Ferreira Fest 16

published April 2011

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Ferreira Fest 16

Welcome, welcome - it's time for Ferreira Fest 16, the monthy celebration of the career of Canadian actor Louis Ferreira! Grab a free pineapple cocktail at the bar and settle in for some goodies with this extremely talented man.

SGU is about to wrap up, and by now you may have heard that there will be no movies either to bring the story to some sort of conclusion. We'll be left hanging and wondering what happened to Louis' character Colonel Everett Young. Still, we have 40 episodes to watch over and over, and let's keep our fingers crossed that he lands another regular part in a series, so we can get our kicks.

Super-sleuth ashimon shares a few gems with us this time.

From an interview on
tvsquad with David Hewlett in which the latter says : "And the other guy it was nice to see was Justin (Louis Ferreira), who plays Everett. We grew up together. We were both young actors in Toronto fighting for parts and stuff, so it was nice to reconnect with him. Now we're no longer running around in bars, were actually family men now, so it was interesting to see how we've grown up and compare notes."

Here is a video on
Hulu with a very short snippet with Louis. ashimon says "It is a pity he is not shown longer as he is smoking hot." I agree wholeheartedly!

Hulu also has a bit with David Blue where he shows viewers around the set. You can see Louis in the background twice and once his chair and coat. Thanks, ashimon!! coffeegirl found the same vid on YouTube (in case this link works better for you).

Here is a lovely
collection of Louis images on Photobucket. Most of those I'd seen before but it was nice to have reasonable large versions all in one place. There are screenshots from various movies and series, and a few "behind the scenes" pictures, in particular one with his big shaggy dog. Thanks to whoever compiled this collection! You certainly belong here!

Joseph Mallozzi posted a few vids on his
blog. While I do not always share Joe's view of Colonel Young I will miss his photos and vids of Louis desperately. Be sure to thank Joe some time for all the wonderful insights into the work of our favorite man.

I finally found a legit copy of "
The Annette Funicello Story" in which Louis plays young Frankie Avalon - and yes, he's very very hot in that one. Beach movies, anyone?

I also found a bunch of Louis' series on iOffer - I'll include those in future Ferreira Fests, thanks to coffeegirl. So while I was surfing around on the site I noticed the way the search engine displayed my query - oh, yes,
I wish!! "I'll take a dozen, please." The line forms to my left, folks.

Finally, I've been screencapping again - this time I offer you 99 lovingly handcrafted screencaps of Louis' part as Kirksey in "JFK - Reckless Youth". It's a short part but a pivotal one - as JFK's sidekick Kirksey appears to be a happy-go-lucky easy-going guy that everybody seems to like. I highly recommend this mini series, as it's very well done. And it has Louis - what's not to love?

And that's it for this time. SyFy will run a little SGU marathon on May 2, preceding the airing of the final episodes of the series. Always check both TVGuide and IMDB for listings, as they tend to find different ones all the time. Right now we have the following on deck: SGU, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Nesting Dolls), Doing Life, Dawn of the Dead, Cocktail and Renegades.

As always, if you have any news, images, vids, interviews or experiences with Louis Ferreira you'd like to share, please let me know and I'll post it in an upcoming Ferreira Fest.

Thanks for stopping by!

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