Ferreira Fest 31

published July 2012

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Ferreira Fest 31, part 1

It's July 20th, and that means it's time for Ferreira Fest, the monthly celebration of the acting career of Louis Ferreira (Justin Louis)! Grab a pineapple drink at the free bar and come on in - we have the short film "A Weekend to Remember", some exclusive goodies, screencaps, pictures, sound files and transcripts to help you through the summer!

These next two months are going to be very light on Louis news - Louis is on vacation with his son and daughter which involves a long road trip from Vancouver to LA and a month's stay in Toronto afterwards. This means: no phone calls, no emails, no contact - we're giving the poor man a break!!

But never fear, there's still plenty for you to enjoy. Please remember: all content of Ferreira Fest is copyrighted - please do not repost anything without permission.

In the meantime, why don't you send me some good questions for Louis, so I can hit the ground running when he's back home!

Obviously, we're still on LJ and will remain here until Louis is back in LA, so currently the big move will be for Ferreira Fest 33 - incidentally, that's the one-year-anniversary of this group of friends becoming the Official Fan Club - what could be more appropriate?

Sadly, we were unable to get an interviewee for this month but no worries - we have a few more lined up for the near future.

Recent news:

You may have heard that Stargate Universe was nominated for 6 Constellation Awards - and won 5 of them! Here's what Louis had to say about it - we were chatting about Ming-Na's role in Jamil's movie which reminded him of the big win.

LF: Ming, by the way… Stargate Universe just won a bunch of Constellation Awards.

FF: Yeah, I heard – 5 out of 6 that it was nominated for.

LF: It won 5 out of 6 and Ming-Na won, and the show won, and that’s always the irony of receiving awards… they give you awards after your show’s been cancelled…

Listen to the sound clip here. My apologies for the poor quality of the recording - Louis was in the car and had the phone on speaker.

Jamil Walker Smith's movie "The American Dream" (formerly titled "Make a Movie like Spike") was also released this month - more on that in Ferreira Fest 32 in August!

Follow-up news:

Breaking Bad began airing its fifth and final season last Sunday. Louis will be in episodes 14 and 15 which will unfortunately not air until next year. This should give you plenty of time to catch up with the series.

We will have more news about Goola City next month.

Primeval: New World has just about wrapped principal photography for its first season. It took some doing but at long last both GateWorld and Airlock Alpha have posted news on Louis being cast in the show. rebeccamarie
  found this wonderful group shot of the cast with Martin Wood. Who is that colonel, second from the left?!! Thanks so much for sharing this link!!

Here's what Louis had to say about his new look, the last time we spoke, earlier this month (it was actually more like half a dozen short phone conversations, snatched in between Louis picking up his daughter at the airport, trying to find her passport, heavy traffic, moving his son's apartment, filming Primeval, Louis' phone dying, recording Goola City and general mayhem).

FF: Did you get a haircut for “Primeval”?

LF: They gave me a bit of a trim, but I was like “Please don’t cut it Colonel Young short, can you try that?” and the hairstylist was nice enough to keep it a little longer but make it look like it was a military cut.

(then the phone died...)

Listen to the sound clip here:

The next day we were both very busy and the only time we had to talk was very early in the morning, so Louis sounds a little sleepy, since I woke him up...

(continued from the haircut conversation the day before)

LF: We talked about that, what they did, the hair is a little bit longer and I gave myself… well, they gave me kind of a different little bit of a look, as far as that… I don’t think I’ve done anything like that with a mustache per se…

FF: Oh, you have a mustache?

LF: I have a mustache.

FF: Ah, okay – so the rest of the beard is…

LF: Big news!

FF: …the rest of the beard is off?

LF: The rest of the beard is off. They went to the mustache for Hall which is something I had not done, and it’s always fun, part of discovering, right, you try to do the… coming up with visual looks that you like (yawns). You can only do so much with your face. Accept that you’re getting older, but other than that it’s what it is. You know.

FF: Right, exactly.

LF: Maybe for my next [role] I can do half a mustache.

FF: Well…?

