Ferreira Fest 11

published November 2010

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Ferreira Fest 11


And once again it’s time to head to Brody’s Still for Ferreira Fest 11! Grab a pineapple drink, add one of those little paper umbrellas and head this way to celebrate the career of Canadian actor Louis Ferreira (formerly known as Justin Louis).


It’s been a lucrative month for our Ferreira Fest contributors – thank you all so much for sending in your links! It’s time to spread the wealth around now.

ashimon sends this magazine article – it can also be downloaded as a pdf. It has some great tidbits about his early years, and the first time I’ve read anything about why he was not in season 2 of “Durham County”.

coffeegirl sends the following links:

A friend of mine has uploaded the clip called 'Robert Carlyle Wins Gemini Award' to her you tube channel. The reaction from Louis was great; he looked so pleased for RC.

There is another interview on with just Louis (off-the-charts drool factor – you have been warned!!)

She also found a site with info and pictures on tv shows - if you search for Trinity, The Fighting Fitzgeralds, Hidden Hills and Battery Park the option for pictures comes up in the list of info on the show.

She also found a version of a picture that I’ve been looking for for ages but I only found it with a water mark across his face. coffeegirl found the whole thing! Thank you so much!!

She also found a tweet from ztele from a visit to the set. Yes, Louis can do frumpy with the best of them! He looks very comfy and happy in that one.

And another version of the Brian J. Smith/ Louis interview, from a different angle:

I found a bunch of pictures of the SGU cast, an there are several nice ones of Louis as well.

Like scruffy Louis? Then this picture will make your day. Yep. I had to pick myself up off the floor later.

And here is a cry for help: Joe Mallozzi posted a video of Louis talking about the infamous camera prank he played on Robert Carlyle, but when I click on it it’s only 3 seconds long. Can anyone who can see the entire clip post it somewhere? Thanks and HUGS!!

The same is true with the clip about Louis’ favorite genre, but I was able to find it elsewhere, and it plays beautifully. Can anybody translate this for us? I’m sure it’s hysterically funny! (Note: for a translation go to Ferreira Fest 43)

Well, that’s it for this time, cherished friends. Remember to check the TV listings here and here. In the next 2 weeks we have the following drool buckets to look forward to:

Two more SGU episodes, Cocktail, Criminal Minds, Renegades, Saw IV and Grey Gardens.

Until next month! Keep those links coming. There is no such thing as too much of Louis Ferreira!   ;-)


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