Ferreira Fest 18

published June 2011

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Ferreira Fest 18

Welcome, welcome! Step right up - it's time for Ferreira Fest again! Bring your drool bucket, grab a pineapple drink at the open bar and come join us in the celebration of the acting career of Louis Ferreira (Justin Louis).

We are most definitely in the slumps as far as Louis news are concerned. To make matters worse, "A Fairly Odd Movie" has disappeared from Louis' IMDB listing. He seemed to have a fairly substantial part in it and it is due to premiere next month. The movie website does not list his name or character anymore, either. Does anyone out there know what's up with that? I'm so bummed about that. I was really looking forward to new Louis stuff!

He did do a small bit part in "Duke" which is in post-production right now. His character is listed pretty high on the list but has no name. We'll have to wait for the movie to find out what that means. He has worked with one of the co-stars before, so this may have been a favor to him. Other familiar faces in the movie include Carmen Argenziano ("Jacob Carter" in SG1).

Pretty big news here: Louis might be at DragonCon this year! The DragonCon website lists him as a guest but he appears not to be confirmed yet. If that comes to pass I will most likely be there! Is anyone else planning to go? If so, let's get together, maybe share a room to save money!

News from ashimon
 's Twitter Corner:

Apparently Louis watched "Red Faction" together with Brian J. Smith who starred in the movie. Brian tweeted with James Bamford (stunt coordinator of SGU):

BrianJacobSmith Brian J. Smith
Colonel Young is watching this with me in Vancouver - he says hi everyone!!

  James Bamford


JamesBamford James Bamford

@BrianJacobSmith Tell him he's a punk and should have met us last night!

Brian J. Smith


BrianJacobSmith Brian J. Smith

@JamesBamford lol - done. :)

And then he posted a picture. Say, who needs a shave and a haircut?

Some time later, James Bamford and Louis were watching a hockey game together and James tweeted a picture:

JamesBamford James Bamford
You can't see but Louis is so happy by the hockey game results that he is in the street cheering!!
21 hours ago Sadly, you can't see Louis in it, of course, but the story is very cute. I hope those two stayed safe during the riots!

James Bamford had the following to say about the Stanley Cup game:

JamesBamford James Bamford

 Only good part of the game....Louis voice on the Mazda commercial.

And he also treated us to something else!

JamesBamford James Bamford
Louis enjoys game action..... 1 hour ago
(mmhmm.. scruffy and loud!!)
Here is an oddly organized but fairly comprehensive listing of Louis' work on a UK website. Why on Earth did they pick THAT picture?!

Miles Berdache is a hair and makeup artist who lists Louis as one of his celebrity clients. His IMDB listing does not show any movies Louis was in, so one has to wonder when he got to work on our man. It must have been pre-SGU, though, as he still lists him as Justin Louis.

Susan Gittins is the one who took those awesome behind-the-scenes shots of Louis while he was filming "Blockade". Check out this website for a great article and some other nice pictures!

Kimmy's Caps:

This month kimmy4eytj
 has for you a truckload of screencaps from the COBRA episode "I'd die for you". Young Louis sobbing into a pillow! Behind bars! And strapped down in the electric chair! What could be better to raise your heart rate to top workout levels? Who needs cardio, when you can look at these?! I also made a wallpaper using some of these caps. As you can see, some guys get even better with age!

Got an idea for Ferreira Fest or news/ gossip/ pictures of Louis to share with other fans? Send them my way and I'll include them in an upcoming Ferreira Fest.

As always, be sure to check the TV listings on TVGuide and IMDB, since both do occasionally find different listings. Currently on deck are Cocktail, Naked Lunch and the Saturday night reruns of SGU on the CW. Got a great website for international listings for Louis? Let me know!

Well, that wraps it up for this month. I hope you enjoyed it - time to top off your pineapple beverage and indulge!

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