LF: One side chop, half a mustache, and nose hair.

FF: No eyebrows. How about that?

LF: How about that!

Listen to the sound clip here:

BTW, Louis is correct in that he's never played a military man with a mustache before. His only two other mustache roles were both cops - in "Duke" (screencap courtesy of Duke the Film) and in "Savage Messiah" (FF screencaps).

(Savage Messiah - screencap by Kimmy)

And one more bit of happy news: Louis' former co-star from 1-800-Missing Caterina Scorsone had a baby girl on July 6th; her name is Eliza. Congratulations to the proud parents, and thanks to csiguci  for sending the link!


The links for the Available Movies and TV Shows have all been checked and updated - time to go through your wish list! Thanks to tiggerrocks1  and michigoo  for maintaining these lists!

NEW: The Louis Closet

Over the years I have managed to acquire a number of costume pieces that Louis wore during the filming of Stargate Universe. From now on I'll share a photo or two of those pieces in each Ferreira Fest.

For those of you who like to dress up as their favorite TV characters - here are the actual boots that Louis wore as Colonel Young on Stargate Universe during several episodes in early Season 2! They are from my personal collection.

(photo by Ferreira Fest/ BC)

You can have your own (non-Louis worn) boots. They are usually available on eBay but if you don't get lucky there, no worries, you can get them year-round directly from the manufacturer: Magnum Boots. Yes, they come in smaller sizes, too! I own two pairs of Magnum boots myself, and they are incredibly comfortable and well worth the price. There are many similar models, but if you want to be specific, look for the Professional 8" style with eyelets, not hooks, for the laces. Louis wears a size 10 (US)/ 9 (UK)/ 43 (EUR). Although the boots have a "Stealth" model label, the current model that gets closest to this look is the "Interceptor".

Do you own any Louis memorabilia? Email me a picture, and I'll post it in an upcoming newsletter!

Next up: as promised, here is the short film "A Weekend to Remember"!

Ferreira Fest 31 part 2

Special Feature: A Weekend to Remember

Earlier this year we had an interview with Bradley Stryker, writer and producer of the short film "A Weekend to Remember".

Bradley has made good on his promise and made A WEEKEND TO REMEMBER available to Ferreira Fest guests with an official embedded version of the movie. Please join me in thanking Bradley for his kindness and his support of Ferreira Fest!

(the password is "Remember")

If you have a slow internet connection you might want to pause the movie soon after it starts and give the buffer a few minutes to fill up. You can also watch a direct stream here - but be sure you have a very high speed internet connection.

Screencaps for the short film can be found here.

(A Weekend to Remember, screeencap by Ferreira Fest/ BC)

And as a special favor to Ferreira Fest Bradley has kindly agreed to pass on his script for A Weekend to Remember for those of us who are deaf or hard-of-hearing or who would simply like to read it. The script comes under its working title "Family Time". If you'd like to have access to the download, please send an email to ferreira_fest@yahoo.com and then you will receive an invitation from our divshare site where you can download the script, usually within a day or so. As Bradley has requested, please do not under any circumstances share this script with anyone else. Thanks so much, Bradley, for helping us out!

Please visit Bradley's websites:

Bradley Stryker

Strykeforce Films

Feel free to leave a message or a thank you note for Bradley in the comments - I'll make sure he gets them.

Note: In "A Weekend to Remember" Louis is still credited under his old name Justin Louis. The name thing is all in the timing - they filmed it before SGU first aired, and SGU was Louis' first credit with his real name, so WEEKEND went into production still with his old name. Thanks to sacredclay  for the question - I'm sure others were wondering as well!

Louis Discusses Short Films

Making short films is a very different beast from making a full-length feature film or a TV series.

Here are Louis' thoughts about making short films.

FF: How – in terms of the process – how is making a short film different from having a small role in a larger production?

LF: They’re two different things altogether. Short films are usually a little labor of love, that someone was trying to get into the business, usually on the creative side, calls in favors from friends and no one’s really getting paid, and they’ve gotten favors, they’ve gotten free equipment and they’re going to put together a little short film, and usually you shoot it in a day or two. The flipside of that is that more and more people are realizing that it’s a good opportunity to create art, and short films can be wonderful. And so it’s a genre onto itself.

