Ferreira Fest 14

published February 2011

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Ferreira Fest 14

Happy Birthday, Louis!

Today we have a very special Ferreira Fest - it's Louis' 44th birthday, so come on over and join our awesome birthday party!

My apologies that this is kind of late in the day but work has kept me very busy and I really wanted to get you all some screencaps on this special day.

So here they are - the long-promised caps of DAWN OF THE DEAD, featuring the infamous shower scene. Warning: the caps following the shower scene involve a lot of (fake) blood and might not be appropriate for the faint of heart. Also, it's very apparent that the portion of the shower scene that is seen from the bedroom involves body doubles (meaning that's NOT Louis but some other actor who only pretends to be Louis in the scene) - a very common practice in the movie business: if you can't really see your actor's face it's cheaper to hire a stand-in for certain scenes. Another little tidbit about shower scenes in general: most times they are shot using cold water because warm water would fog up the camera lenses. In other words - no matter how sexy they may look - shower scenes are very hard and very uncomfortable to do!

Here is an older review of "Trump Unauthorized" - you will never see bigger hair on our man than in this movie!

Jamil Walker Smith ("Ronald Greer" in SGU) apparently has made a short film in which Louis also appears. So far, this brief review is the only thing I have found about it - if anyone has more information please share it with us! Funny fact: Jamil's character's name in the movie is Luis.

Somebody posted a list of "
20 most attractive actors" on IMDB - and guess who's on number 1? Someone should send this person an invitation to the next Ferreira Fest!

An older Tweet from Peter Kelamis ("Adam Brody" on SGU) can be found

That's all we have for today, folks - luckily the 222 images in the Dawn of the Dead folder should keep you busy for a while. My advice is to view them WHILE taking a cold shower! With SGU's untimely demise and absolutely no news about a possible way for closure to the series news about Louis has been pretty sparse and will probably continue to be that way, so please, if you stumble across any Louis news, be sure to bring them to this party so we may all share the Louis-goodness.

As usual, don't forget to check your local listings for upcoming TV appearances. SyFy is doing another SGU marathon on Thursday March 3 (seriously???!! Who can stay home all day on a Thursday to feed their SGU addiction? SO not fair!!). Remember to look at both TV Guide and IMDB since they often find different listings. At the moment we have the following on the horizon: SGU - the last 10 episodes, starting in the US on March 7, Dawn of the Dead, Renegades, Loves Music Loves to Dance, Doing Life and Cocktail.

Thanks for stopping by!

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