Ferreira Fest 17

published May 2011

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Ferreira Fest 17

Tons of screencaps! Interviews! Images! And more Twitter than most of us can handle! Ferreira Fest has so many goodies this month. With the last episode of Stargate Universe came a flurry of press coverage on Louis Ferreira (Justin Louis), and we have lots to share about this talented actor. So grab a pineapple drink at the free bar and come on in!


Leaner days are doubtlessly ahead, but for the moment we have a wealth of Louis goodies to enjoy. Many thanks to all the regular guests who spend countless hours tracking down materials!

Coffegirl, ashimon and Kimmy all found a link for an interview at
Cinemaspy that has recently made the rounds, and it's a good one, very personal and with Louis' usual disarming honesty and depth of knowledge of his character.

Kimmy and ashimon also recommend a fantastic interview at SciFi and TV Talk that was conducted last year but had not been published until just recently. Again, it's full of marvellous insights into Louis as a person and his view of his craft.

Super sleuth ashimon has been procrastinating on real life stuff and found a bunch of Louis items for everyone to drool over.

Are you in the market for a new car? Then listen to this commercial. Never mind the car - but wouldn't that voice make you buy ANYTHING? Advertising magic indeed! Who knew that voiceovers could be so sexy! Louis has done quite a few commercials - they are good money with relatively little work involved. And our man definitely has a signature voice!

As our faithful Twitter ambassador, ashimon also found a tweet from Alaina Huffman (Tamara Johansen):

Thanks #innerspace for coming over last night to hang with me, @AtleastLevesque and #LouisFerreira

It's nice to see the cast still hanging out together and having fun.

Another Twitter goodie, this time via Ming-Na (Camile Wray), and do take a gander at this picture - Louis' newest look! And boy, is he ever handsome!

More Twitter goodness, here from James Bamford (SGU stunt coordinator) on the occasion of Louis' son's birthday (and yes, another frumpy cardigan - you gotta love the guy!).

And yet another Twitter, from John G. Lenic (producer of SGU), dated May 5:
"Enjoying a fantastic dinner with Mr. Louis Ferreira at our regular joint, Nook Restaurant."

More Twitter! Here's a picture from Peter Kelamis (Adam Brody) with Louis - looks like they had a really great time together! This picture was probably taken a little later in the night!  ashimon writes: "...they went out to a pub to watch the Canucks game (and before you ask, the Canucks won)". Anyone besides me jealous of Peter here?!!
Remember Peter Kelamis' hysterically funny impersonation of The Monkey and the Pylon? Well, he's just posted a new one entitled "The Monkey and the Drone". You can hear Louis laughing himself silly on the set for "Blockade".

And as her final offering for this month ashimon tracked down the Innerspace SGU special broadcast, on occasion of the last episode. There are some wonderful clips of Louis as his usual lovable self, being kept in check by the always awesome Alaina Huffman. Those two have such great chemistry together - on-screen and off! Start with this, continue with this and finish up with this.

Thanks to ashimon for all the good stuff!

saavick has graciously allowed me to link to an entry in her LJ that features clips from several other Louis movies. So for a quick hot flash :-), check out saavick's LJ post. Thanks so much!

And now, a drumroll, please, for a new menu item at Ferreira Fest - Kimmy's Caps! kimmy4eytj has kindly agreed to spend all of her waking hours screencapping Louis' movies, and with her blessings I present to you - Louis Ferreira as Colonel James C. Ferrus in "The Andromeda Strain" - part 1 and part 2. From now on, we will have a set of screencaps in every Ferreira Fest, and with Louis' considerable canon of work this should keep us going for quite a while.

Whew. Time to empty your drool buckets!

Thank you so much, everybody, for all your kind comments and support, and the great stuff you keep finding about Louis. What started out as a true labor of love from one fan has grown into a network of supporters, and I'm so glad we all found each other here!

Remember to keep checking your local listings on both TV Guide and IMDB, since they tend to find different listings. Currently on deck are the CW's reruns of SGU on Saturday nights, Cocktail, Criminal Minds: Omnivore and Renegades.

Thanks for visiting!! ♥ 


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