, let me think. Again, there were so many… They were always fun to do with him, right? But like this one comes to mind where… I just remember this one instance where there’s a bunch of us in the Bridge area of Destiny, after that was discovered. And so it was all of us scientists together, you know, Kelamis and Patrick Gilmore and David Blue and Robert Carlyle. And we were doing a rehearsal and, just to mix it up, I think this was towards the end of the season so everybody was kind of tired and sometimes just like a little crazier than usual. And Bobby and Louis decided to switch up their characters for this rehearsal, and switched their roles.

FF – Oh my goodness.

JS – So Louis did Bobby’s lines in a Scottish accent. And Bobby did Louis’ lines. It was just fun. They were just like standing, you know, inhabiting where each other is supposed to be in the scene, so it was just a bit of a crazy thing for us to watch, but yeah, it was fun.

FF – That’s great.

FF – Do you still occasionally hang out together when he’s in Vancouver? Do you get to see him at all?

JS – Occasionally. Not as often as we’d like just because he’s so busy on Motive. And I was  shooting Continuum and you know everybody in that cast is sort of shooting different things now and all over the place.

Source: Louis Ferreira

FF – Right.

JS – And so it’s a little harder to hook up as a group as it were. Sometimes even individually. So I’d love to see him more but it can be tricky. But we’ll talk on the phone every once in a while and he generously came to see Down River when it screened at the Vancouver Film Festival. So, he’s a big supporter for sure, of all of his peers. Really good guy.

FF – We’re almost at the end. And here is the question that I ask all of our interviewees. If you had to describe Louis in four words, what would they be?

JS – I’m thinking—generous, open-hearted, child-like, and just fun as hell. Yeah.

FF – Those are great words. All right, so that’s pretty much it. So thank you so much for your time, Jen. I know it’s been a long time in the making. Thank you so much and you have a fabulous weekend.

JS – Thanks for having me.

FF – All right. I’ll talk to you soon then.

JS – Bye!

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Please join us in thanking Jennifer Spence for her time and her willingness to share her memories and insights. Be sure to follow her on Twitter at @SpenceJen

Check out Jen's Facebook Page!

Find many more links on Jennifer's personal page here at The Friends of Louis Ferreira! And now read on for more about Down River!


Jennifer Spence with Casey and Bea. Jen is a fantastic hugger!!


Our transcriptionist Casey was able to catch the showing of Jennifer Spence's movie Down River in San Jose last week and has kindly provided the following report as well as some pictures. Thanks, Casey!


A Brief Synopsis
What happens when you lose your guide before you’ve found your way? For three young artists, they must learn to face personal fears and obstacles after they unexpectedly lose a mentor. Inspired by Babz Chula, a friend and frequent co-star of writer-director Ben Ratner, Down River tells the story of Pearl, a free-spirited woman living in Vancouver’s storied "The Manhattan" housing co-op. Pearl (Helen Shaver) acts as a mentor for three women struggling through their lives and careers: an in-demand but insecure actress, a gifted rock singer on the brink of self-destruction, and a dynamic artist hiding behind a paint stained hoodie. As they find their confidence through Pearl, they must then deal with her unexpected death. Ratner’s homage to Chula comes after her long battle with cancer, and is part celebration of Vancouver’s community of independent artists. As a result, Down River is an emotionally stirring story of mentorship, friendship and letting go.

On March 8th, I had the privilege of seeing Down River at the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, CA.

Jennifer Spence, as Aki, was absolutely brilliant.

I give Down River a grade of – Fantastic!

Down River is a captivating story about flawed dreamers, floundering souls and the beauty of unconditional love. It’s the first movie in a very long time that actually forced me to bring out the Kleenex. It made me cry, it gave me hope, and it made me believe in my own dreams again. My life is more enriched for having seen it—there aren’t very many 93 minutes of my life about which I can say that.

If you have the opportunity, do yourself a favor and go see Down River.

But be warned—Pearl, Aki, Fawn and Harper will remain in your hearts and your thoughts for a very long time. And when the final credits roll, you might experience, as I did, that same bittersweet feeling as when your fingers turn the last page of a favorite novel.

Down River is a work of fiction, but the essence of the character Pearl is based on a woman named Babz Chula who encouraged and supported writer/director Ben Ratner, and many other artists in Vancouver. Ben Ratner wrote Down River in honor of her memory.

And that’s the beauty and gift of Down River.

Through Down River, Ben Ratner shares Babz Chula with all the dreamers out there who will never get to meet her.

In the movie, there is a table in Pearl’s apartment where she and the three women sit. That table is the table that belonged to Babz Chula and around which Ben Ratner and many others once sat with Babz.

Down River gives us a chance to sit at that table and realize that even we flawed dreamers can be loved just the way we are. And even when we fall, we can dare to hope and dream and believe in ourselves again.

Watch the trailer for the movie right here:

Check out the official Down River website.

Here is the Facebook page that was created for the event in San Jose.

And here's the Facebook page for the Toronto opening on March 21.

Here is the Official Down River Facebook Page.
Cinequest has provided a summary of the movie.

Here is a review from popcornandvodka.com.

And another great review on o.canada.com.

Cineplex, which is showing the movie in Vancouver, has lots more details and a nice summary as well.
Jen has posted a picture of the movie being advertised in Vancouver on her Twitter page. Click on the picture to see her post!

