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Published November 2019.

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it's time for another big party at Ferreira Fest, where we check in with Louis, his friends and chosen charities. We have so much good stuff - exciting shows news, an interview with Sebastian Bellamy, screencaps, our exclusive Reading Series, a tiny Thanksgiving video clip at the end, and lots more! Grab some pumpkin pie and an age-appropriate pineapple cocktail at our virtual buffet and come on in!

Ability Online
Both of Ability Online's Whiskey Tasting fundraising events were successfully concluded. Needless to say, fine spirits are just the ticket to keep warm in the cold early winter season in both Toronto and Vancouver!

Ability Gives, the equipment fundraising arm of Ability Online, is still supporting Lamitta until the end of November. Read more about her here.

You can also make a donation to the general fund of Ability Online, and the money will go where it's needed the most. Giving is easy: just click on the logo below and follow the instructions - it's easy and secure.


Project Limelight

Project Limelight is a non-profit performing arts program in East Vancouver offering residents ages 8 to 15 years old of the Downtown Eastside, Strathcona and Mount Pleasant programming at no cost.
Project Limelight provides youth with a safe place to build an artistic community alongside professional actors, directors, dancers, singers, costume designers, filmmakers and musicians.
As part of their commitment to the community, nutritious meals and snacks are provided to every child at each workshop and rehearsal.

Help disadvantaged inner-city kids get a high-quality free performing arts education by clicking on the logo below and contributing. Every penny helps!

Haven Toronto
Haven Toronto is the only daytime shelter for elder homeless men in Toronto. Far more than a shelter, they are tireless advocates for the homeless and the plight of seniors in general.
This month the eMagazine focuses on the aspect of homelessness among military veterans. Many social services continue to fail former members of the military who often struggle with PTSD and other combat-related issues, including physical disabilities.
Click on the thumbnail on the right to read it!

Winter arrived very early for most of Eastern and Central North America, and Toronto has already had several extreme cold weather warnings. With nowhere near enough shelter space available, homeless people are at even greater risk during the cold season.
You can help out directly by purchasing any cold weather gear at Haven Toronto's Shop & Share site - whatever you buy there is given directly to an elder homeless man in need. From warm coats to sturdy boots, from underwear and socks to gloves to choose from you can directly save someone's life!
Click on the gloves to the left to start shopping! It couldn't be easier!
Of course you can also give to the general operating fund of the organization by clicking on the logo below. Please note that you will be linked to our very own donations page which still bears the former name of the shelter - The Good Neighbours Club. Your donation will still arrive at Haven Toronto.

The Children's Aid Foundation of Canada
Recent Events: The Children's Aid Foundation Teddy Bear Affair
It was a fabulous evening at the 33rd annual Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada Gala  Teddy Bear Affair on November 2nd at the Metro Toronto Convention Center! Together, we raised a total of $1.8 million to support the critical and urgent needs of children and youth in the community.

You can always read up on the latest news and upcoming events in the online newsletter The Buzz.

If you weren't able to attend the gala (or you weren't able to snag a ticket) please consider giving directly to the foundation by clicking on the logo below. You'll provide vital funds to programs for children in Canada's foster care system.


Louis has been nominated for another UBCP/ ACTRA Award for Best Actor for his work on the Bad Blood episode What to do about Valentina?
The event will be held on Saturday November 23 at the Vancouver Playhouse. Follow UBCP/ ACTRA on Twitter for updates!

Our friend Jennifer Spence also received a nomination. Congrats to both Louis and Jen!

Louis will reprise his role of William 'Buck' Spivey in the reboot of S.W.A.T., starring Shemar Moore. He will be featured in Season 3 episodes 11, 15, 16 and one more, possibly 18. Exact episode numbers can sometimes shift due to editing - we'll keep you updated!

   SEAL Team
Louis will appear in three upcoming episodes of SEAL Team: Season 3 episodes 8, 9 and one more TBA. As always - follow Ferreira Fest on Twitter for TV alerts!
Season 4 of The Man In The High Castle is now airing on Amazon Prime. Louis is slated to appear in episodes 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10.

He plays the character of Brad Bellows, the leader of the D.C. Resistance cell. Years of survival in the resistance means he doesn’t trust easily, and he is suspicious of Juliana Crain.
Read a spoiler-free review of Season 4 here. Our friend Peter Kelamis also appears in this season.
All of Louis' episodes of Limetown, A Simple Life, Scarecrow and Answers have now aired (episodes 6, 8 and 10). He also appears briefly in flashbacks in episodes 7 and 9. You can watch them online here on Facebook Watch.
Louis was pleased with the way his episodes have turned out.

