Ferreira Fest 15

published March 2011

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Ferreira Fest 15

Welcome, welcome! Ferreira Fest 15 is over a week late this month due to unavailable internet connections, but a late Ferreira Fest is still a great Ferreira Fest! Grab a pineapple cocktail at the free bar and come this way to celebrate the career of Canadian actor Louis Ferreira!

I apologize for the delay and I hope the wait was worth it!

Of course most of us are watching the last few episodes of STARGATE UNIVERSE these days. It's truly a crying shame that this wonderful show was cancelled so soon, as it features some of Louis' finest work. Let's enjoy those last few hours and look forward to some kind of closure to the saga, as apparently the books have not been closed quite yet. Keep your fingers crossed that Louis will be available if and when the final SGU movie is made!

Loyal party guest coffeegirl sends the following goodies for everyone to enjoy:

According to Twitter, Louis issues a challenge re a theme song for SGU. Here is the link. (If anyone can provide an easier link please speak up and share, as there seem to be difficulties getting it to work.)

She also found a site with nice large pictures of Louis.

Thanks for sharing these!

Perennial party guest and super sleuth ashimon offers the following treats:

A nice video on YouTube...

Information on a new role Louis picked up recently...
(Note: This was the IMDB listing for The Fairly Odd Parents movie, from which Louis mysteriously disappeared).

And someone who clearly needs an invitation for Ferreira Fest!

She also found a funny picture of Louis and some SGU folks meeting up in L.A.

And in case you have 5 minutes to waste, watch this clip. Louis shows up for like 2 seconds at about 4:55 into the clip. :) There are other SGU (some David Blue and Brad Wright) segments in it too.

She also found an interview with Brian J. Smith who mentions Louis a few times.

Here is a website where you can watch some of Louis' movies for free. I highly recommend "Grey Gardens" for a very sophisticated bit of entertainment.

Here is an autographed picture of Louis.

And a snippet of information about Jamil Walker Smith's (MSgt Ronald Greer on SGU) "Make a movie like Spike" in which Louis apparently has a voiceover role.

And last but not least, I made some screencaps again - this time of the movie COCKTAIL. Enjoy 53 lovingly handcrafted caps from the first few minutes of the movie - starring Louis as a soldier seeing his pal off as he heads for New York. Tom Cruise? Puh-leeeze. We know who the real treasure in this movie is!!

Remember to always check the usual sites for Louis' current TV appearances, IMDB and TVguide. They tend to find different listings, so always check both and don't forget your local listings. Curently on the slate are SGU, Dawn of the Dead, Criminal Minds, Chestnut: Hero of Central Park, True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet and Naked Lunch.

Thanks for stopping by! As always, if you find any Louis-related news/ images/ websites please PM me and I will post the links in the next Ferreira Fest for everyone to enjoy!

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