Ferreira Fest 21

published September 2011

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Ferreira Fest 21

We are still reeling from Dragon*Con, but it's time for Ferreira Fest 21 - the first one in our own comm - so grab a free pineapple drink at the bar and celebrate the career of Louis Ferreira (Justin Louis) and his very first con experience!

Because of the overabundance of Dragon*Con material I have decided to split it up into several parts, so that we can have a little bit of the con adventure for the rest of the year. So this is Dragon*Con, part one.

Some of you might recall that Louis attended his first fan con this Fall, and lucky for us it was Dragon*Con in Atlanta! shena8, ashimonand csigucimade the trip (a very long one for one of us!) and shacked up together for the weekend in the hopes of meeting the man himself. All of us had booked separate photo shoots and autograph sessions with him, as well as a group picture (see next month's Ferreira Fest for details).

Sadly, Louis arrived too late on Friday to attend the first Supergate panel (a podium discussion of sorts with some of our favorite people answering questions from audience members). If you've never been to a con it's hard to imagine the excitement to be in the same room with the people who have brought some of your most beloved characters to life. It's always fascinating to see how unlike - or sometimes like - their characters they are. Some panels are true sleeping pills, but most of them tend to be really funny, and there can be moments of true bonding with a star and the fans that provide real insight into the person behind the character, as well as the characters themselves.

Attending the Friday Stargate Universe panel were Patrick Gilmore (Dr. Dale Volker), Julie McNiven (Ginn) and David Blue (Eli Wallace), and to everyone's surprise Beau Bridges (SG-1) came wandering in shortly after the start - he'd gotten lost and found the panel and decided to sit in, which was very kind of him.

You can watch most of the panel here on YouTube on xiratania's channel. The link will take you to part one - check the sidebar on the left for 9 more segments of the same panel (there is no segment #3, the owner has removed the clip as it was just too short). Please let xiratania know how much you enjoyed her clips!

David Blue hosted a contest on Twitter for people who did autograph sessions with Patrick, Julie and him, and here is the picture people needed to get signed. The lucky winner got a cast-designed limited edition t-shirt.

Based on what Louis is wearing in this picture I think it might be from Friday evening, shortly after Louis' arrival, where lucky fan Chris Gillenwater (@ShaolinRonin) caught up with him and posted this gigantic picture of himself with THE MAN here.

Patrick Gilmore, who is a very sweet and funny guy and not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve when it comes to SGU and his colleagues, has also posted some pictures from the whole con which I grouped into this month’s issue. He took some nice ones of Louis, and the last one actually has Louis, csiguci, ashimonand shena8in it - if you know where to look!

And finally, our very own csiguci is kindly sharing some pictures she took of the con. Thanks so much for these gems, I never get tired of looking at them!

I am working on a proper con report but it won't be ready until next month - real life has me firmly in its claws this week with 14 hour work days. 

In other news Bradley Stryker has posted new material about his short film "A Weekend to Remember" on his website. Louis appears in it a few times - watch the little slide show, it is well worth it. Patrick Gilmore is in Bradley's newest movie - we chatted about it at Dragon*Con. Bradley is definitely a filmmaker to keep an eye on! He is also very personable and very kind in his correspondence. I hope he will cast Louis again in an upcoming production!

And that brings us to Kimmy's Caps! Today we have for you "Savage Messiah", a deeply disturbing movie from 2002 about a religious fanatic who runs his own commune and who gets in trouble with the law over it. It is based on actual events, and perhaps that's what makes it so hard-hitting. Louis plays a cop named Vern in this one - and yes, he has a moustache. Thanks, Kimmy!

Since we now have our own page the links for Louis' pages on TVGuide and IMDB are now permanently there in the upper left hand corner of this page. The IMDB link requires you to follow the little instructions that pop up when you click the link (click into the address bar, hit enter and then click reload or refresh). Now you can check them every day if you so desire! Never miss Louis on TV again!

On a related note, kimmy4eytjreports that Louis' starmeter on IMDB is up 457 points this week. The starmeter is a ranking system generated by IMDB searches. Looks like Dragon*Con has really boosted Louis' popularity a great deal!

And that's all we have for today. Feel free to pimp the comm on your flists and groups and to anyone who might be interested! And as always, PM me or leave a contact request below if you have any Louis goodies to share with everyone!

Next month: TONS of Louis adventures from Dragon*Con and a proper con report! And MEETING THE MAN IN PERSON!!

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