But there is no real parallel between a short film and a –  production is production in that it’ll always work the way it does, whether you’re going in for one day with a short part or you’re the lead. It’s done the way it is, whereas a short film takes much more liberty. It’s not often that the DP (Director of Photography) is also doing craft service and is also doing the lighting. It’s really a labor of love with a very short group or small group of people. Crews are usually made up of a camera person, one lighting person; one makeup person usually does both makeup and hair, it’s a very short sort of – small group, but it’s because of that, too, that there’s something always kind of special in that.

“Dancing Still” was special because it was a husband and wife team – a husband trying to support a wife’s dream of wanting to write as well, and him being a producer type, and he was nothing but happy to do it to support his wife, and the fact that they asked me to come into their little family for that day was just the gift of that.

FF: So the rewards are more personal, definitely.

LF The rewards are much more personal; and you don’t even do things – I don’t think you ever do anything for a reward, you just sort of are there to participate and to hope for the best in the situation, and sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised.

FF: Yeah.

LF: It’s also - so many people start, it’s one of those places where a short film nowadays can take an actor or a director or a writer into Mainstream Hollywood. If it gets seen, if it gets a buzz – it’s funny what these things are able to do now. It’s like the YouTube phenomenon, right?

FF: Right.

Listen to the sound clip here. Remember - this conversation took place very early in the morning...

A tired Louis with his morning coffee. Photo © J. Mallozzi. Posted with special permission from Mr. Mallozzi.
Please do not repost.

Kimmy's Corner

This month we have screencaps from "Relic Hunter: Under the Ice" in the hopes that it will help keep you cool in the heat of the summer. Louis plays the mysterious character Knowles. Please be aware that the screencaps contain major spoilers for the ending of the episode so proceed with caution! Thanks to kimmy4eytj for the great caps!

Want to contribute to Ferreira Fest?

Please let me know if you're interested in making screencaps, doing transcripts, maintaining movie lists or being a news liaison with other websites. Ferreira Fest always has lots of job openings. Granted, the monetary rewards are, well, non-existent, but there can be other perks, depending on your contribution and what I have available in my stash of Louis-goodies.

SGU Commentaries Transcripts

As part of the bonus features of the SGU DVDs some episodes include audio commentaries by select members of the cast and production staff. They gathered around a TV screen and watched an episode and commented on what was going on. kimmy4eytj  has taken it upon herself to transcribe the commentaries of the Season 1 episode "Water" for Ferreira Fest. We only have room for the first 15 minutes of the episode this time but trust me, it is a long read. Thank you so much for doing this, Kimmy, it is an UNBELIEVABLE amount of work that you had with this project. Please thank Kimmy for all her work!! I'm posting this section in its entirety in Ferreira Fest 31 part 3. The rest will follow in subsequent Ferreira Fests.

Because this next part is maxing out LJ's text capabilities I'm going to wrap this issue up now. Please remember to send in your questions for Louis, check the TV listings in the upper left corner daily, check out The Daily Love if you're interested, and please share any Louis tidbits you might run across - please PM or email me! If you want to help out with the newsletter, let me know.

And finally, I'll leave you with a tiny snippet from our last phone conversation - the one from early in the morning. If this won't make you feel all warm and cuddly, well, you're probably all warm and cuddly already and can't be helped!

LF: I know I sound tired ‘cause I’m tired, but you know, I’m very happy inside.

FF: That’s good.

LF: My voice does not match the joy that I carry inside. (laughs)

FF: I hear you. I hear you. (laughs)

Thanks for visiting! See you all next month!

And now - drumroll, please - part 1 of the SGU Commentaries transcript for "Water", transcribed by our very own kimmy4eytj!