He gets a lot of screen time in them, especially in A Simple Life - enjoy!

Scroll down for screencaps from episode 6!
This month we have 891 screencaps for Louis' first episode of Limetown, Season 1 episode 6: A Simple Life.

Louis plays former Limetown lead scientist Max Finlayson.

WARNING: these screencaps contain massive spoilers for the episode and the character, so be sure to watch it first before indulging in the caps!

Here is a direct link to the album: https://ferreirafestscreencaps.shutterfly.com/pictures/40450

Sebastian Bellamy is a young actor living in the Vancouver area who is at the very beginning of his professional career. With the support of his family he successfully finished acting school and is now embarking on a promising new life.
photo © L. Ferreira
So without much further ado - meet Sebastian Bellamy!


FF – Hi Sebastian, it is such a pleasure to be talking to you today. Welcome to Ferreira Fest!

SB – Well, thank you! It’s a pleasure to talk to you.

FF – Okay, great. Well, let’s start with something really simple. Let’s hear a little about yourself. In a sentence or two, or maybe three, please tell us: who is Sebastian, and what gets you up in the morning?

SB – All right. Well, I came from a small town, and I was really into singing and acting, I loved watching movies and cartoons and stuff like that, and I just realized that pursuing your dreams is obviously something you should do in your life because if you don’t do what makes you happy, then what are you going to do?

FF – Right. You’re going to be miserable for the rest of your life.

SB – Exactly, exactly. And if you don’t at least try pursuing your dreams then you should just at least do what makes you happy and you should at least try. Because if you try then you know that it’s either something you want to do and pursue, or it’s something that you don’t want to do.
FF – Right. Great. So, I understand from Louis that you are an aspiring actor, so tell us a little bit about how and why and when you got bitten by The Bug.

SB – I just finished acting school, actually. Which is, well, that was an experience, it was great. It was scary at first, obviously. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. And I’m glad I did it. It was really fun.

FF – So, was there an event in your life, or an experience that you had, where you felt like, oh, man, this is really awesome, I want to do this?
SB – I think probably the first Jim Carrey movie I ever watched, which was Liar Liar.
That was great.

FF – And that told you that you wanted to do something like that?

SB – I just thought that it would be fun because you get to play so many different characters and do all these things.
And watching Jim Carrey just get to be, I mean, Jim Carrey.

FF – Yeah.
SB – And, he’s amazing. Even Ace Ventura, just watching all of his movies, and watching how different and how unique each person is, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.
Because, during my times of walking around, even just going to the grocery store, I’d look at somebody and I’d always think, I wonder what their life is like, or what it would be like in their shoes; I always wanted to know their past and stuff like that, or what they’re doing or what they’re going through, [that] kind of thing.

FF – Right. People watching. That’s an absolutely perfectly legitimate way of creating a character.

SB – Yeah.

FF – Exactly.

FF – Now, as you’ve gone through acting school, what is the role or the project that you’ve done that you’re most proud of so far? It might be a class project, or a show that you were in. So, what’s your greatest pride, and why was that special for you?
SB – I think, that’s a good question, actually. I think it would be, one of the things that I’m most proud of is, me and my friend in high school, he was my only friend in high school, we were putting on a play, or, our school was putting on a play.
There were two plays, and me and my friend wanted to do something different, also because we were in both of the plays. But we wanted to do something special. So, we chose to do two small skits from Monty Python at the start of the show.
And I think that’s something that I’m most proud of because I was very shy in high school, and telling a teacher that I wanted to do something like that was, well, it was like a base step. And… it was the Pet Shop skit which led into the Lumberjack skit, so I had to sing in front of all the people that were there.
And singing in front of people always scared me. Even though I like singing, and took lessons for singing for two years. It’s always been frightening.
FF – Well, and then, those are two of the most famous Monty Python scenes, too. So, I’m sure there’s the additional jitter of, well, everybody knows these.

SB – Yeah, exactly.

FF – Well, that’s great that you challenged yourself with that. That’s awesome. Now, many young and aspiring actors face quite a bit of opposition from their families – “don’t be a starving actor”, “learn a real trade”, blah blah blah, you’ve heard it all before, but that’s not really the case for you. So, tell us a little bit about how the support of your family has helped you to achieve the path to your dream career.

