Ferreira Fest 13

published January 2011

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Ferreira Fest 13

While we wait with bated breath for good news about SGU - how about a visit to Ferreira Fest 13? Grab a pineapple drink at Brody's Still and head this way for the monthly celebration of the acting career of Louis Ferreira (Justin Louis).

There has been a distinct lack of news about Louis over the past month, but of course there's always something to celebrate and drool over in our little corner of the universe.

 Both .ashimon and .Coffeegirl stumbled upon this frighteningly funny picture of Louis out on the town with Julia Benson (Vanessa James on SGU) and a bearded Patrick Gilmore (the smooth-faced Dale Volker on SGU). It's nice to see that the cast members are hanging out together and having a good time despite job uncertainties. And seriously - in the company of funny guy Louis - who wouldn't have a good time?!

.Coffeegirl also pointed out a very funny picture of Louis on Joseph Mallozzi's blog; judging by the hair this is from early Season 1 SGU. It's Frumpy with junk food! It just does not get any better than this.

Or does it?

Why yes! .Coffeegirl also found a great behind-the-scenes picture of Louis during the filming of "Family Time/ A Weekend to Remember", the movie that Bradley Stryker (the ill-fated Sgt Curtis on SGU) did last summer. Note the script in the back pocket! Note: the picture is no longer at this URL, but I have uploaded it here.

I also received a few very nice emails from Mr. Stryker informing me that the movie is officially finished and is currently being submitted to film festivals for consideration. Let's hope that those selection panels are full of Louis fans so the movie wins lots of awards! I will try to get you a few caps once I receive my copy.

Here is a lovely and very in-depth article about the costumes of SGU by Val Halverson, SGU's costume designer. It describes Louis' uniform as  "sort of menacing and authoritative as well as sexy", and it contains a great behind-the-scenes image of Louis, looking sort of menacing, authoritative and VERY VERY sexy. Very interesting read, too!

Another little clipping from Joseph Mallozzi's blog from January 18, in the Q&A section, a few clicks down the page:

Casey Clubb writes: “I’m curious about Colonel Young’s use of reading glasses which started toward the end of the first season, was there any particular significance to that?”
Answer: Not that I can recall.  I believe it was something Louis wanted to add to the character.

The fact that it was Louis who added the sexy glasses just made the sun shine for me!

Louis on TV:

The next two weeks are a mini-Ferreira Fest on US TV! We can look forward to Naked Lunch, Saw IV, Criminal Minds: Omnivore, Dawn of the Dead (YES!!! The shower scene!!!), SGU and Cocktail.
Check TV Guide for US listings and IMDB for US and international listings. It's worth checking both because curiously enough both search engines tend to find different listings.

Well, dear friends, that's it for this month! As always, please share your Louis discoveries with other fans here on Ferreira Fest - just PM me and I'll be sure to include them in the next party post with full credit to you. Remember, it's Louis' 44th birthday next month....

Thanks for stopping by! The next round of pineapple hooch is on the house!


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