Ferreira Fest 31, part 3

SGU episode Commentaries: "Water" Transcript (part 1)

Listen to the sound file here:

(Soundtrack copyright by MGM)

DVD: SGU Season One – Episode Six “Water” Commentary with Louis Ferreira, Brian J. Smith, Elyse Levesque, episode Director Will Waring and script coordinator Lawren Bancroft-Wilson. (part 1)

(all images are from the GateWorld galleries; copyright by MGM. Click on the thumbnails for full-size images)

Note: Commentaries are recorded while the actors, directors and producers watch the episode and provide their insight into its filming. There are often multiple conversations taking place at the same time as well as the episode soundtrack playing in the background. We will attempt to piece those conversations together to decrease reader confusion. At times, the commentators get caught up watching an episode and fail to discuss what will be noted as [episode soundtrack]. We will note scene progression by first sentence using the GateWorld transcript of the episode for tracking purposes.

[Episode opening with Rush speaking: Destiny. The design is clearly Ancient…]

Elyse Levesque: Hey guys. How’s it going?

Louis Ferreira: Hi.

Brian J Smith: Hi.

EL: Elyse Levesque here.

LF: Louis Ferreira here.

BJS: Brian Smith

Will Waring: Will Waring here.

LF: The director of this particular episode entitled Water. Thank you, Will.

BJS: Bravo.

LF: Thank you, Will.

EL: Woooo!!! (clapping) The one and only.

BJS: This so far is, it’s my Mom’s favorite episode.

LF: Is it?

BJS: She called me tonight to tell me.

EL: Now Will, this is the first one you directed, right?

WW: This is the first one I did in SGU?

LF: This was the first one. And what we want to know what it was like for you too. ‘Cause you were one of the regular directors on the other SG shows, correct?

EL: (laughter)

WW: Correct.

LF: So ah, it’s a different style, it’s a different show.

WW: It’s a completely different show.

LF: So how did you—how much did they tell you that? Like how did they help you get ready for this show? Or what did they do?

BJS: Tell us, Will.

LF: Yes, Will. Tell us, will you.

WW: Well, you get taken into this small room that’s got this star shaped table…

LF: hee hee (conspiratorial laughter)

EL: That was organic. He didn’t see that coming at all.

WW: No, this show we’ve got the different camera work that they are doing. They are going for a look kind of like The Shield, in which, we’re like a documentary crew watching what you guys are doing as opposed to setting up shots that are this shot, that shot, this shot. Very liberating because nobody really knows who is on camera at what time, so you guys are always on point the whole time. I mean it’s probably--.

EL: That’s such a luxury for us, as actors.

WW: So it’s better for you guys?

EL: Yeah. It’s great.

LF: Much better.

BJS: Much better.

LF: Did you miss the rubber-faced masked aliens?

WW: (laughter)

LF: (Ted Baxter style absurd laughter) I’m just… I’m just wondering.

WW: (laughter) Not so much.

BJS: You know what—actually—

EL: Or English speaking…

BJS: I’m, I’m curious—how…

LF: Or had you seen enough of those? Was fifteen years enough of that?

BJS: Were you--

EL: Well, you had a good fifteen-- did you do SG-1 from the beginning?

WW: Not from the beginning.

LF: Oh.

WW: I came in same time as (Producers/ Writers) Joe (Mallozzi) and Paul (Mullie) did; season four to operate (camera work).

EL: That’s a long time still, though.

WW: Yeah, season four to operate. Yeah.

EL: Wow.

LF: I love SG-1.

EL: Huh?

LF: I like SG-1

EL: Yeah, me too.

BJS: And then, how did you move on to directing from there?

WW: I asked. I put my hand up and said “Hey could, ah, guys, could I direct?”

BJS: Seriously? Oh, that’s… WOW! And they just said, “Oh yeah, sure, just go for it.”

LF: So you were operating (camera work) for how many years?

WW: One year with SG-1 but many years before that in features and TV movies and other series.

LF: Right, and so—

WW: It’s all Jim Menard’s (Cinematographer) fault.

EL: Oh really?

LF: Oh.

WW: The fact that we’re all sitting here together now is Jim Menard’s fault.

EL: Really! Why, how? How is it his fault?