"My dad (Jason) is above Louis, my mom (Nancy) is to the far right and my brother (Bayden) and I are in the middle. I'm the one on the left."
SB – Well, I would say that my parents are probably some of the greatest parents anybody could ever have.
We don’t have a lot of family, it’s just me, my dad, my mom and my brother. And, they’re all extremely supporting of what I do. And they’ve always pushed me to pursue the things that I’ve wanted to do in life because they know that if you want to do something, you should do it, because if you don’t you’ll be miserable. And they want me to try it, and they want me to succeed, so they keep pushing me to keep going, going and going. Just, pushing on through. 
FF – That’s great. So many parents that are the exact opposite from that. That “learn a real job” and all that kind of stuff. And they don’t understand that learning to act is not just learning to act but it is all kinds of life skills you pick up, what they now call "transferable skills". They go into a lot of other areas.

FF – So, you really lucked out with your family, in that they saw that. [They] may not be able to verbalize it, but at least encourage you in that direction.

SB – Yeah, exactly.

FF – So, that’s fantastic.

SB – I consider myself extremely lucky.

FF – Awesome. So, what are your plans now that you’re done with acting school? What are your plans for the near future? And what’s next on the agenda for you?

SB – Plans for the near future… right now I’m looking for an agent, so I’ve contacted one so far, and them I’m probably going to go find some others and set up some meetings and stuff and see if I can get representation under anybody, of course. Not just anybody, but someone that I jive with. Somebody that I can work with and create a business out of.

FF – Right. Tell us a little bit more about the search for an agent. Not everybody’s familiar how that works, so, what is your current path with that? What do you do? How do you apply? How do you talk to people?

SB – One of the easiest ways, is calling up an agent, you want to search for an agency and then find some names, some people in the agency and then call them, see if you have a connection with them on the phone, sort of thing. And, after that, you can ask them to set up a meeting, or they’ll ask you to e-mail them some of your material so that they can see a bit of it. And then you can set up a meeting from there.
So, it just depends on searching out, finding some names from different agencies and just going for it, basically.

FF – That sounds great. So, you’re totally into this.

SB – Yes.

FF – That’s awesome. Now, what would be your absolute dream role? I know this is really early to ask that kind of question.

SB – Oh, no. I know the answer.

FF – Well, tell us a little bit more about that.

SB – All right, my absolute dream would be to play a superhero in a Marvel movie. I don’t necessarily know which hero, but I’ve always thought about [it]… I know that Spider Man’s already going on. But since there’s so many different realities and stuff like that in the Marvel cinematic universe that there’s so many possibilities for different Spider Men, so, I think, one of the roles has been, that I’ve wanted to do, would be Superior Spider Man, which is a mix of Dr. Octavius and Peter Parker in the same body.

FF – Oh, wow!

SB – Yeah, that one, I think, sparks something. Because I like characters who are complicated, I think. And he’s complicated.

FF – Yeah, yeah.

FF – What else is it that attracts you to the superhero genre?

SB – I have cases, boxes and boxes, filled with comic books. And I’ve always loved comic books and read comic books as a child. So, just, comic books and superheroes, my favorite.

FF – So, was that inspirational for you as a kid?

SB – Oh, yeah.

FF – I’m always curious why people read comics. Like, what do you get out of it that is so important to you that now you actually want to go into, essentially becoming that comic book for other people, right?

SB – Yeah, for me I think it’s part of, it’s the sense of being able to play a character that has superpowers because that’s cool, and, you know, people can’t have superpowers. And also the aspect of giving people hope, in a sense. And helping others.
FF – Right. That’s great. That’s beautiful, that you’re looking out for others as well when you’re doing your craft.

SB – Yeah.

FF – So, you’re really into the sharing aspect of the acting profession.

SB – Yeah. I mean, in acting, it’s like, if you’re not working with your scene partner, then, I mean, you guys have to play with each other, in the scene. So if you guys aren’t, then, it’s just not a good connection. One thing is having a really good connection with your scene partner because then you guys can both work at your best.

FF – Right. That’s wonderful. Now, thinking back on acting school, were there people that were really influential for you, or certain classes or courses that you took that really kicked your butt but you came out of it a better, stronger person? What were some of the game changers that you encountered during your time in acting school?

SB – I think, some of the game changers were definitely the first day I went to acting school we all had to introduce ourselves and tell everybody a little bit about ourselves. I was the last one to tell everybody about myself. And I cried. That showed me that I was a very emotional person because I never really thought that I would do that, obviously.

