Ferreira Fest 19

published July 2011

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Ferreira Fest 19

Once again it's the 20th of the month, and that means it's time for Ferreira Fest! Come this way to celebrate the career of Canadian actor Louis Ferreira (Justin Louis)! Grab a cool pineapple drink at the free bar and join us for pictures, news, links and tons of caps! 

Can you believe we're up to number 19 already?

I'm considering moving Ferreira Fest either to an independent website or a full LJ Comm. Stay tuned! Of course it will always be here on my LJ page as well.

Great news first: as of right now Louis is still listed as a guest at this year's Dragon Con in Atlanta.
ashimon, csiguci and shena8 will be there to show him some real fangirl love. As far as I know it's Louis' first con ever. In at the deep end! We all booked individual photo sessions with him, as well as one for all four of us, all on Saturday. If you decide to go, check out the Dragon Con website and follow the appropriate links. Photo ops are booked through an external site.  And PM me so we can all meet up and squee our heads off!

The "Fairly Odd Movie" has come and gone without a sign of Louis in it. One must assume his part was cut for time. Having watched the movie (yes, it was cute and one can see that Louis would have had a ball with it) I'd say they cut the wrong scene. Oh well.

Next movie up: Duke. They have a Facebook page that ashimon found, so if you're into Facebook you might want to check it out. There is a picture of Louis with a moustache! He plays a guard... some guys just look good in a uniform.

Speaking of fangirls, spending thousands of dollars to meet the man at a con pales in face of true devotion: a Louis Ferreira tattoo! Both coffeegirl and ashimon found a series of exchanges on Twitter. Now THAT'S true love!

More from ashimon's undercover sleuthing operations:

Here is an exchange on Twitter between Peter Kelamis (Adam Brody on SGU) and another Tweeter where we find out that Louis is back in Los Angeles and got himself a new puppy:

Peter Kelamis
PeterKelamis Peter Kelamis

@CorranQ Your are nailing my night to a "T"....had Louis Ferreira over and a few other good friends...great nite...especially his new puppy
@CorranQ Eric
@PeterKelamis new puppy? Okay what cute beast sugarcoated its way into his heart? LOL! So u guys are all still hanging out whenever you can?
Peter Kelamis
@PeterKelamis Peter Kelamis
@CorranQ We are good friends...awesome guy...His 3 month old Bulldog..."Billy" made a visit..she is beautiful.
21 Jun via web
@CorranQ Eric
@PeterKelamis It's really good to hear that (about the friendship) :-) Is he up in Vancouver still though? I remember u moved back to Cali?
Peter Kelamis
@PeterKelamis Peter Kelamis
@CorranQ We are back and forth and live within 20 min of each other in L.A....it is really important to have good friends in that town.
21 Jun via web 
Hopefully we'll get some puppy pictures soon! We all know Louis loves dogs, and that lucky puppy sure picked the right guy!

More from Twitter: Mark Savela (SGU Visual Effects) posted a picture of Louis, Ming-Na and Robert Carlyle. You can see why he says it's one of his favorites!

 sent a picture of a pillow that a very good friend gave to her. She says: "I am afraid my sleepless nights have just begun." Sweet dreams, fellow Louis fan! Hopefully you'll soon get to rest your cheek against the real deal, if only for a moment...

And just to top it all off, here is a beautiful picture from the "Heartstopper" category. Sit down before you look at it, or as ashimon would say "Please click responsibly." There are three more if you click the "next" arrow underneath the picture.

Not a Louis picture but somewhat related: This guy built a Lego model of the Destiny and Alaina Huffman and Julia Benson (Tamara Johansen and Vanessa James on SGU) are posing with it. Pretty awesome, huh?

And that brings us to Kimmy's Caps.

 has been busy capping Louis movies. This month we offer you "Everything Put Together". Louis gets to play a dad again - with traumatic consequences as usual. It's a very well made movie, so check it out some time - it is readily available at amazon.com.

Both IMDB and TVGuide have finally changed their page name to Louis Ferreira. Remember to check them regularly for when Louis is on TV since they tend to find different listings, and IMDB also lists international airings. Right now we have SGU, Grey Gardens and Cocktail on the docket. Don't forget to peruse your local listings for the SGU reruns on the CW on Saturday nights!

That's it for this month - get a refill for your pineapple drink at the free bar and please PM or email me if you have anything Louis-related to share!

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