Ferreira Fest 20

published August 2011

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Ferreira Fest 20

It's time for another Ferreira Fest, the monthly celebration of the acting career of Louis Ferreira (Justin Louis). Come on in, grab a free pineapple drink at the bar and enjoy interviews, photos and links to cool stuff about this fantastic Canadian actor!

We don't have whole lot this month, but what's there is very good!

Some of us will be at Dragon Con in Atlanta over Labor Day to meet the man in person - we'll be sure to let you all know everything about it - hopefully there will be pictures, too!

Shockingly enough there was nothing on Twitter in the past month. Let's hope the chatter starts up again soon!

coffeegirl  found an absolutely fantastic blog entry, about SGU in general, but especially about Louis. It is one of the best essays about him I have ever read. Kudos to the author, Jennifer Shepherd!

ashimon  discovered a wonderful interview with Jennifer Spence (Dr. Lisa Park on SGU). It doesn't have any news as such - nothing we didn't already know, but trust me, it will still give you the warm fuzzies, as ashimon so eloquently put it.

Do we have any Ferreira Fest guests in France or elsewhere in Europe? ashimon  discovered two videos on a French website, but sadly, they are not viewable for anyone in the US. Everybody please try the link and share in a brief report what they're about! Thank you!

I found a short promo for "The Trial of Red Riding Hood" on YouTube. Yep, that's Louis as the rapping pig MC Porker. Don't ask - this is something you have to watch, and trust me - it is quite an otherworldly experience!

kimmy4eytj  has been incredibly busy working out a series of "Six Degrees of Louis Ferreira" tracks.

Here is what the Oracle of Bacon said - the website that claims there are no more than 6 people connections between Kevin Bacon and any other actor. Louis manages to have just two!

I'm working on putting this into a game model so that everybody can play this game. Louis is a difficult man to separate out from other actors because his career is so long and he's done a huge amount of shows and movies, so in terms of short connections he's a winner all around! Stay tuned for "X Degrees of Louis Ferreira".

Meanwhile, in Kimmy's Caps, we have another gem for you today: 140 screencaps of Louis Ferreira in "Mutant X", where he played the character of Henry Voight, a mutant with telepathic abilities who can make people experience mentally anything he wants, in the episode "Nothing to Fear" (Season 1, episode 19).

Thanks to all our contributors for sharing their goodies!

And that's it for this month! As always, keep checking both IMDB and TV Guide for your local listings on when Louis will be on TV since they often have different shows on file. Currently on deck are the weekly reruns of SGU on the CW (usually on late Saturday nights), Criminal Minds: Omnivore, Grey Gardens, Naked Lunch, Cocktail and Saw IV.

As always, if you have anything Louis-related to share with other friends, please PM me or leave a contact request below and I will be in touch ASAP. Thanks for stopping by!

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