FF – Right.

SB – And, in classes I was crowned the “class crier”. So, that was fun. That’s good, because I realize that I’m really good with my emotions and I can work with them. And, I wasn’t strong with them before I started, but now I think it’s easier for me to control them and learn how to use them for certain aspects of my career.

FF – That’s a great thing to learn. Especially somebody who is just starting to go into their preferred professional career. That’s awesome.

SB – Yeah, exactly. And I think one person who has always kind of influenced me, too, is one of my teachers, his name is Marc-Anthony Massiah. He would always tell me that it is really good for me to know how to use my emotions like I do. I sat in on some of the plays he was putting on and the people that were acting, he was directing. The actors were amazing. I was watching them, I was like, holy crap, these guys are really good. And he looked at me and he pointed at one of the guys and he said, “You’ll be able to do that. One hundred percent, I know you can.” And I knew that, I’m lucky, and I’m glad that I can, that I have people that support me in all of it.

FF – And people that see your potential. Because sometimes, it’s a back and forth kind of thing that you do something, somebody sees potential for more, and that inspires you to do better, and to be better at a certain task.
SB – Exactly. Yeah.

FF – So, you had good mentors.

SB – Exactly.

FF – That’s wonderful. All righty. Well, let’s briefly talk about Louis, and the reason why you’re here at Ferreira Fest, obviously, is because the two of you are acquaintances.
So, how did you meet? And, what’s the story behind that? How did you become friends, or, just, how did you meet?

SB – It’s a difficult story to explain. So, my parents used to work in a time share. And they knew one of the guys they worked with, and his name was David. David’s wife is a stunt woman. And she knew Louis, and Louis’ girlfriend.
And David was taking care of the dog one day, and he’s like “Oh, I have to go somewhere, so can you guys watch Billie?” And we’re like, “Yeah, for sure,” because we love dogs, obviously. Dogs are amazing.
So, we took care of Billie.

And one day, David just hooked us up. We went and I think we had dinner with them, or lunch with them, one of those. We all realized that they are amazing people. And they loved us and we loved them, so, we just kind of stuck to it. We’ve become best friends and Louis is my mentor, and I’m really lucky to have him as my mentor, obviously, because he’s an amazing actor. I love watching his performances on TV and stuff like that. But, yeah, it was basically because we took care of his dog.

FF – So, Sebastian, how can people keep up with you and your career? Are you on social media? Is there a way that we can follow you and see what you are up to?
SB – Yeah, I have Instagram and I have a Facebook also. And I’m going to set up an IMDb for when I get more jobs later on. And then I’ll have it on there.

FF – Fantastic. Well, thank you so much for spending a little bit of time with us today. All of us will be following your career and cheering you on, so please let us know what you’re up to, and best of luck to you in the very near, and the very far future. So, thank you, again, for talking to us.

SB – Thank you for having me, it was awesome!
Thanks to Casey and Paco for the transcript! All photos courtesy of Sebastian Bellamy.

Visit Sebastian's Page for more photos!

The third monthly reading series continues in Mr. Mugs - Take A Peek! by Martha Kambeitz, Denise Burns and Josephine Proctor. It is almost identical to the volume Mr. Mugs - Peek In Please! except for 11 pages which served as non-religious substitutes for the bible stories.

Louis credits the Mr. Mugs books series with helping him to learn English at a very young age. The Mr. Mugs books have been out of print for many years but occasionally you can find them on eBay, Amazon Marketplace or various other antique book dealers.
You can listen to the book readings on the Reading Series Page.
Here is this month's chapter.

Listen to the sound clip here:

Chapter 2: My Eyes

My Eyes
Eyes of black,
Eyes of blue,
Green and gray,
Brown eyes, too!
Eyes that wonder,
Eyes that look,
Eyes that blink
into a book.
Eyes that wink,
Eyes that rest -
I like most eyes,
But I like mine best !
Franco Lo Presti
Franco writes:

"Italian American Reconciliation was a spur of the moment opportunity that happened. I was in talks for months but then it fell through and then miraculously came back again. It was a dream come true, really. Surreal and life changing. I’ll keep you posted for upcoming gigs.

Currently booked an episode on a new Netflix series called Jupiter’s Legacy, and I’m shooting an episode on another Netflix series called Tiny Pretty Things. These shows will both air in 2020."