WW: Well, he knew that I was off a show and ah---

LF: Which one, which one?

WW: I can’t remember what it was. But he phones me up and says, come up for a week, ‘cause their operator was gonna direct an episode so he had to prep. So he said come in and do the prep. So it was me working with Jim and Martin (Wood), and ah, I had such a great time with these guys. ‘Cause we were working relatively short hours.

BJS: (laughter) Not these days.

EL: (laughter) Ah yeah, those days are gone.

WW: And, uh, it was in the middle of summer, because when you’re working the features we’re working sixteen, seventeen hour days, working nights, rain, it was no fun.

LF: No life.

WW: So that all leads us to where we are now and this is the most fun episode that I’ve ever done. Hands down.

BJS: Nice. I love that.

LF: Well, I wish we could say the same, Will.

BJS: (laughter)

WW: (laughter) Ta-taxi!

LF: (laughter) No. All kidding aside. No, the only thing I remember about this particular episode, and we’ll get into it in a little bit, was the space suit itself.

BJS: I have such amazing memories of that.

LF: We have so many stories.

WW: (laughing) Issues. Space suit issues.

EL: I just remember I was so worried about you guys.

LF: I was like, “Okay, half a day of space suit wear?” And they’re like, “No, no, no, it’s gonna be a little longer than that.”

EL: (laughter) Days.

LF: And I was like “Oh, a whole day of space suit wear?” And they’re like, “No, no. A little bit more.” It ended up being like four, four, five days wasn’t it? It was like four full days?

WW: It was only three days.

BJS: It was three.

LF: It was three and a half.

WW: It just seemed like five.

LF: Do not take the half away.

WW: It seemed like five.

EL: They end up putting a ventilation system in your suits, right?

WW: Overnight, between the first and second days.

LF: We did the first scene in these space suits and it took about, it was about a forty second scene and…

EL: I remember. I was there, I remember.

LF: I remember them saying cut, me ripping off my helmet and going; ”There is no fracking way that this is ever going to work for longer than a day. This is not...” Remember?


EL: Yeah.

LF: I stormed off set--

EL: Yeah.

LF: --and I was like, we can’t, we’re gonna die in here, I can’t breathe. We were passed out. Poor Brian--

EL: Yeah, poor Brian was like--

LF: --was playing passed out, getting really passed out so people were really confused.

EL: -- getting hit with the CO2. Remember, they were spraying you with that.

BJS: Oh, I got-- a CO2 thing in one of the later episodes.

WW: No, that was this episode. That was when you came through the Gate.

LF: And they were like, “Oh, he’s so Method. He’s so Method.” (laughter)

WW: And we hit you with this. Some director guy said hit them with the CO2 thing.

BJS: Oh that’s right. And the ice on this--

LF: (very excited) Oh, yeah! Yeah, that was the other thing. (laughter)

BJS: It looked great.

LF: You got the CO2 blast and we were choking.

BJS: But it was in my mask. I was like…

LF: We were choking, it was in his mask and we couldn’t breathe.

WW: I remember that. Sorry about that.

BJS: No. Hell, it looked awesome. That was something else.

EL: Wow, we’re getting way ahead of ourselves, guys.

LF: I’m sorry, because that’s this whole episode for us. The whole episode for us is those space suits. And it was at the end of the day, amazing.

[episode soundtrack: GREER: Woo! Nasty planet!]

BJS: Will, when you... Okay, so when you come to set, you know you’re shooting these scenes, you know, do you in your mind ideas of… so it’s very on the spot.

LF: Kissy, kissy. Awwww. [Commenting about Scott and Chloe kissing scene]

EL: (laughter)

WW: No, you certainly plan out as much as you can knowing that. So you certainly have a general outline of what you want to do but then I would sit back and watch what you guys do.

BJS: And then that suggests—

WW: Right. Just give you guys entirely free reign and that totally suggests, okay, make that work.

[Episode soundtrack: JAMES: Colonel Young is looking for you.]

WW: Rather than me saying, “You stand here, you stand there,” which sometimes you have to.

