Ferreira Fest 10

published October 2010

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Ferreira Fest 10

We're a little late in the day this month but better late than never!

Please join us for Ferreira Fest 10 - the monthly celebration of the career of actor Louis Ferreira.

Grab a pineapple drink and enjoy!

With the beginning of season 2 of Stargate Universe there have been a plethora of interviews and articles - way more than I can list here, so I just picked some of the best ones.

 Airlock Alpha posted a spoiler-free article about season 2 and said some very complimentary things about Louis.

Collider hasn't quite caught up with the present yet (they still call our man by his former screen name Justin Louis) but they have a nice video interview and lovely things to say about him.

Gateworld had one of the very best interviews - very in-depth and informative. You can read it or listen to it (as always, our man's voice is a special treat!).

Super Sleuth ashimon sent the following:
"While listening to the interview I realized that I had a couple of old link I somehow never sent over. (I'm not sure you want to post them now that we have so many stuff out there, but hey, I had better not keep the links forever burried in my inbox! LOL) The peculiarity of these links is that they are in Portuguese. And yes, they are cross-referenced but I think each has a bit that the others do not. I used Google Translate to deal with them. It is not perfect but mostly you can get the meaning (save a couple of sentences that are either total nonsense or just could go either way). And I think there is a typo in at least one, but still...


Portugese Times

(just search for "Justin Louis" -- note: you might want to check when you post whether it is still page 8 or it got bumped to page 9 in the meantime.)
(oh yes, and this one's got a picture that made my heart go pitter-patter!)
Note: All the image links on this page are broken, but I've uploaded the real gem here for you to enjoy.

also found this:
"Much thanks to Colonel Young (Louis) for hosting a fun party tonight. The man provided us home-made wood-oven pizza!!! #SGU LOVE!" about 14 hours ago via Echofon . Just go to http://twitter.com/davidblue and then look for the message :).

Here is a picture of a fan called Platypus_Man with - yes, you got that right - Louis' big fuzzy dog Charlie who apparently is just as funny as Louis.

Don't forget to check the TV listings! Here's the link to TV Guide and here's the one for IMDB - they often list different shows. At the moment we can look forward to Saw IV, Renegades, Dawn of the Dead (yep, with the infamous shower scene!) and Highlander, along with more SGU goodness.

As always, my friends, if you have any Louis-related goodies to share, please email me with the details and I will post them in an upcoming Ferreira Fest.

See you next month, and thanks for stopping by!

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