Congrats to Franco on keeping so busy! Be sure to check out Franco's Instagram Feed where he posted a few musical clips for everyone to enjoy.
Franco's movie From The Vine premiered in a private screening done by the ICFF for L’Altra Italia and it premiered at the TIFF Bell Lightbox Theatre last week.

From the Vine is the heartwarming story of a middle-aged corporate exec who has all but lost his way, and travels abroad in hopes of finding the missing piece. What he discovers is a vineyard on the brink of ruin, and a desire within to breathe new life into it. Based on the acclaimed novel by Kenneth Cancellara, Finding Marco, the film takes us on an emotional journey of loss, rebirth and self-discovery. Set against the beautiful backdrop of a vineyard in Southern Italy, the tale of a man reconnecting with his family’s roots, figuratively and literally, is one that many will find relatable. From the Vine is a story of community and love, and serves as a great reminder that our connection to our heritage is one that cannot easily be forgotten.

The film is currently in the festival circuit. Check out their Instagram page.
The film is expected to hit theatres in Canada around August of 2020.
Alaina Huffman
If one of your sweetest fantasies involves Alaina harvesting apples, you're in luck! Alaina recently had fun being an apple farmer for a day!



Greyston Holt
Greyston is getting beaten up again for some quality screen time on Batwoman. He writes:

"And that, ladies and gentlemen, is me getting my ass handed to me on a platter by the indomitable Meagan Tandy."

Watch the whole fight sequence video clip here!
Greyston appeared in the movie A Sweet Christmas Romance on Lifetime on November 10.

Troy Mundle

Troy just got to do his own stunt for a role in Supergirl.
Here are the before and after shots.
Watch the entire sequence here from behind the camera - you can clearly see the wire pulling him into the shelves!
Moments like this are rehearsed many times before the cameras roll.

Dennis Heaton
Dennis reports that his current series The Order has finished principal photography for Season 2 on November 9. Congrats to the whole team! We're looking forward to more creepy goodness coming our way soon!
Patrick Gilmore
Patrick's current show JANN also wrapped filming Season 2 on November 9.

Stay tuned for the premiere date!
Eric Banerd
Eric's company EB Painting recently had a trade show exhibit at the Vancouver Convention Center. Check out this swanky booth!

Jennifer Spence
Jen's new series Traces starts on December 9 on Alibi/ UKTV! Hopefully channels in other countries will pick up the series as well! You can watch the official trailer here.
Halloween is now definitely over, but on the day Jen shared a photo of herself in character make up in Van Helsing. Jen played B'ah in three episodes last year.

Rob Munic

Vigil, Rob's latest movie with KITS is now available to watch online! Rob writes:

"Please take 8 and a half minutes to watch what these brilliant minds wrote and starred in this year. We shot this film in a day and a half. Kids in the Spotlight (KITS) is bootstrapping to keep this program going. These kids and young adults are all products of the LA Foster Care program and they need this platform. This gives them a voice. It gives them a shot. It gives them hope. Let’s give them love. Please watch - feel free to pass along. Pay it forward and let’s keep the cameras rolling and these inspiring hearts beating."

Peter Kelamis
Peter is back on set, filming a new project! Stand by for more info!

Peter was at Canada Cup Gaming's 10th convention October 31 through November 4 in Calgary, Alberta. Here we have our friend Peter and Brian Drummond, the original voice actors for Goku and Vegeta are facing off in Dragon Ball FighterZ at Canada Cup Gaming. Peter won!


You can also see Peter in the currently airing season of The Man In The High Castle on Amazon Prime. He plays the character Richie in three episodes, two of them with Louis!

Bradley Stryker
Bradley got to play yet another sexy guy recently, this time on the series Van Helsing. Apparently getting cast as the stereotype "Guy with Bad Teeth" is a thing for our friend. Here he is hanging out with Richard Harmon on set.

Every month Vancouver artist Nicole Pilich shares one of her henna creations with Ferreira Fest. Please visit her website for lots more photos and fascinating facts and information about this ancient artform. And if you find yourself in Vancouver - visit her studio and treat yourself to some Healing Body Art made just for you.

This month Nicole writes:
I have a different submission this time - a ceramic painting I did with my daughter. I was trying to emulate the mandalas I make on pregnant women and am quite pleased with the results. It’s nice with paint because you can use more than the one color unlike with henna!
Before the second firing...
... and the final result!
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And here are Louis and Billie, wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!

"Wishing everyone a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving! Come on! Woooo!"
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