BJS: There’s some things you have to. Big scenes.

WW: There’s sometimes that you have to but I much prefer to see where you guys naturally want to go. It makes much more sense. It makes you think a little more on your feet, as to this, okay, now I gotta go get these.

[Episode soundtrack: JAMES (sarcastically): What, you couldn't find a broom closet?] (LF and EL comment on this scene while WW and BJS discuss filming styles shown above.)

LF: (growling noises) Grrr, grrr.

EL: The claws come out.

LF: And look. I love the look that she gives you.

EL: Yeah, it’s great.

LF: Yeah, well, I also like your look. (laughter) It’s so catty. That’s like, oh dear, she’s military, and you’re like a little Senator’s daughter. She can kick your—

EL: (laughter) Burrrrnnnn. I remember I was actually having a hard time not laughing in that scene.

LF: Really?

EL: I kept laughing. It was like—

LF: There you are. William Waring. There was your… there it is. (Will Waring's onscreen credit)

WW: Oh, I missed that.

LF: You went with William, I see. I like it.

WW: It sounds a little more than Will.

LF: It does. "Sophistiquois".

EL: It sounds more, like, professional.

BJS: I hope the people watching these commentaries can listen to four different conversations going on at once.


LF: At the same time. Absolutely.

BJS: Because that’s what it’s like on set, folks.

LF: That’s what we wanted to do on the actual show itself. Remember? Cassavetes-style.

WW: But, we do a lot of that when we’re shooting because you guys can talk over each other as opposed to only shooting one side of the dialogue and overlapping in editing. You guys—

LF: Yeah, but it really still pisses our sound guy off. Patrick (Ramsey) does not like it.

WW: Oh yeah, totally pisses him off.

LF: He comes off. I guess that’s hard to--

WW: It must be more liberating for you.

BJS: It is.

LF: I love it, I prefer it.

BJS: I do, too. It’s, it’s, anytime you can have, you can talk the way real people talk and not—

LF: Yeah, ‘cause listen to us now. It’s that sort of thing.

WW: Exactly. That’s how people really talk.

BJS: But, I understand it, too. Like, I sat in-- I was talking with you before. I sat in and watched Rick editing some of these episodes, and just matching up sounds with the cuts is a nightmare.

WW: Yeah.

LF: It’s difficult.

BJS: I don’t know how, I don’t know how, I mean if you’re overlapping in the shot, it’s unusable.

WW: Well, no. If you’re overlapping in a shot and you’re got two or more cameras covering at the same time--

LF: You’re fine.

WW: -- then those are all gold. It’s when you want to go from this take to the next take, then it is gonna be hard.

BJS: That’s a hard, yeah.

LF: Look. This is an awesome visual effect.[ice planet view]

BJS: Now having seen what this looked like when we were on that set, and now… it blows my mind.

LF: Yeah, this is incredible what they did with this. It blows my mind, too.

EL: See, I wasn’t there for any of this. Where exactly were you guys when you were doing when you were shooting this?

LF: Oh yeah, coming through that--

WW: That was the world’s smallest set.

LF: It was, it was a little stage.

BJS: It was about the size of this living room and kitchen.

EL: Really? This stuff right here in particular?

BJS: Yeah.

LF: Yeah, all of it.

WW: Well this, this was shooting into the rear screen with, ah, it’s actually soap bubbles, Windex soap bubbles.

LF: There’s the anchor.

BJS: Soap bubbles, yeah. And it had a really specific smell. I don’t know what it was--

WW: Well, the first day, but they fixed that. Remember the first day, it made your throat—

LF: I love that shot. You look like Cameo. (laughter) [Scott squatting down to pick up Kino]

[Episode soundtrack: space suit breathing noises]

BJS: They did a great job color timing this, too. Everything’s got a nice kinda purple, almost, sort of hue.

WW: Yeah. I love the soundscape that they do between the ship, the planet, everything.

BJS: Yeah. It’s nice to see TJ in charge.

WW: It is, yeah.

LF: Yeah! She’s awesome.

BJS: Again, you know, people talking about strong intelligent women.