Watch an interview of Jen Spence and Ben Ratner with Fiona Forbes on The Rush:




Louis shares this photo of himself and his daughter Sawyer during the 12th annual CampDaDa. More on being a single father in the next Ferreira Fest (April 2014).

Louis has some fun with a giant Marilyn Monroe sculpture in Palm Springs, California!

Lauren Holly shared this beautiful picture of herself and Louis. Thanks, Lauren!

Here's a hilarious picture of Flynn and Vega, just chilling. MotiveTV wants you to come up with a caption for the photo. Click on the image to go to the Twitter post and participate!

MotiveTV shared this great picture of Flynn and Vega. Brendan Penny claims they were taking selfies. Click on the picture to see the original post! Thanks, MotiveTV!

MotiveTV also shared this great behind-the-scenes photo of Louis and Kristin going over their lines before a take.

And this little gem could be found on the infamous Lego Wall at the Yotel in New York.



Lauren Holly tweeted some love on March 13, 2014

MotiveTV is savvy in all matters sartorial, agreeing with Brendan Penny.

MotiveTV also agrees with Lauren Holly about the suits.

Louis re-tweeted a funny quote from CTV from episode 2 "They Made Me A Criminal".

MotiveTV tweeted a quote from episode 2 "They Made Me A Criminal".

MotiveTV tweeted a quote from episode 2 "They Made Me A Criminal".

Brendan Penny agrees with a tweet on March 13, 2014.


Every month Louis reads a chapter from one of his favorite books, Are You as Happy as Your Dog? by Alan Cohen. Mr. Cohen has kindly granted his permission for us to post Louis' book reading clips here. Please join me in thanking him and be sure to visit his website at alancohen.com.

Click on the thumbnail of the book cover to purchase a copy of the book:

Here is this month's chapter. Louis actually did two different versions of it!

Listen to the sound clip of the first one here:

Chapter 13: Get off the leash occasionally

During walks when we get away from the road I let Munchie off his leash. As soon as he feels free, he dashes off into the bushes, where he sniffs to his heart's content and lifts his leg more often than a ballet dancer. He loves to be liberated.

Sure, we have responsibilities, and it's important to take care of them.

But it's also important to cut loose when we can and let our spirit be as free as the wind.

We were born without a leash and we leave this world without a leash. While we're here we need to give our soul room to breathe.

And here is the second version: Louis Ferreira does Jimmy Stewart!

Listen to the sound clip here:


Through The Pane

Pauline Egan reports that her short film Through The Pane, in which Louis co-stars, is almost complete. Composers Sam Hulick and Ian Green have joined the post-production team to score the piano music that will accompany this silent movie.

Check out the Q&A with Louis in Ferreira Fest 48!

More about the production can be found on the Through The Pane Facebook page.

You can watch a promo for the movie here at IndieGoGo.

Read a Q and A with Louis about Through The Pane in Ferreira Fest 48.

Screen cap from the Through The Pane promo

Rob Munic

Rob's new series Gang Related will premiere on FOX on May 20th (we'll be sure to post a reminder in Ferreira Fest 53 that day!). Gang Related has the following description:
Every villain has a noble cause, and every hero has a dark side.

Rob will send us a lot more info for next month's  Ferreira Fest, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, check out the various websites of the series for more info.

- Official Web Page
- Official Trailer

- Facebook

Visit Rob Munic's Page here at The Friends of Louis Ferreira.

Ingrid Rogers

Ingrid's latest project Amnesia (Who Are You?) is nearing completion.

Amnesia (Who Are You?) is a faux documentary that follows David Kerry, a man who appears to have lost his memory after a beating. However, as the documentary filmmaker takes David back through his life, meeting his family, friends and well-hidden past, the story evolves from student film to an explosive drama. Amnesia (Who Are You?) carefully reverses interviewer and subject in a uniquely crafted reality-based filmmaking style.

Watch the trailer for Amnesia (Who Are You?):

Visit Ingrid Rogers' Page here at The Friends of Louis Ferreira.

Peter Kelamis

Peter has been working on a new project as well! It's called No Men Beyond This Point.
No Men Beyond This Point is an alternate history, mock documentary set in a world where women have become asexual and men are no longer being born. Patrick Gilmore, another friend of Louis, is also in it.

Check it out on Facebook and on Twitter.

Visit Peter Kelamis' Page here at The Friends of Louis Ferreira.

Bradley Stryker

Bradley has finished principal photography on the feature film Thai-Sanity, where he also played the role of the character Dale. Soon afterwards he and Caitlin traveled to Australia. He posted a number of awesome pictures on his Instagram page - please check them out!

Visit Bradley Stryker's Page here at The Friends of Louis Ferreira.
Thanks to Alma for sleuthing out all the updates!


One of the largest image depositories on the internet, Getty Images, has just recently decided to make a large amount of its inventory available for non-profit internet use as embeds. This means you can now enjoy these images watermark-free on your personal blogs or websites. Our researcher Agi has trawled the vast amount of released images to find a bunch of Louis photos. Click on the images to go to the originals and to get more information about them.
Thanks, Getty Images!
There are other photos which have not yet been released for embedding; you can find them by going to Getty Images and using their search function. Just type in "Louis Ferreira" and/ or "Justin Louis".





















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Our correspondent Ildi reports that Season 1 of Stargate Universe is airing on AXN Black every Thursday and Friday night.


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