LF: Strong. Yeah.

EL: Perfect example right there.

BJS: Here, you got a strong intelligent woman running the ship.

LF: It’s just—we have a lot of people in the show.

[Episode soundtrack: YOUNG: Maybe on the other side of that lake.]

LF: That - that was never there. [shot of ice planet frozen lake]

EL: Really? Shut up. Nooo.

WW: Neither was that.

LF: None of it was there.

BJS: This is the first time I’ve seen this episode in HD. And it’s amazing, the things you pick up.

LF: Yeah, Brian, I actually was really surprised because I had seen it with you, remember when we watched it in your trailer. But watching it with the… everything in, I was really surprised.

EL: So they bugged you guys, in your costume, they had mics in the headset, in the canopies?

LF: Yeah.

WW: They had a crazy system of mics. They had--

EL: And they were lighting you pretty much in your mask, right?

LF: And we had lights inside our helmets.

WW: They had lights inside the mask. You got microphones inside the mask so they can talk to each other with ear wigs so they could hear each other—

EL: Oh right, yeah.

WW: And then I’ve got a set of headphones and a microphone so that I could turn mine on and talk in to you guys, but somehow that didn’t go on the soundtrack.

EL: Wow!

WW: But in my headphones all I heard was fans. There was like a row of eight fans.

LF: This is an awesome shot. [scene: Eli’s Kino sled into the Gate room] I love the way this was shot, Will. I love that.

EL: I love this. This music reminds me of the Eighties.

LF: What’s that?

EL: This music reminds me of the Eighties for some reason. But I love it. It’s perfect.


LBW: Reminds me of the vampire flick, The Lost Boys.

LF: I love this. Eli’s invention to me is fantastic right here.

BJS: Yeah, look at that.

WW: I wish we had seen more of this later.

LF: And the way this is all shot is so great, Will. I love the—

WW: I like seeing underneath this thing.

LF: Yeah, me too.

WW: That’s a great viz effect. Mark Savela.

BJS: Very great.

LF: That’s incredible.

EL: Ahhh, sooo cool.

BJS: It’s seamless. Absolutely seamless.

LF: And look at it coming-- aw, that’s so fantastic. [Scene: Kino sled comes through the Stargate]

BJS: And I remember that was on a track.

WW: A big track on the big base underneath it.

LF: That’s right.

WW: And of course, when they are pushing it across the room there people’s legs were going behind it where they weren’t supposed to, so Mark’s guys had to paint them in frame by frame. He wasn’t happy of me.

LF: I love TJ’s reaction to the gold star.

BJS: When you guys are prepping, did you all talk about the light and how the light is gonna match in with these viz effects? Because that’s got to be really, really complicated how a shot—like here, right, we got a close up and the light, matching the quality of the light in the viz effects.

WW: Well, that’s not a, that’s not a viz effect behind you, that’s the puddle projection. Right. But here.

BJS: No, no. But like here. But compared to the light and the quality of the light in the close ups. It matches so well.

WW: Well, we-- they had to match to us what we shot first on the set. Because we used a rear screen and we used the biggest projector that we could, but it wasn’t bright enough because the screen was heavier. It should have been brighter, but we couldn’t physically make it brighter.

BJS: Ohh.

LF: Anytime I see the Destiny, it’s just …Wow!

EL: This is unbelievable in HD!

LF: Yeah. It’s unreal.

LBW: It’s pretty cool.

[Scene: GREER: That's a lot of water!]

LF: That’s a lot of water. (mimicking Jamil’s delivery)

WW: I love that delivery.

LF: I love the way he delivers. I love the way Jamil delivers, period. It’s such a great little—It’s nice. It’s clever.

EL: Every way Jamil delivers a line, I know. You never see it coming, really. The way that he delivers.

LF: He’s taken the angry military guy and he’s made him almost Zen-like to me. Even though he’s scary, he comes from, it’s almost like, Kung Fu, David Carradine guy.

BJS: Yeah. (laughter)

LF: You know what I mean. It’s like that approach. And it’s scarier that way.

EL: Yeah.

[Episode soundtrack: Gate noise as it starts dialing]

EL: I love the noise our Gate makes.

WW: Yeah.

LF: Listen to these noises. This is what I was talking about. Like, listen to all the sounds.

WW: It just sounds so creaky and heavy.

EL: Yeah. Like that mooowwah (imitating Gate puddle settling) that it makes.

WW: Remember doing this shot at the end of the night. We only had time to do one take.

BJS: Yeah. This was, the camera was on a ladder.

WW: Yeah. And you were standing. And ah, Louis was also on a ladder, half way on a ladder?

LF: Yeah, I was on a ladder as well.

WW: Because right behind you guys was that little tiny set of ours. So we could only use certain bits that were white without seeing…

EL: The mess?

LF: No, not the… the actual stage of the ice planet of what they had created.

EL: Oh, oh.

BJS: Do you plan that out? The areas they are gonna be?

WW: Yeah. You have to. Because Jim has to know where to light from, so I’ve got to sort of pre-plan a lot of that.

BJS: I see.

LF: Okay. What do you see forming here?

[Scene: TJ in corridor with flying sand aliens coming to chat]

LF: What does she see?

EL: Well, nothing yet.

LF: When you know what comes into, what does she see?

EL: Her face.

LF: Is it her face?

EL: I think it’s her face.

LF: You think it’s her face? Is that what you think, Brian?

EL: I think it’s a reflection of herself.

LF: Will, is that what it is?

WW: It looks like it could be… it’s trying to…

EL: I think it’s her face.

WW: It’s close. Ahhh, it’s gone.

EL: It’s hard to tell. I’d say her face.

BJS: I think they’re looking for Scott.

EL: In case I didn’t say it before, I’d say her face.

LBW: Does anybody know? Does anybody know the answer?

EL: Will?

WW: Huh?

EL: What was it actually? Her face, right?

LF: Is it her face?

WW: It was supposed to be indistinct, not necessarily her face.

EL: Oh, really?

LF: That’s why I asked. Oh.

EL: Because in the end when it goes over the top of him…

WW: Then it’s supposed to be. It’s supposed to be him in the end. Yeah.

EL: Okay. Yeah.

[Episode background: Spencer’s quarters]

BJS: It’s kind of the beginning of Spencer’s decline.

WW: Yeah.

BJS: I love the way Jamil says “give me a reason.”  Its like, he’s almost like actually like he wants a plea, like, seriously, give me a reason.

WW: Watching it you completely believed it. He was sure Spencer was going to fight.

LF: As I keep watching, I just, I’m always… I love the idea that these people are stranded. You know what I mean, that element again, of survival. Just like… like if you put yourself in this situation, it’s completely inconceivable to, like us. It’s so bizarre.

BJS: You know, it’s funny. I was watching the news today, and they, they, ah… there was a crash off the coast of California, and it was a military training thing and they’re looking for these soldiers. They’re just, they are gone. These, these soldiers that were in training and just the tone in the guy’s voice that was giving the ah--

LF: The commands?

BJS: --the uh. Well, no, the press conference. And talking about how we’re gonna find them.

WW: Right.

BJS: They may not be alive, but we hope they are, but we’re gonna find, but it just reminded me of our show.

EL: Wow.

LF: Yeah.

BJS: People that are, you know. A tragic event happens.

WW: You know the Ancient charging device that you guys have found that you put your things on to charge them up?

EL: Yeah. You know those things actually exist.

WW: Yeah. I saw that on the Internet.

EL: Isn’t that amazing? I know!

LF: We’re at my house and it’s time for a chip. (Crunching sounds)


EL: You know what, Louis? I’m going to see your chip and raise it another chip.

LF: That’s one tasty chip.

LBW: This could be your sponsorship right now.

LF: (laughter)

EL: Mmmm, BBQ.

[Scene background: FRANKLIN: Confess, Miss Armstrong! You drank forty thousand liters of water!]

EL: Oh, that’s not possible.

LF: I love that line.


Thank you, Kimmy!!
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